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Family Backyard Fun

*** (I've recently been editing and organizing my blog here.
After spending so much time on Instagram
I am really missing my blog
want to give her the attention she deserves!
I have found so many unpublished posts
that I wanted to get in their proper side tabs.
All that to explain the sudden new posts. )

Sharing some shots of our 
Family Backyard Fun
when we were lucky enough to have 
a visit from our grandchildren and their parents!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

January Recap ... A Gratitude Post

These days seem to speed by so fast.
So this month I decided to take the time 
to reflect on all of the good in my month.

Intentional Gratitude
has been on the top of my list this year.

This  month begins my third year of making
Gratitude Lists

I can't tell you how 
Life Changing
my lists have been to me.

As much as I love my lists
they have felt like  a bit task
Something on my list to do
because I have been doing them so long.

So I  know I need  to go deeper
really feel my 

To truly take the time
 to fill up my heart
with Gratitude.

In  a sort of meditative way.
Focusing on
the joy and beauty in my days.

Pressing into my heart
even all of the micro moments of wonder and joy.
Holding it there long enough to make it a memory.

I know at this time in my life
I am closer to the exit
then the entrance of life.

I have spent so much of my life
distracted by  the business 
of to do lists
in my attempt
to prove worthiness to myself 
that sometimes 
I fear I may have missed so much magic along the way.

So now I am on the look out for all of the magic in life!
The big moments and the small!

I am not saying 
that by any means do I not have goals and aspirations 
I absolutely do.

But I want to find the balance 
of doing
just being.

Being truly present in the good  moments
whatever they are.

Taking the time to
Savor and enjoy.

No more living in the 
everything will be in its  place.

No longer trying to prove my worth to myself
through what I accomplish.

Instead making the decision
to see myself with loving eyes
knowing the safety and relief
that comes with that simple
mindset change.

Which gives me so much more opportunity
to love on others!

Speaking of others
our grandson turned one this month!
And his sweet, creative and talented momma
did the cutest party 
to celebrate!

Talk about adorable life moments!!

I am forever grateful to live where we do.

We have so many opportunities
to get out in nature everyday!
Whether hiking trails, walking cute towns
kayaking in the ocean
getting out in nature always 
renews my soul!

I have always worked out
but now at approaching 64 in a couple of months
( I only mention the number
because I am trying to get used to it! )
it is So Much more important!

Movement seems to be one of the keys
to longevity and happiness
in this phase of life
so I am all in
when it come to actively pursuing 
physical fitness and good nutrition!

One of my favorite days is January
is always celebrating
 my darling daughter Ellis's Birthday!

This year we got to go shopping and lunch
just the two of us!
I definitely savored every moment!

We had lunch at the stunning

Afterwards the four of us 
had dinner at a new spot in La Jolla!

a charming Italian restaurant
in a historic building with a beautiful patio
for the most lovely alfresco dining!

I couldn't be prouder of 
the wonderful young woman she has become.
The gratitude and love I have for my girl
is beyond measure!

These two fill my heart to be sure.
It's such a wonderful feeling 
as a parent 
to see your children
truly thrive all on their own!

Life Moments that I cherish every single day!

Speaking of life moments
Jeff and I had the honor of attending
the wedding of one of my dear friend's daughter!

We stayed the night in the new
in San Juan Capistrano
I was so impressed with our stay!

The occasion was a perfect opportunity
to dress up
(which you know I love)
I wore my 
beautiful Monique Le Huillier lace dress
with my fabulous new coat
which was an amazing vintage find last month
at the mazing 
vintage show in Los Angeles.
Their next show is May 13th and 14th
it's definitely in my calendar to attend!
It really is a collection fo the best of the best
when it comes to fabulous vintage!

which is part of Marriott's
Autograph Collection
really speaks to the Spanish history of the area
as well as 
maximizing the Southern California weather opportunities!

I finished my outfit with my 
Pearl Headband designs.
I love how the pearls play so nicely 
with the French black lace and coat textures!

The wedding was so beautiful!
I was moved to tears during the entire procession in!
To see families come together
all the generations
the uniting to two people in love
the promises of a new life together 
had me crying more than I could have ever  expected!
Thank goodness my wonderful husband had 
a silk pocket square that he shared with true chivalry!

The privilege to celebrate
Life Moments
with friends
you've literally been together since our kids were in kindergarten
filled my heart to the brim with

So much of my month
has been about  slowing down daily
to really assimilate 
all the good in my life.

From the simple morning rituals of
Coffee and my Gratitude lists

To the privilege and opportunity to
Celebrate Life Moments
family and friends ...

To getting out each day in nature making
  Self Care
in the form of 
physical activity and heathy nutrition
a priority.

I truly 
believe the quickest way 
to improve our life
is to 
Be Grateful 
for everything we have
right now

and that

We get more of what we think of most.

Trust me 
I have spent so much time on the other side.

The practice of
Intentional Gratitude
can definitely be 
life changing!

What are you grateful for this month? 
I'd love to hear!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life