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Always Ready For A Walk On The Beach

It was a quiet weekend for me here this weekend.
My kids were both out of town
 my husband has been working 
the USGA Senior Amateur Tournament 
at his golf course.

Saturday I was lucky enough
to do another of
the French Basketeers
cooking classes!

This month Andrea showed us how to make
homemade pasta from scratch.

Which resulted in this beautiful meal!

Andrea lives in Laguna Beach
so when driving home
the beach began it's siren song for me ...

I was ready for an impromptu 
beach walk ...

on one of my favorite beaches …

because I always travel with everything I need 
for walks on the beach
so much more.

Now that my car serves mainly just me …
I keep it stocked with 
my own needs.

Baskets in the back
that came from my big Suburban
that my children grew up in
 eventually all learned to drive in …
are now replaced 
with things I keep at the ready
for my spontaneous fun and necessities!

I shopped all over to find a perfect
beach walk backpack.

I wanted a canvas with leather hardware
in a neutral color
that could carry my beach necessities down
 strong enough to bring back
all the found treasures from my beach walks.

I keep a pair of  necessary flip-flops packed inside.

With a packable canvas hat 
and sunblock 
means I am always prepared for the sun.

I had a beautiful Pendleton blanket already
that was always looking for a perfect purpose.

My hiking stick always travels with me
so hiking needs are at the ready as well.

I have recently added a new
 French Basketeer 
addition ...

which I keep filled with my reusable bags
I brought back from Italy.

Alos inside 
my favorite new discovery 
cotton produce bags!

I had been looking for a solve
for bringing home farmer's market produce
that didn't involve plastic bags
 I found it 
with these great bags that come in two sizes
they can be tossed in the washer when need be!

I also have my original feed bags
tucked in baskets
if I need a more substantial carrier
as these unzip and become the most fabulous totes!

I keep miscellaneous needs
like wipes, waters and even 
a facial wash for apres surfing or heavy duty hikes
all packed tidily in the lidded baskets

I so enjoy driving my car
when it's packed with everything I might need
in my day.

Whether I need to be set for grocery shopping at the market
have the blissful opportunity
for a walk on the beach
I'm ready!

Having a car packed
for what ever might come along
is something I learned
while raising my children …

Now my car is packed for new and different adventures
for my
'next chapter'.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Transitioning Into Fall Decor

Even though the weather is still quite warm
here in SoCal
(as in it will probably hit near a 100 degrees this week)
I have begun my transition into fall decor.

I call it fall light.
Right now it is  the simple introduction of some 
natural shades of oranges 
into my blue and white summer palette.

This is the first year I have decided to make small 
relaxed strides
in my seasonal change out
instead of taking it on all at once
 it has been a much more joyful experience.

I am always so delighted
with the simple change of accessory color.

My simple carnation arrangement
trayed with beach rocks and other treasures
has brought me so much joy
every time I walk into the living room
reminding me
that our true Autumn is around the corner.

It was our traditional Labor Day apple picking
that brought back bushels 
of styling freshness.

Not only was apple picking a most lovely way for
the family to spend the day together …

I was able to bring back
some perfect Autumn styling ingredients!

I love fall styling with apples!
It's easy and instantaneous!

For me apples speak to new school year beginnings ...

times spent with family and  friends …

cozy times cuddling inside!

First off this year
 the home grown   dahlias
on my dining table
were replaced with a large 
gorgeous basket filled to the brim with
 fresh picked apples!

Apples made their way to 
announcing this weeks family meal theme …

where tortilla soup was served in cream tureens …

For the place setting 
I simply integrated some brown wicker
into my blue and white scheme
with some  floral linens
to tie the 
transitioning fall decor together.

Apples made it onto the bar
in the most simplest of manners
by just setting them out on the bar trays!

Introducing natural elements
into my decor
is one of my very favorite
instant seasonal style tips!

Mixing apples into vignettes
is instant fall color and mood!

My courtyard is still summer thriving
so I am just introducing
some focal points of falls oranges inside.

I was just smitten with  the colors in these cone flowers
when I saw them
so I bought them right out
found the perfect home for them
by planting them in my vintage coal bucket.

I set a hanging color bowl
in my terra-cotta urn
with no planting involved!

Because I have been decorating seasonally
for So many years by now
I have learned
my very favorite short cuts.

By getting the biggest impact
from the least amount of effort
I am able to truly enjoy
bringing the changing seasons
inside my home
as a reminder

to truly celebrate and enjoy
whatever your season in life is today!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Weekend Wear … and the Side Door

Our Friday night date night 
found us at the 
Side Door 
in Corona Del Mar.

Feeling inspired for fall
over my summer wardrobe to be sure
I pulled out my black maxi and leather jacket.

Pairing them with my favorite fashion piece right now
an ankle boot!
I find this fresh boot can add an instant update to any ensemble
especially when paired with my Iris inspired
Tom Ford spectacles
 my hand woven clutch
from Oaxaca Mexico.

To finish of my ensemble perfectly
I wore my 
four strand wrapped pearl necklace
from Tamera Beardsley Design.

Oh the power of some well chosen accessories not only to complete a look
but to upgrade inexpensive wardrobe pieces!

Both my dress and jacket are from Target!
But paired with high end accessories
the whole ensemble looks upscale!

For our date night 
Jeff and I had Ellis and Elliot 
meet us at the Side Door
just off of the  Five Crowns restaurant.

The first time Jeff and I went into the Side Door
we knew we wanted to bring 
Ellis and Elliot back
because it reminded us so of 
when the four of us met up in London
 they played tour guides for us
before we all flew back to Torino
Ellis and her boyfriend were studying abroad.

Drinks were ordered all around in Friday night celebration
of our double date here in SoCal!

My favorite part …
the cheese and charcuterie station!

Its always a favorite of mine to go out and try new cheeses and pairings!

And it's simply perfect when the company is so great!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life