'Secret Extensions' ... A Good Girlfriend Share

It was a gorgeous weekend here in SoCal!

My new jeans and tunic from Zara online
were the easy breezy pieces I have been searching for!
Grab and go pieces that can go from errands to a casual date night!
The orange wooden sandals (also from Zara)
added just the right pop of color!

Adding in some great accessories
like this cross body textile bag from Juxtoposition in Newport Beach
my cream hat from Lack of Color Australia
a handful of Tamera Beardsley Design Howlite bracelets
make for a finished look!

But it's my new hair 'Secret'
that I'm so excited to share!

My 'Good Girlfriend Share'
is that I have added  new hair extensions into my 
hair styling tool box!

And these extensions couldn't be easier to use!

I ordered them are from Secret Extensions
 they go in just as easy as a head band!

I decided to give the Secret Extensions a try
even though sitting through the annoying online ad was a bit tough
but the price was worth trying them out.

I ordered two 'double the volume'
use them as one piece.

The online ad  does do a good job of explaining how to use them.

But for me
 the big trick was to also take them to my stylist
at my last appointment.
After she finished my cutting my hair
in which I have her taper my ends so they have a bit of a natural flip
I put on my Secret Extensions
then had her cut them to my hair length with the same taper for a flip.

a thick bouncy flip that stays stylish all day!
I appreciate not only  the extra volume
but just as much that my hair stays 'styled' so much longer.

There you go my friends!
Another 'Great Girlfriend Share'
that I was so excited share with you!

Let me know if you try them out
of any other hair styling tips you'd love to share!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Spring Brunch Styling

This is a quick styling post
for me as much as anybody else.
But I hope you enjoy it and can hone some styling ideas for your next
Spring Brunch!

You see I am quite behind on my blog posts
haven't even posted my Easter brunch.
I did a few things differently this year 
I want to make sure I remember them to do next year as well!
So here are my styling notes!

One of my favorite parts of brunch styling this year
was and abundance of spring flowers!
I bought them in mass this year
especially lilacs and tulips!

Our family brunch was scheduled for 1:00 in the afternoon.

Since we had several kids staying with us
I remembered to do a lovely little breakfast in the morning.
It was  made up of fresh items from the bakery and plenty of fresh fruit.

Aren't these chocolate eggs massed in ceramics the cutest thing ever.
I was able to customize these eggs to my brunch colors
by simply editing our all of the yellow eggs.
These pale pastels are what remained!

A mimosa bar is always an easy crowd pleaser.
I try new mixed juices with a standby OJ each time.
I served the mimosas casually in juice glasses in the morning
brought out my coup glasses for the actual brunch.

While I massed flowers in basket bouquets
for the brunch farm table outside
I foraged in my yard
trimming my citrus and ivy to run down. the center.
Then I simply added citrus from the store into the impromptu garland.

Note to self 
next time I do this I will do it closer to the time we actually sit down.
I did this in the early morning
so by the time we actually sat down some leaves were already starting
to curl in the afternoon sun.

For those of you who follow my blog
you already know I have no fondness for actual cooking
but I do know where to shop for some beautiful foods!
Like this gorgeous glazed cake topped with edible flowers!

To give it more impact
I simply put it on a cake plate
set on a tray with macaroons and peeps!

Our newest tradition  we added this year was 
an adult 'egg hunt'!
Since all of my children are of drinking age
still wanted a traditional Easter egg hunt
I hid some top shelf bottles in the yards for some fun.

Finding the Saint Germain even came with a golden egg
cash prize!

It was a lovely  bit of novel fun.
So much so I hope to remember to do it again next year!

So there you have my notes for
a lovely spring brunch my friends!
Maybe there are some tips you'll want to integrate into you next brunch!

And a brunch all about spring florals
is always the right time for a floral crown!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life

10 Tips For Shopping A Flea Market In Style

 One of my favorite things to do on an early weekend morning
is going searching for treasures at flea and vintage markets

I've been doing it long enough that  I have some style and function tips that  have served me well!
I thought they would make for great
'Good Girlfriend Share'!

My best tip is to bring a rolling cart for all the treasures you find along the way.
Nothing can kill the thrill of the hunt
than having to lug purchase around when searching for  new treasures!

I found my years ago in a little shop in Beverly Hills
but I have seen several lovely versions online as well.

 My second tip is carrying 
a backpack instead of a purse.
This keeps my hands completely free while shopping
as well as keeping my money and camera safe and available.
Small purchase are also kept secure inside.

Another market shopping essential is
a sun hat.
Not only is this important for sun protection
but it cuts down on the glare while checking out the booths.

A great walking shoe is also an essential.
I found these fabulous Moroccon shoes that day!
This  shoe find absolutely made my day!!

Sunglasses, sunblock, water and hand wipes
are also things I always bring.
I keep them all in my backpack.
 I also  like to make sure I bring small bill for easy transactions.

Most times I wear a sun hat 
I also usually have a turban tucked in my bag as well.

Big sun hats can become quite obtrusive inside
 removing a hat after walking in the sun
inevitably ends with hat hair
so sliding on a turban is a perfect and quick  hair style solve!

I also always make sure to dress in layers.
Temperatures can change quite a bit after the brisk morning air.
I'm wearing my Saint James stripe under the tunic for
a little added morning warmth.

Lastly denim makes for a wonderful material for the hunt
because it doesn't show the dirt which usually is involved in some real searches.

My denim tunic is  from Urban Outfitter's last season
together with my new jeans from Zara 
make for a stylish and functional market outfit.

One of my favorite  vintage vendors in the Orange County area is always 
Home Sweet Home 1930
you can find them on Instagram HERE.
No matter the show
they  always have a set up so amazing
it always  has me wanting to take home everything!!

Just take a look at this camp inspired table setting.

Love the vintage towels as napkins
and the pendants as placeholders.
At this booth not only are there so many great pieces
but interior  styling inspiration as well!

And back to dressing
putting all my tips  together makes for a stylish and functional 
wardrobe ensemble for market shopping!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Kimono Styling ... 15 Different Looks

Kimonos are serious players this season
as they have become quite the trend.

But for me 
kimonos are always major players 
in styling my wardrobe!

Today I have gathered some of my very favorite kimono looks
to demonstrate the dramatic effect
of such an easy to wear piece.

 Kimonos can look good on everybody
as long as you keep your proportions correct to your size.

From this gorgeous antique kimono
that is as much a piece of art as it is clothing.

It's the movement in well done kimonos I adore
making simple walking feel dreamy.

I also love the ability of kimonos to take basic separates
elevate them to gorgeous ensembles.

I got this stunning kimono at
in Old Town Orange California.

Adding a ball skirt, lace blouse, tassel belt and crown
makes for a fun party look.

For summer nothing beats a sheer voile kimono
to manage the summer heat with panache.

I wear this orange one with separates
as well as  this Free People dress
 that looks like it was made especially for this kimono.

This dynamic print kimono
adds a huge  dash of color to my white separates and stripes.

My very favorite place to shop for kimonos is
in Mission Hills San Diego.
They don't have an online shop
but they do have an 
where new arrivals are often showcased
 Valerie ships all over the world.

You'd never know it from my kimono post here
that I don't do color often
but nothing adds color panache
to my mainly neutral wardrobe like a printed kimono.

Here I have worn it with the self tie belt.

Here I have simply tied it up in the front.
It takes my white flare crop jeans and an off the shoulder top
to a whole different beach walk level!

When it comes to traveling 
a fabulous kimono
can take you from brunch to a fancy dinner out
simply by changing accessories and separates.

This leopard version
was a lifesaver when I was in Los Angeles for Fashion Week.
By the last day I had gone through all of the outfits I loved
which is never a good traveling feeling for me.

On a whim
I pulled out this leopard fabulousness
that I had brought as a pool coverup
added my favorite cropped jeans, a sleeveless tunic
tied it in the front
I had an instant outfit that I loved! 
I simply finished the ensemble with accessories I had already in my suitcase!

One of my first kimonos from Le Bel Age
is this beautiful brown print
that is always a staple player in my fall/winter wardrobe.

Here it finishes off sequin jeans and a sequin T
turning wardrobe basics into an outfit!

Here I styled it with my vintage lace blouse, jeans and cowboy boots.
Proving once again the supreme styling possibilities 
of a kimono!

Here I have used it over a midi dress
with cowboy boots once again.
It was the perfect road trip outfit last winter when we 
traveled to Death Valley.

I used both the kimono and the dress again
when I challenged myself to style a truly vintage sombrero form Mexico.

For me kimonos always make for the best resort swimsuit coverup.
Adding in a dramatic hat and necklace takes the kimono to perfect poolside attire.

This same shite kimono
is a well used summer piece
from wide legged pants and top ...

to a skirt for datenight ...

to pulling together traveling separates in the desert.

For me a whisper light kimono is 
not only a great styling piece
but offers great arm coverage
in situations I rather not bare arms.

Here the same white kimono was the perfect player
with my signature shell crown
for an evening out at Laguna Beach's Art Walk.

I found this colorful kimono in LA's china town for a song.
I am always on the lookout for great kimonos wherever I travel.

And finally one of my favorite kimono looks recently.
This sheer voile kimono works perfectly with my tulle embroidered skirt.
And made for a fabulous outfit for dinner out with friends!

So there you have it my friends.
A great girlfriend share for sure.
I hope I have gotten you excited at the prospect of adding
some fabulous kimonos to your seasonal wardrobes.

Winter or summer
kimonos are always one of my very favorite styling pieces!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life