Tulle Skirt Styling ... Underneath

My styling love of 

Tulle Skirts 

This weekend 
I took our my brand new

out for it's first spin!

I ordered this beauty from

I discovered their selection of slips
under pinnings
years ago
when we were shopping for my daughter's 
wedding dress.

They have been my go to 
for years now.

I debuted my slip
under my 
which is an online company
out of Houston Texas
with very affordable pricing
even better
so many dramatic
fun to wear pieces 
that really speak to my 
personal style.

This coat dress
really came alive for me
with the 
tulle ball skirt underneath!

I finished the outfit off with gold accessories
and my pearl mask and chain
for lunch out in the Metro!

We ate at the lovely

Water Grill

across the street of

South Coast Plaza
which actually was finally able to reopen today!!

Water Grill 
is perfectly situated for
these Covid times
with a truly gorgeous open patios!

We actually ended up having lunch at
Water Grill
because we heard the had a
every week!!

They started the market during
the hard shutdown
here in California
have been doing it every since!

It you are local in the area
I highly recommend their

Top notch quality with great prices!

We picked up this pack
that even came with
specialty directions!!

After lunch we walked around 
South Coast Metro
truly one of my very favorite
Orange County areas.

So excited to see 
our new museum
is well under way!!

It's such an important reminder
of good things still to come
in the future!!

I styled the coat dress
with an outfit underneath
so the coat dress 
could be worn open
without the skirt
for a more casual look.

The dress has such a full skirt
you can get quite a swish
even without the slip!

The outfit finishing touches 
were my 
I loved the bit of gold they have on the side

A hat from


vintage gold clip earrings
I have had literally 
from the 80's.
I am shocked how well they finish
this military inspired 

I am also happy 
how what is old
can be new again!

That is why 
I have always been a big believer

in investing in
Quality Accessories!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Making Your Own Magic

These days
I think there is so much to be said for

Making Your Own Magic

In a world that can seem more uncertain

It becomes so easy for me to 
list all the things wrong in my life.

All of my fears
begin to come together like a strong 
magnetic pull.

And then I am right back in the
proverbial rabbit hole.
A hole of depression and anxiety
I have struggled with
my entire life
on and off.

If worrying is akin to
'praying for what you don't want'

It's up to me 
 me alone

to make my own 

Find my own

Savor in the simple pleasures
I can find every day.

To practice
every single day

Intentional gratitude.


To hold onto all of these 
as if my life depends on it.

it does.

Because I am of an age

where I realize

I literally have a finite time
left on the planet
(I know we all do, but I can feel the realness now)

I don't want to squander
my remaining time

swirling in fear 

I don't want to drown 
in disappointment and dread.

I want to 

I want to be a light for others
where I can be.

Sometimes we can be a light for others ...

Sometimes we need another's light 
to see our own way out.

I have been on both sides.

So I know how important 
it is 

to put good
out into the world.

To focus on the good.

To be a mirror back to others
so they can see
their own worth and importance.

To be a magnetic force for good.

To spread the magic of 

To celebrate the gifts 
that come with aging.

To no longer 
feel the need to conform.

To savor and enjoy

the simple pleasure of wearing
an outfit that brings me much
that makes my heart tingle with

Like this fabulous tulle skirt from
one of my favorite sites for 
affordable and dramatic pieces
that are a joy to wear.

Underneath I added my favorite tulle skirt
that I bought in Paris
at the Opera.
I added an off the shoulder top
from Zara.

I took this outfit
with my favorite backpack and hat

to one of my very favorite spots in
here inSouthern California 

for a walk in the tide
with a glass of wine
my love.

it was all 


Every minute.

We created 
wonderful images
wonderful memories.

Memories to push deep into my heart

to remind myself
the importance of 
taking the time to 

Make Your Own Magic.

To focus on the good
in each and every day

in order to drown out the 
noise of fear.

To remember
the words of Coco Chanel

"Beauty begins the moment
you decide to be yourself."

it's right there
that the 
Magic Begins

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Southwestern Vibes

I got 
a new dress
 this week
that is surely going to end up to be one of my favorites!

What's not to love about a 
lightweight denim
off the shoulder maxi dress
with dramatic sleeves

The styling possibilities are endless.

This wearing I pulled from my
Southwestern Accessories.

I like to
design, buy and collect in
''Accessory Families'

which gives you an array of choices
when styling your outfits.

It also makes packing a breeze.

How fabulous are these 
wide kimono sleeves!

I ordered this fabulous dress from 
Social Butterfly  Collection in Houston.

The link for the Maxi Dress is 

I just noticed they only have larger sizes left of this dress
so here is another similar styles.

I don't often do fashion links on my blog
but this dress is such a find
I needed to share.
Especially since the dress is under $100!

Speaking of sharing
My favorite trick with wide cut maxi's is

 wearing a full ball skirt slip underneath

to maximize the movement of the dress
to keep the volume from collapsing when I walk.

I choose the slips that are cut close to the body on top
which ensures all of the extra volume
is on the bottom
where I want it.

It is an instant quality upgrade
to any maxi dress
cut for volume.

I also just love how it moves with the dress.

I have recently ordered this one HERE
because I wanted a bit more volume.
The one I have now
has volume just on the bottom ruffle.

Topped off the look with one of my
Western hats
lovely turquoise rhinestone juxtaposition
statement earring 
of my design.

I recently turned some vintage 
belt buckles into
for an easy ponytail finish.


Thank you so much for a read!
Any styling tips you'd like to share in the comments/
I'd love to here!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

New Inn - Temecula Wine Country

We were finally able to do a 
Weekend Getaway
to the beautiful

here in Southern California!

The best part
we got to stay at the fabulous

This new property is literally

"Luxury at it's finest"

And it's situated in the heart of

Which has been  voted one of the 10 best 
wine regions in the world!

The service at 
The New Inn
is wonderful!

They made big points in my book
with a welcoming glass of bubbly
while we sat down at the desk to check in!

There was so much beauty to take in from every direction!

After check in
we grabbed our luggage 
walked down the airy hall
and ....

Opened the door to our amazing villa for the weekend!!

The property consists of 5 individually designed villas.

I don't think you could find a more Covid safe place to stay.
The villas are completely private
inside and out.

The outside property is expansive.

When I travel these days
I don't want my trip to be full of worry
that I'm being irresponsible.

I want to go on with my life
in the safest way possible.

checked all my 
'let's be responsible boxes!'


Back to the fun and beauty ...

I chose 

Vintage Glam Villa 

for the weekend!

Just look at the airy volume in the room!

And the villa 
just gets better ....

There is a lovely seating area
which we actually used many times!

The welcome sparkling wine was such a treat
we bought an ice cold bottle from the front desk
settled in to 
savor and enjoy our fabulous villa!

I was thrilled to see our room even came with fresh flowers!!

The villa also comes complete with
glamorous bathrooms!

Dual vanity sinks
an indoor rain shower 
and ...
wait for it ...

an outdoor rain shower!!

Talk about showering with a view!!

The frig, coffee maker and bar sink 
had us nicely set up.

There is not a restaurant on property
but a quick run to the upscale market a few minutes away
had us set up with a lovely private  picnic  ....

On our private 'backyard' patio!!

We had panoramic views of 
wine country!

After not being able to travel since March
which may I say 
feels like years ago ...

We sat in the wonderful wooden chairs 

 truly stopped

to savor and enjoy
the beautiful surroundings.

I made a special note
to press the moment deep into my heart

that these times may be hard and uncertain

but if you hold on tight 
you can come up once again ....

to moments of beauty, peace and solace.

The afternoon felt enchanted.

We had fabulous sparkling wine
outside in our own private space
watched the sheep herd graze the hills

We were even close enough to hear the sheep!

Our panoramic view!

Later we changed for dinner 
and headed into 

a quick 7 miles away
to find a spot for dinner.

In California right now there is only 
outdoor dining
which is always a favorite of mine anyway!

Walking along
wooden boardwalk we spotted 
this beautiful restaurant!

I was so taken by the sharp design
so masks on
we put our name on the list for a table!

Ends up this darling restaurant

Small Barn

just opened up the week before!!

The space is so well done to the smallest detail!

I am always so taken when even small utilitarian 
design choices are beautiful!

The restaurant felt very Covid safe as well!

Tables were of course only outside
well distanced
masks required upon entry and if you leave your seat.
We also had our temperature taken before we were shown
to our table.

I am always about design and ambiance of a restaurant first ...

but the food here had me realizing 
why foodies are so passionate about 
great food!

is definitely a chef driven
farm to table restaurant!

Chef Angelo Sosa
is a true passionate artist!

It was one of those truly memorable meals!

 had us returning several times during our stay in

Temecula Valley Wine Country!

Our fabulous stay at the 

continued in the morning!

Look at the fabulous cups!
We woke up and took our coffee outside
to the smell of the early morning dew!

When you get up early enough in
you can see all of the hot air balloons filling 
the Temecula Valley skies!

And the morning got even better!

On the weekends at the 

breakfast is delivered to your villa!!

And delivered in style it was!

They even put linen on the cafe table 
that each villa has on the patio!

More fresh flowers for the table!
Linen napkins wrapped with twine!
Beautiful dishes!

And eating

Morning made
with all of these finishing details!!

Being in the 
Wine Country
always has me wanting to wear
romantic ensembles!

It's the openness and the abounding beauty
that has me wanting to play along!

has lovely public spaces as well.

They just finished an upper terrace
which will be a perfect space for events!

I believe they are also about to break ground on 
a pool as well!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog
my friends
following along on our 
beautiful getaway!

I hope you enjoyed your visit
to this fabulous property!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life