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Fast and Easy October Decor

Happy October my friends!
It's  particularly beautiful here in Southern California
this month
I have my front gardens fluffed
to enjoy the beautiful weather outside!

It just took a few quick changes and additions 
to celebrated the season!

Especially since I have been busy this summer changing out seasonal plants 
for succulents.
And boy how happy am I that I have!

With succulents not only planted in posts
in our courtyard ...

But in planters as well
October garden fluffing
was the absolute easiest and most enjoyable it's ever been!
Usually here at the end of a scorching September
my garden is in disrepair!
So I was just tickled how well the succulents are doing
with such little care!

For the front terrace
I grabbed a beautiful collection of pumpkins and squashes
 just clustered them together
for a fresh and seasonal focal point!

It's still sunny and very warm here in SoCal
so the umbrella is still a welcomed  terrace player!

I brought out my fall pillows and throws.

The planters were a dream to do this season!
Since I have been swapping out plants for drought tolerate succulents
my planters are still in tip top shape at the end of the summer!!

So all I had to do was add in
a few pops of fall color and presto
they were done!!

I just picked some burnished yellow mums
 tucked them in around the very successful succulents!

 I only need about 10 four inch
as I kept the color front ant center
for maximum focal point impact.
That wayI get the biggest bang for my  buck!

With such specified color usage
your eyes travels further back
creating the illusion of more space
on the small terrace
as well as creating a calm and inviting visual.

Inside my front courtyard I have many artfully planted succulents.
When I edited the living room this spring
I ended up with a collection of iron urns
that have a new use in the courtyard now
giving homes to thriving succulents!

With days full of partial sun 
all of the  succulents in urns have done ever so well!

I freshened the furniture this weekend 
with a fresh staining.

Inside the house I have simplified my decor 
to a neutral palette
so my fall pillows have found a new home
in the courtyard this year!

By the time I realized my couch cushions need to be replaced
the  cushion season was over
so I have simply draped them with soft cozy throws
I must say I am ever so happy with the results!

For more fall color impact in the courtyard
I simply covered the ottoman with a gorgeous  handwoven rug
that I had always been using inside as a tablecloth.

I brought my collection of 6 hurricanes outside
to make sure candle light at the ready 
is always an option.

I make candles at night even easier
by keeping a lighter in a metal box 
on the tables bottom shelf.

We have market lights stung above
to further ensure
party or cozy ambiance
with the flick of a switch
 a turn of the dimmer!

So there you have my
 October front gardens decor!

My two  biggest suggestions for 
Easy October Decor
are definitely

Assorted Pumpkins and Gourds!

They can be used inside or out!
So fast and easy
with so much fall impact!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life.


  1. Beautiful as always Tamera....I always enjoy your images!

  2. Tamera so gorgeous!! You got me onto succulents last year and they are the best. I just love your pillows and the colors of the pumpkins together. You make everything look so inviting. I am going to Trader Joe's tomorrow and filling the rest of my planters that didn't survive the drought with more pretty succulents. Have a good weekend! xoxo Kim

    1. By the way- beautiful photography too!!

    2. This is my dream garden- I love it all- just stunning and layered and so pretty!

  3. Beautiful, so inviting and glamorous, and inspirational too. Succulents never looked so special!

  4. Tamera, you are a master of decor! Among other things...;) Where ever did you find those magnificent pillows?

    1. How lovely to have you visit Joni! I have collected the pillows from Pottery Barn over the years … and even found a couple at a flea market!

    2. Thank you Tamera! Your blog is a constant inspiration to me. Much better than any magazine or coffee table book I've had. Now isn't that a wonderful idea? A Tamera Beardsley coffee table book!!!

  5. You have totally created the look of fall in your SoCal environment where fall colors are probably not too prevalent. It's always a pleasure to stop in for a visit and view your incredibly beautiful photography.

  6. Since moving from the northern states down to Southern California I have always gotten a bit wistful around this time of year. I really miss the colors and the mood. But you have created a So Cal paradise. The pillows are so beautiful and all the weathered pots and gourds make it a perfect Autumn wonderland.

  7. Tamera, such a beautiful, welcoming space. I am in awe of your style, whether it be decor, fashion or writing. You are a remarkable woman and I thank you for the beauty and wisdom you share so generously. Such a gift to us.

  8. I recognize this beautiful space, Tamera!! Your home looking fabulous as always. I bet that mercury glass simply glows in the evening. I hope you are enjoying the arrival of the fall season.
    xx, Heather

  9. What a beautiful, original decor in the new fall season. Your taste is full of originality dear Tamera

  10. Tamera - if ever I want to see some fabulous styling I come to your site! What a dream space for this Brit who is looking out of the window at a dull, damp October. (I've brought my squash indoors to escape our miserable weather.)

  11. Just beautiful. Love how you combine the succulents with the goards. Charming and inspiring!