Styling a Monochromatic Outfit Base

I was so excited this week to receive my  pieces from

When I picked out the 
I couldn't wait to style them both with my
SoCal Glam touch!

 I picked the Moonstone color for my pieces
I had several styling options in mind.
This shade ended up to be perfect with so many of my grays
as well as working in so chicly with my whites!

The proportion and line of the architectural
Stella Carakaski pieces
made a bold necklace a fitting choice!

Because I have such big love for the transformative power of accessories
I love a monochromatic ensemble base
not only does it provide a perfect backdrop
to highlight accessories
monochromatic dressing always provides for a longer leaner line.

I am always on the lookout for interesting silhouettes 
with longer proportions
hit the mark perfectly!

These drop crotch pants
are the best mix of a pant and a full skirt!
Not only are they great with dressed up heels
I will be bringing them to
San Diego this week
as they hey will be perfect for walking in tennises to see the city.
While a  quick change of shoes will elevate them back to chic lunch status!

The Free Style Dress is sleeveless
so a sequined shell short cardi from Anthropologie
adds  just enough texture and coverage this winter.

I just adore these two pieces together
think a black set would be perfect for hot  SoCal summers as well!
The fabric is light weight
but can easily be layered for cooler weather.

My new anorak I got recently from Banana Republic
ends up to be a perfect way to layer for a chilly day.

This wardrobe base
can be changed up so easily
with a change to a big straw …

 slipping on Stella Carakasi's
Work It Coat
 in white.

I know these pieces are a styling dream
of so many looks
when they can even carry off one of my
Tamera Beardsley Design 
Signature Crowns!

So if you are looking to add some fresh new proportion
to your spring wardrobe
Check out
I am so happy I did!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

Citrus Party Styling

My daughter turned 24 this month
so it was the perfect time to throw a family
Birthday Party!

In the past so many of her birthdays have had a pink jumping off point.
But this year
since I have become an empty nester
I knew I wanted to style something 
new and fresh

The idea came to me one early morning
when I was in my backyard shooting an amazing sunrise.
I noticed that my espalier orange trees really needed to be harvested
realized what an amazing party decor idea the fresh oranges would be!

I was so excited to find a dwarf kumquat tree at Home Depot.
My search for one ended up to be perfectly timed
as they were out in plenty for the Lunar New Year!

I simply gave it a quick planting in my extra large champagne bowl
and filled it with my harvested oranges.

The bamboo lanterns were a recent find from Target
that I purchased for the  upcoming May wedding
realized the birthday party would be a perfect time to give them a test run.

With large hurricanes inside
they ended up casting the most remarkable shadows
through the bamboo strips.

Since we had wedding appointments on the day of the party
I chose to simply do a fantastic  visual spread
then order Chinese food for dinner.
I filled bowls on the table with nibbles from the Asian market.

Center stage on the table
a magical birthday cake!

I knew this cake was perfect for my sprinkle loving daughter
as soon as I saw it at Von's Pavillion!
The plastic chandelier candle holder from Target 
was the absolute perfect finishing touch!

I had wine, champagne, sparkling juice and champagne
set up serve yourself  style in a galvanized bucket.

As well as another bucket filled with an assortment of Ballast Point beers on the other side of the table.

I set up our kitchen bar buffet style
with wooden trays waiting for the arrival of the Chinese food
plates, napkins and utensils.

The relaxed nature of the food service
made for such a lovely flow to the party.

I rearranged and edited furniture pieces earlier in the week from the living room
to create a better flow and a more spacious feel for guests.

I carried my styling choices over to the living room as well.

Sprinkling enough similar elements
to have a visual flow of color and texture.

For the party I  wore my Beholden dress
this time topped off with a cashmere sweater 
again with my velvet flower crown.
It was a comfortable ensemble 
perfect for hostessing.

Music and a lit fireplace and candles
were the perfect finishing party touches.

I was so happy with the fresh citrus party styling
I have decided to keep it up for this week.
It makes me smile every time I see it!

It ended up to be such a wonderful  and memorable evening
celebrating with family and friends!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

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Wardrobe Workhorse

I have decided to organize my Wardrobe pictures 
on my blog
to be easier to navigate.

Since my blog is just as much online journal
as lifestyle
many times my outfits are presented amongst the story of wear.

But I have realized
 even for myself
when I can't decide what to wear
I just want some jump starting of ides
I want them organized also in a much more straight forward manner.

So in that vein
i am starting off here
with my favorite
Wardrobe Workhorse
Free People 
Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip

Not only is it a favorite of mine
but it has been a best seller for
Free People for years.
So much so
it now comes in thirteen colors.
I have three
but my favorite by far is the cream.

Wearing  it alone
is something I only do
running errands
in temperatures over 100 degrees.
I much prefer it as a  ensemble building block .

It is so light weight
it plays beautifully summer or winter.
Layered up or down.
The trapeze cut is not only flattering
but fun to wear.

Adding my Tory Burch blazer
is a perfect outfit finish.

My Stella Carakasi 
Take Note Vest
is also a perfect finish.

Wide legged Palazzo pants
made for a cool outfit
for a hot summer evening.

A structured sleeveless vest
was a perfect juxtaposition 
to the  tunic slips romantic lines.

i still have big love for faux fur vests …

And they play together perfectly!

A cozy draped sweater
is a perfect lounging choice.

Large tassel earrings and blazer
were a perfect date night choice.

Layering a wrap blouse and vest
with brocade capris and sparkly kitten heels
made for a perfect
birthday celebration outfit in San Diego.

Throwing over a wool sweatshirt
from  J Crew
bold accessories
make for a perfect errand running outfit.

For an afternoon affair 
in Laguna Beach
it was a long skirt and crown
with a sweater tied up
that made for an occasion perfect ensemble.

The white and grey version
paired perfectly with traveling basics for 
a road trip to Las Vegas.

the tunic slip make a fantastic traveling companion
not only does it so easily
build outfits
but can double as a coverup
if packing is tight.

Layered with a long zip sweatshirt and shawl
warded off the chill.

the slip tunic plays equally well alone
or with an onslaught of beloved accessories.

The brown version
was perfect with a fitted short jacket.

Giving just enough length and coverage
I like in my tops.

A blanket shawl from Target
finished the outfit perfectly.

when I travel
I always try to bring a blanket shawl.
not only is a perfect accessory to wear
it can be cozy throw when traveling.

Recently I layered the tunic slip 
with a cashmere sweater, wrap blouse and faux fur wrap.
The tennis made it all a perfect outfit for walking the city
combing through a huge flea market.

This is my favorite winter incarnation of
the fabulous  Free People

I hope you have enjoyed seeing
all the different ways this
Wardrobe Workhorse can play.

Whether it's this piece or a variant style
I believe great wardrobes 
personal style
are built best with some core wardrobe building blocks
that let you  then add 
some personal zest to the mix!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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