La Valencia San Diego and Wearing A Garden

Top - Zara,  Pants -Zara,  Wooden Slides -Zara,  Flower Headband - Tamera Beardsley Designs

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Gingham Checks

I'm getting in on the gingham trend this summer
with an off the shoulder dress 
over the cutest pom pom ruffle  ankle pant.

Mixing in a large straw hat and round bag 
with a big satin bowed slide
are the perfect complementing accessories.

Dress - Who What Wear Target , pompom ruffle pants - Zara,  hat - Lola Hats,  purse - Clare V
bow slides - Zara

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

It seems I so often have to learn the same lesson again and again.

This time it's 


It's not that I forgot about the idea of

It's more I have forgotten the importance of 
Practicing Gratitude.

I know for a fact my life is ever 
SO Much Better
when I remember 
To Practice Gratitude.

But some how I always seem to let it fall off 
my to do list
in my attempt to 'Get things Done'.

Then I wonder why I just don't feel happy
feel like I do enough.

But when I take the time to even pull pictures of my week 
to focus on 
the Good
the Beautiful
I am awe struck at my simple life.

I believe so much of our happiness is about
'Where We Put Our Focus'

So as a virtual reminder to myself
I am once again do my weekly

Hello Monday ...Hello Gratitude Posts.

This week I am ever so grateful for our annual 
Father's Day barbeque in our backyard.

Even though my party planning was off
after having a crazy summer cold last week
in the end
 it  all came together and was a most lovely memorable event.

I was so grateful Ellis was able to come up
and work for me on Wednesday.
We have the train schedule down pat by now.

As we do for our first stop for breakfast.
Sometimes it's so fun to hang out with my girl
going back to the studio is a hard one.

Especially when there is Father's Day cocktails and menus to be decided!

Ellis has a forte for both cocktails and menu planning.
Where my first love is always clothes
her's has always been food driven.

Since before Ellis was even 2 years old
she has been fascinated with all things cooking.
She loved cooking shows from the days they only existed on PBS.

If you'd like to see her aesthetic expertise these days
Ellis has a gorgeous blog HERE.

Covering travel and cocktails
 and all the cool happenings in San Diego
Ellis and her husband  just recently got back from some beautiful European travels.

For Father's Day we decided on a Mediterranean menu.

I love assembling appetizers
 nothing makes that easier than my vintage ceramic sections on a Lazy Susan
my favorite Palm Springs find to date.
I will definitely be on the hunt on my return next month.

I  usually  have all of my entertaining prepped and planned 
hours before guests arrived.
This time I was quite behind 
so my table remained with just the basic settings ...

But no matter an unfinished tablescape
the food was good and the company great!

It was years ago I let go of worrying about the trivial aspects  in entertaining.
The older I get
I just absolutely savor the time spent together.

I am ever so grateful to still have both of my parents
to celebrate the seasons of life with!

I was so impressed by the creative effort of my youngest son and his girlfriend
on their Father's Day gift for Jeff!
Down to the ice packs wrapped in black fabric to make sure things stayed cold!

It seems not long ago
I was having such a hard time really fully letting go of my children

These days I am more often reveling in the marvelous young adults
all three of them have become.

It just goes to show
once again
the power of 

As always my friend

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Sporty Glam and a Visit to Le Labo Fragrance

Last  weekend we were once again poking around one of my favorite 
South Orange County spots

My outfit of choice for our date night
was one that is so easy and comfy to wear!

The top is basically a poncho T shirt.
(Unfortunately I bought it last year and have not been able to track down any links.)
I paired it with some wide legged pants
made out of a sweatshirt material
I bought recently from Anthropologie HERE.

I finished off the outfit with a turban, chandelier earrings,(both of my own design), sunglasses and a clutch.
I was most impressed and happy at the coming together of supreme comfort
with a big dose of glamour.

I have had all of these pieces for a while
but it took not feeling my best that evening
but still wanting to go out for a bit
to pull this outfit together.
I was on a quest to find a cozy outfit
that still had stylish  and chic components.

This outfit was a perfect example of my very favorite in personal style
Sporty Glam!

At Lido Marina Village
which is located in Newport Beach
I have several 'favorite stores'
each one for a different reason.

The beautiful Le Labo 
is a 'high-end fragrance and sensory lifestyle brand with a distinct and authentic French heritage with an emphasis on fine craftsmanship and product personalization services.' 

The Le Labo brand is sold at Nordstrom and Barney's New York
but if you visit one of their own stores
your fragrance experience will be so much more!

That's because in these stores
once you pick your fragrance
they actually formulate it right there in front of you.

Located in a small back room
you can actually view your fragrance being made.

Another level of their  personalization is getting to choose
what to put on your label.

Since everything is custom done
you have a choice of up to 26 characters
to describe  what you want in the For :
I wasn't very creative
 just chose to have my name as I was caught off  guard with even the question.
Next time I will put a bit more thought into it.

I just think this custom detail makes it a wonderful gift
either for yourself or someone else!
A great perfume can be another way to 
'Crown Yourself'!

This high end fragrance has a price to match
but I was pleased to find out they do have basically an introduction price
for a small travel bottle size.

For $75 you can get the experience of the luxurious 
Le Labo fragrance.
Even that size come with all of the custom details
is packed in the coolest box and bag.

This was my second time in
since I used all of my first bottle.
Le Labo has put my big love of Jo Malone on the back burner
at least for a bit.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Saturday Quote

Happy Weekend my friends! Just a friendly reminder to
 Crown Yourself 
this weekend!

 "Be kinder to yourself and let your kindness flood the world" 

... still one of my favorite quotes by Pema Chodram.

 Here's to a weekend of kindness ... to ourselves ... and the world!

Sunset Cocktails ... The Fishermans Bar

I am back today with another installment in my
Sunset Cocktail Series
(You can find the list to the others in the series at the end of this post)

Living nearish the  beaches of Southern California
one of my favorite things always
 is going for cocktails
to take in the sunset over the ocean.

You would think with so much coastline here in South Orange County
there would be a plethora of ocean front choices
but the reality oceanfront views take some searching out.

in San Clemente
provides a wonderful ocean view experience.

The bar is actually built on the front end of the 
San Clemente Pier
so your ocean view experience is a full one. 

Seating at the
Fishermans Bar
is first come, first serve
even for the outside patio which has the most stellar views.

The Fishermans Bar 
features a daily cocktail hour
at moderate prices.
Which sounds all good
but it actually means in the summer months
getting a table outside can be more like the luck of the draw
that's after you find parking.

But there is also the Fishermans Restaurant on the opposite side of the pier
that has more of a Fine Dining experience
where you can confirm reservations.

Finding parking in San Clemente during prime summer hours can be tricky.
But we have found if we come prepared to walk a good distance
(think up to a mile)
parking can be successful.

And summer strolls through the waterfront streets
can actually be pretty wonderful and add to the beach life experience.

Even getting a seat at the bar  inside can provide views
as the sky puts on it's show over the water.

Many people think that once the sun dips down into the water
the sunset is over
but for me
that's just when the dramatic lighting begins.
Sometimes in the summer months
there can be another whole hour of magic to come!

The main draw for the Fishermans Bar for me is definitely  what's happening outside
with the painterly skies and ocean.

The interior is old school oceanfront
wine selection are just the basics
but they do have a full bar
the clam chowder can  almost be worth the drive.

Just making the Fishermans Bar  in San Clemente
a destination stop will get you outside at the beach
in time for a glorious beach walk.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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