Summer Intentions

I woke up this morning
after allowing myself
the deliciousness of sleeping in
thinking that

I need to be making my 
Summer Special.

And by special
I mean
More Magical.

The magic that I felt as a young girl.

My favorite summers ever 
were filled with slow days
tons of books
creative projects done outside
long sunset walks
followed by ice cream cones with my family.

Everyday felt exciting with possibility
of what could be.

And what was.

So much of it  was the luxury of time
the new places and ideas that came from 
the books I devoured.

Because I woke up with the idea 
Making My Summer More Magical

I allowed myself the time to
not only read 
but savor

blog today.

It wasn't just her post about 
it was all of it.

Her thought provoking writings
her tales of her daily in NYC
reminded me how much 
I use to love to 

To learn new things
just for fun.

When my kids were little
I prided myself
on making their summers special.

Always striving for that balance of 
slow days 
new outings.

I was 
with our 
Summer Days.

That is what I have lost sight of
Summer Intention.

For me it's about giving myself permission
not to push so hard 
'To Get Things Done.

Too much of
My Self Worth
comes form getting 'things' done.

But the 
are beginning to feel like 
a hamster wheel of 
mundane productivity.

My new idea of
Summer Intentions
for myself
isn't about big changes at all.

More about 
giving myself permission
to do less
appreciate  more
all the small wonders of summer.

So much of what I'm trying to say 
I am realizing 
is to simply
 Appreciate this Season.

Both literally and figuratively.

To slow down enough
to be presents
in the magical moments
that make up my life.

it's as simple as 

just letting  myself
Be Happy.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

What I Wore Where ... The Montage Hotel Laguna Beach

Recently I have been freshening my wardrobe for summer
mixing some new tops with what is already in my closet.

If you follow my

 Instagram HERE

you know that a couple weeks ago I challenged myself to

'Get Dressed Everyday For A Week'

It actually improved my quality of life so much
I have continued to do so!

I have found when I take the time
 to get dressed
in for me 
what I would call

A Real Outfit

I feel as though I am actually

Investing in 
My Day.

I am so much more willing and excited to 
go and do
new things.

Or simply enjoy my time at home.

Sunday we had a very productive day working in the yard
so going out for dinner felt like a perfect reward.

Especially since I had spent my Saturday
designing new earrings for my new top
as well as adding a little tule to give it a bit more flare and puff!

I finished the outfit with an equally wide flare pant and platforms
a scalloped edge straw hat and pink sunnies

A woven bag from Anthropologie finished off the ensemble perfectly!

I absolutely love when an outfit comes together perfectly!

And because I had a new outfit I finished

seemed the perfect place to go!

I have said many times 
on my blog here
I very often pick where we go
depending on what I want to wear!

We started dinner off with a cocktail in the view

Next we walked out to take in the
 extraordinary  ocean view.

We had dinner at the bar in

To be perfectly honest
I think the Studio a bit overpriced.

Usually my favorite there is always to sit outside on the patio
with the soft seating.

There you can get appetizers and take in the spectacular view.
We hadn't eaten inside in years
so we thought we would give it a try.

I still absolutely recommend the patio.
We hadn't been missing anything inside.

Love their decorative herb garden!

For me 
it's always about
The View!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

San Diego Getaway

Last week we headed down to San Diego 
for a 
Father's Day Getaway!

I was so excited to stay at San Diego's newest 

"The Most Exciting Hotels Opening In The U.S. In 2019" - Forbes

This hotel has been on my radar for over a year
waiting for it's grand opening this month.

The building was built in 1924
as a YMCA for the Army and Navy.

It has been restored beautifully
with a perfect balance of 
respect for it's former  use
with a huge dose of modern sophistication and hipness!

I couldn't wait to check in
check out the fabulous spaces!

My favorite by far
the outside dining spaces
for their 

Luca Restaurant!

How absolutely striking are the stripes!

The hotel was a design project of Sormeh Rienne.
She kept all of the spaces open and fresh
with big doses of a sophisticated glamour.
This velvet used perfectly constrained.

All the details are fresh and modern
down to the flower arrangements!!

I purposely wore a bright color palette 
because I knew it would play perfectly with the black and white outdoor stripes!

I even reworked one of my favorite brooch necklaces for my new dress.
I added another row of brooches 
with pieces that were my Mother's.
I just love an ensemble that comes perfectly together!

We started with a cocktail and appetizers at 

They were served in Terracotta bowls
that came with with a steaming trail os liquid nitrogen.
Talk about a dramatic presentation!
Just wish I had my phone out in time!

We had their King Suite.
The room was about 350 square feet.
It too was chicly appointed.
Though not a lavish space
I still think it's a great value for the area.

I was so drawn to this hanging closet
I am really wanting one at home.
Sormeh Rienne has so many custom designs for the spaces.
She turned what was in it's last reincarnation
a youth hostel
into a room that is now an urban oasis!

the bath rooms also got chic and luxurious makeovers!
They felt spacious and had the best natural lighting!
I just loved how my new shell designs looked on the counter!

After a quick change we were off to celebrate 
Father's Day!

We first met up with Hunter and Megan

No surprise I'm always trying to get in all the baby Lenny time in I can
when we are in San Diego!

We also wanted to help Hunter celebrate his very 
First Father's Day!

Nothing like seeing your own children
with children of their own
to warm a momma's heart!

Jeff was a very Happy Pop Pop!
His very first Pop Pop Day!

Ellis and Elliot joined the four of us for dinner at

for our family celebration of Jeff.

The restaurant has a camping theme throughout.
If your very lucky you can even dine inside one of their canvas tents!

They bring the camping theme all the way home with
so'mores table side!

Jeff and I ended our night at

which is an old school dive bar in Little Italy.
It's said to have the oldest liquor license in San Diego!
It's been open since 1933!

Jeff and I might frequent a whole lot of chic, beautiful destinations
but we still have big love for classic, old school dive bars!

We finished our trip the next day
with a walking the city day.

My fuschia attire was set off  beautifully and functionally
with my Mexican serape backpack!

Our morning destination was 

also in Little Italy.

A fabulous and new breakfast eatery!

It's been called a cross between Disneyland and Madonna Inn
I couldn't agree more about the description
other than the food was far superior 
than either.

It was our second time there
I was still just as tickled with all of the details
big and small!

Even the verbiage on the menu was entertaining!

I couldn't resist ordering the Millennial  Tears!

Talk about a clever coffee presentation!

Everywhere you look there is fun and festive detail
down to the fabulous Dickie overall!

So my two newest San Diego finds this trip
are definitely


Thank you so much for visiting today! 

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life