Llama Llama New Mamma Baby Shower

What better way to celebrate 
Mother's Day 
this week
than sharing a sweet
New Mamma Baby Shower.

A couple of months back
Megan's own Mamma
threw her a Baby Shower!

I volunteered to do the styling.

And these adorable Llama invites
that Christa ordered
were the perfect jumping off point!

When I style a party
I like to pick just a couple of  major focal points
really go in deep with layers.

For the main table here
I started with a folding screen 
to frame the visual space.

Next I added textiles to the table.
I built up the sides with baskets
that captured the  relaxed, festive 
feeling I was going for.

How fun are the garlands I added to help
bring home the Llama theme!

A new bamboo tray worked 
effectively to  contain and present the glasses.

I found these felt flowers at Target
They were such a quick and easy way to add in some more 
fun color.

This woven llama basket from Target
was a must have!

Instead of using cut flower arrangements 
I chose to use potted flowers.
I opted to use a pale pink Kalanchoe throughout
I stuffed the llama full of potted flowers!

I even found themed wrapping paper
and used more of the felt flowers
to finish off the present!

How adorable are these sweet deserts
done by one of Christa's friends!

Christa, (Megan's mom)
did little Kalanchoe pots
for party favors

They were a perfect touch
also added to the shower decor!

The second main focal point I styled
was a special chair and photo backdrop
for Megan to open presents.

Since the party was not at my house
I used a folding screen as a backdrop.

I draped the screen with a faux fur throw
added in a bamboo share with a tasseled pillow
finished off the vignette with a luxurious tassel garland 
from Crate and Barrel kids.

Here is a happy and beaming Megan  with her Momma!

It was such a lovely event 
celebrating the new Momma to be!

I am a big believer in
Celebrating Life Moments!

Talk about celebrating
Life Moments
Hunter and Megan 
had a fabulous maternity shoot!
I thought I'd share a few of their pictures!

And welcome sweet, sweet
 Lennon Rae Beardsley
who arrived March 29th!

Wishing new Momma Megan
a lifetime of  heartwarming
Mother's Days!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Hunter and Megan's

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Around Our House and Gardens ... Freshening Spaces

Jeff and I  have been busy with home projects 
the last couple of months 
here at our small home in Southern California!

We redesigned our side front yard into 
an outdoor room with a raised terrace!

Jeff did all off the construction, single handed!
From removal of the grass
regrading the space
an addition of a rock terrace!

I brought in a new furniture set and potted plants for the terrace

a perfect setting for Jeff and I 
to enjoy sunset cocktails!

Here in Southern California
outdoor space is at a premium
so we  are intent in maximizing   all of ours!

Last summer's project was the installation of 
a raised garden bed on the other side of our driveway.
I wanted a spot to grow herbs and cut flowers,

We took out a section of grass 
that we didn't use
replaced it with  a highly effective raised planter.

Jeff did this project on his own as well
all the way from design to execution.

This spring everything is absolutely thriving!

Especially my beloved sweet peas!
I have tried off and on for years
to have a crop so plentiful for interior cut flowers!
I get excited every morning I see the blooms!

We still use the other side of our front yard for weekend
morning coffee
on our other raised terrace
we put in years ago.

We took out the lower surrounding front grass last year as well
 replaced it with succulents and rock
for an updated landscape.

Our coffee terrace is always my favorite spot 
for morning coffee with Jeff!

Inside the gate is our courtyard
that I updated this season
with a new rug and pillows
as well as freshening my potted plantings.

Last summer we did potted privets all along the  exterior courtyard wall
for a green screen for in the courtyard.
I dote on the privets with weekly care
they too are presently thriving!

On a shelf in the corner
I gathered some cacti from
Ellis and Elliot's wedding
three years ago.
I had been growing them in pots in the backyard.
This year I pulled them to a place of visual honor and mixed them in with
other potted succulents.

On the window shelf I pulled together vintage lanterns 
to mix into my plantings.

Inside this spring/summer
I decided to go with an all neutral color palette.
I love how the colors and textures play so wonderfully together
to create a serenely calm space.

I echoed the serenity vibe with a 
calm centerpiece of large pillar candles
in a wooden trough filled with pinto beans.
The macrame runner finishes the look.

Taking out one candle
I replaced it with some of my 
home grown sweet peas!

It's the perfect and easy way
 to change up the centerpiece weekly!

To really help update the dining room 
we changed  out our old chandelier 
for this new one!

Our media room also got some updates to pull it all together!

One of my very favorite inside updates is my hat wall!

I took down all of the pictures that I had up for so many years
replaced them with my collection of straw hats!
I love decorating with personal items that I love!

I edited the shelves under the stairs aggressively
taking away almost half of what was there.
The edit breathed new calm energy into the vignettes.

After I edited the bottom shelf
I added a new lamp for a little bit updating.

Well that includes my little tour around 
our house and garden updates.

Now that the front yard is complete
you can find Jeff and I in the backyard
during the weekends  this summer.
We have a whole list of new updates 
to freshen up our back spaces!

Are you doing any home updating?
If you are
I'd love to hear all about them!

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Easter Brunch Styling

This week I am working on styling our family 
Easter Brunch
for this weekend.

So what better time I thought 
to look back at a couple of previous years
of our Family Easter  Brunch
for some personal inspiration.

Then I thought it might be
 a lovely idea to share styling ideas here
for those of you entertaining this week!

I for one love some quick and chic ideas.
Like above where I used
Easter candy in my table styling.
I decided my color scheme and bought candy 
I then refined the malted egg colors by removing the yellow that didn't 
play in my scheme.

I tied it all together with cut lavender from my garden!

How sweet are these simple Peeps displayed on a hand made board!

The birth of our first grandchild two weeks ago
has me very sentimental 
about my raising my own three children.

Celebrating holidays fully
 has always been part of our
Family Culture.

I can still remember the joy of these three
when the Easter Bunny
surprised them at our house.
(Jeff has always been such a loving, fun Dad).

It's memories like this one
that are the motivator for me
to do my best to create joyful memories 
for those I love.

Moments where you can
take it all in
push them deep into your heart
for joy that lasts a lifetime.

Fast forward so many years later
I am still striving to make 
Family Celebrations 
fun and relevant.

So for now the Easter Bunny has been replaced with
grown up treats
for our grown up children.

Like a sweet Mimosa station.
Sliced star fruit are the perfect stylish garnish.

Especially  when served  in vintage inspired glassware!

Living here in Southern California
our brunches are always outdoors
weather permitting.

I like to keep the table on the informal side.

Here I have used the palest percale sheet as a table cloth.

Added a macrame runner.

A cement planter was turned into the quickest of centerpieces by simply adding
tiny tea roses and some of my wooden eggs
that I have had for years.

Vintage Madeline pans
made for a perfect way to display the 
Deviled Eggs.

These candied Robin eggs in the softest of colors
do double duty as 
decor and treats.

Set atop a vintage textile
I finished the presentation with
cut Jasmine from my garden.

Here I bought potted Tulips from the nursery
massed them together in a rustic container.

I finished the edges off with my well used
wooden eggs.

A styling tip I always recommend 
is to invest in some quality pieces
that you'll be able to use year after year
in new inventive ways.

For another quick and easy centerpiece
I bought a flat of baby tears ground cover
and transplanted it into a wooden box
once again finished off with my wooden eggs!

Super simple and visually impactful!

I collect cloth napkins in different styles and color ways.
For some reason I have an aversion to paper napkins always
I never once have bought paper napkins 
even when the kids were little.

I just think cloth napkins elevate even the most simple food.

For this brunch I simply pulled out my lavender collection.

A Bagel Bar dominated the meal.

Jeff grilled the bagels on the barbeque.

We did a spread of toppings
for individually delightful bagels!

The year before I took a bakery bought cake
to the next level
by setting it on a cake riser
which I added to a vintage tray.

Then I simply garnished the tray with
macaroons, peeps 
finishing with jasmine from the garde and edible pansies!

I'm always looking for ways to make family gathering fun
so last year I came up with the idea of putting up a
ping pong table in the backyard for brunch.

It worked out nicely
but to be completely transparent
I had no idea how much work it would be.
I always imagine super simple.

First it barely fit on the roof.

Next  I assumed the came put together, right?
No such luck. 
Poor Jeff spent hours the night before in assembly.
But it look good and function well.
If you ever want to try it,
plan for extensive assembly.

Two years I also started doing an adult children egg hunt
after hearing about the idea from Hunter!

I bought pretty little bottles and hid them in the yard
with one of them coming with a cash prize!

Now that we have grandchildren,
the idea has been retired
but it was certainly fun the two years we did it!

These pictures are from two years ago,
the last Easter my Mother was able to make it to our family brunch.
Again, reason enough to make family celebrations special!

Creating joyful family memories can't be overrated!

So this year I will once again be changing things up
for our
Family Easter Brunch.

We will be doing a  pop up rooftop picnic
in San Diego
at the luxurious complex building that ironically both
Ellis and Elliot
Hunter and Megan both live!

Our family has been so very blessed with the two marriages.
I couldn't be prouder of them all!

And now we will be joined by baby Lennon!

Families are always in transition.
Some leave us
while others come with much joy and love 
join in.

For me
styling and hostessing
is a way for me to love on my family
celebrate the moments
great and small.
And hopefully show my family  just  how very much
they each mean to me.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life