Beach Walk

Sharing some pictures from our
Soul Restoring 
Beach Walk 
last week.

We got up early
and had the beach mainly to ourselves.

This beach is one of my favorite 
places in the world.

I come when ever I need some reassurance.

To feel something so much larger
than I can see.

It fills my heart.

And calms my mind.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

The Benefits Getting Dressed

Hello my friends!
Thank you so much for visiting here today!

I'm doing a quick post 
about getting dressed 
during this stressful time.

 I spent most all of last week
in panic mode
glued to the news
in my workout clothes and the same sweater
day after day.

Not a good plan
on so many levels.

This week I realized not getting dressed
was actually making me feel so much worse.
Dowdy and truly out of control.

So this week I have decided to get dressed
for cocktails at home with my husband.

This little change to our day
has helped not only give daily structure
but something to look forward to at the end of the day.

I still am working out hard everyday 
mainly for my own mental health
Working out hard releases much needed endorphins
is one more thing I can actually control
during this time.

To keep myself motivated in my design studio
I challenge myself to 
design a new accessory for my chosen outfit 
of the day.

Yesterday I designed these delightful
shell post earrings
which will be eventually added to my 
New Collection
when my online store reopens.
I am on the hunt for every
silver lining I can find!

Thanks again for stopping by!
What are you doing these days
to make each day better?
I would love to know!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Making Take Out Pretty

** (It seems like the whole world
has changed since last Saturday
when we gathered to celebrate my birthday.

I swing from panic mode
I can totally do this.

One thing that hasn't changed
my love of my wonderful family
realizing how very much we are all
in this together.

So I hope this post can offer
a little pretty diversion
in unsettling times.

I think there is a calming force
in still
pursuing beauty
in daily rituals.)

It's up to each of us
to be a light for one another.

So here I offer some sweet little tips
to make your take out
a little bit more special.


My darling daughter came by with a  lovely
Take Out
Pop Up Lunch
this weekend!

It was such a WONDERFUL way to safely come together
for my birthday!

I had just freshened up my living room centerpiece
with flowers from my birthday!

Ellis brought sandwiches and sides form the delicious and local

We kept the lunch super simple and casual
by pulling out trays from my collection
just adding in plates and utensils.

Simply pulling out trays elevated the take out containers

I  brought out purple cloth napkins
to coordinate with my flowers.

Ellis also brought an assortment of canned cocktails form
You and Your's Distillery
which completed the lunch spread!

Plating items on trays
adding coordinating cloth napkins
elevated the delicious take out lunch!

How beautiful are these cans from 
You and Your's Distillery
My darling daughter is
Director of Operations and Events
for the company.

To make the
 Take Out 
Pop Up Lunch
even more special
Ellis made home made
lemon bread
that she wrapped fist in saran wrap to keep it moist
then she wrapped it in wax paper
affixed it with decorative tape! 

And talking about making my Birthday lunch special ....

Ellis invited this cutie
and her parents to lunch 
to surprise me!!

Puppies and babies ....

Thank you so much for stopping by to read.

I hope these sweet pictures
added some joy to your day.

Here's to celebrating the joy
in each day.

The moments big and small.

How are you still 
Pursuing the Pretty?
I'd love to hear.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.

Lyric at Park 12 - San Diego California

Our newest hotel find in San Diego is the brand new

But this is a new type of hotel
think a mix between
aa Airbnb and a conventional hotel.

It's a newly emerging category in 
the hospitality market

are in 11 cities in the US

The company 
is an AirBnB backed startup.

They feature'Creative Suites ... for the Creative traveller'

with almost 3 times the space of a conventional hotel room.

Jeff and I have never even stayed at an AirBnB
because I don't like the idea of staying 
other peoples personal spaces ...

But this cross over sounded intriguing
since it is definitely just
short term apartment renting
not someone's home.

Even with booking we knew we would be in for a different
for us
type of experience.

Communications start online.
Once our application was accepted
there was a number to call with our questions.

There is no front lobby or reception at 
the San Diego Lyric.

The day before our stay we were 
emailed the code to get into the building.

The building had no outside signage
so it began to feel a bit like a scavenger hunt
looking for the appropriate place to check in.
Fortunately a flip board sign 
pointed the way
to the kiosk
to enter our code.

I was definitely feeling out of my 
travel comfort zone
if indeed 
we would be able to successfully navigate
what was beginning to feel like a 
milennial maze.

Our code worked.
The door opened
and we were greeted by a lovely woman
manning a stand up desk.

She gave us what at the time began to feel
like a mind numbing amount of directions
into the parking garage, elevators
keyless entry to the room
what to do once we got into the room
to turn everything on ...

So we headed into phase two
of finding our way to our
And yes,
that is what this new type of 
are called.

in San Diego
 is located 
in brand new apartment towers.
Ours was the shorter 6 floor building in the lower right 
of this picture.

Parking was three stories under ground.
I was already missing the sweet and helpful valets 
we usually meet.

We found our parking spot
what we hoped was the correct elevator.

Our room was on the top floor of this building 
which looked out into the courtyard.

On our way up to our room
I was missing more that the valet.

I was really missing a bellman.
As a notoriously 'heavy packer'
I was beginning to realize
it would take Jeff and I
more that one trip to bring up our belongings.
Especially since there wasn't even a roll cart.

We found our room number.
Jeff used the key pad with our code.
The door opened ....
I was already preparing to be 
highly disappointed ....

But I wasn't disappointed.
Quite the contrary.

The room was large
Beautifully decorated.
Complete with 
a kitchen
bedroom and large bath
even a washer and dryer.

Our scavenger hunt 
to find our room
had payed off nicely.

Our Apart-Hotel
was graciously appointed
and fully furnished.

Right down to pour over coffee
complete with chic and stylish mugs 
for our morning coffee ritual.

The Lyric branding
was complete with instructions
a guide to the best local spots in the neighborhood.

I know the neighborhood guide was a great one
because our darling daughter lives in the neighborhood
truly knows all the cool places to go!

Once we did get up all our luggage
we settled in for a cocktail.

How lovely is their beautifully appointed bar!
Lucky for us
I knew enough to BYOB!
As there is no hotel bar or room service.

By bringing our own BYOB
we were able to take advantage of our chic and spacious surroundings.

One of the things that intrigued me about the 
Lyric brand
is their desire to bring the flavor of the city
they are located into their rooms

From local coffee
photographic artwork of the city
books about the city culture
to curated vinyl records
for the record players.

I had music going 
anytime we were in the room!
A complete experience enhancer
to be sure!

Our living room at night
with the original photographic artwork.

Love their choice of leisure reading materials!

has plenty of shared spaces
like a lovely, if small
pool area.

Indoor rooms perfect for large gatherings.

Our room even came with 
branded coffee cups
perfect for taking out for our walk.

Love the Lyric branding!

is literally across the street from
San Diego's 

is just one block away!
Walking there is always a favorite of ours!

The Lyric at Park 12
is located in 
San Diego's newly emerging 
which has been in the process of even adding
the most marvelous murals!

Knowing we had such a lovely
to come back to at night
after a day of exploring
felt like such a travel luxury!

The Casper beds, with their Frette linens
truly made for
one of the most comfortable sleeps I have had!

Look at the size of this kitchen.
Not that we used it for more than
morning coffee.
But we would have if our stay was longer.
I should have gotten a picture of their 
gorgeous dishes.

So all in all
I was pretty pleased with our 
first time stay at an
Apart Hotel.

It was a good value for the price.
I really enjoyed the chic and hip styling
extra space 
extremely comfortable bed.

The location was ideal.

We will definitely keep the 
Apart Hotel
options on our travel radar.

I hear there is a new one in 
East Village to open soon.
I think we might need to check it out!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life