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Summer Reflections ... What I Wore ...and More

September always has me wanting 
to take the time to
 reflect on my summer.

This year I would call mine a 
Summer of Resilience
(not that the last few seasons haven't also been)

With what feels like a myriad of uncertainty
for so many different reasons

I have held fast this summer to
some definite 
coping strategies
(doesn't life always call for coping strategies)

By far my favorite these days

Hiking in Nature.

So many of my favorite 
Summer Memories
are of the hikes
Jeff and I have taken.

Our seriousness about hiking 
came about because
I have been on a personal quest
to loose weight this year
(so far it's 40 plus pounds lost)
to age as healthy as I can!

Along the way
I realized just how much
being out in nature
calmed my soul.

Hiking in nature has become 
a soul cleanse.

A daily reset.

A reminder of all  the beauty and grace
in the world.

A way to honor 
my body, mind and soul.

Of course
I still find joy and beauty
curating fabulous looks.

What I Wear
has always been important to me
for so many different reasons ...

From simply wanting to feel good about myself 
to honoring an occasion
an experiment in creativity.

What I Wear
brings me Joy.

These days I intend yo 
squeeze all the joy I can find in life

Taking the time to truly
Savor and enjoy
it all.

Especially taking the time to 
take in nature's beauty!

is still one of my favorite pieces this season.

As I write this there is a cool breeze blowing through
reminding me it will soon be cool enough to pull 
this beauty out again!

Neutrals will forever be one of my favorite palettes 
to wear.

I have added in some clogs into my rotation
and really enjoying them with so many different looks.
They give a current vibe to any outfit
are really comfortable to wear.
Definitely a winning combination
that I will bee taking into our
mild Southern California Autumns .

Jeff and I headed down to the beach
early one summer morning
to shoot my
it ended up to be such a beautiful
summer memory.

Jeff and I have been 
even amidst the last very trying
20 months
taking our vows of 
Richer or poorer very seriously.

We will be celebrating 34 years this week
I realize now the true meaning of the marriage vows.
Marriage really does take 
commitment to all of the words
(except that dated obey, that definitely weren't in my vows!)

For those of you who have followed my blog for years
you know Jeff and I have had our struggles
(I wrote a series HERE)
So it feel really good
to know we can still thrive
 as a couple and individuals
through some really uncertain times.

I have mentioned here and on Instagram
I have been making loosing weight a priority
in my life this year.

Not to be 'thin' as much as to be
Healthy and Fit
to be able to age in the best way I can.

Along the way I realized
I wanted to 
embrace my body
love and gratitude
for all it has done for me these 62 years.

No longer on a quest for unrealistic 'perfection'
but instead
honoring my body
by feeding it healthy nutrition
taking it inside and outside for workouts.

These days when I do strenuous hikes 
I thank my strong, muscular thighs
for their
 strength and service.

No longer do I chastise them in my head
thinking they should look different
or be less.
I happily love and adore my thunder thighs
with pride.

For me
that is a huge mindset change.

I suffered with eating disorders for so many years
that even the idea of trying to loose weight
always had me fearing a return to bulimia.

 loving and appreciating my
just as it is
feels more empowering
than I can explain here today.

I have also been in my studio this summer creating new pieces.
I haven't accomplished as much as I would have liked
but I am choosing to give myself grace.
And continue on
Slow and Steady.

I was tickled to end up on
South Coast Plaza'a Instagram!

As well as
 Orange Coast Magazine!

It's been another summer of 
Big Hat Love

Always Big Accessory Love!

Exaggerated Silhouettes
for the dramatic win.

so many outfits
for getting in long city hikes
that I can still feel good about 
going in for casual lunches.

Getting my miles in
and then lunch
my favorite combination this summer!

Still loving my fabulous 
Floral Headbands
this summer.

Especially for 
Sunset Strolls

Reflecting on my summer here
has been very cathartic for me.

I think it's all too easy
for me
to give so far too much mental time
to worrying about 
what might be ...

that I loose focus
on all fo the good
that is right before me.

Taking the time for
Summer Reflections
has really helped remind me 
to step back and 
look at the bigger picture.

What are you
most Grateful for
this season?
I would love to hear!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

InterContinental San Diego

We frequent San Diego often
because our darling daughter live there with her husband
so we are pretty familiar
with some of the best hotels.

One of our favorites is 

It's located in  Downtown San Diego
with rooms with  fabulous views of the Water Front and Harbor.

This visit was just for the night
so we chose one of the smaller, affordable rooms.

I was still impressed with the floor to ceiling views
with a chaise that made it so easy to take in the panoramic sights.

Th e larger corner rooms at the 
have fantastic views of the Harbor!

One of my favorite s of the 
is their Club upgrade

It has a comfortable lounge with stellar 
harbor views

It's always stocked for a quick coffee to go
wine and beer at the ready for a sunset viewing.

The view from the Club Terrace

                                                                                       Stunning sunsets!


Morning breaking over the city.

We were in San Diego recently for 
Mother's Day!

Our dearest daughter Ellis is
Director Of Operations and Events at 

They hosted a Spring Tea for Mother's Day! 
It made for an exceptional time to be sure!

Everything was as delicious as it was beautiful!

 is California's first
Destination Distillery
always with the most inventive and stylish cocktails!

You can
 my Favorite
San Diego Hotel Stays  

Inter Continental

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

I can't believe it's May already!

the weeks seem to be slipping by me so fast

I thought I would reinstate one of my favorite posts to do

Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

Just a quick week recap

of the moments I am  

Grateful For!

I spend too much time worrying about so many things

taking the time to focus on 


really calms my mind.

I make my 

Gratitude List 

every morning.

It really helps set a tone for my day.

We got down to Huntington Beach for lunch
a beach walk.

Almost anytime on the beach
makes my heart so happy.

Here where I live in Southern California
we have so many beaches
each with their own personality and attributes.

Any time I get pictures of our sweet granddaughter 
it makes my heart swell with happiness.

Our weather is always a bit drippy here in SoCal 

because of our marine layer.

We have May Gray


June Gloom. 

I used to hate the weather

now I embrace it


have wardrobe pieces just for it!

Like this fun trench i recently added!

I have made it back in to getting my facials
I am ever so 

I am still loving my 
'Closet Room
I shared about a couple of posts back.

It's also a calm space for 
Gratitudes and Planning
every morning.

We had another beautiful beach walk

in Dana Point.

Jeff and I got our first vaccine last week
at the beautiful
Newport Beach Civic Center.

I was very grateful to have the first shot done.

Afterwards we took a walk down to the beach 
in corona Del Mar.

I was shocked that I had a reaction 
to the first vaccine.
I had heard plenty about the second shot
I was not myself for almost three days.

I am very Grateful
to have that one behind me.

I am so Grateful
to live by open spaces
and to be able to 
hike in such daily beauty.

The cacti groves are about to burst into bloom!

I have been working hard on loosing weight this year.
I have lost 30 pounds so far
it makes getting dressed so much more fun!

I am very
to be working on  a strong and beautiful body.
I have come to really appreciate the process.

That is one of the beautiful gifts of 

Learning to savor and enjoy
the process.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life