Anthropologie Opens Ultimate Shopping Experience In Newport Beach

What a fun friday night it was here in SoCal
with the  private party opening of 
Anthropologie's  new
Ultimate Shopping Experience
in Fashion Island!

Over 19,000 feet of their unmatched
transformative environment!
Besides mainly clothes and decorative accessories
is making huge strides in broadening their lifestyle brand
with this opening of a new retail wonderland!

Even before I knew just how remarkable the evening would end up to be
I pulled together some of my favorite accessories for the occasion!
Celine sunnies, my Paloma Picasso business card holder, lots of turquoise including
my one of a kind Tamera Beardsley Design chandelier earrings.
My silk Tory Burch shoes finally got to come out for a spin
with my French Basketeer basket!

Before Anthropologie's  private party
Jeff and I had dinner at one of our favorite
Fashion Island spots
Fig and Olive
It was delicious as always
with the same impeccable service!
But I must say
my mind was all about getting to see what new happenings
were taking place in the newest store in Newport Beach!

All of my beloved accessories 
my ball gown from Beholden
that I topped with a cold shoulder top from Target!
It provided the perfect arm coverage I appreciate these days!

The scene was set inside and out
for the evenings festivities!
Anthropologie partnered with 
the  annual Newport Beach Film Festival
with part of the proceeds of the evening being donated to the foundation.

Once checked in and through the doors …

It was truly swoon worthy
in every direction one could look!

After a stop at one of the four bars they had set up inside
we set off 
wine in hand
(oh if every Friday could be so magnificent!)
to take in each of the many bedrooms curated in
true style perfection!

Flower arrangements
were of course fresh and innovative!

As a gardner who loves to bring the outside in
I was particularly taken with their inventive take on plant selection!

Fantastic installations
that we have all come to expect from the Anthropologie brand
were bigger and better than I have ever seen!

Talk about an ultimate shopping experience
'trayed'  champagne always at the ready
especially in their incredible new shoe department!
I went home with a new pair …
 I'm still dreaming about some I left behind for my next visit!

Besides wine, exquisite decor, a live Indie band  and shoe shopping
my absolute highlight of the evening was meeting 
David McCreight - Anthropologie's CEO

It was the absolutely gorgeous 
Catherine Moellering - GMM of beauty at Anthropologie
who was kind enough to track David McCreight down for introductions.

I was talking to the very gracious Catherine for a while before I realized who she was …
what she does at Anthropologie!
She was recruited by Anthro from 
the "edgy, ultra hip" Ricky's in NYC.
A "Beauty Shop"
"that transcends trends while inspiring and emphasizing individuality"
where she was president of the company.

Before that Catherine was at the  exclusive
Tobe Trend Forecasting Agency
after graduating from Harvard.

In what seems a lifetime ago
I spent nearly two decades in retail
up to the executive buying level
(before I started my own accessory design company)
so for me meeting these two retail giants
from a company I adore
felt like meeting Retail Rock Stars to be sure!

I could have listened all night as they explained 
the new additions they are bringing to one of my favorite store brands!
The likes of store cafes
that will encourage people to stay longer than the average hour of shopping
to the likes of three.
Boy can I see how that can happen
especially if the rumor
that I read about on the Bloomberg Report
of blowout bars being added come to fruition!

Just imagine going shopping at Anthro
getting lunch with a glass of wine
a blow out and makeup
 out the door for a fabulous Friday  date night!

Sign me up for sure!!
Maybe a boutique hotel would round out the shopping experience perfectly!

I for one couldn't be happier
that Anthropologie picked 
'our neighborhood'
for their newest 
Ultimate Shopping Experience!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Baby Shower Soiree

This weekend I had the honor and privilege
of attending
a magnificent
Baby Shower Soiree!
Every element  was so artfully done.

It was a party styling masterpiece
Pinterest  worthy pinning vignettes
all the way through!

I am a big believer that any fabulous event
starts with 
a fabulous invite to set the tone!
This one captured the soiree in spades!

I also really appreciate when any invite concept
is carried through to the envelope.
Making getting an invite in  the mail
feel like a gift!

Each Soiree invite envelope
was hand water colored
then stamped!
Making for the perfect invite 
to this marvelous 
Baby Soiree!

The gorgeous Momma to be is 
Hannah Thomas.
I have watched this beauty 
grow up for the last decade
she and my girl Ellis
have been friends
since meeting at an art museum
on an  eighth grade home school field trip.

To this day 
I still remember seeing her and her Momma
for the first time
and wanting to be friends right away!
They both stood out so chic and fashionable.
I loved homeschooling
most people who we met
had not much interest in fashion
So Hannah and Christy
were literally the fashion people we had been hoping to find!
It was from this common interest
not only did 
a strong friendship grow between
Ellis and Hannah
Christy and I as well.

Watching these two grow from eighth grade girls working on projects together
to high school years filled with dances and proms
high school and college graduations
Hannah's wedding
in  just weeks
Hannah will be in Ellis's wedding
Ellis was in hers.

And in just a couple weeks after that
Hannah will give birth to her baby boy Noah.

I feel like Christy and I 
are definitely
passing on the battalion of young adult women
to these two beauties.

So besides it being a sentimental time for me …

Everything at the shower was perfection!
Hannah's husband Jarett built the low table
long enough to fit all the guests!

Seats were finished off with floor pillows
atop a  jute rug  form Ikea.

Napkins were hand dyed 
to really enhance the look and carry through the party's styling theme.

Hannah who also has a delightful  blog HERE
did this sumptuous wall hanging
which was a wonderful addition to the cake table vignette
set atop a vintage dresser!

There was cozy soft seating outside by the pool.
All addressed with coordinating pillows.

An outdoor rug from Target helped further
the feeling of luxurious outdoor rooms
While a vintage trunk made for a perfect coffee table.

Coordinating cushions  made their way all around.

Another vintage dresser 
was used to set up the drink station
which included a  white sangria!

Vintage silver and a cake trimmed with olive branches
completed this vignette perfection!

Guest were asked to wear white tops and jeans
for comfort since seating was on the floor.

I was so delighted
to see such stylish interpretations of the basics!

And yet another Pinterest worthy idea …
(This shower was truly chalk full of them!!).

This fantastic charcuterie board
lavished with deliciousness
was made out of cut  lumbar!
Just genius I say!!

The macrame hangings in the rear
were a wonderful way
to style yet another seating area.
Hannah not only made these
but they were given as prizes for the winners of the games!

The darling jars on the table 
were party favors for each guest
filled with sea salt scrub!

 Food was passed family style around the custom table.
Olive branches pulled everything together.
As the sun went down candles were lit.

Gracious and sentimental toast were made
to mark such a memorable occasion and event.

Another genius addition
the 'stemmed glass' in the lower right corner
is from Ikea
they stack!!
Talk about party perfection!!
These beauties are perfect for any drinks
the fact they stack
means they can be collected and stored in mass!

See what i mean about genius party styling done
by Hannah and Christy!
With the help of their loving family members!

This is baby Riley
Christy's first grandchild
from her oldest son and his beautiful wife.

Those beads she's chewing on
made specifically for teething babes.
How cool is that!!

As the sun set
market lights came one.

Lights with stands that were built 
specially to accommodate the low table seating.

The party ambiance
truly magical.
My only complaint
was the night seemed to fly by!
It was definitely a party I wish I could push rewind 
do it again!
The evening was that special!

It all  made for such a remarkable and memorable  night
filled with so much love.

Wishing this wonderful couple all the very best in life
as they embark 
on one of life's greatest journeys.

Thank you for letting me not only attend your soiree
but document and share it as well.

Sending you both much love.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Hello Monday … Hello Gratitude

I realize it's time for some gratitude 
here on my blog.

It seems it's so easy for me
to come off the track
of gratitude
overly focus on 
what isn't.

So today I am focusing on the beauty
that is in my life.

We had a lovely vendor walk through
at the wedding venue
come May.
Things are really pulling together for the nuptials.

A venue visit
always puts within a short walk to this magnificence!

Jeff and I enjoyed a lovely lunch here!
Located in the heart of San Clemente
I highly recommend it!

I brought my new kimono from Le Bel Age Boutique out for a spin!
I paired it with a new Free People top
wide legged linen pants
of course
a crown
for an evening in Laguna Beach.

Jeff and I tried out a new to us recommendation
The Sky Loft rooftop bar. 
Situated right across from the Laguna Hotel on Main Street
it's a new favorite of mine now!
The sunset views are amazing from this vantage point!

I am so happy with my newest purchase!
She has baskets on order
I have all kinds of beautiful new adventures planned for her along some
beach boardwalks!

In closing
I am ever so grateful for you 
my dear readers!

Wishing each one of you a bountiful and beautiful
new week
filled with Gratitude!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life