Desert Vibes

I am welcoming October
with a Borrego Springs photo shoot.
There is always something that speaks to my soul in the desert  out there.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Beachside Proposal

We have had some exciting family news here recently
our youngest son,  Hunter
is now engaged to his gorgeous girlfriend Megan!
They have been together nearly seven years already!

When we heard a proposal was in the works
Ellis asked her brother if we could help with the proposal set up.
We were so excited when Hunter said yes to our offer!

Ellis scouted a perfect spot in San Clemente
on the grass overlooking the beach for Hunter to pop the question!
Also perfect, a corner, around the building,  for the families to hide behind 
so we could all celebrate this life event after the private proposal!

Ellis and I even did a setup run  through in my backyard 
the week before with pictures
so that we could pop it all up in a flash!

Ellis and her husband Elliot
and their pup Aspen
drove up in the morning from San Diego
to the site at recently restored
Old Hanson Beach Club in San Clemente
to guarantee the perfect spot overlooking the ocean! 

Jeff and I arrived in the afternoon
with a car completely packed to the roof
with our styling props!

Because we had pictures and styling  decisions pre done
set up was pretty much a snap!

We wanted to create an intimate space with a modern Hawaiian  flair
since they had both returned from vacation there, with Megan's family!

We had champagne on ice
with toasting goblets for the couple!

When we heard by text Hunter was nearby 
we all went to our hiding corner.
Our wonderful photographer Lindsey
was also in place
to capture the moments forever!

In the first picture is Megan getting out of the truck.

We had gotten her there on a rouse of a big family dinner
so walking up
she thought she had arrived at a new restaurant.

In the second picture
was a perfect illustration
that you can't control everything in life.

In the time we had left to wait 
an interested gentleman became enthralled with the setup.
 It was  a few long minutes for Hunter ...
waiting for the gentleman to move on
so Hunter could do his proposal!

But it all went off wonderfully
'She said Yes!'

Afterwards it was family hugs all around!

We brought canned champagne on ice
so the family could also toast to the engagement
while our gorgeous couple had engagement photos done with the photographer!

Ellis did a tasty nibbles board so we would have appetizers
before we all went out to dinner
to celebrate
the joining of our two families!

It was the perfect way so put down life memories
of the event
celebrate such a momentous occasion!

It was all smiles for new family pictures!

The newly engaged couple!
And how perfect did Megan's new dress from Anthropologie
work out for the occasion and venue!

Big thanks to our fabulous photographer 
for capturing a life moment
with such personal warmth and artistry! 

The older I get
the more I truly appreciate 
great photos of life happenings!

We finished off the event with Mexican Wedding Cookies 
boxed up for everyone!

Wishing these two 
a life full of love and happiness!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Backyard Late Summer Savoring

I have been spending time recently
savoring our  late SoCal summer
in our backyard.

Slowing down to literally stop and smell the roses and savor nature's beauty.

My gardens are in full bloom
 this summer's garden work 
is now showing beautifully!

I have been feeling pulled in so many different directions recently
only because there are so many things I want to be doing ...

So I am feeling a need to really slow down
truly get my life in order.

Make some choices of how I really want to be filling my time.

I am happiest when my house and gardens are in order
I make gratitude for my life an intention.

How wonderful are these  doves outside my kitchen window!
A perfect reminder to slow down and take in all the little beauties to be found in a day!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life