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The BeachComber Cafe … Sunset Cocktails Part 5

Happy Weekend my friends!
I am back this week with  the  fifth installment in my
South Orange County
Summer Sunset Cocktail Series!

This week we are going off the beaten path a bit
and I am sharing 
Laguna Beach's 
Crystal Cove.

Crystal Cove State Beach
is made up of over 2,000 acres of wild preserve
12 acres beachfront that make up the
Historic District
which is a well preserved example
of a 1930's SoCal Beach Resort.

The Beachcomber  is the restaurant on this historic  property.

The Beachcomber
is  a bit of a trek to get to.
The parking  for all of the property is on the opposite side of the beach
across Pacific Coast highway.
So if you plan to walk
a good flat makes for an enjoyable evening walk.

There is always also a shuttle available
but we  choose to walk across
by way of the underground tunnel.

Two tunnels were built in the 1930's ensuring
beach access as Pacific Coast Highway 
took away all parking.
It's a beautiful walk of less than ten minutes.

To get a perfect sunset view
dinner is required.

But we usually go to the bar which has a side facing view
then just walk out to the spectacular beach
to take in the true sunset.

The Beachcomber definitely has a laid back  beach vibe
with mid prices
although the restaurant and bar might be crowded at peak times
the limited parking
always keeps the beach from feeling overrun with crowds.

 I am always shocked how much our local beaches empty out by sunset.
For me spectacular sunsets are always one of  my favorite part of the beach experience!
To see the ocean painted as the sun falls into the water
is always awe inspiring to me!
At the Beachcomber your feet will truly be sandy.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Love your windswept long hair. Very flattering!

  2. You look beautiful and your pictures are works of art. You live in a very beautiful part of the country. Peace! Cheryl

    1. Cheryl thank you for your very kind words my dear! It really is a beautiful part of the country! Happy weekend to you!

  3. Looks like a storybook evening! Just lovely!

    1. Thank you so much Pam! And big thanks for visiting my dear! xo

  4. Yes your long hair is just beautiful like this.
    If I were living in such a country instead of Switerland, I won't be depressed.
    It's so fantastic, sunset beautiful, sea..... Hotels, you and your husband so happy...
    Well, like a good book of decoration.
    I envy you!!

    1. Frances thank you for your visit and kind words. It is a beautiful place to live here. Switzerland also sounds beautiful too! I have dreamt about visiting your beautiful country! Wishing you a beautiful weekend my dear!

  5. Beautiful photos! I've always loved that stretch of beach and have had many a meal at The Beachcomber. My most special memory is watching the sunset and chowing down on some decadent desserts on my first date with my now husband. Luckily, it was January and we didn't have to wait for a table. This has been a fabulous series!

    1. Beth you know this gorgeous spot well! Hats off to your now husband! I can't think of a more perfect place for a first date! It certainly worked for you both!!

  6. How beautiful, especially the sunset. I don't think I have ever seen the sun set over a beach - we live on the East coast, so sunrise is what we see. Love your beachy outfit, perfect for beach cocktails.

    1. Patricia I have only seen a few sunrises over the ocean! But when I do they are ever so memorable! Thank you for your visit and kind words my dear! xo

  7. you look amazing! oh how I miss SoCal! thanks for my little taste of home.


  8. Missing the Laguna Beaches and my friends (including you) so much and have loved this series Tamera!!
    Memories and great experiences, the best!!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. Hello Tamera - Beautiful photos! You are so fortunate to live so close to the ocean! Love your outfit. Can you tell me about the top you are wearing? It looks great over your maxi dress. I am so self conscious of wearing sleeveless dresses and tops. Thank you!

    1. Hello Anne Marie! My apologies for not answering your question my dear! I just saw this! My top is from Anthropologie … it's wonderfully versatile … in that it ties in the front! Thanks for asking!