Resilience and Liking What I Wear

If you have been following my blog these last eight months
you know I have been dealing with a lot of things of late.
It's definitely been a challenging season of life to say the least.

And recently the word that sticks with me is 

And the importance in life
to become resilient.

What I have learned from not only surviving a marriage betrayal
but  coming out the other side
with a much more loving marriage
is that I am stronger than I thought.

My mother's death three weeks ago
has definitely been a challenge.
As well as witnessing the pain left behind in those I love.

But  I am more committed than ever before
to grow stronger
become resilient.

At my age
I have a limited time left on the planet
I want to make each day count.
I want to focus on the good and beauty in life.

I want to be able to weather life storms
with strength, grace and courage.

I am more committed than ever to not only
Self Care
Mental Health
 as well.

I am proud to say I have 
regularly see a therapist.

Life is hard.

And I want to do everything in my power
to do life as well as I possibly can.

I know for me not only is a therapist helpful
but so is working out regularly
eating healthy.

I need to start my days 
every day
with quiet reflection
Intentional Gratitude.

I choose to put my focus on all of the good in my life.

And on the days that grief comes rushing in so hard
I am taken down
I will give myself grace.
I will not be afraid to feel the hurt and loss.
I will stop and accept it as part of life.
but in that same moment
I will remind myself
I won't always feel the pain.

I will remind myself ...

I am resilient.
I am loving.
I want to live my life well.
Find beauty.
Help where I can.
Learn to be light and love.

And do you know what helps me everyday
with all of this ...

Liking what I wear.

I know everyone might not be able to relate
but being able to choose what I want to wear
is like a soothing layer of protection 
from some of the hard parts of life.

Some days
like my mother's funeral
it feels like a protective armor 
when I need it most.
So that I can stand up with a loving tribute
to the women who taught me the importance of 
Self Care.

Some days
getting dressed
is simply 
a reminder that there is beauty in life.

Other days 
it's a simple diversion.
Choosing what I wear is something
 I can actually control and impact.

On the good days
it is truly a creative outlet for me.
I can dress to express
who I am that day.

But the point is
for me

liking what I wear

is not just 

Self Care

but part of my 
Mental Heath Investment.

Life can be hard.

I want to be resilient.

And on a lighter note
speaking of the importance of

Liking what I Wear ....

How fabulous is this summer dress from
You can find it HERE

It's made of linen 
with silk gussets.
The halter top is tied with a silk scarf at the neck.
It's perfect for a summer stroll or date night.

I styled it with a full slip underneath.
I like the feeling of a swish of fullness at the bottom.
The bone bracelets are my designs 
that are in stock in my shop.

My basket is imported from Africa.
My hat is one of my favorite Frank Olive designs.
The shawl is a favorite vintage find.

So for me 
I can truly say 
a creative wardrobe

Liking what I Wear

is both 
Self Care 

an investment in my own
Mental Health.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Summer Entertaining

Last month I  did a summer birthday party for our youngest son, Hunter
who turned 22!

The inspiration piece for the party
these fabulous enamel cups from 

I wanted the decor to have a masculine vibe
the black and white color brought it home.

I have been pretty smitten with the whole
Hearth and Home Magnolia collection 
since the dishes came out.

I have been collecting little by little for a few months now.
It's crazy how updating a few daily use pieces makes my heart so happy.
Adding a little more everyday joy!

The family birthday party
was a perfect excuse to add in the black and white textiles 
form the collection.

I left my dining centerpiece made up of
air plants
quartz candles as is.

It added the perfect cool, fresh look I wanted.
and the centerpiece played perfectly with all the place setting textures.

I used the tea towels from the collection for oversized napkins.
I mixed and matched several for added interest.

For appetizers I did a beautiful cheese board.
I have been so inspired by
She does the most beautiful boards I have ever seen!
You can find her  amazing post HERE.

Whenever I entertain I like to bring in fresh garnishes from my garden.
for the bar glasses I simply pulled out a wooden tray
lined it with another of the coordinating tea towels
added lemons and rosemary
 for a fresh finish.

The birthday dinner was Italian inspired.
I hired my darling daughter and accomplished entertainer in her own right

Ellis of the Ell Blog HERE

to make 3 different types of lasagne.

These Chianti bottles were as much added decor as poured table wine.

Another of my party styling go to is using

 an over sized champagne bowl
filled with ice, lemons and rosemary

to present all of the bottled drinks.

The crostini's were another of Ellis's creations.
An easy and visual  passed appetizer.

Because we had a lot of people at Hunter's Birthday dinner
I did two cheese boards.

To accommodate  all of our guests 
I set our big farm table in the backyard as well.
For this table I used the large check tablecloth

I really loved how the two table coordinated 
but were different at the same time.

Fro the backyard
I used the blue rimmed enamel cups.

My centerpieces were sweet and simple
using vintage bottles with a single peony in each.

No birthday dinner would be complete
without a 
Birthday Cake!

This beauty is from our local Von's Pavillions

made magnificent with these amazing tapers!

I first was introduced to these amazing candles by my dear friend
Andrea of The French Basketeer HERE

I bought them at Ace hardware in Laguna Beach of all places.

This completes my 
Summer Birthday Party recap.

I hope I was able to inspire you 
to entertain in your own backyard!

Wishing my 'baby' a great year of 22!

Now it's on to finishing all of the wedding details
for his marriage to his gorgeous fiance' in just two weeks!!

You can see his  beachside proposal HERE
their engagement party HERE

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

It's truly been a rough 2 and a half weeks here.
My mother died on June 8th.
We buried her five days later.
Five days after that my dad ended up in ICU.

But the good part of that is
my dad is  now back home.
And I am ever so grateful.

My mother had a beautiful funeral
 full of friends, family and love.
I was able to speak a heartfelt tribute to her well lived life.
I will write more about that
when it is easier for me.

I am a very big believer in the power of 
Intentional Gratitude
on any given day.
But especially the really hard ones.

And I also know during life's big storms
how  very important 
it is to come up for air
reframe your life narrative
as graciously as possible.

The older I get
the more I know it up to us on a daily basis
to not only look for the good
but do it where we can.
Not only for the benefit of others
but for our own self preservation as well.

I am ever so grateful for the support of friends and family
these last  2 1/2 weeks.

Especially my darling daughter and youngest son.
They have both brought remarkable spouses into our family
who have also been tremendous support.

I am especially grateful
during this exceedingly difficult time
Jeff and I are closer
more solid than ever.
A true testament to all of the work
we have both done in rebuilding our marriage these last seven months.
If we hadn't made it such a priority
these last couple of weeks could have really undone progress.
I have been so reassured with our commitment to each other.

So many times in life
the darkest days 
can help shine beautiful light.

If we take the time for intentional gratitude.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Soft Surrounding Grand Opening

I was invited to be a VIP Media Guest for the 
here in Southern California!

So of course I was excited 
when I got to pick something to wear to the opening.

I chose this wonderful
And I was excited to style it with my own
SoCal  flair.

I added my new wide legged denim
with my favorite white shirt
for a  versatile white base

I have been working with Soft Surroundings for several years now
because they are a brand with a mission statement 
I can really get behind.

This page from Soft Surroundings PR kit is the same
Self Care Sentiment
that I am always talking about here on my blog.

Besides the company's mission statement
 I am always  also  impressed with the quality of the clothes
for the price point.
Take for example
the inside of the jacket with it's
perfectly cut accents Inside!
So when you wear the jacket open 
it has a wonderful finish.
And always a favorite of mine ... pockets!

To play up the Asian styling of the jacket
I added my antique Asian basket for my purse
as well as long Chinese tassel earrings.

finished my look.

My favorite part of wearing an all white base
without the jacket 
it's an entirely new look.
As much as I love any look I wear
I always love having a couple of versions of my outfit for a day out.

Soft Surroundings 
opened in the Mission Viejo Mall here in Southern California
bringing their total store to 65!
In a time when even long established brick and mortar stores
are closing 
Soft Surroundings
is  opening new stores like gangbusters.
I truly believe that not only do they sell quality items
but they are talking to a long forgotten demographic.
Their store opening had lines around the corner
I heard so many women say how they drove over 2 hours to be there!

Soft Surroundings has been around since 1995 beginning as catalogue shopping
so they  know their customer well

I saw one of my favorite books amongst their gift items.

Did you know Soft Surroundings does home good as well.
They believe 
like I do
that your home should be your sanctuary!

I was most excited to see their vast beauty section.
Definitely a one stop shop for middle age beauty products!
There was so much to take in and learn about!

As I have mentioned before
I turn 60 next March
so I am on the hunt for all the great products I can find
so to find so many of them under one roof makes my heart race!

They now even carry my favorite line of skin care.
I have been faithfully using
Erno Lazlo
since I was 18.
I found it at Neiman Marcus when I was researching skin care
for one of my Fashion Merchandising classes.

I still remember a gorgeous woman in her 60's
with the most amazing skin and style.
she told me she had always used Erno Lazlo.
I decided then and there
that's what I wanted.
I realize now all these years later
I am just about that woman's age.

This is one of the many products from 
 that I am interested to try.

I am determined to make this next phase of my life
My Best Life Yet!
So I am actively researching
new products and ideas
soul searching
to make sure I do just that!

I want to do this for myself
also to show those coming behind me
that getting older can come with a bounty of gifts!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

Hello Monday!
Hello gratitude!

And boy do I appreciate things settling down here
so I can spend more time focusing on the good in my life
all the simple joys along the way!

I had a delightful visit to one of my favorite home and garden stores
Roger's Gardens.

I came away with the cutest coffee cup and saucer!
I enjoy using it every morning now 
during my coffee, candles and gratitude
before the sun comes up 
morning ritual!

And talk about simple pleasures
how cute are these reading  glasses by 
I will tell you more about them and the fabulous company that makes them in another post!

I am so excited to know
now carries my favorite skincare line
Erno Lazlo!

I have been a loyal Lazlo user since I found it in Neiman Marcus 
when I was 18!
Now that' true  brand loyalty!

Speaking of Soft Surroundings
I went to one of their store openings on Friday.
I'll share more about that tomorrow!

Since I replenished my skincare
I decided to fluff up my cabinet.

I lined the whole inside with some hand made paper I got at 
Roger's Garden's.
I cut it to measure and tacked in on with a glue stick.

It was a quick under an hour project
that makes me happy every time I open my cabinet!

The last couple of months I have been working on updating 
some interior pieces
as well as my outside rooms.

I am loving so many 
at Target.
Like this bamboo chair I added to my
guest room/ closet for my brights.

I got a couple  of new pillows from the same collection.
I also took down a wall sized map
that was left over from the kid years.
Now I have a new wall to hang my accessories!

Not only do I love seeing them
it makes it so much easier to style outfits
when pieces are out in the open.

When my kids started moving out
I literally grieved for each one as the left
for quite some time.

I am now securely on the other side of that hill
definitely appreciate all of the up sides of having 
children grown and flown.

Like finally having great closet spaces
and rooms for my clothe collections.

I really believe you have to intentional with your 
daily Gratitude
focus on all the good.

My black and whites are all kept nice and tidy in the grey room.

I also have a rack in there where I can pull outfits together 
for the week.

I am ever so grateful
that it really feels 
like we are once again 
getting our life in order.

I think a little fluffing the nest
can really freshen up your spaces
add in daily joy and beauty.

I am also getting so excited for 
the upcoming wedding in July!
When my youngest son Hunter will marry the love of his life.

Lots of beautiful memories to be made!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life