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San Clemente Beachcomber Inn

Two months into lockdown has me dreaming of travel.
So I thought I would share our last hotel stay.

It was in March for my birthday
in what feels ever so long ago.
It was right before everything shut down.

We decided at the last moment
to stay at a little motel on the water in
San Clemente California
The Beachcomber Inn

We had talked for years about the possibility of staying 
at the modest little motel.

It didn't have the sophisticated appearance
that so many of our hotel choices usually do.
But it's charming location
with not only a spectacular view
but it's grassy knoll location
had us finally looking past it's modest exterior.

And once we walked over to our room
after checking in at the window
boy were we 
ever so glad we decided to give

The Beachcomber Inn
 a chance.

The room interior was as modest as I was expecting.
Although I was happily surprised to see a fully functioning kitchen
even more importantly a full sized coffee maker!

The room interior soon faded away
as the full wall of window
gave way to this 
magnificent unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean!

Jeff and I have stayed at plenty of high end destinations
but  not one of them could beat this view!

We settled in and unpacked our 
Road Trip Bar
headed out to the highlight of our stay.

These two inviting blue chairs
set out 
on our very own private  porch!

Cocktail Hour at it's finest!

180 degree ocean views!
And the fact that the motel sits up on a bluff
means that the views are even more spectacular.

The view off our little porch!

The view to the right
rolling green grass and shaded huts.

The property also has several barbeques for guests to use.

Another aspect of staying at the 
Beachcomber Inn
I was really looking forward to
was the ability to walk to dinner 
at one of our 
San Clemente restaurants 
which is on the pier.

It was a sunny, but chilly day
so a sweater and straw hat was the pieces of choice.

I wore the sweater over my white maxi dress

(which I styled 4 different ways in this post
this maxi dress makes a great traveling piece!)

Putting the seater over the dress basically turns it into a white skirt!

A flat slide and my backpack
made it an easy beachy walking outfit.

Bold accessories made the outfit 
Glammed up enough for me
for a casual dinner out!

the pier is literally just down the hill from the 
little motel.
A  beautiful and picturesque stroll.

Jeff and I often eat at 
Fisherman's Restaurant 
on the San Clemente.

It's one of the best spots in Southern Orange County 
for sunset cocktails.
I wrote more about it
As well as my top ten South Orange County
Sunset Cocktail spots

Casual seating on the bar side  of
Fisherman's Restaurant
is open seating
so it's worth getting there early for an outside seat
right on the water!

Sunset over the pier is an incredible 
light show
with Mother Nature showing off her magnificence!

It was just a short stroll back to the sweet motel.

We got back to our room
in time to see the very end of a spectacular sunset!

Then we grabbed our cocktails
to sit out by their large fire pit.

We met the most interesting people.
We found out how lucky we were to get a room 
at the last minute
because the 
Beachcomber Inn 
is known to be almost always full.

We heard from several people from out of state
that they had been coming to the motel
for years with family.

After such a wonderful day
the motel room looked much more poetic and charming.

We woke up the next day to a gray coastal  drizzle 
which made for a different kind of beach beauty.

Having a coffee maker in the little kitchen
meant we could wake up and make coffee
before we got dressed 
'to go get coffee'.

Coffee First thing 
is such a travel requirement for me!

My coffee run choice for the drizzly morning.

Cutest takeout coffee just a short walk away
back to our favorite porch chairs
to savor the view!

Jeff and I were so glad we finally gave the sweet
Beachcomber Inn a chance.

I can't wait to go back!!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera - I love seeing the beach photos!- What a fun & charming little place- they are so hard to find anymore! I've got the travel bug now, a big way. If it weren't for the pandemic, I'd be in France right now....painting...and enjoying the scenery in St. Remy de Provence. We've postponed our trip for later....but who knows how long at this point. So much up in the air....and I DO want to stay safe (I'm in the age bracket now where I really care a lot about that sort of thing!!). I'm looking forward to being able to travel again -praying for an effective vaccine!! Hope the scientists are making great headway on this!! Thanks for a beautiful distraction today- keeps me hopeful and happy about all the wonderful places and people to visit in this world!! Cheers, Roxanne

    1. Roxanne thank you so much for visiting and commenting, my dear! I'm sorry to hear you had to postpone your Provence trip ... it does sound the quintessential artist trip, to be sure! But I am so impressed with how you've been able to continue with your artwork so wonderfully ... with donating to food banks and teaching online! Your continued creativity is inspirational! xox

  2. Oh Tamera, I too miss our little road trips and especially to new places. My "70th" March birthday was at the end of the month, consequently it was "lock down" time. I told my husband that since all our plans were cancelled for the special day, perhaps I should cancel my 70th and just stay 69 years old until next March. Oh well, we got dolled up here at the house, made fabulous appetizers, cocktails, and danced. Thank you for letting me know about the San Clemente Beachcomber Inn, another motel referral. I write down all the places you stay so we can also stay at them!

    1. Catherine I think staying 69 for another year ... and celebrating next year is a fine idea, to be sure!! I am so happy to hear you still got dolled up and celebrated!! Yay YOU!!

      I think you will really enjoy the sweet Beachcomber Inn with it's unparalleled views! I think it's a true hidden treasure! Big hugs to you darling! xox

  3. So glad you discovered The Beachcomber! Next time you go, please visit the little breakfast crepe spot just a few doors down the hill. You'll know it by the sidewalk tables offered with your same view. S & I lived in this area & loved it. San Clement is a peach!

    1. I will definitely look for it ... once there is a reopening! How are you and Sienna doing through all of this? How does Sienna feel about UCLA being online? Did I mention Cole attends UCLA as well. Triana and all of her kids are getting together for Cole's virtual graduation later this month. I can't believe how all of the kids are so grown up! Bigs virtual hugs to you both! xox

  4. What a gorgeous location and perfect little motel for a getaway. The sunsets are truly spectacular and the view from your unit just perfect. In March we also had a few days at the beach just before our lockdown, in a unit looking right out at the Pacific Ocean. We could have been looking across the ocean at each other at the same time :)) Your outfit is awesome, particularly love the hat and the shell bangles. xxxx

    1. It is truly a beautiful little getaway to be sure! How lovely to think we could have both been looking out at the ocean, at each other at the same time! I will think of you all the way in Australia ... on the other side of the Pacific the next time I'm at our ocean! Big hugs darling! xox

  5. Hi Tamara.... I love this post of yours. I recall lovely visits to the "old California" beach spots before the name brand hotels/coffee shops/restaurants settled in and many times, erasing the charm. After following you for several years, I have observed that you have a soul for authenticity and I am so grateful that you share your observations and experiences with us. I am also SO very grateful that your readers are not anonymous in that one can follow their image/link. Voila, I discovered Roxanne Steed and am listening to one of her tutorials as I write! Lastly, when will we be able to shop your designs? Love love love the sea shell cuff in this post. Be well! xoxo

    1. Lark thank you so much for your kind words my dear! I always so appreciate your visits! I am so happy to hear you discovered Roxanne Steed! She is such a talent and has such a passion for sharing her love of art and technique! Thank you so much for sharing!! xox