2020 Wardrobe Recap ... and Reflection

It's that time of year again
when I look back at what I've worn 
over the year.

I have to say
I have been back and forth 
as to if I even wanted to do it this year.

For me it was a year
filled with personal loss
on different levels
none more than losing my dad.

But I don't think ignoring the year
will help heal my heart
after all
I am still standing.

Ready to take on the 
New Year
with optimism

But I also think there is personal power
life's storms.

Loosing my Dad in September
was so hard.

Because of Covid
I was only able to see him
one time during his two months in ICU.

He had gone into the hospital
for what was supposed to be a simple surgery
in July.
Complications arose
 he ended up in ICU a few days later.
From there it was weeks and weeks
of a roller coaster of expectations
of him surviving.
It got to a point he wanted to be able to die
knowing he would never recover 
to any quality of life.
he got to a point he was more gone 
than here.
Not even able to breathe on his own.

On September 3rd
my brother, Jeff and I 
were allowed to be at his bedside
as they took him off the ventilator
he was allowed to die a peaceful death
with dignity.

2020 has been a year of hardship and loss for so many.
we must all find ways 
to go on.

Learning how to balance our grief
with the intentions of 
doing good where we can.

Finding and acknowledging 
all the beauty and goodness
that there is in life.

For me 
I find solace and calm
in pulling together outfits
that I am happy to wear.

I love the creative process
I love having something 
that I can control.

Dressing in an 'outfit'
reminds me of my mother
who ingrained  the concept of 
'an outfit' into me.

Wearing an outfit I love 
makes my heart happy.

And that makes me more able 
to give to others.

For me
Creative Personal Style
Confirms My Soul

My love of 
accessories and clothes
is part of who I am.
I can still remember what I wore in kindergarten.

I share that love here
in the hopes 
that if you share the same love
I can inspire your own creativity

Whether it's clothes or cooking
or a myriad of other creative outlets
is so important to
living a joyous life!

From here I offer some of my favorite outfits
form 2020.
Reminding myself
there were good moments
in the midst of the heartbreaking ones.

I always love elevating 
basic pieces
by combining them
finishing with a wonderful dose of 
Coordinating Accessories.

Here it's an interplay with
straws and shells.

A happy happy day at Disneyland
last February!

Jeff and I have 
thrived as a couple 
through so many trying times this past year.

I am so thankful we worked so hard
the last few years
rebuilding such 
a strong marriage.

Our marriage continues to 
as a true partnership.
Jeff is one of the very best parts 
of my life.

One of my very favorite outfits 
of 2020.
We took it out to the beach for pictures
the whole walk
felt like magic!

My favorite bag of 2020
my big loves of
Pearls and Basketry

 I decided to make myself get dressed
for cocktails outside!

I did this outfit around my 
personally designed
shell and pearl earrings!

They are part of my newest Collection
that I am in the works of launching soon!

The month of May
 still dressing for home.

'Glamming Up'
sweats with 
two more of my designs
 Turban and Statement Earrings!

2020 sure had me refining
Cozy Comfortable
with a big dose of
Statement Accessories
Instant At Home Glam!

June had  me pulling out my caftan and turban
for an easy at home
Glam Look
with once again the instant infusion of
Statement Accessories!

Jeff and I were so happy
about the new terrace 
we put in 2019.
Never even knowing how much
 we would use it in 2020.

Plenty of neighborhood sunset walks.

Paired this off the shoulder denim dress from
with some of my favorite 
Western Accessories!
I definitely enjoyed getting dressed for even

Walks on the beach
are always 
a balm to my soul.

More dressing for home.
Upgrading two basic pieces
'an outfit'
with plenty of 
Statement Accessories!

Our accessory du Jour 
for 2020.

I have quite the collection
but this is my favorite
go with everything
well fitting
most importantly
easy to breathe
from the lovely
from the UK

Saturday summer nights 
at home.

I have to say 
our gardens have never looked better!
Certainly one of the many
Silver Linings of 2020.

Definitely enjoyed  dressing up for 
Take Out
and a
Photo Shoot

Summer Sunset Strolls 
on the beach

Never again  will I take the beach for granted
after the closings  for months here in California.

Still got out for 
This fabulous dress is another from

Wearing an outfit I love
to cheer myself.

It works.
I highly recommend!

Beach rides with my love.

We even got a weekend away at the 
brand new and fabulous
located in Temecula!
I shared all about it HERE
With only five cottages
it felt entirely safe
during this Covid times.

We were lucky enough to catch lots of 
spectacular sunsets.

One thing about difficult times
they always have me searching hard for
 all the beauty
silver linings I can find.

There were also times
hiding under a big hat felt ideal.

But each time I got up again.

And outfits that I loved
Every Single Time

That concludes my 
2020 Recap.

As hard of a year as it was
I still have ever so much to be 

Here's to 
greeting the 
New Year
strength, courage 
for every 
Silver Lining 
we can find!

Wishing each and everyone of you
New Year 
full of blessings!

As always my friends

I wish you Love and Joy
as you 
Style Your Life

The Ivy and Indigo Seas

~~ republishing a post ~~

Dining is closed here in Southern California
so I am revisiting a magical lunch!


In my effort to to instigate some new holiday traditions this year
Jeff and I took off for LA this weekend
for lunch at the iconic Ivy restaurant.

I have to admit it's reputation as a star gathering place
had me very intrigued
when it was time to drive up
it also had me a little nervous and intimidated as well.

There was a moment before we got out
that Jeff and I asked ourselves
if we really wanted to do this …

I am so glad we bit the bullet and just went for it!

I have heard stories of people lunching at The Ivy for years and years
I had no idea what a truly charming and cozy space it actually is!
As far away from my idea of what a Hollywood hot spot could possibly be!
It is so warm and inviting 
with all the comforts of visiting someones home.
Every seat had the most wonderful down pillows
always at the ready for a comforting meal.

Upon checking in for our reservations
we were ushered inside to the small bar
 served complimentary champagne
by the most attractive of servers
all attired in perfectly crisp pink shirts and white aprons
while we waited for our table.

Not being a celebrity
I wondered what far off corner of the restaurant we would end up
but I had decided before hand
to enjoy our lunch 
no matter where we sat …
because at least we were 
at The Ivy!

So I had to pinch myself when we ended up with a perfect table out front on the patio!
There was so much to take in
it seemed like a blur
as we sat down
to make decisions on what to eat!

Every where I looked there was such beauty
from the vases
stuffed tight with multi colored roses on every table
to the hand crafted stone wear at each place setting
to the murmur of interesting conversations all around …

I was so happy to be actually  sitting outside  on the patio at The Ivy
on a most beautiful crystal clear day
I felt absolutely giddy inside
it took a lot to effort on my part
not to squeal in delight!

The Ivy is so well known as a celebrity hot spot
that tour buses  literally make the rounds out front on a regular basis!

So it took me a little bit 
to actually relax into the experience.

I understand now the draw of the restaurant
the food is incredible
as is the exceedingly attentive staff.

It was a lunch that I didn't want to end
but the time did come
but I made sure to order some cookies to take home …
just to bring a little bit of our magical lunch home with us.

We decided out front was as perfect place as any 
to take some outfit shots
being as we were so taken with the patina of the exterior…

As we were finishing up the pictures
we realized that behind us
wasn't the Ivy restaurant at all …
but instead an interiors shop
that had all of the interior ambiance as the Ivy itself!

Come to find out we had almost literally stumbled on
what I was soon to find out

The Indigo Seas
which Harper Bazaar Magazine
one of the 25 best boutiques in the world!

As we were looking around in amazement at the beauties in the shop
I was approached by a most beautiful woman
who said she had seen me from outside
 had loved my outfit so much
that it reminded her of being Paris.

Wow, one look at this stylish woman
complimenting me so beautifully
well ...
my day was pretty much made!

As we talked further
it took me some time to realize
that I was talking with the one and only
Lynn Von Kersting
 co owner of the Ivy 
the creator  of the beautiful
  Indigo Seas!

Lynn is an absolute delight
 She shared with me how much of her style is influenced 
by places from all around the world
where in  many of the locales she has homes as well.

We were lucky enough to get a tour  of her back room
which housed so many more beautiful collections.
I was so charmed by Lynn
ever so grateful
when she sent us home with so many 
beautiful treasures
from an iconic Capri scarf
a cozy chintz pillow
mugs of her own design
that the Ivy is known for …

most captivating to be sure
a copy of her book

Amore e Gioia Sotto il Sole
An Indigo Seas scrapbook of Ivy recipes and summer snapshots

It is such a beautiful coffee table book
 I have already spent hours devouring it.

I also have  visions of summer parties next year
using the recipes she shares form the Ivy
with dreams 
of visiting the Island of Capri myself!

It is a joyous book of sunshine
 romantic gatherings!

I am excited to weave some of Lynn's magic
into my own life …

Thank you Lynn for sharing your passion for beauty and life with me.

Your compliment on my outfit
will always be a moment 
I hold near and dear to my heart.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


I was ever so happy today to see
The Ivy
shared this post on their
Facebook and twitter!

Thank you India!

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