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Road Trip … What I Wore

I am back home today after a whirlwind quick 
Road Trip
to Sacramento this weekend.

I have mentioned before here
just how much I love road trips
even when they are just a one night
like this weekend.

There is just something about getting out
to new vastness
that renews my 
soul and spirit
like a great big exhale.

Jacket-FreePeople-recent purchase form TJ max, tunic, Free People,  Jeans-NYDJ, boots-Target recent purchase, Hat- Montecristo Napa Valley, bag-Rock Etiquette Laguna Beach, Accessories-Tamera Beardsley Design

For me a great 
Road Trip
is always made even better
with clothes
that meet the needs of car travel
as well as 
 being appropriate
no matter where 
the Road
 might take us!

So for me
a great 
Road Trip Outfit
has to be comfortable
easy to style up or down 
depending on the destination!

I was ever so happy with my chosen pieces for this trip!

Since we have my daughter's wedding coming up this May
I have cut back on my wardrobe spending
to ensure having some extras that I know will be coming up for the big day and before.

I have made cutting back and working with what I have
while just sprinkling some new inexpensive pieces
into my wardrobe
a personal 
Creative Challenge.

I firmly believe
true personal style
does not have to come with a big budget.

So in the coming months
you can expect me to be sharing 
many inexpensive
additions to  update my 
Personal Style.

I am ever so happy with my recent TJ Max purchase of this 
Free People jacket for under $30
I love the back detail
 the peplum cut 
that layers over my long tunics
creating a  flattering and slimming silhouette.

My alpaca fedora hat from 
was an investment piece I made on one of my trips to Napa Valley
I know it will continue to serve me for years.
I know it's really fall when I can finally wear it again!

A great hat is always one of my travel
must haves!
It always ensures  style polish 
without having to worry about styling my hair.

I found this Navajo inspired wrap at 
Target recently.
I wanted to add some color to my 
wardrobe of neutral solids
this piece handled the job perfectly.

It's a fabulous bang for my wardrobe buck
coming in again
under $30!
A blanket wrap is also perfect for car rides as well!

You can see how some  great basics
can be quickly be style upgraded with some 
well chosen pieces!
And they don't have to always be investment pieces!

I added a trendy ankle boot again from Target
for under $50
to immediately upgrade my existing pieces
like these NYDJ from last year.

On a
 road trip 
I always travel with a nice flat shoe
that I can slip on and off in the car
plus a dressier shoe
like these ankle boots
that I can instantly dress up any casual outfit! 

When I travel
I like to choose one accessory wardrobe
for this trip it was definitely my turquoise
with one bold charm bracelet thrown in for good measure!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. the new wrap from Target!

  2. You look so fabulous! I love all the pieces of your outfits and especially love the color the wrap added! Perfection and poetry as always! Peace! Cheryl

  3. Why can you find these treasures at TJ Max and Target? Where am I while all this style is going on? You look Fab! I've got to up my traveling wardrobe!

    1. Yes, finding treasures at those stores is certainly hit and miss … and takes s bit of time investment to be sure … but sometimes it's part of a fun hunt … when treasures are found! Thank you so for visiting my dear!

  4. The Target wrap is so pretty and fun, perfect for Fall. I love that landscape; isn't California a gem??

    1. Thank you Susan! Can't wait to wear my fall clothes here in our SoCal! And yes, California is truly an extraordinary place to live … I am always so grateful to call it home! Thanks so for visiting my dear!

  5. You found the perfect backdrop for these clothes : )

    Styled beautifully as usual.


    1. Thank you Suzanne! I was so happy with our location shots … made the shoot so much easier to be sure!! big thanks for visiting my dear!

  6. Your style is so fabulous, original, and artists' look at same time. You really are a very very pretty woman with a great style.
    Difficult to adapt it in a town in Europe but you represent a dream of another world for me.

    1. Thank you Jeanne for your kind words my dear! And thank you for visiting all the way from France darling!!

  7. I love a car trip too. The Target wrap is brilliant, perfect for travel and looks amazing with your turquoise jewellery. Wonderful scenery in the great outdoors and you look beautiful Tamera.

    1. Thank you very much Patricia! Aren't car trips wonderful! I bet you have some spectacular ones where you live! Thank you so for visiting and commenting my dear!

  8. The wrap is a great buy...I love it with all your turquoise beaded bracelets.
    Shopping your closet and buying a few inexpensive items will pay off!
    I love a road trip are looking fabulous!

    1. Thank you dear Hostess! Yes, I am sure shopping my closet will pay off … especially with some fun sprinkling in of a bit of fresh inexpensive trends! Thank you for your visit my dear!

  9. Fabulous Southwest style. I am nuts about your turquoise bracelets. Now please tell me that you didn't walk all the way to Sacramento.

    1. Thank you dear Connie for your kind words! Yes, luckily we had a very lovely drive to Sacramento! Thanks for visiting my dear!

  10. I can't really separate your outfit from the location. Standing-on-an-open-road shots are my FAVOURITE when done right and this is truly done right! And the one of you with the mountains in the background, oh yes. I just need to hear some twangy guitar in the background. You've given me food for my soul with this series, Tamera.

    1. Melanie you have made my blogging day with your wonderful gift of words! A true gift coming from an artist like yourself! Thank you for visiting and commenting my dear! Truly appreciated!


  11. HAVE YOU CONTACTED TARGET?YOU do SO much advertising for them I think they NEED TO HIRE YOU!
    Tell me why SACRAMENTO???
    Is the youngest going to school there or working?
    That is only a little bit over an hour from ME!
    Next road trip...........and that was a long haul for ONE NIGHT!
    We must coordinate.........I can be on HWY FIVE waving a COLORFUL FLAG as YOU PASS!!!!
    Wouldn't that be a HOOT!
    But back to TARGET............someone NEEDS to let them know!!!
    I MEAN IT!!!!

    1. I know I am beginning to sound like I work for Target … One of the hazards of living in Suburbia … and cutting back for the wedding :))

      We were in Sacramento to visit my oldest actually! He is working up there. I had No idea You were so close! It definitely was a long haul for one night … but completely worth it to see our boy! I know you know the feeling! We also made it a fun drive by stopping along the way! I can just see you our on the five waving what I know would be a fabulous and dramatic flag my dear!

      Thanks so for visiting and your kind words!


    2. YES............and it would be P R E T T Y!!!!!
      AN eye catcher!!!!!

  12. So beautiful Tamera, incredible.

  13. that jacket is divine!! Love it. Well, love it all - the wrap is sublime. And I loved the maxi dress in the more recent post. Am really swooning over your darker, boho looks of late - especially as they can really translate over here (although I adore all your white/neutral looks, they just don't work well in the english rain and mud!). Sounds like it was a wonderful road trip too. sending you much love xx

  14. As a travel writer, I absolutely adored your photos on the isolated, traffic-free road. Hard to get, I know! Your clothes are great and it just proves that with a little time and tenacity we can all put a fantastic, stylish wardrobe together without spending a fortune.

  15. You look fabulous! Now I'm ashamed as to how I dress on my car trips. Usually jeans, t-shirt and a sweater. Ugh. Got to kick it up a notch. I guess I need a hat, more dark glasses more jewelry, poncho, and a trip to Target!

  16. Gorgeous travel ensemble, Tamera. The photos are art, as are you. Your colorful wrap completes the outfit with perfection. And ahhhh, that hat. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!