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Making my life my art

I write a lifestyle blog here
where I encourage women in their next chapters
 to embrace and celebrate themselves!

Whether it's by learning to 
Crown Ourselves
Refine Our Personal Style
Take Time For Self Care
 simply find the beauty in the everyday
This is a time to celebrate who we have become!

I am a Pro Ager in that I think every chapter in life needs to be celebrated!
As much for ourselves
as for the ones that follow behind us!
All chapters in life should be savored and enjoyed!

My blog is also part online journal
where I have written about my thoughts on parenting into an empty nest.

I have shared thoughts on my next chapters
as well as my struggles with anxiety,  an eating disorder and depression.

Because sometimes it's the hard times that can teach us 
to see more of the beauty life has to offer.

The greatest gift of blogging here
has been the connections with wonderful women.
Many who helped me along when my path felt dimly lit.
I offer my stories as a way of sharing hope to anyone 
looking for encouragement.

My Professional Background

I have been immersed in the world of design for as long as I can remember. My passion has dated back to my childhood, when I created clothing, accessories, and furniture for my dolls. The journey continued through high school, when I worked in our family’s fabric store as a clothing design instructor. In college, I pursued fashion merchandising and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from University of California Los Angeles. After finishing school, I entered the corporate world of retail, only to leave shortly thereafter to start and own my accessory design company. My fashion accessory line became my focus, which attracted attention from many movies, television, and celebrities. My pieces made debuts in Italian Moda, Women’s Wear Daily, and Elle Magazine, as well as several television series and movies. 

At the birth of my third child, I took a break from my business to dedicate time to raising a family. My attention turned to creating spaces, clothes and accessories for my children. As a personal endeavor to enrich my children’s lives with creativity and adventure, I chose to home school my three kids. The years were rich, all created to embrace the spirit of creative education. 

Great clothes and design always bring excitement to my life. In one form or another, I have pursued design my entire life. Whether it be gardening, designing my Southern California home, or going on new adventures, there is always a vein of creativity running through my passions. It is within this blog I have been able to find my way back to these what truly interests my travels to my what's next...