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My Secrets To A Dramatic Topknot and Repurposing Chanel Compacts

To walk the Stella Carakasi Spring Luxe fashion show
I knew I wanted a hairstyle that would complement both the day and night outfits
just as importantly
a style that would stay in place the entire show and after party.

A dramatic top knot was the perfect answer!

When I travel I like to be very organized
with my makeup, toiletries, hair needs ECT
as packing my clothes and accessories is never any small feat.
So I keep small black cases always packed
so I can just grab these and go!
You can see more of my packing system  even before the clothes HERE

This is what I keep packed in my small hair bag 
plus some very important extras …

My secret to a dramatic top knot are
hair extensions!

I got these at Ulta Beauty recently.
In the past I have always used just one for my top knot
but being it was a fashion show
I opted for mixing two for some extra drama.

With hair extensions
the very important long pins that stay open
(I got mine recently at Planet Beauty)
the dramatic topknot is a breeze to do!

I simply pull up my real hair into a tight slicked back ponytail
secure my own hair around the ponytail holder.

Next I fold each hair extension in half
securing them behind the back of my ponytail
simply wrap them around
pinning to secure the hair as I wrap.

I tuck any stray hairs under the wrapped hair and secure with additional pins.

I finish it off with a good spray of my favorite hair spray
to make sure everything stays in place!

I also have another packing tip to share!

If you follow my blog you know it is no secret that I love Chanel makeup
not only for the quality products
but also for the always chic and classic packaging.

So after I have used this fabulous compact of foundation 
it's just too hard to throw away this beauty.

So I simply pop out the inner reservoir
that the actual foundation was in
wipe everything clean
for some lovely repurposing!

I store my bobby pins and ponytail holders inside!
I just love this solution
my pins have never looked so good
travel perfectly organized!

I have also learned through trial and error
not to try to get everything out of a compact.
This one I popped the back in my attempt to remove the metal reservoir.
So some care is needed in deciding how much to remove.

But properly done
traveling with bobby pins never looked more chic!

So now you know my secret to a dramatic topknot!
It's as simple as a pony tail wrapped with hair extensions

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Love the re-purposing idea, Tamera! This hairstyle really suits you...have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Stunning-Having thin hair-I never thought I could achieve this look. So excited to give it a try :)

    1. Jana it is really an easy undo … especially with a little practice! Enjoy!

  3. Absolutely fabulous and I never would have guessed. Not many people could pull that off, I love that style, it's so classic but my forehead is utterly enormous and Elizabethan.

    1. Thank you Tabitha for your kind words! Much appreciated my dear! xo

  4. Love your organization. what i the name of the case that has the razor in it? ID Essentials no longer has that case. It's funny this is just what I was looking for this week. Looking for the perfect makeup cases. Any other suggestions?

    1. Hi Sandra! The case with the razor is a phenomenal one from L.L. Bean. I have had it for years and it is still in perfect shape with the most wonderful pockets and sections. It also packs very flat! Hope this helps in your search for the perfect traveling pieces!

  5. Fabulous. You really are a beautiful woman. Writing fron Europe I love your blog.

  6. Love the hair! I'm debating about buying some hair extensions and then having them dyed to the same colour as mine.


  7. Chicest thing I have ever seen! But.....I need to know the skirt....I will crawl all the way to wherever you are to find out where to get the skirt !! Where??? I love the skirt!! LOVE!!!!! HELP!!!!

  8. How brilliant! Now I must read about your organization ideas!