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Beach Picnic Date Night

It was a Beach Picnic Date Night in Laguna Beach Friday for Jeff and I.
My post about my
Top Ten Spots For Sunset Cocktails 
in Orange County California
last week seen  HERE
had me yearning for a simple  sunset beach picnic. 
We chose to go to  one of my all time favorite spots. Crystal Cove.

I just love a beautiful picnic
I have learned what works for us over the years.
For me 
there  has to be no cooking involved!

I have done picnics in the past that were so labor intensive
with all of the homemade food prep
that by the time it  came to leave
I was to tired of the whole idea.

These days I simply gather my straw bags,
our beautiful wicker picnic basket complete with real china inside
 blankets and hats
 we simply stop at a gourmet market on the way to the beach
for food, wine and flowers!

 Of all of the gorgeous restaurants that Jeff and I are able to frequent
nothing beats a sunset cocktail 
with feet in the water!

But on many California beaches there is no alcohol permitted
so discretion is advisable.

My new romper from Anthropologie was the perfect thing to wear!
I bought it recently thinking I would just wear it at home as it was shorter than I normally wear.

But wearing to the beach was so wonderful!
It made me feel alive and free!
To feel the sun and water on my skin.
To be absolutely not age appropriate was a wonderful feeling!

My  newest kimono worked perfectly as a beach wrap.
I was also able to tie it into a dress to go out after our picnic.
I just can't say enough about my love for dramatic kimonos!

 Pure joy is what I felt in the water!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. So blissful. You've got me wanting to head down to the beach tomorrow with simple food in my hamper and sea-nymphishness in mind! Thanks for sharing, that romper suit is such a clever idea for beach frolics.

    1. Hope you make it down to the beach darling! Is there anything as blissful as time spent at the ocean! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting dear! xo

  2. A woman's fitness dictates appropriate length, not her age. Love the freshness of your romper!

  3. Just bought my first kimono and can't wait to wear it. I've been influenced by your chic looks as well as the Antique Goddess. I've tried on many, but for some reason, they didn't work. I've been looking for packable hats, and can't find one that has flair like the one here in your photos. Going to Italy next month and because I had breast cancer and carry the breast cancer gene, my odds of getting melanoma are higher, so really need a hat. Thanks! Brenda

    1. Wow Brenda, a trip to Italy in September sounds divine! Glad you found a kimono darling! And yes, kimonos are all cut so differently, it takes the right one to be a star wardrobe player! I bought my hat at Forever 21 of all places ... and for a song! When I am in the sun for long periods, like ocean kayaking, I wear a hat that blocks UV rays. My favorite is the Tiley Hat, which I believe you can find online. It certainly is not as dramatic, but for really being in the sun, I'll take true protection any day! Thanks so much for stopping by dear! xo

  4. ohhh- my favorite post yet!!! Love all the blue & white things!!! The romper is a GREAT idea,just enough coverage, yet free to splash in the water (if the water is too cold for a swim), love the kimono, the blue & white mugs!!! (metal?), and the baskets!! and the mats, everything!!! Please tell more about where you found some of these items- I am crazy for blue & white objects & these are just delightful. I agree that cooking free picnics are the most fun for everyone involved! What a fun & inspiring post! I'm hoping to get perhaps a few beach days in before summer is over!! Can't wait- thank you just the encouragement I needed to get off my duffer and head to the beach!

    1. Roxanne how lovely to have you visit darling! Yes, the mugs are enameled metal. I got them a couple of months ago at Target! The mats are a combination of blankets, most of which I found at TJ Max. The baskets I have been collecting for years. I can never seem to be able to say no, when I see a great one. And boy do they make picnicing beautiful and a breeze! We simply put our grocery bag right into the large French Market bag and simply plated the food right from the bag! Hope you make it to your beach darling! Hardly anything is better for one's soul! I felt like a different person after our visit! xo

  5. There couldn't be a more perfect & relaxing night. The sea becomes you Tamera!! xox