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Sporty Glam and Holding On and Letting Go

It's been stunning September weather 
here in Southern California.
It's definitely really warm
but fall perfection at the beach!

So although there is no fall weather dressing in these parts
I am still savoring every September day.

This Friday date night 
I did my
 Sporty Glam 
with a long skirt 
paired with a J Crew sweatshirt
an antique bag
and then
added in some glam with 
Tamera Beardsley Design necklaces
a classic updo!

My freshly washed hair
went up so easily into the the top knot.
It was definitely one of those good hair moments
that surprised even me!
I shared my secret tips for this classic style  HERE

I chose a streamlined round pair of sunglasses
to highlight the clean lines of the outfit
the glasses were a perfect player
with my bold recycled glass necklaces!

I was fortunate to get down to the beach twice on Friday!

In the morning I met friends to hike El Morro
afterwards I spent time shooting new designs 
for my
Holiday Collection!

My heart was so grateful
as I realized just how much my intent of
melding a new career with my lifestyle
is actually working.

To be able to hike with friends at the beach
then do a photo shoot while I'm there
is just the live/work situations I  have been working toward.

It feels like it has been such a long road here
with so many weeks and days
that feel like two steps forward
one step back
as I continue through the transition of leaving
the days of real parenting behind me.

Some days I absolutely feel like I have all of the emotions
sorted and packed away
then other days
a deep sadness floods in 
out of what feel like nowhere
I once again feel a grieving aching heart
my ambition 
in it's presence.

As my youngest is gearing up to move out
I know 
I will grieve for that day
as I have 
for the other two's departure.

But hopefully
I will also remember
this feeling too shall pass.

I have come to realize the peaks and valleys
of life
now try to find the best no matter 
it be the accent or decent.

I will remember
that all of life is really a constant transition
so it is important
to build solid foundations
of courage and grace.

I will remember to fill each day
with the search of gratitude

I will move through the sadness
by searching for what good I can do in the day 
for others.

But most of all 
I hope I remember to 
Give Myself Grace
during the process

Learning to walk the 
balancing line of

Letting Go and Holding On
to ones your love fiercely
is not for the faint of heart.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Your outfit is beautiful! All your pictures give me a since of peace and calm. The beach looks heavenly. There is something spiritual about walking on a beach alone listening to the waves. Have a wonderful week! Peace! Cheryl

    1. Thank you for visiting my dear! Your Friday date night outfit was fall perfection! I am longing to wear some fall pieces myself!

  2. I'm so pleased that your life and work plans are working out so well, you deserve it! Giving yourself grace during this process is vital, so good that you are aware of that. Once again you tell such a poignant story with your photos and your carefully chosen words. So many positive thoughts in your direction. Also, very excited to see your holiday collection.

    Warm healing hugs

    1. Aww thank you ever so much dear Sarah for your gift of words … so very appreciated my dear! Sending hugs your way as well! xox

  3. You look so cool and breezy. How do you do it? I am melting! My youngest left the nest two years ago and I still haven't gotten over it. It's so quiet around here....but a lot less messy! Always such thoughtful beauty from you, Tamera.

    1. Hey darling! Thanks for visiting my dear! Yes, it has been beyond warm of late here in SoCal hasn't it!! I can only imagine the quite to come! I am not looking forward to the last one taking flight … other than getting through the process. How many children do you have my dear? Are they near you? Sending big hugs your way dearest Connie! xox

  4. Dear Tamera,
    You are handling your life events with grace and poise as always.
    What an inspiration, I miss being by the ocean so very much! It is soothing and calming; bringing us peace!
    I hope you will visit soon!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Karena my dear, thank you for your lovely visit and kind words my dear!

      I so enjoyed your most recent post, with such rich paintings of Central Park … I definitely left your blog … yearning for a trip back to NYC! Big hugs my friend! xox

  5. Whew, Tamera. I feel a long comment ahead.

    I recently chaired our 45 year reunion. Inspired by the number "45", I built the theme around the graphic design of the "adaptor" that snaps into a forty five record so it can be played on a 33 rpm turntable. I found a resource in England that made the adaptors in the color green. I used them as tokens for glasses of free house wine. The little plastic piece may appear insignificant, but almost everyone picked up on the message. If ever there is a time in life that a woman challenges with change, it is the empty nest transition and beyond. I wish that I had a person like you to visit at will during my fifities. With the planning of the reunion, and my mother's fall in August, I have only had moments to breeze by. All the while I navigated the challenges of the past four months, I felt confident and strong. Traits enhanced in me by our amazing blog community. Your beautiful self, heart and soul has lifted me so many times.

  6. Stunning as always, and that necklace is gorgeous!

    I won't pretend to understand what this transition is like for you, because I don't have children of my own. But I can tell you one thing...after leaving home just over 20 years ago, and then leaving the state and then the Mother is still my Mother and a very important woman in my life! Children may become adults and create their own lives but I think we still need our parents, just in a different way. What has made my relationship even closer with my Mother, however, was seeing her carve out her own life too. Rather than feeling like she was 'getting on without me' I felt we had more in common than ever as she dedicated more time to herself, travel and pursuing things she loved. She is into her 70s now but more vibrant than ever and still inspires me every single day! Hugs to you!

    Esther xx

  7. A beautiful look, I love the skirt, and accessories.

  8. Love your sporty glam look. The necklace is fabulous! And I always fall for a sweet antique bag. Beautiful. The beach looks amazing too :) x

  9. Stunning as always. Thank you for your beautiful honesty as you share your heart here with us.
    Blessings to your children on their paths and to you and your husband as you enter this new season.

  10. Beautiful look! These life transitions are so tough. Hope all goes okay. I am not looking forward to the college thing...Hugs. xoxo Kim