Backyard Summer Birthday Celebration!

Last weekend we celebrated our
son Hunter turning 24!

His late May birthday
always seems to 
jumpstart our

The weather was perfect for a 
Backyard Dinner Party!

I chose blues and whites as my accent color for 
The Tablescape

I mixed  blue  and whites 
with all kinds of 
Natural Textures.

From woven placemats, wooden chargers, cloth napkins, ceramic plates
iron silverware,  enamel cups and wrapped wicker glasses.

For the centerpiece
 I kept my 

rectangular cement planters

that I grow succulents in
interspersed usually with candles.

To give a 
Party Feel
for the centerpiece
I filled the candleholders with fresh white flower arrangements.

They were simple to do.
I purchased 2 grocery store bouquets
of differing white mums
cut the flowers down to short stems
making individual bouquets for the candle holders.

They were 
simple and efficient
adding the perfect 
Party Flourish!

I was very happy with my


which was actually
 four different tapestries!

We recently added the large umbrella to our 
10 foot Farm Table
which made getting a traditional tablecloth to work 
wasn't going to happen.

My solution was to take one tapestry 
on each side
 simply fold it in half
then uses two more across the ends of the table.

I was so happy with the subtle color 
texture play 
it brought to my tablescape.

For me
 dressing a table is like 
creating a painting
using color, layers and textures.
Really not to different than styling a great outfit!

To bring in even more color play
I simply wrapped our bar stool seats
with light blue bandanas!

I loved the added
the tapestry tassels 
brought to the table!

I find so often solving a styling situation
in a non traditional way
can illicit some beautifully creative solutions
if you stay open to trying new ways!

I finished each place setting with a bottle of our 
favorite sparkling water.

I woke up the morning of the party
with the idea the Topo Chico bottles
would add just the right amount of 
a yellow punch.

You never know when creative ideas 
will strike!

Jeff and I chose a colorful and fresh menu
for the party.

I love doing parties with Jeff
I make everything look gorgeous
Jeff makes everything
taste delicious!

How fun is this
 vintage serving piece.
It pacts a big punch of style
elevating crudites
to a  party level!

I love what Jeff did with the cucumbers and cheese!

Our menu consisted of 
salmon on the barbeque
tofu skewers.

Jeff made individually wrapped vegetables 
to accompany the salmon.

They were as pretty as they were delicious!

For my party outfit
I kept it backyard casual
with an off the shoulder top and white jeans
I kept my hair up and unfussy.

but brought
 a dose of glam with my 
bold sunglasses and shell choker
that is actually a headband 
from my upcoming 
Accessory Collection!

It made my heart so happy 
to have some of my 
very favorite people
at the house!!

Especially this little nugget
who is up and walking these days!

It always just makes my heart melt 
our boy
his baby girl!

And it always reminds me 
of how much
I enjoyed being his Momma!

And I couldn't be happier Hunter 
married the love of his life.
They have been together since they were 14!
Quite the 
Love Story!!

We made this sweet the collage  for their
Rehearsal Dinner
You can see that  fabulous 

Lenny is one lucky little girl
to have these two as parents!

Isn't Lenny the sweetest!

Having grandkids
is everything I heard it would be!

I set up a little pool for Lenny
and  ...

She got to meet for the very first time
Hunter's old
Big Bear
who has been tucked away safely in storage 
for many, many years.

Big Bear was a favorite of Hunter's when he was little.
So much so 
Big Bear
was allowed to accompany the family
on so many road trips!

Big Bear traveled with us to
Mammoth Mountain
The Montage in Laguna Beach
Disneyland's California Grand Adventure
to name just a few of our families destinations.

Which meant when Hunter out grew Big Bear
I couldn't bear to part with her
so I brought her to storage
where she has lived for so many years.

I hadn't even foreseen such a 
heartfelt time 
seeing her now with 
Hunter's daughter!

I am so glad 
I listened to my heart
and kept this sweet bear!

Happy Happy Birthday Hunter!

We are ever so proud of the 
man, husband and father 
you have become in
your 24 Years!

Sweetest Young Family!
Thank you for letting us celebrate you!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Home Sweet Home

Like most people
Jeff and I have been spending our time recently

At Home Sweet Home

And I have never been more 
of all of the love, creativity and  hard work
we have invested in our 
modest little suburban  track  home.

I have always believed that living a beautiful life
could be done without an unlimited budget.

We have been happily making our little home and gardens
our dream home for 25 years now.

When we moved into out little home
there were no yards or hardscape what so ever.

Now our small front yard has 
3 completely separate sitting areas
as well as a raised planter for a cutting garden.

Last year we took out the grass on the left side of the driveway
created this luxurious seating area
with two cozy nest chairs
and a gas fire pit.
All of which we got from Target.

Jeff and I often start our day here with coffee
come again for sunset cocktails.

Creating this 
'Garden Room'
has given us a beautiful spot 
where we can engage with our neighbors
at a safe distance!

I enjoy and am committed to 
Living A Beautiful Life.

I believe in slowing down enough 
to take the time to appreciate the small moments.

I have been making an effort to dress for our 
cocktail hour
At Home.

I don't do it everyday
but when I do it always elevates
a simple occasion!

I believe you don't have to have a lot of space in a garden
to have a luxurious space.

Jeff created this sandstone terrace
last year
 this small space has continued to evolve
over the last year.

I began redoing our front planters
the last couple of years
taking out all of our flowering annuals
with succulent.

They actually play very nicely with our tropicals.

We start everyday at home with coffee time.

On the weekends 
we take the time to really savor the ritual.

Jeff and I have so enjoyed our front terrace 
fire pit 
we have added  a second one 
to the backyard.
  Turning it on really adds to the ambiance of the space.

This is what our backyard consisted of
25 years ago when we moved in.

We have lovingly transformed it
year by year
the outside sanctuary it is today.

It's probably my love for our backyard
that kept me loving our
'starter house'
turning it into 
'our little dream house'.

I feel like I am always working toward
bringing her to her full potential.
My little house and gardens 
 feels like family.

This picture is from the first front terrace we put in 
on the right side of the driveway.

In this picture you can see
Jeff just beginning the wall that divides
the front terrace from the private courtyard behind the wall.

I am a big believer in maximizing
every square inch of our small plot of land.

Last year we took out our remaining front grass 
and replaced it with succulents

The front terrace is another lovely spot for
cocktails and socially distanced conversations
with the neighbors who pass by.

Behind Jeff is our raised planter
that I grow my cut flowers, herbs and tomatoes.

Our clematis is thriving.

As are the roses in the back.

It's this view
that I love the best!

Our back fence is covered in 
espaliered citrus.

I am sharing these pictures of our gardens 
in the hopes of inspiring you to
add some beauty to your life.

I believe there is much beauty to be found
out to the ordinary.

Make your home
your very own sanctuary.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life