Celebrating Turning 60

It was a big birthday for me this year
I turned 60!

So if there was ever an occasion for a new
Birthday Dress and Crown
this was the year!

I ordered this fabulous pink maxi from Beholden
 I just love it!
It has all the drama and whimsy
 I was looking for in my 
Birthday Ensemble!

I added the double ruffle top from Anthropologie underneath.
The lines of the top
work perfectly with the skirt of the dress
like they were absolutely meant to go together!!

My pearl necklace and Crown finished the look.

My extra large cashmere wrap from 
could not have been a more perfect finish!

This wrap was a splurge for me years ago
but is absolutely timeless!
It feels like this wrap had been waiting for this celebratory dress!

My birthday celebrations  included 

With the help of my 
darling daughter Ellis
Jeff arranged
 to throw me a surprise party
with my wonderful friends!!

The party took place at one of my always favorite places

And it was at one of my very favorite restaurants!

It was a gorgeous luncheon
at my favorite table!

My dear husband turned my favorite table at Malibu Farms 
into this!

 Jeff did the  wonderful flowers down the center of the table
from my favorite florist in Lido

He even had a special Birthday  Bouquet made for me!

He had champagne all around!

Each place setting had one of these sweet potted plants.

Jeff made the  party favors
with tiny trees and ceramic pots from
that he  put together himself!
The potted trees were a perfect complement to the
 Malibu Farms
And a gift for everyone to take home 
as a reminder of the special lunch!

Jeff also commissioned a gorgeous
Birthday Cake 
that he had made at a bakery.
He knows my style well
 found the inspiration picture online
printed it off
brought it to the baker to reproduce!
It was these sweet details that really touched my heart!

That and a table filled with so many of my
very favorite friends!
I was truly touched that they all showed up for my
Birthday Luncheon!

I really choked up when I walked in and saw them all!
Looking around the table 
there were friends I had known since my kids were littles
to so many that have become dear friends
because of this blog.
You just never know when or from where
lifelong friends 
will enter your life!

And a special thank you for Trina
(in the front left corner)
who traveled all the way fro Utah 
just to surprise me!

And there were 
Birthday presents
 as well!
So many thoughtful gifts from the heart!!

Like this sweet poem from my dear friend Sue!

And I am ever so grateful
I get to
 share a Granddaughter
 with this one!
Megan's Momma is truly a joy!

After lunch there were more surprises to be had!

Jeff reserved a gorgeous suite at Newport's newest boutique hotel

Our suite was quite spacious
with even a kitchen, living room and bedroom!

One of my favorite parts of the hotel
is the
rooftop bar
with panoramic ocean views
It's a wonderful vista to watch the sunset!

And spend time with old friends!

As I begin my 
Third Act of Life
my heart is full.

I must admit years ago
turning 60 might have frightened me
but today
 I am quite content turning 60
beginning my third act.

My first 30 years were about becoming an individual
all that entails.

My second 30 years were all about 
raising 3 wonderful individuals.

Now at 60
the whole world is before me
 I have time to
savor it all!

I am excited to find all the beauty I can in life.

To invest in my health and well being.

To do good where I can.

Continue to Grow my Soul.

To love Fiercely.

To Create.

To show up and make every day count.

To be Grateful for it all.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Hunter and Megan's Wedding

I'm sharing the gorgeous pictures 
from our youngest son's 
last July.

Hunter and Megan were together seven years
before the big day!
I have loved Megan for years
was secretly hoping they would end up together!

The wedding was in Carlsbad California at

Pure Joy!

Both wedding parties stayed in 2 beautiful cottages at 
in San Marcos.

Megan's beautiful wedding party!

Megan's fabulous Momma doing the finish touches!

The back of Megan's stunning dress!

Gorgeous Mother Daughter duo!

Megan and her Grandmother!

Our handsome son!

Jeff and I did 'Gift Buckets' for Hunter's Groomsmen!

Ready for the Big Moment
to marry the love of his life!

I spent literally months trying to find a 
Mother of the Groom Dress
that would fit the venue
just as important to me for such a life moment
make me feel beautiful
be fun to wear.
All three needs were accomplished with this 
ball skirted dress and feather shrug from Beholden!

Our family
with our much loved newest member!

Megan's gracious  and wonderful extended family!

A view of the historic venue which was in full bugonvilla in full bloom.

The historic venue is
complete with flocks of peacocks!

The amazing reception area!

How absolutely lovely is Hunter and Megan's Sweetheart Table.

The Gorgeous Married Couple!

They had their first dance to Johnny Cash's 
I Walk The Line.

I was so grateful my dad was able to make the wedding.
My mother had just died 5 weeks before
he had spent time after gravely ill in ICU.
It was certainly a summer of highs and lows for our family.
But I think often life has a way of working that way.

I was so proud of Hunter when
he got up to microphone and thanked all the guest for 
being there to celebrate his big day.

Thank you all for visiting here
sharing in Hunter and Megan's 
Love story!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life