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Hello Gratitude

I haven't done a Gratitude post
in quite some time
I can feel it in my life.

So in an attempt to refocus
on what I am ever so Grateful for
away from  what I can't control 
here goes.

I am grateful for my ability to create with clothes …
because trust me …
this is not how I look most of the time!
But is nice to know I can pull myself together if  need be
I have definitely learned 
that good lighting is our friend!

I am grateful that sometimes
I get to be her.

You know those highlights in life
when your life feel like it's coming together
you have answers.

Some days I am her
some days 
I yearn to be Her.

Once in a while
she makes me feel a fraud.
But then
I don't think any of us
are always our higher self.
I have learned Self Grace.

This is who I am most days
hair not done
definitely no makeup
workout clothes a mainstay for at least half the day.
But I am always beyond Grateful to be at my favorite beach.

I am always Grateful
to begin my day with candles, coffee and intentional Gratitude
before the sun comes up.

It always helps me set the tone for the day.

I am always so Grateful
our small house faces due East
every sunrise is a piece of art.

I am always so Grateful on Wednesdays
to go kayaking out to the ocean.
Talk about balm for the soul!
I am always a bit tentative on the way out
but once I settle in out there
Just Wow!

I am always Grateful for the time spent gardening
Especially when it comes to cutting everything back
at summers end!

I adore and I am Grateful for the simple pleasures of
home styling
bringing even little bits of nature indoors.

With even the simple addition of an apple on a shelf.

I am Grateful for finding simple treasures
whether at a flea market
out in nature.

I am always Grateful to get out and mountain bike
especially when the ride ends with such picturesque surprises!

Having the time and opportunity
to get out in nature and be physically active
is one of my  favorite 
balms for my soul these days
something I am 
truly Grateful for!

I'd love to hear yours!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. And I am grateful for this post. It's a refreshing reminder that, in the midst of temporary chaos, there is still much to be grateful for.

    I love that tea towel or bridge cloth, or whatever it is. I have a small collection of similar items, including a couple dozen or so small napkins. I've been mulling over ideas for years of some item of clothing (a maxi skirt? a vest?) to make with them. In the meantime, I'm grateful to be able to touch and admire them whenever I sort through my stash.

  2. I am grateful for finding your wonderful Blog!
    You are such an inspiration!
    I am grateful for being able to express my creativity through clothing, floral design and interior styling.
    I also am grateful for the days I can go hiking and take the time to actually see all the beauty of nature.

  3. Such beautiful pictures and thoughts.

  4. I love visiting your blog Tamera. Your photos are always so beautiful, and your words and the colors that you choose are so soothing and relaxing. It's like a breath of fresh air. I am grateful for your inspirational posts. Thank you


  5. Your posts are so beautiful - both the pictures and the words - it's like a beam of sunlight in my day. I absolutely love your outfit in your Fall Yearning post too! Thank you for inspiring me with your gorgeous blog. I can't wait until we finally get to meet in London! Esther xx