The Andaz Napa … A Hip and Vibrant Hotel In Downtown Napa

As a designer
I have the utmost appreciation of 
beautiful hotels
especially those with well appointed rooms.

The Andaz Napa
a boutique hôtel
located in the heart of downtown Napa 
exceeded even my expectations
with their  luxuriously sized
well appointed rooms.

You can feel the local flavor of Napa
by even simply stepping into the lobby
of the Andaz Napa
the rooms!

I was most taken
 upon opening my door
to my stunning room
to find not only a plate of strawberry rocky road
but a hand written welcome card as well.

The welcoming presentation
gave me a pinch me moment
to be on such a fabulous blogging trip
 staying at such a gorgeous hotel!

My room was a suite
with an ample living room 
with a pull out bed
a two sided fireplace.
There was also a coffee bar
and refrigerator
providing the comforts of home.

The bathroom was elegant
generous in size.
I actually took this picture 
the grand shower.
Just stepping inside this  utterly luxurious shower
had me immediately
planning a bathroom renovation at home!

Then there was the 
immense soaking tub
so beautiful
it almost felt like a 
sculpture in the room
 it became even more of an incredible luxury once inside the tub
filled with bubbles.

The bed called out a siren song
for lounging 
 cozy retreating
after amazing whirlwind days
in Napa Valley!

The rooms are done with a zen like spender
that made coffee in bed in the morning
another  endeavor in luxury.

Knowing we would be having 
a full day of wine tasting
I opted to order a healthy breakfast
in room.
I was truly tickled 
with the inventive and fun  presentation
done  by the Andaz Napa.

I can't wait to work some of their styling ideas
into my own home

~ the heavy weave napkins 
tied with twine

~ smoothies and water
served in lidded mason jars

~ butter and jam made in house
served in recycled jars
~ food served on artisan level stoneware dishes.

For me
Taking  innovative styling ideas home from traveling
is always such a fun reminder of a trip
and always
 one of my favorite souvenirs!

I appreciated how  almost every corner
in the Andaz Napa is addressed.
From stepping out of the elevator into the hallway ...

to the sumptuous Mercantile Terrace
with not one fire pit
but two!

The Terrace proved to be the perfect  place 
for our evening cocktail gathering
of friends and bloggers.

The round fire pit
surrounded by rockers
is such a poetic space to relax
 sip some of Napa's finest wines.

I was inspired to see their abundant use of citrus in planters
as well as their use of drapes outside
both ideas I am hoping to incorporate more of in
my outside spaces at home.

The welcoming lobby of the Andaz
is replete with a charming and helpful staff.
From being checked in via an iPad
while being offered a welcoming glass of wine
to the clean finish of 
an online checkout 
with a cheerful concierge
who so kindly printed out my boarding pass
for the trip home.

Within the personalized lobby area
is a breakfast bar by day
and a cocktail bar by evening.

Also within the lobby is a water station 
which in the morning truly speaks to the local flavor of Napa
with the offering of fresh juice blends
as well as iced and flavored water.

A perfect way to get out and see the downtown Napa neighborhood
is to rent one of the bikes
do like I did
 get up for an early morning stroll
to take in the breathtaking splendor
found in downtown Napa neighborhood
as the sun makes it's rise gently above.

I so enjoyed taking in the local sites
before heading out to the wineries.
This trip to the Napa Valley
was truly filled
with immense beauty at every turn.

The Andaz Napa is perfectly located
for the most beautiful walks through the historic downtown neighborhood
as well as the riverfront.

The Napa Valley has so much to see and do
and the Andaz Napa
was the perfect home base to see it from.

I am so absolutely taken with not only the hotel
but the Valley as well …

I can't wait to return to 
the Andaz 
Napa Valley 
for a romantic getaway with my husband!

This blogging trip
and the
beauty and friendships
will be forever with me.
My heart is full of
such gratitude for the opportunity!

As always my friends

I wish you love
as you style your life

Disclaimer : Andaz Napa generously sponsored my stay for two nights.
 As always all opinions are my own.

All photos … as always
are my own.

And speaking of gratitude
I have the utmost gratitude 
to Adrienne of the 
for her tireless ability to arrange this
amazing blogging trip!

Thank you A
much love to you 
dear friend!

What I Wore … Bloggers in Napa Valley … A Recap

I have returned from an absolutely amazing trip
with Bloggers in Napa Valley.
There is so much to tell about this fabulous adventure
but I am going to start with a recap of 

What I wore

What worked 
What I will do different next time.

If you have been following along
you have already seen my post on
I invested quite a bit of time prepping and packing for this trip
so here are my notes on what I was happy with
what I will do differently for my next trip.

I loved wearing this outfit to the cocktail party at the
 Andaz Terrace
 our first night.

Here I am with
La Contessa of 
whose personal  accessory style I just adore!

I loved wearing this outfit of mine
because it was the perfect mix of
casual and opulent
with a denim tunic and sequined pants.
The best part of this simple pairing
it made for the perfect backdrop for 
my  major accessory love!

I also realized on this trip that was always filled with
loads of picture taking

to sit forward for a picture.

Being comfortably seated
does not make for flattering photos.
This is my first note to self
for the next trip
always for that matter :))

I will have to say I have mixed feelings
about my travel outfit.

Besides sitting forward for photos
I am going to remember to

Try on all outfits
before the trip.

I was almost in a panic 
when I put on my carefully chosen ensemble
at four in the morning
 getting ready to leave for the airport.

The original pieces had looked great on the hanger
but the fit left something to be desired.
I had a rather mad scramble of trying and tossing 
similar pieces to get the comfort I was looking for
even after all my planning.

Second note to self

Try on all travel outfits
before the trip.

I was so happy to see 
Adrienne of 
meet me at the airport!
She planned our adventure for over four months.
Seeing her there in person was  such a surreal moment to be sure!

My travel outfit  also functioned well
for our initial lunch at Redd.

Being together with
Heather of StyleMindChic
Jennifer of A Well Styled Life
felt like a walking dream.

Our second day was spent wine touring
with the fabulous luxury of being driven by 
That beautiful adventure 
is a story to follow.

Knowing it would be a full day of touring
I chose some sporty pieces
including my anorak for J Crew.

The bag I chose for the day
is part of Levi's 
Made and Crafted line.
What I enjoy most about this bag
are the backpack straps on the back side.
When photographing on the trip
I was hands free of the bag
to really concentrate on getting great shots!
It is a dream bag for a blogger!

Now to the part of the outfit 
I am not so happy about.

This  infinity scarf …
which again looked great hanging with the other pieces
but because I wore it down
the scarf just ended up looking sloppy.

The outfit would have looked cleaner sans scarf to be sure
or at the very least 
wrapped twice.

I am loving my newest Panama hat 
Montecristi Hats 
in Yountville.
I have wanted one of these true Panama hats
every since I read about them on Adrienne's blog!
It was such an exciting treat to visit a store not only filled with
so many versions of Panama hats
sizes as well!
They are even able to customize your hat to fit!

My flats served me well
but I did rather tire of them by the end of the trip.
Even though I would have liked to have brought 
more shoes
that was a packing concession.
My suitcase just barely made it under the airline weight limit
as it was.

But this trip I actually even used my work out shoes
that I always bring
during an early morning 
exploration of beautiful  Downtown Napa.

Most of my separate bag packing shown above
 worked very well.
Things just came out of order a bit
I always forget 
which bag goes into my suitcase
and which bag goes into my carry on!
I just need to always remember to

leave room in my suitcase for 
my skincare and toiletries!

One thing I did this packing trip 
that worked extremely well was 

pack some cozy pretties 
for lounging in the room!

Our trip was jam packed with 
exciting outings
being able to come back to the room to
 lounge even for an hour 
was absolutely refreshing!

Speaking of rooms
our rooms at the 
were truly amazing!
I can't wait to share all of the
stylish details with you in my next post!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Hello Gratitude … Hello Napa

My heart is overflowing with gratitude this week.
My trip with  Bloggers in Napa Valley was sublime.

For this trip I ventured far outside my comfort zone
for the promise of spectacular sights 
heartfelt connecting.
My expectations were exceeded
on both accounts.

The beauty of the Napa Valley 
can move me to tears.
Almost everywhere you look 
there are jaw dropping views.
It is an area dominated by grape vines and wineries
where farming turns poetic. 
I could feel an almost sacred appreciation of 
life's beautiful bounties.

And then to share this beauty with such 
fabulous  like hearted women
made my heart overflow with gratitude 
for the perfect moments shared.
I gave it my all
to stay in the moments
to savor and enjoy
each and everyone of them.

 To commit them to the memory
that dreams do come true
when you can sum up the courage to step outside of your comfort zone
with the intent of
finding beauty and connection.

I am so very proud of the five of us who went to Napa Valley
because we each ventured out bravely into uncharted territory
with open hearts
the appreciation of making true connections
which in my book
is one of the greatest gifts of blogging.

So today I am counting my blessings 
for a trip of a lifetime
 resting up 
living outside your comfort zone
is not for the weak hearted
 can be ever so worth it in the end!

I will be back next week 
to share some of the truly spectacular places we had the privilege to visit!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

My Packing System … Part 2 ... The Clothes … the Clothes

In yesterday's post about getting ready for my trip 
for Bloggers in Napa Valley

I covered my packing system
for everything … except 
the clothes.

So now to the more dramatic part of my packing.

The Clothes.

Whenever I have a trip
I try to find out as much information as I can
about the itinerary and specifics of the trip.
For me that's when the creative fun begins
as far as styling outfits 
perfect for each occasion.

For drinks and dinner the first night
at the Andaz  Hotel
I styled an outfit perfect for the evening
with my denim tunic 
with my sequin pants and a denim trench.

The lines of the outfit are quite simple 
making them the perfect backdrop for …

Lots of Bling!

I collect accessories in wardrobes.
For this fabulous ensemble I am bringing
Antique Oppulence Collection
made up of pearls and crystals
all with settings with an antique brass finish.

Wednesday we will have the fabulous opportunity 
to spend the day touring in a limo
via Napa Valley Wine Tours
visiting some of Napa's best wineries .

For a day of wine tasting 
I am taking Adrienne's advice
dressing casually
with a nod to being functional as well.

I will be finishing off my outfit
with some well chosen accessories.
Although I was so excited about my fabulous suede clogs
practicality won out …
they just didn't make the cut 
when it came to packing space issues.

Speaking of not making the cut …
neither did this wonderful
maybe wear to dinner the second night …
it was just to much of a maybe …
that took up a lot of room.
Sadly it was left behind …
although I do have mad plans for the skirt
pairing it with a white blazer for another upcoming occasion.

Taking it's place for Wednesday night dinner out
is my sure bet instead …
my leather jacket
lace top
sequin skirt
paired with my favorite brooch necklace

of course 
some more  well chosen accessories.
A vintage bag
patent pumps
 mixing in some turquoise 
with the crystal statement necklace
to really round out the look.

After I figure out the itinerary when I pack
I then do an overall view for the trip
 decide what else I need to fill in with.

I always want to bring gym clothes
that can either 
make it to the gym
r in spectacular areas like Napa
work just as well for outside walks.

One always personal need 
I have found to be most necessary when I travel
Lounging clothes.

I feel so much of traveling 
taking in new sights and experiences
 many times requires clothes when I am "on"
I personally 
 really also need some down time when I travel
for some alone time
just to cozy in some loungewear.
Even if it's just for an hour
that time to feel rejuvenated
makes me so better equipped
to really savor and enjoy
the essence of the locale.

Which brings me to 
my travel outfit.

When traveling to a destination
home again
I always will prefer a jacket of some sort.
Maybe it's because I am a woman 
who came into her adult life in the eighties
but I always feel more  confident in any situations
in a jacket…
to me a jacket is a bit like a form of armor.

A jacket makes me feel  more empowered 
for what ever the situation may bring.

And of course 
more empowered 
with the addition of some great 

On that note
my packing is finished.

It is with a very excited heart
a little bit of nerves
that I will be on my way 
to meet up with some
absolutely splendid women
for our 
Bloggers in Napa Valley trip ….

A trip 
which is in it's self 
a testement
to the fabulous 
connections that can be made through blogging.

I will be back here on Friday.
Until then
you can follow our trip on instagram
by following me
the link is on my side bar
 you can also then follow all of us
with this  #bloggersinnapavalley

As always My Friends

I wish you love and joy
as you stele your life