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21st Birthday Party Styling

My oldest son turned 21last week
he let me throw him a family birthday party.

After several years away
he is making his way back into the family
so a party to celebrate with us all
was another lovely step in the process
of welcoming him home.

I pulled out my vintage tool boxes
as decor inspiration
since he very much into building and creating 
in his own garage shop these days.
Vintage suitcases were another nod
to his love of travel.

With these inspiration pieces
I pulled all of my organic influenced serving pieces
had the cake as a finishing styling piece!

I was ever so happy how the cake I designed turned out!
I had the baker make a three layer carrot cake
with cream cheese frosting spread with no detail.

I added the copper number 'sculptures' I made
finished it off with olive branch trim
with a marble cake stand.

I just love the fresh modern take
with the masculine feel I was going for!

Since Slater was turning 21
a beer tasting was definitely in order for the party!

I collected small tasting glasses for the group
even found glass caddies for them all!

I found wooden serving trays
mixed in kale to continue with the masculine styling for the party.

I had found a Beer Tasting kit at Pottery Barn
but we ended up not using it
as Ellis and Elliot had so much knowledge
about all to the different types of beer.

It worked out better
to have  the knowledge  passed much more organically as they explained
the differences throughout the tasting.

The party was in the backyard where we served
 appetizers with the beer tasting
gourmet burgers off the grill
of course finished the meal off with cake and ice-cream!

Keeping with the clean masculine party styling
I covered the table in a cotton stripe
 kept the succulent centerpieces I've had this fall.

I had originally planned and executed
new centerpieces that we more ornate
but brought back my originals
as I didn't want to fill up the table too much
wanted a nice clean backdrop for the tastings.

I hung just a bit of bunting over the buffet table
by the grill.

For the barbecue area
I covered the table with a natural colored quilt
brought our my collection of stone dishes
dark ceramics
mixing in some wooden serving pieces 
as well.

I used my white stoneware plates
mixed with my recent find of vintage napkins.

 I added slate and stone
to the mix as well.
The use of organics with a lack of other color
was my intent
so as the textures of the natural manly elements
would lead the styling conversation.

I set up the beers for tasting on our outside bar
placing them in a vintage tool box filled with ice,
Elliot then placed the beers in order of lightest to darkest 
for the tasting presentation.

I know my wines
but craft beers
even old school beers are new territory for me
so I asked Ellis for some recommendation to cover the bases
then I couldn't help but add in some labels I loved!

Appetizers were a breeze to do
with a trip to Costco
my new wooden serving trays from Target
finished off with some home grown rosemary.

I just love when presentations
with the proper planning 
can come together so beautifully with such ease!

We  really enjoyed learning about the different types of beer
how San Diego is presently one of the Craft Beer leaders.
Having one thing going on
gave everybody an opportunity
to share in the conversation.

We have done beer tastings before for Father's Day gatherings
I must say they really work out nicely
as it gives everyone
something to share and discuss
even learn.
Even the non beer drinkers can easily take part
as the tastings are such small pours.

After the tasting it was fun to hear which ones were who's favorite
with the remaining beer in the bottle being passed out to who enjoyed it most!

After dinner it was time for cake!
Sparklers were the perfect touch for cake celebration!

Happy Happy 21 to you Slater!!
We love you!!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. What a lovely celebration! Happy birthday, Slater! Tori turns 21 on Wednesday.
    Looks like you all had a blast.
    xoxo, A

  2. What a beautiful presentation. And it's great to see your son smiling while surrounded by family, which I know is heartwarming to all of you.

  3. Loved seeing a picture of your parents at the table.

  4. Slater!
    Love your name!
    Happy 21st!
    A beer salute from the PNW . . . "To an amazing and grand family celebration of life, love and renewal!"
    {Fantastic, Tamera!}

  5. Love, love, love every single part of this. From your party planning, to the family gathering, to your attention to every detail, but most of all the joy you must have been feeling. The photo's speak for themselves to how this party turned out and Slater looks so happy to be the reason for this celebration. My heart is so happy for you, my friend. On another note, absolutely love the wood serving pieces, just might need to head to target today.

    I TOLD you remember.
    LOVE The TOP on YOUR DAUGHTER AS WELL.........................THAT IS SO ME!
    I have a BIRTHDAY celebration on the 12th.........only mine will be 28!!HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Off to find the perfect GIFT!Whatever that may be!!!

  7. A beautiful, and very special celebration for you all, Tamera. So good to see Slater back in the embrace of family. xx

  8. :-) What a beautiful way to celebrate such a special day!
    Love your DIY 21 - one of a kind.
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

  9. You are so creative Tamera, really. I'm blown away by all the little details you thought through. And, I love that you kept it so masculine and neutral colors. My 22 son, who is also into building and creating, would have loved how you did the 21 on the cake. Bravo my dear! He is a lucky man to have you as his mom.


  10. So glad! How your heart must be singing.
    Beautifully done as always my dear.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Gosh I was weeping with joy for you Tamera, admiring the beautiful spread, and how your strength and restraint showed through the post and the celebrations.
    Best regards,
    Luciana from Edmonton, Canada.