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Palm Springs and Finding New 4th of July Traditions

I am back home today 
reflecting on a marvelous 4th of July
that was all about finding new holiday traditions 
for Jeff and I!

Sometimes, lately
holidays come in packing such an emotional punch
this hit usually happens when I am expecting it the least.

I thought I was doing pretty well about the 4th  with my kids grown and on their own
at least until the Wednesday before the 4th
when dear friends starting posting pictures on Facebook
of this holiday past
it hit me.

All those years ago
I would never, ever thought it would be like this today.
To have my sweet little boy continuing to estrange himself from the family.
Seeing all the pictures of him little
 such a love
cut my heart.

Which always opens it up 
to feel the loss of my other two 
growing up with full lives of their own
especially on the 4th.

It's a funny thing about parenting
even in the cases
where things turn out just the way you were hoping with your kids
you can still feel a loss.

I have been letting go
holding on long enough now
to realize I can let the sorrow in
but just for a bit to acknowledge it  ….

and  then
it's up to me to refocus
fill my heart with gratitude for what is
completely invest in some new holiday traditions!

That's just what Jeff and I did!
We headed out on a road trip to the Palm Springs desert!

How I love a road trip
even short ones.
The getting out on the road and finding all different kinds of beauty.
It can be like seeing with new eyes
both on the road and then again back at home.

It was such a lovely drive
we took the time to stop and see  sights all along the way.

Out to the beautiful Palm Springs!
It's just an hour an a half from our house
but it feels a world away!

Lucky for me
the shopping on El Paseo is good
because it wasn't more than an hour into our road trip
that I realized I forgot all of my makeup
except on red lipstick.
I was so happy to hear Saks was open!
Not willing to reinvest in everything
I soon realized a great foundation with lips
are my must haves, especially in the summer
when it's sunglasses for the most part.
I just let go of caring about the rest!

Our Palm Springs destination was the brand new reopening of 
The hotel is  intent on bringing back the
 Glamour of Hollywood's Golden Age
I for one couldn't wait to play along!!

I will share more about this fantastic property
another time
but this is the charming view from our room
I couldn't wait to get in and change
 hit the pool with cocktails!

Here's a great big cheer for new holiday traditions!!
A stunning hotel with mellow fellow guests
cocktailing at the pool was the perfect for us place to be this year!

As the sun began to set
I knew just where I wanted to go
for the evenings fireworks …

The very top of that distant mountain!

Palm Springs is known for it's arial tram to the top of San Jacinto.
I have always been enthralled with the concept
because I love a great view like non other …
I always knew it was out of my bravery level …
that was until this year.

My driving quest to make new fabulous memories with my husband
had me certain
that being at the top of the mountain this July 4th 
was just where  we needed to be.

We had driven by in the afternoon
and checked out the process
so I could break it down in my head
so I could make it up the top.

Our pre researching the endeavor worked for me.
Especially finding out it was only a ten minute ride up the mountain in the tram that can hold about 50 people and in the summer comes about every 15 minutes.

The views were  as spectacular as I had hoped!

Once up the whole valley was laid out before us!

I was so happy and proud of us for taking the plunge into stretching our comfort zones
for such a magnificent adventure!

On the top we had cocktails as the sunset
then had dinner as we waited for the sun to set
the fireworks to go off.

Marvelous new memories were definitely made
I will be happy to make this a new tradition to be sure!

We ended our 4th of July at Melvyn's
One of our favorite Palm Spring iconic spots
with a long history of being a spot frequented by the Rat Pack
in the days gone by.

With live music and a dance floor
you can imagine the glamour of the days!

Going back to our fantastic hotel …
made for a simply perfect ending to the day!
My goal of making new 4th memories was a complete success!

The next morning had us back in the car
driving off the beaten paths
for as much as I get huge enjoyment form a swanky locale
I also have much appreciation for true rustic and natural.

Which makes a trip to Palm Springs all the more!
Less than an hour out in so many different directions
will have you in some mighty unique spots.
Like Pioneer Town
which was built by Roy Roger's to accommodate the film industries.
If you make it out that way
Pappy and Harriet's Palace
is a must stop for a local watering hole with fantastic food to boot!

Our little road trip 
ended up being just what the doctor ordered.
I came back renewed and invigorated.

For me it's fine to step back into a past that no longer exists
as long as it's only once in a while.

For me
it's important to be able to go back 
just long enough to remember
the past has some great moments
but it wasn't perfect.

Raising three children 4 and under
had some huge challenges
as raising littles always does.

I want to remember the good times
remember to respect fact it was hard as well.

Looking forward …
Maybe the best is yet to come …

I think so very much of life
is deciding how to see it.

I want to see life through eyes full of gratitude
 for the beauty that can be found
especially when we go out intentionally looking for it.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Oh my, what gorgeous views - especially from the top of the mountain. It has been years since we've been in Palm Springs, and your photos make me want to go back. Kudos to you for taking responsibility for your feelings and looking just fabulous as you celebrate life!

    1. Thank my dear for your comment! Yes, I love your term, "taking responsibility for your feelings". That is exactly what I am trying to do … and your words make it so much more clear!

      Palm Springs is such a fabulous destination, I hope you make it back soon!

  2. We love Palm Springs and haven't been in a while. Isn't that tram ride spectacular? I'm so glad you found inspiration and new traditions for the holiday!

    1. Susan, yes the tram ride is so spectacular! I am so glad I braved up … and can't wait to go again!

      Thank you darling for your visit and comment!

  3. Divine, all of it ! And yes, I'm sure "the best is yet to come" for you ! x

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting my dear! And all the Best to you!!

  4. Well, good for you. You took lemonade and made Limoncello! Great idea. Haven't been toPalm Springs in ages. Loved your trip. Great idea for a quick refreshing get way. I like your style.

    1. Why thank you dear Sandra! And yes, who doesn't like some good Limoncello!

      Palm Springs has been going through a lovely revamping this last decade. We find some new exciting design each time we venture out there!

      Thank you for your visit and sweet words!!

  5. Thank you for the new tip on "L'Horizon"....we'll have to try it out. Last year we stayed at another hotel you mentioned in your blog.....for the life of me I can't remember the name.....but from your pictures, it looks very similar to L'Horizon.

    So happy that you and Jeff are finding your new traditions...My husband and I love discovering new places near and far, also!

  6. I am so glad your road trip delivered the promise of new beginings. It is important to look back and remember the past but not with rose coloured glasses as we so often do.The finality of our grown children severing ties with the home nest is a time of both sadness and joy,a time of new experiences both for our children and ourselves. May you continue to enjoy your new times, if these stunning images are anything to go by you will achieve that and so much more. xxx

  7. Dear Tamera, The best is yet to come!! John and I used to take getaways to Palm Springs and I always loved it so much!
    Making new memories is so important and you are absolutely taking up the challenge!

    The Arts by Karena
    Stems Soiree

  8. utterly divine. I HATE forgetting my makeup!