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Sunset Cocktails ... The Fishermans Bar

I am back today with another installment in my
Sunset Cocktail Series
(You can find the list to the others in the series at the end of this post)

Living nearish the  beaches of Southern California
one of my favorite things always
 is going for cocktails
to take in the sunset over the ocean.

You would think with so much coastline here in South Orange County
there would be a plethora of ocean front choices
but the reality oceanfront views take some searching out.

in San Clemente
provides a wonderful ocean view experience.

The bar is actually built on the front end of the 
San Clemente Pier
so your ocean view experience is a full one. 

Seating at the
Fishermans Bar
is first come, first serve
even for the outside patio which has the most stellar views.

The Fishermans Bar 
features a daily cocktail hour
at moderate prices.
Which sounds all good
but it actually means in the summer months
getting a table outside can be more like the luck of the draw
that's after you find parking.

But there is also the Fishermans Restaurant on the opposite side of the pier
that has more of a Fine Dining experience
where you can confirm reservations.

Finding parking in San Clemente during prime summer hours can be tricky.
But we have found if we come prepared to walk a good distance
(think up to a mile)
parking can be successful.

And summer strolls through the waterfront streets
can actually be pretty wonderful and add to the beach life experience.

Even getting a seat at the bar  inside can provide views
as the sky puts on it's show over the water.

Many people think that once the sun dips down into the water
the sunset is over
but for me
that's just when the dramatic lighting begins.
Sometimes in the summer months
there can be another whole hour of magic to come!

The main draw for the Fishermans Bar for me is definitely  what's happening outside
with the painterly skies and ocean.

The interior is old school oceanfront
wine selection are just the basics
but they do have a full bar
the clam chowder can  almost be worth the drive.

Just making the Fishermans Bar  in San Clemente
a destination stop will get you outside at the beach
in time for a glorious beach walk.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Lovely place I have so many nice memories from that ocean in San Clemente been there each weekend we was living in Mission Viejo
    God miss CA all the time
    Now living in Florida with the hot weather is not
    Nice any more
    Enjoy your life

    1. Isora thank you so much for visiting dear ... and sharing your memories from beautiful San Clemente!

  2. Lovely photos and gorgeous outfit you have on. My husband and I love exploring new and fun happy hours......I'm so glad he likes "dressing up" also.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by beautiful Catherine! Stories you share of you and your husband are always so inspiring darling!! xo

  3. Glorious pictures of San Clemente, which looks like a very pretty place. Your outfit looks a treat in the sunset Tamera. Did one of the Presidents of the US live in San Clemente? I have a half memory that it is associated with someone really famous... Happy weekend dear Tamera xxox

    1. Well done Patricia! Your memory serves you well! It was President Nixon who owned the house in San Clemente! La Casa Pacifica, was known as the Western White house. A truly lovely property with panoramic views of the Pacific!

      Thank you so much for visiting dear! xo

  4. Think I've been there! The area is so beautiful. Amazing photgraphy.