Thanksgiving Table Decor

It's time to style my Thanksgiving table!
My very favorite part of the preparation!

One of the many benefits of having a blog is
I can just look up my old posts 
see what I want to bring back this year
what I want to change up!

I am still loving the overall feel
of the juxtaposition of
a glamour at a farm style table!

Candles and natural  elements
will always have a place at my table!

I keep a large vintage picnic basket
filled with votives
so I can always make any space
twinkle with candle light!

I have found keeping
 a large supply of candles
on hand 
makes using them often so much more doable.
I know if I burn through the ones that are out
I always have so many more!

In the living room
I have replaced my summer succulents
with candles
for a warm glow come Thanksgiving evening.
(My succulents have been happily moved outside
to fill in some planters).

I know I want to use my Slate tiles again
for chargers.

I loved the little chalk boards and easels
I used last year for place cards  …

but I'm also loving
the rustic  torn paper place cards
from years ago.

But I am also entertaining the idea of tiny rosemary wreaths
made from the bounty in my garden right now
with some calligraphy name cards …

I have found a perfect new place to display
our turkey
who has been with Jeff and I since our 
first Thanksgiving 
way back when … in our apartment.

Now to some things I think I will add this year ...

I was smitten at Andrea of the 
use of simple olive branches and twine
with simple white linen napkins.

Last year I made the rounds to some of my favorite blogs
after Thanksgiving
 found this fabulous idea
at one of my dear friends blog
(She was actually one of the two women who inspired me to blog).
Marta of 

She had boxes and label all ready to go to take home left overs!
I am so glad I pinned this last year 
because I am so doing it the is year!
Sending home the gift of food
is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving!

I am off this afternoon to 
for some take out boxes.

Then  to Cost Plus for some
 Thanksgiving left overs labels!

I am so happy to add something new to our traditions
send guests home with some nice packaging!

I love everything about this photo from
my beautiful friend Kim

Kim has me wondering if maybe I do want to cloth 
my farm table this year.
Check out her link for some more of her stylish ideas!

I know I am going to integrate her idea of 
using pears into my Thanksgiving scheme.
Especially as she pointed out
they will integrate perfectly into 
Christmas decor!

I have been chomping at the bit to get to Christmas
while still given giving
Thanksgiving it's due!
So I couldn't be more enthused 
with any ideas that can bring the two together!

Now my friends
 it's off to put these ideas into practice!
It will be a busy one here today!

And of course …
I still have to figure out 
what I'm going to wear!

I wish all of you who celebrate 
this  day of Thanksgiving and gratitude
a most remarkable holiday!

As Always My Friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Taking The Train to La Jolla

This week I decided to have a mini getaway
 take the train down to San Diego to visit my daughter.
It was so much more fun than I even imagined.

Even though our train station is only 
ten minutes from our house
it had been years since our kids were little
 the boys were completely intrigued with trains
that I have been on one.

I myself have always loved train travel.
When I went to study International Business at NYU
I took one all across country by myself.

This time
it was a short ride down south.
I upgraded to business class
 enjoyed every minute of my travel!

The seats were large with expansive room between.
My car was so empty
it provided the perfect opportunity
to finish my makeup and accessorize
while having my coffee and being treated to  most spectacular views!


I said this on instagram as well
but if you ever find yourself in South Orange County California
I highly recommend  taking Amtraks Surfliner down to San Diego.
Sometimes the train seems like it truly just out of the surf line.
This train has double decks
so the views are from a perspective you rarely have access to!

Long washes of beaches
are broken up with beautiful beach towns 
like San Clemente.

Being November the beaches 
are pretty much empty
except various spots populated by surfers braving the cold waters.

Ellis picked me up in Solana Beach
the closest stop to our destination of 
picturesque La Jolla!

As soon as we arrived
we parked along the cliffs
and were off in search of a brunch with a view!

We were directed to La Valencia
and made our way to the top.

Little did we know at the time 
we had stumbled into the iconic
Pink Lady
which has been an iconic part of La Jolla
since 1926.

I told Ellis I always head to a gorgeous hotel
to ask the concierge for what I was looking for.
It was another beautiful hotel concierge
that actually directed us to La Valencia.

It was an amazing brunch 
with mimosas and great conversations!

I was so impressed with the property
I think I might need to go back 
for a longer stay!

We walked all the beautiful main streets of La Jolla
taking in the beautiful sights
as well as being on a quest
to find the perfect  invitations 
for the up coming engagement party!

We were wonderfully successful in the Kate Spade Store.

The time flew by
and a quick bite was had 
before it was time to catch my train once again!
But we were ever so happy with our quaint little find
with yet another perfect view!
I am always All about the View!

I am just so excited about train travel now!
I can't wait to plan my next day excursion!
It was not only so simple and easy
no security of traffic to deal with ...

The views were so incredible
the journey truly was a destination!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Prepping For The Holidays … Simply

It's holiday prep time here.
After 20 years doing Christmas  up big time here in the decorating department
with collections for every room so big 
they have to be in storage
I have decided to do  a different plan this year.

With my daughter living on her own for the first Christmas ever
this  holiday season looks a little different
as we used to spend most of her college break
doing one form of Christmas project or another every day.

But like all the seasons of life eventually do
this one  too has changed.

So I have decided to do things different here this year.

Not in a I'm sad
so I will do less  kind of change.
But really just the opposite.

I have made it my intention
to celebrate
the life I have now
which means I am free to 
make this year fabulous in a new way!

Instead of pulling out all of my massive decor this year
I have decided to do things more simply
concentrating most of my decor
on the live variety.
Trees, greens and flowers 
will be my main focus
mixed with textiles and good food and drink
with plenty of sparkly lights, candles
fires in the fireplace.

I want to simplify my Christmas this year
so I have more time to focus
on the little miracles of the season
like watching the sun climb the sky
to light up the garden.

I want to be truly present 
with friends and family this year
to take in 
the miracle and sanctity 
of being together in the moments of the season.

I want to simplify 
so I can remember
it's the tiny moments
that end up being the memory.

I want to have the soul of the season
in my heart.

This year I want to make my spaces
simply beautiful
so my true focus
can be on being present 
to spend time with family and friends in the moment.

This year I want to take things slower
to appreciate the season of giving
not filling my days up with endless to do lists.

I will edit my decor schedules
to make more room
for my people.

When people come to my home this holiday season
I want them to feel love in abundance
to feel cozy, nurtured and calm.

So I will be prepping  for the holidays here 
planting and nurturing my gardens
inside and out
always looking for the moments and the miracles
that make this season memorable.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Hello Monday … Hello Gratitude

We are having a beautiful November 
here in Southern California!
I have given up wishing for weather we don't have
instead I  am going
 to celebrate
the weather we do have
for all it's worth.

Actually I have decided to adopt this idea 
as a life motto these days!
To truly focus on the good in my life
letting go of 
how I think my life 'should' look.

After some down contemplative time
I am back 
even more invested in 
all the good and beautiful in my life.

I am grateful 
I have had time to organize and fluff 
my closets and treasured accessories.
Nothing like getting my home in order
to feel my life is in order.

I am grateful I have been able to  restock some needed 
basics in my life.
I really don't like to have to shop
so when I do
I go in with a list 
just get it done.

I much prefer using my time
creating in my studio
but there are 
some things
I just can't create :))

Hello to a grateful heart
for a beautiful weekend with my husband.
I am  excited to celebrate his big 50 tomorrow!
I am most grateful
we have been able to make it through some tough times
years past
now have a new chapter of marriage before us.

Hello to a grateful heart
for quality time spent with great friends this week!

Hello for gratitude for  a very cool C.
that showed me Starbucks has better cups tha  red!
Best latte I ever had there!

Hello for gratitude and excitement
that I get to take the train down the coast this week
to go visit my darling daughter in San Diego!
We have a work meeting scheduled
then it's off to work on plans
for her up coming engagement party next month!

Hello to gratitude for a magnificent hike in El Morro
with an old friend and new.
The best part
doing heart opening yoga at the top.
I pressed that sacred moment of gratitude
 saying yes to life 
deep in my heart.

Nothing like seeing the ocean
to be reminded of the majesty of life
here and beyond.

Wishing you all a beautiful new week
full of gratitude.

Sending  some
SoCal sunshine your way!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life