Learning To Appreciate Our SoCal Gloom

It's not always sunny here in our beautiful SoCal.
In fact the  weather in month of May has recently been coined
May Gray
which always proceeds our month of June Gloom
when the marine layer can settle in for most of the day.

For years I have gotten up on these sunless days
disappointed not to see everything bathed in  our usual sunshine.

But this year it is my intention
to learn
to see things differently.

I have decided instead of complaining about what 
I can't change
I will find ways to embrace
appreciate this weather 
as much as our beloved sunshine.

For one thing this weather offers clothing choices
I didn't even have during our unusually warm weather this winter.

For our Friday date night
I decided to play with proportions 
 layer in new ways.

I layered my taffetas dress over a crisp white shirt
topped this over some wide legged pants
heels and layers of necklaces
my new Celine sunnies!

The chilly weather provide the perfect opportunity
to wear my new jacket I bought
when I was in Berkley
at the Stella Carakasi studio.
I love the drama of the light airy fabric
mixed with boiled wool sleeves and front
fabulous pockets!

As I have gotten older
I realize we have little control over  so much of life
that I think 
more happiness comes from 
intentionally  searching for the beauty along the way.

And taking the time to truly savor and enjoy it
when we do !

To help me  fully embrace our gloomy weather  even more
I splurged and purchased another of
  Catherine Robinson's 
cashmere  wraps
This time in warm pink.
It  will be the perfect accessory to highlight
my primarily grey and white wardrobe
the next couple of months.
Catherine's wraps always feel like a luxurious hug
will be a way for me to cherish the morning and evening chill here in SoCal
the next couple of months!

For me having clothes I Want to Wear
is always the best way to not only appreciate the weather
but for me
celebrate it as well!
And I know soon enough we will be back to our 
true SoCal weather !

In another attempt to perk up my wardrobe
I decided to shop for a new scent!

I have been shopping for something I loved for years now!
I had about given up 
was thinking I just must not be a perfume type of woman
until I found a
Jo Malone
scent strip 
in a recent fashion magazine
loved it.

I have walked by Jo Malone for years 
at Neiman Marcus
but the sight of all those bottles and choices
just kept me walking.
Not  knowing much about scents they
had me  too intimidated to stop by
until I found the strip of Peony Blush Suede!

Well long story short
I can't believe I have been missing this all these years!
Their idea of layering scents
to create your own
has me as a newest convert to this fabulous line!

This morning I actually woke up on this once again
drizzly morning
so excited to wear my new fragrance!
Now our June gloom  will even smell beautiful to me!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Peonies, Champagne and Laguna Beach

It was another beautiful Saturday in Laguna 
at the
 French Basketeer's
 French Food Camp.

Flowers were again done by Mary of Q Street.

This time there were lush gatherings of this seasons peonies …

as well as David Austin roses organically grown in Northern California.

Mary once again used dramatic grape vine branches mixed withinin.
Andrea's French linen oversized napkins are always such a luxurious finish to the table.

This months theme was 
with light French fare
plenty of Champagne tastings!

We were all asked to bring a bottle of our favorite to share.
I brought some delightful Sofia.

Cheeses were instantly made even more appealing
when laid out with grape leaves
such a fabulous styling tip to remember.

Andrea served one of my favorite summer salads.

Tomatoes, sliced peaches, barrata cheese
with a reduced balsamic creme drizzle
finished with basil.

It's as tasty as it is a summer beauty!

There of course was a desert bar 
this month Andrea has even tried her hand
at making macaroons!

The menu was a perfect compliment
to all of the Champagne tastings.
With so many glasses at once
it was easy to actually taste the differences in each
find new favorites!

The menu, champagne and setting
made for a magical afternoon
with some serious girl talk.

My wonderful husband came to pick me up 
for our date night in Laguna as usual.

This week though because of some great girlfriend moments
my friends came with us!

I thought the Deck in Laguna Beach
would be the perfect place
to continue our conversations!

The Deck is  always a popular destination on the weekends
as it is one of the few places you can dine outside
so close to the water!

My handsome husband was such a dear 
to entertain us all
as we filled him in on conversations.

We even ordered food reminiscent of 
the French Basketeers's menu.

I so enjoyed wearing  my outfit for the occasion.
I layered my tunic slip
with my Rachel Zoe cashmere sweater over
cream culottes from Zara
topped this  off with my very favorite antique kimono.
The finishing touches were all my designs
tassel earrings
an armful of bone and pearl bracelets
a turban.

It was a magical day in Laguna Beach from start to finish.
The kind memories are made of!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

The Carneros Inn Napa Valley ... and What I Wore

Jeff and I ended our Napa Valley stay at the renowned luxury hotel

It is set amongst the gentle rolling hills between Napa and Sonoma.

The Carneros Inn offers casual sophistication
in the famed Carneros region.

For my stay I packed pieces that I could layer  depending on the days fluctuating weather.
I wanted an outfit that would be comfortable and pulled together
no matter the temperatures.

Whenever I go to any wine country
I always remember to wear shoes that are easy to walk in
so I am  able to navigate many a gravel and even dirt paths 
when in the actual vineyards.
I only had to make a wrong shoe  choice once
to remember this tip!

I packed my cream base pieces
of brocade ankle pants from Anthropologie
my slip tunic from Free People
new platform sandals from Target.

It was adding pieces on top that kept me prepared for anything 
during our winery  visist.

always makes for a perfect traveling piece.

My shearling vest
layered wonderfully over my leather moto jacket
my macrame bag added just a touch of boho trend.

The staff at The Carneros Inn is top notch
all the way around.

We arrived early and were more than pleasantly surprised that our room
was already waiting  for us!

We checked in seated at a desk
were immediately offered our choice
of their red or white wines.

We were then driven to our room! via their golf cart shuttles!

The Carneros Inn is definitely my new favorite
for the Napa Valley.
Although it's quite pricey
choosing to stay on a Sunday night
rather than a Friday or Saturday
drops the price by over 40 percent.

All in all for me
the stunning property
like these  complimentary bikes
made it worth the price.
So much so
I am hoping to return in September for our anniversary!

The property is meticulously maintained and designed.

The hilltop pool with it's vast views took my breathe away!

Cocktails in the heated spa
were a perfect way to watch the sun settle into the hillsides.

For me the biggest surprise was our private cottage!
I had seen pictures of these online
 hadn't even realized that's what all of the room were!

This was our adorable cottage!
Complete with a porch and two white rockers!

It was the lush and stylish landscaping
that got this gardeners heart racing!

All of the cottages look out to a common grassy area
with fruit trees lining the view.

We got a basic room
which was about 400  feet of indoor space
so the room itself was tight
but the bathroom was luxuriously spaced
with heated floors.

Our bed looked out onto my very favorite part of our cottage!

A private outdoor living space!
Complete with gardens
table and chairs and …

a wooden deck with two loungers
a table
 outdoor heaters above!

Each outdoor space even comes with an outdoor shower as well!

When the sky cleared in the afternoon 
this made for a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine
take in beauty of this fabulous space!

Walking anywhere on the property is a joyful experience

with beautiful views of the rural countryside. 

The upscale general store has everything you could ever need 
to pack a memorable picnic.

There are three restaurants on the property as well.
We enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Farm.

With plenty of spaces to enjoy afterwards.

Writing this post has me dreaming of a return trip to this gorgeous luxury hotel
where you can feel like you are so far away
but wrapped in luxurious comforts of home as well
and even have an opportunity to watch the moon rise into the sky!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life