Blogher 2014

Hello my friends!

I will be gone here to Blogher 2014 for  few days

But you can follow along my trip via Instagram!

I will be back soon
to share what I've learned!

As always

 I wish you love  and joy
as you style your life!

Discovering LA's Art District

This weekend Jeff and I once again 
made our way to downtown LA
this time on another  buying trip for 
some needed jewelry supplies.

In an attempt to see new things
Jeff drove into the city a new way
that simple decision
led us to discover
LA's Art District!

I didn't even know there was one in LA!
We quickly finished our business
in the downtown jewelry market
drove right back to explore the Art District!

There is so much new building going on
in DTLA's Art District
including this mixed use  apartment complex with
a staggering 493 units
One Santa Fe
As well as a world class art galleries going in!
But it is the old train warehouses
that have this area
so infused with character. 

Much of the Art District is made up of 
redeveloped train warehouses
that used to be the LA work horses
during  an era when train transportation moved the city's goods.

This area was wine vines back in the 1890's
then citrus groves
that needed trains to take the crops across the United States.

The buildings in the background
show just how close the old epicenter of transport
is to LA's newest epicenter of commerce.

First on our exploration agenda …
Finding lunch
at the Americano.
Located in another 
redeveloped train warehouse  building
it was a pure lunching delight!

Speaking of delightful
we found the Pie Hole
which served so many versions
from savory to sweet
including their very own version of pop tarts!

I was ever so happy I brought my colorful pieces for 
my change from 
the basics I wear when sourcing supplies in downtown.

I simply change jacket and shoes from my base of white jeans
nautical stripes, Panama hat and walking flats
this time to my

red silk embroidered jacket from Chinatown 
my Kate Spade silk stripe shoes
paired perfectly with my 
fabulous basket from Madagascar
a most charming gift from
Andrea of 
The French Basketeer.
If you haven't found Andrea yet
go check out her blog
she is currently writing of her time in Beaune France!

My sun parasol
another gift from a dear friend
( Laurie I told you I would find the most perfect use for this beauty!)
fit in  this colorful area!

I have never seen as many permits for upcoming filming dates!
This site had three separate permits for the upcoming week
of national commercials being shot on this site alone!
This is one of the most filmed locations in the world
 and I can see why!
The whole neighborhood 
felt like a film lot
with artful back drops abounding
as well as chic and inventive shops!

We discovered the very chic Guerrilla Atelier
located in anther old warehouse space
with a sales staff with such fabulous personal style
they made my heart giddy!

As stylish as the area is
there are reminders everywhere
that this is still a very urban area
under redevelopment.

Wurstkuche another new concept
where they serve a bounty of hand crafted German sausages
and craft beers,
You wait in line to place your order
then have an opportunity 
to sit at large community tables
laden with mustard assortments,

We were invited into 
Lili Lakich's gallery and working studio
for one of the rare times she opens up for the public.
Lilli is a world renowned artist
whose specialty is working in neon.
Lilli is a forerunner in the neighborhood
she told us she has been in the building for over 30 years
 has seen the neighborhood evolve
over the years into what is becoming a world class destination for art
with the coming openings of even more galleries.

We found the Bourbon restaurant
where we had the utmost delight in meeting Kurt Ehrilch
who has actually been the chef for not just 
one president, but two.
He was a presidential chef for both
Nixon and Regan.

We had such an amazing day of new discoveries
all because
we were willing 
to take the road less traveled (for us)
meet the opportunity
with an open heart!

And we even got to bring home pie!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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I'm Going To Another Blogging Conference … Notes to Myself On How Not To Lose My Mind

I will be attending another blogging conference next week
so I wanted to remind myself 
how not to lose my mind while I'm there.

In an arena with not only so much new information
so many accomplished women as well
I have learned
when attending
to go in with specific intent
so as not to come out 
dazed and intimidated
"What in the world have I done with my life?"

I will
 Remember to respect my own story.

 Life is not a competition.  We all have our own paths in life 
as well as our own peaks and valleys as we travel our journey.
I  will respect how hard I have worked 
to be authentically  me in this moment.

Comparison is always a thief of joy.
I will remember to celebrate the accomplishments of others
without holding my life up to compare.

I will remember
Not to judge my own life movie
to someone else's highlight  reel.

I will not compare my insides
to someone else's outsides.

I will be open to new ways of working.

I will listen well
take notes
but not expect I can immediately
put new ideas into practice
no matter how great they sound at the time.

I will engage intently to new ideas
while still knowing
they will still need time 
to manifest and digest
before they can turn into actions.

I will remain open to the experience of the conference

this moment in time

ready to gather all the good I can find.

I will be looking for the sacred 
that can come from shared life experiences.

I will remember
when I feel nervous, scared
 just uncomfortable

to show up
be a blessing

not a bitch.

I will not in my discomfort
fall prey
to gossiping
 finding fault with others.

I intend to use my energy
only to learn
 empower myself

I will never try to build myself up
by bringing others down.

I will  remind myself
although I am at a conference to gain new knowledge
in my field
I am really here
for the human connections
especially with the friends I love
want to celebrate and support!

I will recognize
that sometimes
when I get uncomfortable
I have a tendency
to slip into
critical judgement
whether it be of myself or others.

I will at those times remind myself
I have grown past 
my first reactions
of judgement
will dig deep during those times
to go outside of myself
to find the beauty and truth
in the moment .

I will remember
the best
most sacred moments in life
aren't about me
but rather
in the true connecting with others.

The sharing of stories
the true connecting of souls.

I will not let my ego
drown out potential
sacred moments

but rather 
I will travel with the intent
of what good can I do 
in any given moment.

I will remember
to respect the alone time I do need
to recharge
in order to be able
be do the most good I can.

I will remember to pack
grace for self
so I will have plenty to share with others.

My intent for my trip
is to not only be open
to sacred moments
to actually seek them out.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

A Simple Vintage Statement Necklace DIY

I made a vintage statement necklace 
for my darling daughter for her college graduation.

I used some keepsake pieces 
that she had had since she was little.
Pieces that otherwise would never be worn again.

Ellis also prefers her jewelry
much less bold than my self
so this statement necklace was a perfect opportunity 
to try a new technique in it's creation.

I was also able  to use many vintage earrings
instead of just brooches
as I wanted the necklace to finish much simpler.

I have found vintage earrings to be even easier
and less expensive to find 
at vintage and flea markets.
This necklace is also the perfect way to make use of
single earrings
giving them a new life 
and purpose.

This simple version of my 
vintage statement  necklace
begins just the same as my larger necklace
with a beaded woven base.
This type of base to begin with is the secret to 
this much easier necklace process.

Just like last time
have all of your pieces gathered
and lay them out in 
your desired pattern.

For the earrings I simply
removed the back clips
with my wire cutters.

For the collectable pins
I also just removed the back findings.

The trick to making this necklace
so easily

all the pieces are simply 
hot glued on!

Because of the beaded base
that acts as a mesh 
the pieces adhere wonderfully!

Ellis has worn her necklace often
with no casualties!

Another trick to be sure
is to make sure there is enough glue
used so that it really attaches to the beads
pressing the piece down hard
and hold it in place for 20-30 seconds 
for the best adherence.

Because of the weave of the base
the glue doesn't even seep through
resulting in not only
a much quicker process
then wiring each piece on
but the back look clean and finished as well!

I am ever so happy 
how this 
Simple Vintage Statement Necklace 
turned out!

Not only beautiful
but full of sentiment as well!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

An Easy Breezy Picnic Look

On Friday's I really enjoy getting dressed for our date night.
but come Saturday
it's usually all about comfort and ease.

I packed my basket with drinks and a blanket
Jeff and I stopped at a little iconic
beach deli  in Corona Del Mar for sandwiches
headed to China Cove
for a sunset picnic.

I was ever so happy with this outfit.
It was  so comfortable
but still pulled together
with my trusty Birkenstock sandals
I could  even walk for miles
as well as sit comfortably at our picnic.

My sweatshirt top is from Target this spring season
as are my skirts.

And yes I do mean skirts
as I bought two in neighboring sizes
used the smaller as a slip underneath.
This gave the skirt a beautiful movement and drape.

My skirts were also from Target this spring season
so buying one as a slip
was no problem.

Finishing off the outfit
with perfect summer ease
my Montecristo Panama I bought in Napa.

Jeff and I are lucky enough to go to some really great
bars and restaurants
but our little simple picnic
on the beach
 in the harbor
watching the boats as the sky gave a show
rivaled the best of them.

I think we might just have a new 
Saturday night tradition.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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