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My Favorite White Off the Shoulder Top

Have you ever had a top you loved so much
you started to get worried it wouldn't last forever?

white off the shoulder top
with  the most amazing ruffle detailed sleeves
is one of 
my all time favorites
 to be sure
literally for years!

So when I found it for sale again at 
you know I made sure to get another one!

These dramatic ruffle  sleeves just make me so happy to wear!

The top can be worn on or off the shoulders as well.

If you like your dresses short
it could work as  a dress as well.

I like pairing mine with pants also.

It makes for a comfy walking tourist look
that still has a dramatic polish!

Especially when you 
add in a cute flat shoe
a straw hat and backpack!

My favorite top has  made it to the beach so many times!

This fabulous top performs wonderfully 
underneath my wrap vest from

I wore the outfit to the 
we threw for our son and his wife.
Still one of my favorite dinner's I've thrown.
You can read about it 

The best part of this outfit was
at the end of the evening I just took the vest off
changed into flats 
for a casual, kickback look.

Literally 2 outfits in one!

I love
 throwing the top over shorts
for an outfit that functions
for bike riding
still looks good for  a brunch stop!

Same goes for a beach walk!
I just love an outfit that can do double duty
from active to a lunch stop!

Well there you have it!
Why I have big love for this

off the shoulder ruffle sleeve top!
You can find it HERE

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Style Your Life ... Finding Beauty and Joy in the Everyday

Recently I have put

Finding Joy
on the top of my 
to do lists.

The last couple of years
I feel 
I have let fear take over my life.

When my husband lost his job
out of the blue
after 25 years of service ...

Then my dad died during Covid
after over 2 months of ICU ...

We found out recently
that our estranged older son got married
wanting no part of us at his wedding.

Which all sounds like a lot.
And it is.

But life has a way of throwing 
the very bad in with 
the very, very good.
We just need to learn how to navigate both
steer towards the good.

I have been making my morning 
Gratitude Lists 
for almost 2 years now.
They have helped me immensely.

Even during the darkest days
I felt the light.

Last week I started 
making lists of 
things that bring me

The kind of 
Joy that lights me up inside!

The kind of 
that makes me so 
Happy I get to be me.

That I get to 
Live this incredible Life.
What a simple and wonderful way
to refocus.
To literally find the light.

I think I really had lost 
for so long.
My mind racing in 
a fear loop 
over and over.
Making me feel that I could never 
get out from under.

Not that I haven't been happy.
I certainly have.

But true 
 coming from deep 
inside my heart
has a different lightness to it.

An effervescence!

 for me
 has a connection
to the magic in life.

Joy that our soul recognizes!
Joys that are different 
for all of us.
Joys that make us who 
we truly are.
That connect us with our
Authentic Selves.

I am writing this today
in case 
you too 
have lost track of your  joy.
Just a simple reminder
that maybe we get more of what we think of most.

For me
just starting my day 
Joy Lists
has felt 
life changing.
It has relit a spark inside
that I really wondered 
if I would ever get back.

Joy Lists
are the perfect 
stepping stone
right over to 

Joy and Gratitude
are how I am choosing 
to start my mornings.

Even if I don't do the things on the 
just writing the lists
is such a great 
reminder to my soul that ....

Joy and Beauty
matter to me.
They matter to 
my soul

The  adding 
things that bring me 
to my daily to do list
really does connects my heart
the magic
to be found in the 

As always my friends

I wish you Love and Joy
as you Style Your life

Simple Summer Decor

With summer officially here
I thought I would share my 

Simple Summer Decor

I keep my decor mainly neutral 
 because I love the 
Visual Calmness
that comes with a neutral palette.

A secondary benefit decorating with neutrals
is that it makes
Seasonal Fluffing 
so easy!!

I used to make a big production of my seasonal changes.
Over the past few years
I have gotten it down to a simpler personal formula
(excluding Christmas which is still a happy production). 

I have been
changing out my textiles and pillows
seasonally for years
I think it's one of the reasons
I have always enjoyed our small home.
With simple updates I have been able to keep my 
Decor Fresh and Interesting.

I have been loving my textured cream pillow collection 
so much recently
I decided to just drop in a bit of
blue and cream
to celebrate
Summer Season

Blue and Cream for summer
also makes for the easiest backdrop for 
The Fourth of July

Changing my flowers every couple of weeks 
also keeps things fresh and beautiful.

I have even my 
florals down to a quick formula.
I just do flowers on my living room
dining room tables.
I simply work them into my 
Candle Centerpieces
with three small ceramic vases
in the living room
one vase in the dining room.
This makes doing flowers 
not only quicker
but less expensive
because it doesn't take much to make an impact 
this way.

I get so much joy coming home to 
fresh flowers
or even just walking by them.
I see it as
.Visual Gratitude
The beauty of the flowers
remind me how grateful I am
to live in our little home
that we have had the privilege
Style and Design.

Gratitude and Beauty
always help my 
Mental Health!

For the living room
just dropping in
 three blue and cream pillows
a Turkish towel as a table runner
a blue vintage fire screen
was enough for me to say
Happy Summer!

In the 
dining room
 my centerpiece
 is  set up with a 
multitude of candles
on driftwood with an air plant
so I just change out the 
one vase of flowers.
I chose a vase with a narrow opening
so i don't have to use many flowers
changing them out is so quick and easy.

I carried the 
blue and cream decor
to the dining room table
with a gorgeous
hand woven wool rug
as a tablecloth.

Adding just one blue oil painting to my shelves
even further brings in my summer vibes.

Simply adding
 just one blue pillow
 into the textured neutral collection of pillows
carries my
 blue and beige
Summer Theme
into our media room.

In the 
a few more 
pillows and textiles
bring the 
 summer theme outside.

Same with the front terrace.
A few pops of color in a neutral scheme
 sets the tone so easily.

The same in the
starting with some 
blue floor cushions
on my rug.

I added 
a ginger jar 
to one of my large 
succulent planters

I also dropped in some 
large shells
to round out my 
Summer Decor.

I just really love how
 a simple 
monochromatic decor scheme
can adapt
 so effortlessly for
Seasonal Decor.

In the backyard I also keep things 
visually calm
with all white flower palette.


I recently converted our 
backyard fire pit
into a 
breakfast table
for the summer
since we never use this one in the summer.

I simply added a table top 
draped it with 
blue and white tablecloths.

In the summer
I also pull out my blue and white dishes
add them to my cream and white sets.
I can't tell you how much
simple pleasure and joy
simple Summer additions
bring me.
They make my everyday
so much more of 
a Celebration of the Season.

Well there you have it 
how some 
Quick and simple
 Summer Additions 
can help you 
freshen your
Summer Decor.

What ways do you celebrate 
the summer season
at your home?
I'd love to hear!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

I believe
 a good life
is made up of small beautiful moments.

I also believe the more focus 
we put on the good moments
the happier we become.

Precious moments don't need to be 
expensive or even unique
experienced on a heart level.

Today I'm doing a short little post
to remind myself
of the beautiful
life affirming moments of last week.

What better way to start a Monday
then reflecting on a week of joy.

And what better to remind ourselves
to be on the look out all the time
heartfelt moments of 
Beauty and Joy!

I'm talking as simple as early morning coziness
with a great cup of coffee
the morning light streaming in!

I am grateful always 
to do my hikes in nature
not only to take in the majestic vistas
but also
that I am fit and healthy to do so.

I have been on a journey
to love and care for my body
with such a grateful heart
for this body that has served me well over my 63 years.

I no longer look shamefully at the aging process
just the opposite
I champion my body
for all that it does for me every day!

Happiness of a sunny backyard.

The morning light 
spilling into the living room
stops me in my tracks every single time.
There is just so much beauty to be found
if we just take the time to tune into it.

Fresh flowers 
always make my heart happy.
I usually do new flowers every week
doing my arrangements on Sunday
so my Mondays start off with 
some added beauty.

One of my most favorite things
this walk
overlooking San Clemente 
on a sunny day!
My heart os so grateful 
every single time!

Walking for cocktails
is such a favorite of ours these days.
Getting in our miles
finding so much beauty along the way!

A glass of wine over the water at sunset
with Jeff
just fills my heart!

This week we grabbed
 coffee afterwards and
sat on the steps ....

 listened to a wonderful musician
it was magical!


Jeff and I have been working 
on some house projects the last four weekends
so this Saturday 
we took the morning off and went to
the Laguna Beach farmer's market
which if your'e in area 
I highly recommend!

I was beyond tickled to find 
a whole bouquet of orchids
fo just $15!
I can't tell you how much 
I got out of 
'wearing' them in my backpack!
I'm talking
what felt like
childhood glee!

Afterwards we ended up exploring neighborhoods
in Laguna Beach
while getting in our daily miles.

I just love our new lifestyle over the last year of
 walking and hiking daily!

It has added so much 
joy, beauty and connection
to our relationship
let alone the health benefits!

 oh the beauty we found!
So many amazing homes!

Jeff and I both have
big heart for 
little homes and gardens
Laguna Beach is absolutely rich 
with so many visual delights!

It felt like every time we turned the corner
there was another wonderful street
full of the most charming
homes and gardens!
Discovering Laguna Beach charm 
was a perfect way
to savor a Saturday morning!

Well that wraps up my weekly Joys!

I would love to hear about 
your joyous 
Heart Moments!

Here's to a brand new week
of finding
Joy and Beauty!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style you life