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Montage Laguna Beach … Sunset Cocktails

I'm back this Friday with the 2nd installment of  my weekly summer feature
The best places in
Southern Orange County for
Sunset Cocktails!

This week I'm sharing about one of my all time favorites
The Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach.

Situated on an absolutely pristine piece of property in South Laguna Beach
it's one of my favorites places in Southern California
with one of the most beautiful beaches around!

The hotel was designed with the intent of capturing  a visual feeling of Laguna Beach
rather than referencing European grand hotels like several of the other
5 star hotels in the area.

Even cocktails in the hotel lobby where this photo was taken
offers a fantastic view.
But my favorite spot for sunset cocktails at the Montage
is always down at
 the Studio Restaurant.

You enter the Montage Hotel property from the top
then go steps down  or elevator to the main outdoor areas.

At this 5 star resort even the restrooms
are full luxury with orchids and linen towels in each individual stall.

Taking the steps down lead you to the signature restaurant 
The Studio.

You get to walk by their magnificent raised gardens
where they grow many of their farm to table ingredients.
Seeing their luscious gardens together with the ocean view
is always an inspiration to me!

The food at the Studio is world class
but my favorite part of the charming Studio restaurant
is always sitting outside on the couches
to watch the sunset into the Pacific.
And if your really lucky
Mother Nature can paint quite a spectacular picture!

A draw back to this fantastic spot is that it is a small space
with very limited seating
So timing is everything
as in earlier is better for a chance for  one of the two  couches.

A fire pit provides not only warmth
but amazing ambiance as well.
Limited food service is available with cocktails.
As far as pricing goes
The Montage is on the very high end
as one would expect at a 5 star resort
but the spectacular views and luxurious property
always makes it with the splurge to us.

Heaters are also lit
beautiful blankets brought out to ward off a beach chill.
Service is usually quite sublime.

As often as we've been to the Montage over the years
cocktails outside at the Studio
never disappoints.
For me it can be such a soulful spot
to witness the unending beauty of Mother Nature.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

You can find the first in my series of
SoCal Sunset Cocktails HERE


  1. WE need to get down here some time, I just love the gritty glamour of LA so much, that I never want to tear myself away!

  2. Oh my dear Tamera you always find and feature the MOST fabulous spots on the coast, my favorite coast!!
    Have a great weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Jackson Pollock Mural

  3. Just came over from the link up. We used to live in Southern Cal and we miss it. Laguna Beach is one of my faves.

  4. Simply stunning!! It looks like an amazing place. And your sunsets are spectacular!! thanks for sharing this lifestyle inspiration with us all at #stylefocus. I'm inspired to travel south!!