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Backyard Bliss

~~~  During this time of
Staying Home

I thought that once again sharing one of my favorite
Backyard Projects
could be inspiring.

Has me thinking maybe I need to  make another
Backyard Tepee! ~~~


I've recently been playing in my own backyard.

After the wedding I was warned many times
about the emotional crest and drop after a wedding
 my friends
for me it was so true!

I had been advised by many to plan a trip 
for after the wedding.
I definitely considered it.

But for me 
I realized a better alternative
would be to redo a space at home.
The 'living room' in the backyard 
was the perfect space to fluff and restyle!
I so appreciated a new focus
I am always emotionally soothed by the beautiful spaces I create.
It is vital self care for me.

We had needed new seating 
as our old backyard living room pieces looked nice enough
but were the opposite of comfortable.

So instead of a trip
we invested in some new backyard pieces.
Beginning with a  basic neutral seating unit from Costco.
The bones were great and the right size for the space
I knew with some creative styling 
it would have the aesthetic 
comfort we were looking for.

We also got umbrellas and heavy duty bases from Costco.
Shade is an important player 
in summer comfort  for us
as we live in a desert climate for the most part.
I don't want a permanent structure
because in the winter I so appreciate 
the open air and light.

I have been switching out to succulents the last few years
with great success!
It has been so lovely not to lose gardens and plants during a hot spell.
Also when the succulents outgrow their space
they transplant ever so easy to bigger  plantings.
This season all I had to do was move some plants around
invest in a few flats of tiny succulents to fill in some pots.

This succulent bowl is my favorite outdoor centerpiece
performs beautifully in the direct summer sun.

After a brief switch out to candles
(which quickly melted during a hot spell)
I have once again done a  run of small succulents down our 
long farm table.

They are doing great
just call for a weekly watering.
I have found it most successful to submerge each of them in a bucket of water.
They are able to absorb the maximum amout  of water
there is no table runoff to clean up.

The succulent wall that I started several years ago
has grown in beautifully!
It encloses a small waterfall that adds the most lovely ambient sound to the garden living room.
I have recently added in antique windows and candles.

My exciting to me addition this week is 
a tepee!

Last Saturday night
during  some beautiful summer breezes
I remembered how much I loved our tepee
that my husband built
 over a decade earlier
when the kids were little.
We were homeschooling at the time 
studying Native Americans.
It ended up to be such a wonderful space and summer memory. 

The tepee back then
had reminded me just how much
I had loved making simple tents as a child
Both inside and outside.
The fresh new cozy spaces always filled me with wonder and joy.
With some simple sheets and chairs and clothespins
you could instantly create
safe cozy spaces
that with imagination
could take you any where you wanted to go!

So Sunday my wonderful husband 
built a brand new teepee for me!

With 5 12 foot lodge poles
2 drop cloths
jute rope
a full sized air mattress
a quilt
collected pillows
there now is a  blissful new summer space in our backyard!

We used one 12 foot by 15 foot drop cloth for the tepee itself.
I used another the same size 
for the tepee 'door' flaps.
I simply tore it in half width wise
gathered each side up and tied it to the top.
Now I can close the tepee up entirely!

We celebrated our brand new room Monday night 
with charcuterie and wine accompanied by a summer breezes!
It's such a perfect summer pop up space!

It makes me happy just looking at it!

Inside I added 
a striped pouf
topped with a wooden butcher block
which makes for a perfect side table.

I also brought in a  small
ceramic table 
for just a bit more function.

Outside the tepee I brought in a wooden stump
for a table to hold a lantern.

On the other side
there was just enough room for a basket 
that I filled with blankets
for chilly morning comfort!

I have the basket and pouf 
both sitting on metal  garden pot holders
so they don't get wet.

I am afraid my pictures
can not do justice to what a fantastic garden space 
the tepee actually is!
Every morning 
 I can't wait to get up and go out to the back!
I enjoy the view just looking at it
almost as much as I love being inside the tepee!

While my coffee is brewing
I have sparking water with Meyer lemons from my trees.

Inside the tepee I have a view out to my newly restyled living room!

After working with so many 'hip' and fresh styling pieces
for our daughters wedding
I knew afterwards I wanted to integrate 
some freshness into both the  inside and outside of my house.
A lot of the times
it ended up 
with actual pieces fro the wedding!
Like this candle collection
my daughter found
 luckily for me
she had no space in her apartment!

 I have now moved my morning ritual of coffee and candles
into the tepee.
With the early sunrises I have traded out candles for lemon water!

But reflecting on my gratitude during my morning coffee time
is still the main focus.

I feel I have traveled far emotionally
since the wedding seven weeks ago.

I am now at peace and happy that my daughter is married
both of my sons are successfully on their own.
I am now fully embracing and cherishing our empty nest.

What felt like a hole that would always be in my heart
has now healed
I am now able to step back
appreciate the past
with renewed hope and gratitude for the future.

My simple tepee
is a visual reminder
that no matter ones age
 spot in this journey that is life
we can always build new joys
immerse ourselves in gratitude and beauty.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.


  1. How absolutely beautiful!!! I love your teepee - along the gulf coast we have storms that roll thru just about every afternoon or early morning - so .... A teepee wouldn't survive! I practically live on my screened in porch - we must always make time to enjoy the outdoors, it is truly energizing.

  2. Love, love, love it! Perfect outdoor living space.

  3. This is totally awesome Tamera!! I love it! Sooo inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful and peaceful space you have created, I really love your teepee. Like you I find gardening and some creative restyling so good for healing the soul.Glad to hear you are travelling well and adjusting to the empty nest. All the best, Jill XX

  5. What perfect outdoor spaces you have created for a hot desert climate Tamera. Your succulent wall is amazing, and I keep looking at the picture trying to understand how you did it! The teepee is so inviting and peaceful, and I wish you many happy hours of relaxation there. Thank you for sharing it all. xx

  6. This, my dear friend, was/is the most perfect way to spend a trip. I'm left speechless to the peaceful backyard sanctuary you and Jeff have created. I do believe you when you said the pictures probably don't capture even half the beauty so I think I best pay a personal visit (right?). Ok, nothing like inviting oneself. Well done!!!💞

  7. I just saw this after Adrienne posted it and the teepee idea is so amazing. Your backyard belongs in a magazine and looks so inviting and perfect for entertaining. I can see why you look forward to being there everyday. Such a great inspirational post.


  8. I love your teepee!! How wonderful! I'm so glad you are feeling at peace as well!! :)

  9. Tamara, this is fabulous and I will be featuring it at Wow tonight! BTW, delete the comment above mine. That is spam.

  10. I was so thrilled to see your name in my Inbox today! I always enjoy viewing, reading and loving all you do, Tamara! You are such an inspiration! I especially LOVED your succulent wall.... so many individual items to delight the eyes. xoxox

  11. must message me!WHO GOT MARRIED?!!!!

  12. Your garden is always so inspiring. I love your rooms. My succulents have been busy on the nest this past year and I have quite a few babies to plant out. Your succulent bowl is maybe something I need to copy to give them their own little nursery.
    Hugs, Mary, x.