Travel Wardrobe For Catalina

Well I have returned from a 
fabulous family trip to Catalina!

Those of you who follow along here
with my online journal
know after every trip
I like to do a 
Travel Wardrobe Recap
to decide what worked
what I would do better next trip.

As someone who is highly affected by what I wear
I take packing for a trip seriously.
I have never been one to throw things in a bag
and go.
But I truly admire those who can!

When I pack
I try to think through what I will be doing
the feeling I want to wear when doing so.

This was a family trip
so I didn't want to wear anything too over the top
I still wanted to respect my own style
love of wearing clothes.
I wanted to find a joyful middle ground.

I decided on a neutral palette
with a couple of glam pieces 
for my birthday dinner
plenty of sports clothes
loungewear for the condo
some all purpose clothes for sightseeing. 

Knowing it was a sunny and very warm day
I left in shorts and my spring suede
jacket and booties.

It was a fine outfit
to greet  an island 
with bygone Hollywood glamour.

Once we made it to Hamilton Cove
where we staying literally … right on the beach
I changed into my caftan for a family dinner barbecuing on the balcony.

Excuse the shots that are less than  perfect
I really wanted family time to be the main goal
 just snapped a few shots here and there
to remind myself later. 

My crocheted caftan
worked perfectly for the occasion
of dining on our balcony.
Comfort and glamour in one simple dress.

For a birthday dinner out the next night
my turban
 with my sequin shirt and fringe skirt
with some cork platforms
hit the note I was looking for.
Glam with a casual elegance.

Saturday morning found Ellis and I at 
Descanso Beach.
This is the hat I let her borrow
because hers was in her room.

Because my blog is an online journal
not a fashion blog
I can be a good girlfriend
show you sometimes my travel wardrobe
didn't work as well as as I wanted.

Ellis and I ended up deciding to sun on  the loungers
at the stunning  Descanso Beach.

We had left our condo
with thoughts of paddle boarding
while the boys golfed.
But nothing opens there until after 11:00
so we decided to beach it instead.
Although I had a suit on underneath
I ended up in sport clothes
at this most glamorous destination.
Although I did fit right in.

Later when I went back to change
I came back ever so much happier
especially with my huge straw hat by Frank Olive
that I wore over.
This hat had waited it's whole life for such an occasion!

My huge hat was soon exchanged
for this western version bought from a beach shop.
There was no way I was taking my extra wide brimmed beauty
out kayaking.

This hat that I bought just to kayak
ended up to be what I wore the rest of the trip.
It was the perfect fit for the 
casual island vibe and  sightseeing.

I had no idea that Catalina was primarily
a truly golf cart community.
Each of our condos came with their own golf cart!
Which for the first few days
made getting there half the fun!

Sunday we drove one out to
the Wrigley Botanical Gardens.

It was here I realized a great  tip for pictures
in an outfit you are quite tired of wearing by the end of a travel day …

Is simply to pose in a dramatic setting
it brings instant panache and style
even to an outfit that has seen a whole day!

My fringe backpack from H&M
gets high travel marks form me!
The backpack aspect made it so functional for touring around
the dramatic fringe made it fresh and fashion worthy.

Even though by the end of the day
I might have tired of my outfit
(but I always do what ever the outfit)
this ensemble worked sublimely.

I had brocade ankle pants from Anthropologie
with a linen tunic top
flat sandals
finished it with a wrap
that made the changing weather a non issue.

I travel with just a couple of necessities in my backpack
with of course my phone and glasses.

So there you have it.
All in all I was most pleased with my 
Travel Wardrobe to Catalina.

And I was still ever so happy to get home
to the rest of my wardrobe friends!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life

Family Time

Happy Weekend my friends!
I'll be away from my online home  here until Tuesday!
We are going to have some family time this weekend!

A Surprise Turning 50 Tea Party!

Last week I was lucky enough
to be invited to a 
Surprise Tea Party
for my wonderful friend Sue
who just turned a very gorgeous 50!

The surprise party took place in Costa Mesa at

The big table in back set the stage
for a most remarkable tea.

The table was chicly set by the surprise party hostess!

This lovely party was thrown by one of Sue's best friends
Dorie Swanson.

The fact that I know Dorie
is another
magical meeting and friendship
that came to be because of my blog!

Dorie is the sister of Heather
from the always chic blog

I had invited Heather and her husband Scott
to a fall brunch
 when they were down south here visiting a couple of years ago.
Heather asked it she could bring her sister Dorie
who had been a designer for Saint John  for almost twenty years.

Heather thought Dorie and I would hit it off
she couldn't have been more right!

Then it was through Dorie
that I met the fabulous Sue Chambers
Beautiful new friendships
all because I blog.

Dorie brought her amazing tea cup collection
for the party.

Cups and saucers that were really
art pieces that she has collected
on her trips to Europe.

Dorie now has a florist and plant design company
so cups and saucers were paired with 
the most perfect cut flowers
for the tables centerpieces.

Other sets were used for the drinking of tea.
I was most fond or mine
 the fact that the artwork in the cup
showed thru the tea.

The tea was rounded out with some mimosas.

Dorie made each glass feel so special
by the perfect addition of
 small flowers tied on with  ribbon.

Another fabulous arrangement was the gift for the birthday girl!

My very favorite part of this
surprise tea
(well maybe it was tied with the chic table styling)
was the friendship and love that was at the table
most especially the exuberance
dear Sue
 has for turning

Big birthday hugs Sue
Your joy in life is always inspiring!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Saturday in Laguna Beach

I was back in Laguna Beach on Saturday
for another of 
The French Basketeer's 
French Food Camps.

My favorite part of wardrobe styling
is always dressing for an occasion
going to Andrea's Saturday afternoon classes
are always a stylish occasion!

For  Andrea's French Food Camp
which is always at her historic home
outside on the patio
I wanted a boho patio dress vibe.
Romantic comfort was my intent.

I pulled out my vintage crocheted skirt
paired it with my favorite piece

my Free People tunic slip
and topped it off with my Rachel Zoe ribbon weave sweater.

To keep the outfit from feeling to bulky
I gathered the bottom of the sweater
fastened it with some vintage flowers.

I finished my ensemble 
with a new crown
 a perfectly boho backpack
from Forever 21.

This month one of my all time favorite florists joined the group!
Mary Qvale of Qstreet.

I had previously met Mary at one of Andrea's dinner parties
was immediately taken with her  paired down sense of style.
Her ability to edit out the unnecessary
highlight what is
always has me in awe of her artistry.

Mary's restrained table top decor
was built on a linen tablecloth
with white butcher paper run down the middle.
Stunning arrangements of branches
with sculptural appeal lined the long table
 were interspersed with 
vintage glassware
luxuriously large linen napkins
free floating ferns.

I wanted a special Crown for the occasion
 opted for 
a Frida influenced headpiece
in all taupe florals.

I simply slicked my hair back into a low pony
 had a style that lasted from 
day to night!

Andrea's house in always a most romantic destination
I always feel ever so lucky to visit!

All this … and ocean views as well!
And to think I met Andrea
on instagram!
Social media is sometimes a magical connector!
And speaking of the magical powers of instagram
I was able to meet the gorgeous Diana
of Frenchybubbles at the French Food Camp!

She and I were introduced to each other by
@peoniesandtumbleweedsblog on instagram
Shelley who writes for the Huff Post 
Peonies +Tumbleweeds
thought Diana and I would have a connection
she was so right!

Social media can be such a magical gift
when it comes to making connections!
I wouldn't even be at Andrea's without it!

Sharing some more of the beauty of the afternoon!

Andrea sharing about how the French use their herbs.

Luckily Mary brought
linens to buy …
because I couldn't wait to bring home
some of the afternoon's  Laguna Beach magic.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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