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Home Sweet Home

Like most people
Jeff and I have been spending our time recently

At Home Sweet Home

And I have never been more 
of all of the love, creativity and  hard work
we have invested in our 
modest little suburban  track  home.

I have always believed that living a beautiful life
could be done without an unlimited budget.

We have been happily making our little home and gardens
our dream home for 25 years now.

When we moved into out little home
there were no yards or hardscape what so ever.

Now our small front yard has 
3 completely separate sitting areas
as well as a raised planter for a cutting garden.

Last year we took out the grass on the left side of the driveway
created this luxurious seating area
with two cozy nest chairs
and a gas fire pit.
All of which we got from Target.

Jeff and I often start our day here with coffee
come again for sunset cocktails.

Creating this 
'Garden Room'
has given us a beautiful spot 
where we can engage with our neighbors
at a safe distance!

I enjoy and am committed to 
Living A Beautiful Life.

I believe in slowing down enough 
to take the time to appreciate the small moments.

I have been making an effort to dress for our 
cocktail hour
At Home.

I don't do it everyday
but when I do it always elevates
a simple occasion!

I believe you don't have to have a lot of space in a garden
to have a luxurious space.

Jeff created this sandstone terrace
last year
 this small space has continued to evolve
over the last year.

I began redoing our front planters
the last couple of years
taking out all of our flowering annuals
with succulent.

They actually play very nicely with our tropicals.

We start everyday at home with coffee time.

On the weekends 
we take the time to really savor the ritual.

Jeff and I have so enjoyed our front terrace 
fire pit 
we have added  a second one 
to the backyard.
  Turning it on really adds to the ambiance of the space.

This is what our backyard consisted of
25 years ago when we moved in.

We have lovingly transformed it
year by year
the outside sanctuary it is today.

It's probably my love for our backyard
that kept me loving our
'starter house'
turning it into 
'our little dream house'.

I feel like I am always working toward
bringing her to her full potential.
My little house and gardens 
 feels like family.

This picture is from the first front terrace we put in 
on the right side of the driveway.

In this picture you can see
Jeff just beginning the wall that divides
the front terrace from the private courtyard behind the wall.

I am a big believer in maximizing
every square inch of our small plot of land.

Last year we took out our remaining front grass 
and replaced it with succulents

The front terrace is another lovely spot for
cocktails and socially distanced conversations
with the neighbors who pass by.

Behind Jeff is our raised planter
that I grow my cut flowers, herbs and tomatoes.

Our clematis is thriving.

As are the roses in the back.

It's this view
that I love the best!

Our back fence is covered in 
espaliered citrus.

I am sharing these pictures of our gardens 
in the hopes of inspiring you to
add some beauty to your life.

I believe there is much beauty to be found
out to the ordinary.

Make your home
your very own sanctuary.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a magnificent job you have done on creating your garden. I love when people embrace the use of succulents which is much more suited to our So Cal climate unlike grass. Gardens should be usable spaces and give you visual pleasure every time you catch a glimpse. Personally I don't understand people in So Cal who don't seem to realise that with a bit of thought they can treat their outdoor space as additional living space.

    1. I couldn't agree more about ... treating outdoor spaces as additional living space, especially here in Southern California, where any bit of real estate comes with a price and our weather is so ideal for outdoor living! I literally walk in our neighborhood ... thinking how much I could do in different yards, by making useable rooms out of grassy areas. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting darling! xo

  2. What a joy to visit your garden spaces dear Tamera. You are both wonderful artists in your creativity, and the new front area is as beautiful as the back. I think our climate is quite similar to yours, and we need to do more with succulents. During isolation I have started a big planter with new succulents of various types. We also have found 'lockdown' much more pleasurable with a house and garden to maintain and beautify, and are taking advantage of the situation to begin growing some tomatoes, lettuce etc. Love your white roses - I want some of them too - and your gorgeous neutral and shell outfits! xxoo

    1. Always so lovely to have you visit here dearest Patricia! I see by your blog ... you have been doing so many of the same things in Brisbane ... as we have here in Southern California! I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful coastline and your brilliantly colored King parrots! Thank you darling for reading and commenting! xox

  3. HELLO T..............we are just a year a head of you doing the same!It has been a labor of LOVE as your sweater STATES!
    YOU need to put in your BLOG at the end in order to COMMENT one must use CHROME!BLOGGER NO LONGER WORKS for MOST!
    Chrome is googles THING!I uploaded it on my computer and then I copy and paste your BLOG into CHROME.......and I can comment otherwise NO CAN DO!I FEEL PEOPLE HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY AND ARENOT ABLE TOO............
    Wasn't it just yesterday we were working at SOUTH COAST PLAZA?
    TIme has FLOWN............XX

    1. Thank you for visiting darling! I always appreciate your visits. Great suggestion about adding the bit about needing to be on Chrome!!

      Your garden is always an inspiring visit! I can't believe you even have peonies!! xox

  4. Love seeing the before and after. I remember Jeff playing in the dirt for a looong time. You both worked every weekend for years together, and it's paid off wonderfully. Thank you for showing the current rendition, and it's been a joy to see your space evolve through many phases throughout the years. Of course, lovely memories have been made in each of these spaces. For your own family as well as for so many others, like me. Thank you for the continual blessing of creating beauty and creating spaces which feel like a hug. -dp

    1. Thank you darling for your gift of sweet, encouraging words! And you certainly said it correctly ... I really do try to create spaces that feel like a calm and secure hug! Wish you were still around for visits my friend! xox

  5. Oh Tamera. I have been enjoying your blog for a few years now. Watching from Georgia, through struggles and my daughters wedding too, the sadness of an empty nest, the newness of marriage in a new season. Every time I see your name in my email, I feel my heart jump to see what you are going to say. I relate to so much of it, and struggle too- to feel like "enough" with my flaws and faults. I love your blog, I wish there was more, and your yard- fantastic! Mine is a continual work in progress so love to look at yours. Just wanted to share these thoughts and thank you too. Blessings.

    1. Thank you ever so much darling for this sweet gift of words! They truly touched my heart! Congratulations on a new marriage ... what a lovely way to usher in a new season of life!

      Thank you again, for your continued support! It is very encouraging! Sending hugs from Southern California! xo

  6. What amazing gardens you and Jeff have lovingly created over time. Living beautifully is achievable for all of us regardless the size of our yards are budgets. I wish more people embraced this idea and didn’t waste precious time waiting to earn more, buy more, be more ... and create, enjoy and appreciate a beautiful life now. You always inspire. xo

    1. Juliet thank you for visiting here darling! I couldn't agree more with your sentiment of 'creating and appreciating a beautiful life now!' So wonderfully said! And boy do you know a lot about creating stunning spaces! I have loved following your creations for years! Sending you big hugs darling! xox

  7. Oh how I wish I had your talent,Tamera. We have a 1950's home in Santa Barbara that I have wanted to create a "paradise" like what you and Jeff have done. Alas, I need professional help, LOL. Through the years I've torn out magazine photos so that I can one day emulate them. Great job, congratulations to you both on your beautiful abode.

    1. Thank you ever so much dearest Catherine! How are things going in gorgeous Santa Barbara? Are things beginning to open? Sending you big hugs! xox

  8. This was such a delightful post, Tamera. I mean, your space is gorgeous and stylish but also evokes such coziness. Like a sweet little boutique hotel. And I loved reading about the process and the evolving of the space over time. I do think we get persuaded to see things through that lens of instant gratification, overnight success, etc. that we lose sight of the joy in the process of things over time. Thanks for the mental respite and the inspiration. xo B

    1. So wonderful to see you here darling! I so appreciate your visit and gift of such sweet and encouraging words! Sending you the biggest hugs!! xox

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you ever so much for reading and commenting darling! I always so love your visits from Australia! xox

  10. I adore your home and garden. My husband and I moved into a townhouse last year and are taking the courtyard garden back to "bare bones" and gradually, after living with it a while, and feeling what we want, are transforming it. The goal is to create a lush, private and productive little paradise and your home and garden posts inspire me immensely. Thank you and best wishes for good health and happiness during these difficult, crazy times.

  11. Happy birthday to your Hunter! His Lenny is adorable and has a look that says she’s wise beyond her year. What a joy to have a granddaughter. Especially one who has her grandmother’s fashion sense. Gorgeous table, as always. Love the pop of yellow as well as everyone having their own personal water bottle. Such a lovely celebration in your backyard paradise. xo