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Road Trip To Sacramento

I'm sharing some pictures of our 
Road Trip 
up north to Sacramento last weekend.

We were able to leave early enough
to catch the sunrise
outside of Bakersfield
over the almond groves.

There is something about
 road trips 
the open road that feel like anything is possible.

We enjoy going off the beaten path
to search out hidden gems.

Though not hidden
we certainly found 
a gem of a diner in Bakersfield!

24th Street Cafe
is housed in a diner that was built in the 50's
but they serve  a fabulous updated diner menu
with a choices of mimosas
including one made with a generous pour of Chambord!
It certainly exceeded my expectations 
of cafe food in California's heartland!

Everything on the menu was absolutely top notch
Road Trip
breakfast memories were definitely made!
If you ever find yourself in Bakersfield California
I heartily recommend
the 24th Street Cafe 
for a most excellent Road Trip breakfast!

Where we live in Southern California
it is a very new suburban community
so I am always so happy to see the history
of even neon signs along the way!

It's easy to forget just how vast our state really is until 
you really get out on the road!

Driving on Highway 99
we stumbled on
 Bravo Farms
out in the middle of what felt like no where,

Who knew it was the home of the 
World Famous 7 Story Treehouse!

Obviously many people did 
because there were 3 tour bus loads of 
people from France visiting and taking
in all of Bravo Farms!

Bravo Farms had me with historic cheese factory!

Everywhere you turned 
there was something different  and unusual to see.

What little boy wouldn't be smitten 
with this Tonka truck heaven!
I know my two would have loved this find 
in their day!

We were also happy to discover 
there are quite a few wine regions
outside of Bakersfield.

We literally stumbled on some lovely
little single family wineries
off the beaten path!

We lunched in Stockton
along the river.

In an area where they have repurposed an old wharf
in charming ways.

Our trip destination  was Sacramento.
We stayed right next to the historic Tower Bridge
in Old Town.

It was just as charming as I had remembered.
It must have been almost a decade ago
we visited when we were homeschooling
 studying California History!

It made for a fabulous field trip back then ...

and a lovely place to catch up now.

As the impetus of our Sacramento trip 
was to visit our oldest
who  these days lives in Sacramento!

It was so meaningful to spend time
with our 'little boy'.
I had to be on tip toes just to get in the picture!

Old Town Sacramento
will always have a  most special charm for me.

We breakfasted in the 
most charming town of Auburn
where they just happened to be having a wonderful antique show.

Just a little more neon love!

After a lovely visit 
it was time once again to head back.
We opted to take interstate 5 back south where
 Harris Ranch
is always a favorite stop 
for a  wonderful meal and any 
Road Trip  needs you could possibly have.
Or you can even make a night of it
at their resort accommodations!

The vast views of open space
are always a soulful gift to me
always one of my favorite parts of any
Road Trip!

I am always grateful to live where we do
it always feels like a calm exhale
to be surrounded by only nature.

I'm happily back home this weekend
preparing for a family 
Birthday Party
but a part of me is already dreaming
of our next time out on the open road!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. I know how special this time with your son must have been, Tamera. I grew up in Loomis-between Sacramento and Auburn. What fun to see the photos of my 'old stomping grounds'. I especially enjoy mid-town Sacramento when we visit.
    Glad you enjoyed your travel adventure to N.Cal.!
    Happy weekend!
    xx, Heather

  2. I'm so happy you were able to connect with your son. It warms my heart.

  3. Oh such a lovely trip! As long as I've lived in California I have never been to Sacramento! I'm book marking this for a future trip. I, too, have a love affair with California history. Beautiful signage. Beautiful photos. Lovely family.

  4. Tamara,
    I think adventures like this are just the best and I am so glad you were able to spend time with your son!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Lesley Schiff

  5. That was Bakersfield? Who knew? Sacremento is a fun place to visit. Love your photos. You really take great shots? Are you using your iPhone or a separate camera? Are you a photographer or just so good at it?