San Diego Birthday Celebrations

Last week I got to travel down to San Diego
to celebrate my gorgeous girl turning 25!

I was up before the sun to get to the train station!
It's always my favorite way to travel when by myself.
In under two hours travel
the journey is a beauty!

And timing travel for the sunrise 
is always spectacular!
This  coastal train trip
is still one of my favorite Southern California travel tips!

On my walk from the train station
to Ellis's apartment
I found some early arriving peonies!
The perfect accompaniment  to mimosas and birthday presents!

My daughter's birthday is always one of my favorites to celebrate.
Although she is definitely a full fledged successful adult now
she still possesses the sheer joyful excitement
for her birthday
that she had  since she was a little girl.

It does this momma's heart good to know
that she and I will always have the deep bond and memories
of sharing her birthday together!
Each one full of joy and gratitude!

Our San Diego travel destination for the day was
North Park.
San Diego has so many different neighborhoods
each with their own personality!

If you'd like to see more San Diego lifestyle
Ellis has her own beautiful blog
The Ell Blog!

We lunched at the quaint Urban Solace Restaurant.
Known for it's bluegrass Sunday brunch
it was a perfect birthday lunch stop!

Afterwards it was shopping!
Ellis brought me to 
And what a lovely new find it was!

A gift store specializing in treasures from Mexico
I found some terrific and stylish 
hand made chargers!

Of course we had to do pictures
outside of the fabulous Pigment store!
The pink wall was perfect for my Le  Bel Age kimono!

My beautiful girl!

Coffee and talking ensued.

Then it was back downtown by a quick Uber
where there is always something new to discover ...

Like the rooftop bar at the newest Courtyard Marriott!
I had no idea that this brand could be so upscale
offer such incredible views of 
San Diego's skyline!

My husband drove down and met us for a cocktail
Then we all met back up at 
Ellis and Elliot's chic city apartment.

It was then back to North Park
to try out another of the many great restaurants.
Our choice for the birthday dinner celebration was
The Smoking Goat!
A  'classic to modern French bistro'.

All in all
it was such a wonderful day!

A reflective train ride down.
Time alone with my daughter
celebrating her 25 years!
Then dinner as a foursome.

I am finding more and more
how much there is to love about being a parent 
of adult children.

I will be the first to admit
the transition from 
full time mother
to a true empty nester
was a challenging process for me
that took years
as each of my children left home.

But I am here today
to offer any of you
that find yourself 
in the same transition
that eventually
the view does get ever so much better!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

DIY Charm Necklace

I am back today with a 
DIY Charm Necklace 
post as I promised HERE in this week's  Wear Post.
If you're having inclement weather
like we are here in Southern California
this can be a fun weekend project!

This necklace might look involved 
but once you have the items on hand
the assembly couldn't be easier!

You can also add as many or as few charms as your heart desires!

What you will need besides a collection of charms
is a medium to wide link chain 
or even a pre made necklace.
The chain links just have to be wide enough
to get the jump rings through.

You will also need two needle nosed pliers.

If some of your charms don't have a loop for the jump rings
I often just use wire to wrap around the charm to make a loop.

This is really how easy the necklace assembly actually.

Simply open up the jump rings 
slide on the charm
then  slide both onto the chain link
then simply close the jump ring with both pliers.

If you are using a plain chain
the same technique works for adding a lobster claw and ring 
to finish off and close your necklace.

If you want to make a necklace with only one charm
I always like to add in a couple of jump rings for better charm movement
on the necklace chain.

Once you have your charms
all of your needed supplies can be easily found 
at most any craft store.
Many stores also are selling individual charms as well
if you need to finish up your collected pieces.

I also love to add in lobster claws on the larger 'charms'
so they can be easily removed 
or  placed differently on my necklaces.

There you have it my friends!
Happy Charm Necklace Making!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

January decor

I have been doing some lovely 
January organizing and fluffing
in our little house here in SoCal
 boy does it feel great to have things in their place and pretty!!

My paper whites are still going strong outside in the gardens!
Planting bulbs after Thanksgiving
is something I will definitely be doing again next year!

I have had such a huge bloom this year 
I have had plenty to use as cut flowers inside!
I have enjoyed the 100 bulbs I planted in weekly groups
for almost 8 weeks now!
Which means they were such an incredible flower value for the money!

Over the last few years I have collected
some sequin and beaded pillows for the New Year
so that  pulling all the Christmas from the house
doesn't feel so empty.
I am always excited at the prospect of a fresh new beginnings
freshening my decor is such a visual representation of the new opportunities!

My air plants from  my daughter's  wedding  last May
are still thriving
especially since I have begun misting them with distilled water each week!

We are having quite the rainy season here in Southern California
which is fabulous 
since we have been in a historic drought.
The rainy weather sure has me ever so grateful
for sun shiny mornings!

In our small home
I have learned to take advantage literally of every square inch.
We turned the stair landing into a library feature
when I was home schooling our kids.
Now it houses my books and clipboards for inspirational visuals.

For the New Year I have given each clipboard blank white paper
will be putting up my goals for each month.
As a visual person
having my goals in front of me is always a  helpful reminder!
As well as being gratifying to check off accomplishments!

In another hall downstairs by the kitchen
we have maximized storage with a baker's rack full of
some of my white dish collection
that we use every day.

I really enjoy seeing functional pieces displayed beautifully
the added function  and ease of use
just makes the whole thing more beautiful!

My biggest project last week
was bringing my room and closets back to organized calm.

I was shocked when I realized just how long
I had lived with chaos in my private areas.

It speaks volumes in self care
to respect oneself enough
to live daily in order.

I am usually pretty good with organized calm
but with the holidays
I tried to fit in too many activities
disorder privately prevailed.

Now with everything back in place, edited and organized
I am reminded just how luxurious order and calm feel.
I am really working on finding a calm balance of
accomplishment and and a life well lived.

Wishing all of you much calm and abundance in the coming year!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

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Savvy Southern Style

Styling Sequin Appliqued Jeans

As much as I love clothes and accessories
all too often lately
I seem to find myself staring at my collections
 still feel utterly lost at what to wear.

Some of this probably has to do with
a few pounds that have crept on uninvited ...
but even taking that into account
I couldn't quite put my finger on my inability 
to get fired up about getting dressed lately.

So last week I did something 
I hadn't done in way too long.
I took time off to literally
'get my house in order'
especially my closet and bedroom.

I cleaned and organized both top to bottom!

And very soon after
I could feel my dressing creativity coming back.

I don't know why it took me so long.
I know full well by now I am most creative
when my life/home are in order.
Plus it's a heck of a lot easier to style an outfit
when your not pulling pieces from the floor!

When I 
style an outfit
 start with a particular piece or an occasion.

This Saturday's outfit began with some new sequin appliqued jeans from Anthropologie

The occasion was a morning of errands
followed by a casual lunch with my husband and son.

Casual drama was my goal of the day!

And nothing brings fast and easy drama to jeans
like a fantastic kimono 
from my favorite San Diego boutique Le Bel Age!

I added in my suede mules from Seychelle
that despite the heel
are one of the most comfortable shoes I own!

A long suede bag, hat and a large collection of my vintage accessory pieces
I had an outfit that made running Saturday errands so much more fun!

I made these cuffs with suede and vintage brooches!

I have for quite a while assembled charm necklaces 
from my petite jewelry.
Being a woman of large stature
the petite pieces would simply get lost on me ...

So collecting them on chains
turns them into statement pieces!

The little frame locket above 
has a picture of my darling daughter 
who turns 25 this week!

The simplicity of a top and jeans
meant I was all open for a 
more is more 

Pulling out all my favorite brass based pieces!

A look with this  much accessorizing
calls for a simple pared down hair style.

Two low ponies wrapped in buckskin leather 
kept my hair simple.

Pulling out my vintage collections
reminded me how much I adore these memory pieces
so later this week I will be back with a 
Vintage Necklace DIY
in case you'd like to make one of your own!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life