FARMHOUSE at Roger's Gardens … and What I Wore

Last week the highly anticipated

Field to ForkRestaurant
located in Roger's Garden's
had a soft opening.

I have been anxiously awaiting this opening
like none other!
Roger's Gardens is always a an absolute favorite of mine
the opportunity to have a great meal and wine there
completely gets me excited!

I knew I wanted to wear something special.
An outfit that spoke to the grandness of the long awaited opening
still embrace a casualness
 of a  restaurant that was set inside the iconic nursery.

I chose my new Love sweater from  a lovely shop 
 Sundancer Del Mar
that we found on one of our many trips to San Diego.

I paired it with my ball dress from Beholden.
Those of you who are loyal followers of my blog
might recognize that this is the very same dress
I wore as Mother of the Bride.
Now refreshed into a ball skirt and sweater ensemble.

Platforms from Anthropologie
a straw basket for a purse
my latest shell crown finish the look.

The  Farmhouse restaurant is located on six acres
in a garden like setting.

My favorite part …
it has open air cafe style seating
as well as a well appointed bar.

As a big gardener
has always been a favorite stop of mine.

And now that they've added a most charming restaurant
it's a must stop if you find yourself in the Newport Beach area
appreciate great healthy food and lavish gardens.

Their attention to aesthetics
is always an inspiration.

Like this charming herb garden planted 
in such a charming way
that greets you upon entering.

The setting is at once both intimate and airy.

They were able to refinish and incorporate an antique gazebo
that used to be on Disneyland's Main Street
has been at Roger's since before we had kids.

Now stripped down to blend in with the new restaurant
it's the perfect place to sit with a cocktail!

At Roger's Gardens
it is their absolutely lush attention to detail
that always gets my heart racing!

And the restaurant is imbued with the same glorious
abundance of beauty
down to the fresh and imaginative floral arrangements on every table.

The grape vines were brought in perfectly ripe and gorgeous
has me missing Napa and Sonoma!

Executive Chef and  co owner
Rich Mead
does a wonderful and  innovative menu
at this field to fork restaurant.

There is a sense of peace at the Farmhouse
with it's open concept
set amidst Roger's garden.

A true lushness that seems to envelop ones soul.

Open for lunch and dinner
sunsets golden hour is definitely my favorite time to visit.

Even the restrooms are are beautifully done!
A gorgeous restroom
is always the final touch for me!

It says that every detail
has been checked off
in creating a pleasing and joyful restaurant experience 
for guests.

The Farmhouse definitely gets an A+ all around.

Both inside and out and food as well!
We love it so much we went twice on the weekend …
I can't wait to go back again!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Sunset Beach Picnics

Sunset Beach picnics
 are one of my favorite things to do this summer
here in
 Southern California.

As much as I love going out to many of the  amazing restaurants
we have here
there is just something magical about packing a picnic
heading down to the beach for sunset.

Sitting on the beach
watching the sky change colors
with a good glass of wine
is pretty much summer at it's best in my book!

To make packing up a picnic easier
I have recently been collecting pieces to make 
a stylish beach picnic a snap!

Like these gorgeous tiffins from
Mur Lifestyle

Not being one who enjoys cooking
a one stop shop at either Whole foods or Trader Joe's
some quick repackaging
I'm ready to hit the beach with a beautiful healthy  and stylish meal!

Pulling out my
a couple of wooden and canvas chairs and tables
drinks packed up
we are on our way!

A little bouquet is always  a special  finishing flourish I adore.

I have also been collecting
Weck glass containers
which work perfectly for individual salad servings.

The tiffin containers open up to great serving pieces
as well as individual portion  dishes.

For drinks
I bring my new
Corkcicle Canteen

with enamel tumblers by
Falcon Enamelware

The Corkcicle Canteen is my favorite new product!
This medium size holds and entire bottle of wine
and keeps things hot or cold for ten hours!

The many color selections are absolutely fresh!

I am adoring picnics so much these days
I reorganized my kitchen cupboard 
just so I could organize all of my new picnic supplies together!

On our picnics I'm all good with wine
while my husband prefers gin and tonics
so I have outfitted a vintage train case
just for traveling gin and tonics!

Inside I keep it stocked with the small bottle of Sapphire
Fever-T tonics
a small cutting board
two hand made ceramic tumblers.

A small vintage bottle for flowers
stainless cheese cutters for the cutting board.

I even have a vintage table cloth tucked in the bottom
keep all the glass pieces protected 
by wrapping then with coordinating cloth napkins.

This little traveling bar case
is also perfect for hotel stays on our road trips.

I always put it away fully stock
so I can pull it out in a flash for any impromptu getaways!

I hope I have inspired you to take your own sunset picnics …

whether at the beach or anywhere with a view …

they are a perfect way to get out 
 experience some fabulous natural beauty.

There is something truly soulful
about a good meal
while making  the time to just 
take in the changing light …

whether as a party of one
a romantic date
getting together with friends …

A sunset picnic 
is always a great choice!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Hello Gratitude

Hello my friends!
I'm back today talking about gratitude.

I am always in awe
when I remember to slow down
 just think about what I'm grateful for in a day
how much better my life actually is.

So this week I have spent much time focusing on being grateful
for the small things 
the big.

From simple alfresco meals in the backyard …

to simply taking the time to sit
watch the afternoon sun flicker through the trees
 paint shadows everywhere it falls.

Just taking the time to sit
watch our trees dance in the wind
the sky changes color.

I have had so much fun this week
'playing in my own backyard.

From doing little projects to fluff it daily
to making sure to take the time
to slow down
savor and enjoy it.

I am absolutely loving my summer tepee still.
I know it will only last through the summer
so it's impermanence 
makes me want to savor time in it everyday.

Up until this year 
I have always loved fall best of all
summer was something to almost 'get through'
waiting for fall.

But at my age now
I realize the importance of
savoring and enjoying every season
to the very best of my ability.

This summer I definitely have.

With a fully emptied nest
the wedding behind us
Jeff and I have set out to change up our lifestyle.
To find something fun to do nearly everyday.

Even if it's a small way to find simple joys
or a mid week champagne harbor cruise.

I have been intent on spending quality time
with our kids every two or three weeks.
I am now always on the lookout
for new and creative things to do
with our wonderful beloved adult children.

I have moved on from grieving their departure
to marveling at
what wonderful adults they all have become.

I have moved to adoring spending time with them as adults
moving happily from the parenting role.
Now they are truly some of my favorite people to hang out with.

On that note
I am ever so grateful
Jeff and I were able to go back down to San Diego last weekend
to take our kids to brunch
at a brand new spot in North Park.

I got to see Ellis's favorite store Pigment
that I will share more of at a later date.

I am very grateful to have time to finish up some mosaics
that have been on my list for oh so long!
I am taking back all of my backyard
one area at a time.

I have even returned to working in my studio
in the hopes of reopening my shop
with a fresh new collection!

One of my favorite things this week
besides my weekly kayaking 
that is always on the top of my list …

sunset beach picnics with lovely friends!
Jeff and I are lucky enough
to go to many different types of restaurants
a sunset beach picnic
is really hard to beat!

Every time we are at the beach at sunset
gratitude rushes into my heart.
Just the immense grandeur and beauty
speaks right to my soul.

This has been a beautiful week.
With a lovely balance of

My heart is full and ever so grateful
for all the big things
 each of the little things
that make up a wonderful  full life.

Intentional gratitude truly can be life transforming.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life