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A Little Backyard Birthday Fun

Last weekend our family celebrated
my youngest son turning 18!
Birthdays have always been a big deal at our house
since the kids were tiny.
The passing year always celebrated 
with a chosen personal theme
to highlight that years interest.

Obviously as they have gotten older
birthdays have changed.
Although I must say
my daughter still has huge appreciation 
for a great themed birthday party.
I shared her latest birthday here.

I was  quite happy with the way Hunter's birthday turned out
this weekend.
It is so easy to know what to do for young children
but teenage boys has had me trying several different scenarios.

We decided to have everyone 
meet at the house for 
drinks and appetizers
go out to dinner
and then
back home to the backyard 
for cake and presents.

It turned out to be a nice balance 
of entertaining at home
but without a meal production.
It also made it 
more interesting 
to all go out to dinner 
then to come back to hang out.

After the ice-cream cake and presents
were finished
I had the backyard set up for
a  simple game of 
bean bag toss ...

as well as chairs and a fire pit set up
night time s'more making
with time and space for 
simply just hanging out.

I was  quite happy with the simple decor.

Especially the lemonade in the  dispenser
served in small milk bottles with striped straws.

birthdays for teenage young men
don't have the same open
over the top decorating acceptance.
So cloth bunting and balloons 
with colorful textiles mixed in
still managed to  say
Hurray it's celebration time!

Having a birthday gathering 
in the backyard
was just the inspiration
I needed to begin
the summer fluffing of the backyard!
The back tends to get a little unruly looking
in the winter months of non use.
But in the summer months
the backyard
it my favorite space to entertain!

My  fluffing list of to do's 
is now underway
with the promise of 
a summer of backyard memories
to be made!

I wanted to share my succulent bowl I made for the backyard.

My succulent love is in full force this season.
I have shown you my courtyard 
how I am using them inside
 now they are exploding into the back yard.

My biggest excitement with
is how they are a plant that just keeps on giving!

This circular arrangement
was made with just 
five new plants.
The rest were just cut 
or actually pulled off
from my existing plants
that I put in last years waterfall planting.
I placed them in a potting soil mixture.
I have found as long as I keep the soil moist
the transplant ends up successful!

Not only did the old plants
finish off this arrangement
but the original plants
look so much the better after the trim.

In my year of experience 
working with succulents
I have realized although 
they can go a long time without water
they truly thrive with light
regular waterings.

Until next time ...

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. happy birthday Hunter

  2. Lovely birthday party! I can never avoid that little twinge of envy when I see the natural beauty that surrounds you. And I caught the succulent bug from you, and am very happy with the results.

  3. Your backyard garden has great "bones" as we Gardener's say....lovely that you have dressed it up for a festive Birthday celebration for your son....your succulent bowl is very attractive with the various colours and textures. I have a few scattered about in the beds but think now I need to play around and create a planter! You never fail to inspire me Tamera!
    Enjoy your fluffing :-))

  4. Happy 18th to Hunter! Your decorating looks so colourful and vibrant, perfect for the occasion. xxx

  5. Looks like the perfect setting for a birthday celebration!

  6. Birthday SOIREE's.........add that to the list!Done with old-fashion fun and flavor...............NOBODY DOES THAT ANYMORE!Especially,boys!!!!!!!!!!
    Another for the list!

  7. Tamera the setting is so festive, bright and colorful as well as comfortable for all! Bravo, great job for the birthday boy's celebration!

    The Arts by Karena!

  8. Tamera your backyard is an oasis! I love the colorful and well thought out decor which reflects your love for your son! The cake looks it homemade? If not, could you please tell me where you bought it? I live nearby and would love to serve that for my daughter's birthday which is coming up. Thanks! ~~ Marlene

    1. Marlene … I do a lot of things … but cooking isn't one of them :)) I am happy to say this ice cream cake is from Cold Stone! It was a big hit at the party! Thanks you so much for your kind words!

  9. Your Birthday only Comes Once a Year,
    So Make Sure This is the Most Memorable one Ever and Have an Amazing Day ... Special Happy Birthday Wishes to You My Dear...!!