Laguna Beach Afternoon At The French Basketeer's

Saturday was another magical afternoon at the fabulous
French Food Camp!

 I knew I wanted to wear something equally magical
so this was a perfect opportunity for a new crown!

It was another very warm afternoon here in Southern California
(hard to remember it's November)
so I chose to juxtapose my crown with
a J Crew T and my Anthropologie ball skirt
that I have styled so many different ways over the years.
I was ever so happy with my ensemble for the gorgeous afternoon!
I had even remembered to tuck a grey wrap in my basket
for  later when there was actually a chill in Laguna.

Mary Qvale once again did her magic on the table!
This time it was 20 feet of Southern Magnolia garland
that meandered down the center of the table!

Mixed in was an array of French antiques
including candelabras and the most amazing hat stands.

Bowls of vintage metallic threads added a bit of whimsy to the tablescape.

Intermixed were pans of brand new paperwhites.

I just started planting mine for the season this week in similar containers.
Mine are vintage drawers from the flea market.
I finished mine off with crushed black rock
but I must say Mary's finishing touch of charcoal 
has me giddy with it's inventive use!

At the French Basketeer's classes there seems to be more and more goodies for sale each class!
Like these individual paper white pots tied in thick black grograin ribbon!
I never even made it around everywhere on the patio to check out the other wares.
 The people were all so amazing 
I forgot to shop!

How delicious are the vintage perfectly pressed French linens with a sleek gold vintage curtain ring
to finish off a perfect presentation!

These beauties were also for sale!
Oh what fabulous jewelry are they for any table!

And of course there were cooking demonstrations going on in the kitchen!
I  go for the amazing people that Andrea always attracts to her classes.
But I think I might just  be needing to make this pear desert!

There is always so very much goodness in the  classes at the
  French Basketeer's
Even at five hours long 
time just seems to fly by!
If you ever get a chance to attend
I would highly recommend it!
Whether you are interested in cooking culture
spectacular table settings
 even meeting amazing people
you can experience  all of this
in an afternoon in Laguna Beach
with the most generous of soul that is 

I know I will be counting down to her next fabulous event in January!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life!

Road Trip To Las Vegas

I am back today
sharing our impromptu 
Road Trip to Las Vegas
to meet Dorrie from Senior Style Bible!

When my husband and I were trying to decide
where to go for a quick weekend trip
I knew I have wanted to meet Dorrie for ages
 being that I hadn't been to Las Vegas for almost twenty years
even though it's a quick five hours from our home
it seemed like a perfect impromptu destination!

Knowing not much about Las Vegas
but having seen an ad for the
Palazzo Hotel
in Luxury Bride magazine
while I waited for my mammogram that week.
We decided to give it a try
because they said every room was a suite!

We checked in and they graciously upgraded us to the 36th floor
the view was truly amazing!
We had a panoramic view clear back to Red Rock
as well the Strip right below!

The room as large and well appointed
as their advertisement had clearly suggested.

The front desk service was polished and professional
but room sevice was particularly challenged
our second morning on simply to bringing a complete coffee setup
even after 3 tries.
We never did get our coffee completed.

But I must say the Palazzo did do an exemplary job with their seasonal decor!
The public space is huge
they matched it with huge arrangements of festive fall color.
These pictures do not capture the sheer size of the  spaces and arrangements
but they were awe inspiring!

We even bit for a gondola ride at the
  Venetian Hotel
after we got settled in our hotel room.
When we decided to go we didn't realize you could choose boats that go inside the mall
 outside on the strip.
We chose the latter.

With tip it was almost a $100 for the 10 minute ride.
This time my photos don'e show how small the ride area actually is.
This is a tourist ride
where I am sure once  for us probably is enough.

But the most charming part of the gondola ride
that made it almost worth it
was the impeccable voice of our gondola driver.
A gorgeous young woman who actually did hail originally from Italy
with the voice of an angel
especially in the tunnels!

My husband and I are usually 
quite the early to bed
early to rise type.
But for Vegas
we went back for a nap
so we actually ventured out on the strip at a reasonable lateness.

There was so much to see
(along with much I didn't want to see!).
We headed down to the
Cosmopolitan Hotel
walking the Strip.
I never felt it was a dangerous situation
but masses of people are really not my vibe
especially these days.

Finding the
 Chandelier Bar 
inside made our quest down the Strip worthwhile.
It was calm and stunning inside!

Seeing so many crystals so perfectly engineered
to drape so perfectly
made my heart sing!
It was the perfect place to enjoy a great glass of wine.

After finding the Chandelier 
I was completely intrigued with the
 Cosmopolitan Hotel
so we poked around all the public levels 
to see what else we could find.

Tucked in a far back corner we found
Having seen this odd name on the building scroll outside
we were intrigued.
Not knowing what it possibly could be
since all you could see from the outside were two hostesses
my husband asked if was a public 
or private club.

Turns out it is a public
old school
Supper Club
with the feeling of a 1920's speakeasy.
The charming and gorgeous hostess walked us through the different rooms.
When we walked into the room with the most soulful singer ever
we knew we had found the Las Vegas vibe we had been searching for!

has an intimate format of a true Old School Supper club
with varied and intriguing entertainers.
It's a small venue so the vibe was comfortable, intimate and  still exciting
without the mass crowds of the Vegas "Shows",

And the Food!!
Probably the most amazing meal I have ever had!
With most everything we ordered
being a culinary masterpiece
ever so innovative!

Like this dessert!
We had seen it brought out to other tables
I was so intrigued with the presentation
we just Had to order one!

It was made up of all sorts of chocolate deserts
styled in such a way to mimic a garden setting
complete with live flowers 
served on a cake plate,
All presented under a glass cloche!!

It was a spectacular desert
with all of the glamour and drama
I was hoping to find in Vegas!

has me thinking maybe I need to go back for a return visit!
If we do
I know where I want to stay!!

Saturday morning us had us once again walking in the
 Venetian Hotel 
where we found an amazing French Cafe!
Sitting 'outside' had us dreaming of a return trip to Italy to be sure!

After another walk on the Strip
(Which I would Not recommend …
it I return I will be hitting the fitness center instead).
It was time to go back to our hotel 
so I could get ready
for the impetus for our trip to Las Vegas …

To meet Dorrie  of the
her daughter Jodi who also works on their fabulous blog.

I have adored Dorrie since she burst on the scene a little over a year ago
with her tremendously successful blog!
We both share a love of glamour and dramatic accessory choices!

But it is her inspirational spirit at 81 that has me in true awe of her!
One of Hugh's first Playboy Bunnies in Chicago
Dorrie just oozes glamour and charisma!

Dorrie, Jodi and I also share a deep commitment to 
Trying to help correct a cultural fear of aging!

I believe we can all help with a cultural course correction 
when it comes to aging
by highlighting and celebrating what each age has to give!

Just like Dorrie and so many other women  who inspire me
I hope to be able to inspire those younger than I 
that aging is not  only something not to fear
rather bing in your 50's has much to be celebrated!

I have said many times on my blog here
that the greatest gift of blogging
has been not only the connections that have been made
but also true friendships that have come out of meeting like minded women.

I am the first this week to realize some of the bad that can come from this whole internet world
but the meeting of like minded souls
can be a powerful tool 
in doing much needed good in the world.
I will continue to focus not only the good and magic to be found on the internet
as well as the good and beauty to be found in the world.

On a much lighter note …
I have to say how fabulous it was to meet Dorrie and Jodi!
We had so much to talk about and plans for the future
I could have been there for hours 
listening to their colorful life stories!!

We were able to share blogging and social media stories
laugh like long time girlfriends!
I can't wait to see these two again!

Big thanks to my wonderful husband
for these pictures of our remarkable afternoon together!
Nothing like bonding over some blogging photos I say!!

Jeff and I finished our Las Vegas evening
with a dinner out as one does in Vegas.

On a wardrobe note
I was so happy with my packing for Las Vegas!
My color palette of greys worked out lovely.
As much time as it takes me to pull together outfits for a 
Road Trip
the invested time up front
is always worth volumes in the added enjoyment and self confidence traveling.
You can read about my  Las Vegas Road Trip
Travel Wardrobe HERE

I have one more installment  to  come on our Road Trip
sharing some sweet finds on
Historic Route 66!
Until then ...

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Road Trip To Las Vegas … What I Wore

My recent extreme penchant for 
Road Trips
had us hitting the road once again
this time  for 
Las Vegas
to meet one of my favorite bloggers

For me a great 
Road Trip 
always calls for
a great  well coordinated

Being as Vegas was the destination
I knew sequins had to be in my mix
my grey sequin top
had me pulling an 
all grey palette for the trip!

  1. After the color pallet for the
  2. Road Trip Wardrobe
  3. was chosen
  4. I knew my vintage grey  cape had to make the trip as well!

Up until now 
I have used this fabulous cape 
my mother made in the 70's 
for dressier looks.

But for this road trip I decided to mix it with sportswear
white jeans 
for a much more casual vibe!

 I then  gathered some other grey separates ...

like this Free People tunic slip
my Lack of Color wide brimmed felt fedora fromAustralia
a new 3/4 long zip sweatshirt from LA's Oak
some of my favorite  over sized baubles
a grey wool shawl
that could work with anything
even play on it's own!

A pair of silver slip on platforms
made for a perfect on and off  pair in the car
as well as making for a comfortable pair to
 visit the 
Las Vegas Strip!

Layering the grey shawl over the extended sweatshirt
not only added another aesthetic dimension to the look
but more importantly
added another warm layer on a brisk 
Road Trip morning!

Sans hat
the exaggerated hood made for an entirely new look
paired with my bold accessory collections!

One of my favorite and most versatile 
Road Trip 
pieces is  always a 

It can be layered up or down
casual or dressy
even the perfect way to protect from a chill in the car!

One of my favorite things to find traveling
is always a new hat!

We found  this one in Pioneer Town
about 30 minutes outside of Vegas.
This new
 Cowboy Hat
already has me dreaming of 
our next 
Road Trip!

Pioneer Town
was one of those finds
that make
Road Trips absolutely magical!

With lore and history
that included the saloon
Clark Gable waited in
while they recovered Carol Lombard's body
after her plane crashed tragically into a nearby mountain peak.

These days on a much lighter note
the town is a mecca for so many TV shows and films
that are continued to be shot!

And how is this for the most charming
primitive serving of a mimosa!
My favorite mimosas are always the ones I can decide the proportions!

The saloon is a must
for any Road Trip to or from Las Vegas!
It's these hidden  treasures off the beaten  road
that always have me
so excited to venture out on the road once again!

Come back and visit my blog this week
when I will be sharing 
where else we went in  Las Vegas
even more exciting
I will be sharing about meeting
her gorgeous daughter Jodi!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life