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6 Backyard Entertaining Ideas

The end of summer is a fabulous time
to bring friends and family together
for an outdoor party!

After years of transforming 
our backyard space for various events,
whether scheduled or improptu,
I've pulled together 6 ideas to give you
inspiration for your next 
backyard event!

A simple evening can be turned into a
fabulous outdoor dinner party
with a few quick tricks!

Styling a party is always my favorite part,
so I like to pull the elements I want to use
the day before
so I can enjoy the creative process.

Layering colors and textures
help to add visual interest to the table,
so I started off each place setting
with a wooden charger,
followed by a wicker charger,
a white textured dinner plate,
chambray napkins
and topped off with fresh rosemary.

Succulents tucked into a long wooden candleholder
help to keep the table clean and streamlined
so conversations can take center stage!

Hosting a fun, casual Italian-themed
backyard dinner
can be done with minimal effort yet maximum effect!

Decor can be kept simple by using
Italian staples
like fresh tomatoes,
and yellow daisies.

Red and white checked fabric
makes the perfect tablecloth,
and clothespinned vintage-style Italian dishtowels
serve as great graphics.

Keep the evening fun and easy with
pitchers of sangria
and a rustic pasta bar,
which adds an interactive element to the evening!

You don’t have to travel far
to enjoy a luxurious outdoor retreat
if you create a summer pop-up experience
in your own backyard!

Last summer’s teepee
is still one of my favorite cozy spaces ever created,
and it can be completed with simple
and rope!

Adding an air mattress, quilts and pillows inside
create a truly blissful space.
Bringing in a pouf and topping it with a butcher’s block
makes the perfect side table,
and topping a stump with lanterns
adds to the functionality in the evening!

Make a charcuterie spread
accompanied with glasses of wine,
and you’re absolutely set for
a romantic backyard camp out evening
in your very own summer space!

Family birthday parties
have always been a big deal in our family,
and summertime ones can be especially fun
when hosted outside!

This 18th birthday party was kept simple
with colorful textiles, balloons, and bunting.

Milk bottles with striped straws
were set out for lemonade,
and a galvanized bucket was filled with
fun fruit sodas.

Backyard games
are always a great addition to a party,
as well as chairs and a firepit for end-of-the-evening s’mores.

For this particular party,
drinks and appetizers were served at the house
and then everyone went out to dinner,
followed by returning to the house for cake and presents,
which made for a nice balance of
entertaining at home without a big meal production.

Whether you’re looking for
birthday party inspiration or
simply a Saturday evening idea,
throwing a
backyard beer tasting event
is a wonderfully interactive way
to bring your guests together!

Converting vintage tool boxes into ice chests
to display the selected beers
is an easy way to add a bit of
masculinity to the decor.

Glass caddies filled with small tasting glasses
are great to have on hand since they are both
functional and easy to pass out.

Getting pre-made salami and cheese trays
from Costco and repurposing on
wooden serving boards
make for effortless food preparation, too.

Beer tasting kits can also be purchased
to help guide the tasting event
if you don’t feel confident enough on the various styles!

The gorgeous weather in early fall 
makes it the perfect time
to host an outdoor brunch!

For a farm-to-table feel,
I like to use fall produce
like fresh picked Gala apples
to line the center of the table.

A dropcloth used as a table cloth,
cream textured dishes,
and rustic wicker chargers
make for a clean autumn table setting.

And since it's brunch,
a champagne bucket filled with bottles 
and fresh juice carafes are a must!
Incorporating fall produce into the 
brunch menu is another 
great layer to the party, too!

To read more about each of these backyard entertaining ideas,
you can read my full posts here:

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.


  1. Some great ideas here, Tamera, thanks for sharing. The settings look so good, I think I'd be content devouring the visuals and forgoing food!

  2. What truly fabulous and imaginative style you have! Beyond chic! xoxox, Brenda