Hello Monday ... Hello Gratiude

It's been a long time since I have done one of my favorite types of post.

Hello Monday - Hello Gratitude

Where I simply take the time to reflect back over the last week
(this time it's a bit of catch up, so it's a few weeks)
contemplate what 

I'm Grateful for.

I know for me
unless I take the time to practice 

Intentional Gratitude

I can too easily 
slip into thinking about 
what I need to do
as well as 
 my worries and fears and frustrations.

It's so important for me to take a step back
on all that
 I am Grateful For!

I have over the last couple of months retuned 
to my morning rituals of

Coffee, Candles and Gratitude
before sunrise.

I have also added in an
 essential oil diffuser
which has been a game changer 
when I was going through the very rough waters.
Essentials oils 
really do live up to their reputation.

For me  starting my mornings setting my focus on the 
beauty in my life
has helped improve the quality of my days.

And it can be as easy as doing a
 beautiful candle centerpiece.

Even a few 
 can be a reminder of the 
beauty in the world!

I have also been in the process of
taking back my house and gardens
from the neglect they have endured the past months.

One of my favorite projects
as far as impact
adding macrame garlands from 
to my Costco umbrella.

Before I sewed them on by hand
I Scotch Gaurded them to s

A much simpler garden project
was fluffing our front yard terrace.

This delightful fringed umbrella is also from
Target's Opal House Collection
as is my new bamboo table.

As I get better
I am once again able to happily attend events.

Like the one at one of my favorite stores in 

They had the lovely Kirsten 
the designer and owner of 
She designed my fabulous pants here and in the opening shot.
They are her 'Hepburn Pants'
and embrace a fabulous beachy vibe!

Raven and Lily also do a wide range of accessories as well!
Each purchase from this company
"Creates fair trade jobs and funds micro loan programs for
artisan women all over the world".

I was also fortunate to celebrate this gorgeous woman turning 60!
Doesn't Mary from 
@livvivid on Instagram
make turning 60 aspirational!
As well as wearing the 
Birthday Crown 
I designed for her
with such beauty and grace!

Her party was another one for the memory books
done by none other than the fabulous Andrea of the

How stunning is this homemade cake that Andrea 
baked, designed 
found the most show stopping candles for!!

This week I am 
Grateful To ...

~ do a family birthday party for my youngest son Hunter who turns 
22 on Wednesday!
My darling daughter is coming up to help cook!

~ go to Borrego Springs for Memorial Day Weekend with Jeff!
We are planning a romantic desert getaway!

~ go to our marriage therapy tonight
(after which we always reward ourselves by doing something fun afterwards!)


Yesterday I
 pulled and styled all of my outfits for this week
organized all of my closets.

As much as I love clothes
I have been finding myself 
in my work out wear all day long!
And a mess of clothes on my floor.

Because when I was getting home from working out
I would just go into getting things done mode
then it just seemed like ...
"why bother getting dressed this late in the day "...
which  ending up always making me feel icky.
And I am looking for every way to feel good about myself these days!

So this week I have invested in my week
by styling outfits 
that I am happy and excited to wear!

I'll let you know next week how it worked out.


As I see it
life can be hard somedays
maybe all of the little pieces like ...

Creating Beauty

Doing Things For Others

Working on Relationships

Self Care


can bring more 
peace and calm
in the everyday.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Month Six ...

It's been six months since I learned about his betrayal.

The monthly date reminders
always feel like a litmus test of 
how I'm doing 
where I am 
in my healing process.

And every month
I hope this is the month I can finally put it all 
behind me.

Behind us.

I keep telling myself I can power through the healing
quicker than others.
I have always been an over achiever.

And every month
as soon as I get in that mind set
the wave of remembering
crashing down 
like a tsunami
with the slightest provocation.

You see
I grew up 
needing to be an over achiever in my life.
My sister had down syndrome and all the health risks that came with it.

So I always felt a need to over compensate for it
even more truthfully
maybe I was just trying to get my parents attention.

Either way 
all through school, college, career
even raising children
I felt an internal impetus
to over achieve.

I really thought I could power through
healing from 
Marital Betrayal.

I have now realized 
I can't.
And I don't think that's even the riddle any more.

Six months into 
self healing
marital healing
my husband's healing

I am realizing the gift of this process.

We are at a point now
that we can investigate
together and separate
at a deeper level

how we got there.

I call it a gift
in that without the betrayal
neither of us would be as invested
looking deep within ourselves
with the intent to 
honestly become better people 

As I heal more
I am reminded
that I had plenty of issues
before the betrayal
that I need to work on.

I am no longer willing to live a life of ignoring personal issues
that I can improve.

We have both committed to more individual therapy
as well as our marriage counseling.

It's all been a very brutal process
on both of us
but with the horrible days
when I feel my weakest, neediest, messiest
I have been in this process long enough to know by now ....

There will be a next day
where I will come together again
each time stronger from the last.

I need to give myself the grace of time
in healing.

I need to give myself the opportunities
to reflect and grow.

I need to invest in self care
like never before.

I need to invest in daily gratitude and beauty.

Six months in
we are finally beginning to get our house in order
literally and figuratively.
And that feels so good.

We went at least four months
with an unmade bed
gardens unattended
no flowers in the house.

This month
more than any other since November
we are retaking our house and gardens
little by little.

This month our house once again has weekly flower arrangements.

I am also slowly getting my artistic creativity back.
Which in itself
helps restore my own life confidence.
Because it wasn't too long ago
I felt so broken
I really didn't even know if it would 
or could
even return.

But it has  returned 
like a long lost friend.
boy oh boy
am I glad!!!

I embellished my Costco umbrella with macrame garland
from Target's new Opal House collection.
I love it so much I have ordered enough to do my second umbrella!

In the end of reflecting on my month six

I am reminding myself

~ continue to invest highly in gratitude.

~give myself time and grace during my healing
letting go of my need to over achieve
it really has not served me well.

~ to remember the importance of self care

~ I am more committed than ever on continuing therapy
both for marriage and self.

Life is too short not to invest in all the tools possible
to live a better 
more passionate life.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.

Here are my other writings on the subject 

Hotel Saint Cecelia - Austin Texas

One of my favorite parts of our recent Austin trip was stay at the incredible

This luxury boutique hotel 
has definitely made in onto my
Favorite Hotel List!

Located in the heart of Austin's hip and lively
South Congress area
the hotel offers the perfect refuge 
from the crowds of  Austin's 
South X Southwest  yearly event.

Named after the patron saint of muscians
the design was inspired by the rock and roll of the 60's and 70's.

"We pay tribute to the great creative legacy of our revolutionary idols and to the spirit of the artist that lives within each of us"

is owned by the 

"Bunkhouse has a reputation for building memorable experiences that offer more than just a good night's sleep and a great cup of coffee. Passion for design, tireless attention to detail and a commitment to creating authentic culture have earned our properties a unique place in the hearts and minds of those who visit us"

Saint Cecelia is engulfed by  lush landscape
creating an intimate luxury retreat.

Check in is done in a quite room
that doubles as their retail shop
painted in the most marvelous peacock blue.

The view from the little lobby had me so excited to see our suite.

Since we arrived a bit early
we were given two cans of ice cold rose'
that we happily partook while sitting outside 
on the French bistro chaired patio.

Because Saint Cecilia can only be 
accessed if you are a  hotel guest
it is known for it's abundance of celebrity and musician clientele.
While we were waiting on the patio for our room
Andrew Zimmerman of the Travel channel's 
 was hard at work.

I absolutely adore hotels
that have a passion for design 
down to the smallest details 
like this leather key ring.

Opening the door to our suite we found we had an outdoor seating area in our own courtyard.

We opened the  suite door to a spacious living room.

With almost a wall of windows
which let in the Austin light.

A dining table and fully stocked bar
added some homey touches.

Unpacking had me taking accessory shots on the fantastic
turquoise floors.

The accessories made up   one of my favorite
Austin ensembles.

The view from the bedroom to the outside courtyard.

The sumptuous bed.

I was so ticked with their kimono robes
I had to buy one for home!

The medicine cabinet had quite the collection of products to buy.

Who doesn't love a large and colorful walk in shower!

After unpacking
hitting the pool was top on my agenda!

I couldn't wait to actually see in person
the iconic SOUL sign 
that the property is known for!

As soon as my darling friend
Austin it and in the know girl
Jenn Rose Smith
who is Art Director for a most  stylish blog
Camille Styles
(which I was fortunate to visit and will share in next week's Austin post)
suggested I might enjoy
The Saint Cecelia Hotel
I looked it up
knew any hotel with a
SOUL sign was a place I needed to see!

We enjoyed an alfresco lunch by the pool.

And as soon as I read you could only access the property if you stayed there
I knew it was exactly where I wanted to 
splurge and stay for my birthday!!

More rooms of their most lovely property.

View from the upstairs terrace.

The bar in the lounge.
Check out the stunning white peacock!

The lounge is a perfect place to people watch.

While in Austin I searched for 
a fabulous accessory
to remember our trip.
My new felted Stetson from the iconic
 was my find!

And back to speaking about design details
my obsession with these egg cups 
has me on new vintage hunts!
Such a simple addition can elevate even simple condiments!

While we were at the Saint Cecelia Hotel
we were able to invite Jeff's sister and her husband 
to an alfresco dinner on the patio.

So I knew I wanted a dress that said
 laid back hostessing with a glam flair.
I found this perfect  vintage dress shopping on my birthday!
It's now one of my favorites!!

A magnificent tree centers the hotel property
with a wonderful hanging chandelier.

I hope you have enjoyed my share of this 
intimate, luxury hotel that makes up
Hotel  Saint Cecelia!

Next week I will being posting one more time 
about our Austin family trip
which included a magical wedding
which was the impetus for our destination!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life