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My Packing System … Even Before The Clothes

I have been busy here this weekend
prepping for my long awaited trip to Napa for our
Bloggers in Napa Valley trip!
If you want to read more about this marvelous trip that
Adrienne of
The Rich Life On A Budget
has spent the last four month arranging
you can read about it
I am so excited to visit Napa Valley
with a true expert on the area!

To get ready for the trip I  have made and attended numerous  appointments
(for me it seems to take a village)
including a trip to the Chanel counter at Neiman Marcus
to learn a few new tricks 
to replenish my
travel bags!

I keep several small travel bags
 at the ready
so when I need to pack for a trip
it's usually just outfits
I need to pull together.
I keep bags packed by category
so in the hotel
I know where everything is
with no muss or fuss!

I keep my items for touch ups in a bag in my purse.
I like to travel with no more than 3 lip 'sets'.
I have a pencil, a lipstick and a gloss.
Plus my Chanel foundation compact
tweezers and a comb 
in this little bag.

I keep my regular makeup in another bag
that I keep in my suitcase.

It opens up to contain all of my 
brushes, a mirror
the makeup needed to finish my face.

I have another small case 
for all things skincare.

I have been using Erno Lazlo skin care since 
I was 18.
I have veered off many a time 
but always come back to the 
Lazlo system.

I use many of the sample sizes I receive
 fill in with small versions of my
other favorite products.
When I return from a trip
I always make sure to check if 
anything needs replenishing
so I always knowI can just
grab and go
 for the next trip.

I have another small bag for all things
Including an extension
I use to wrap around a top knot 
for a quick polished look.

I keep booby pins, safety pins and pony holders
in a  repurposed Chanel foundation case
that I just simply removed the empty foundation tin.

Toiletries are kept neatly in another bag.

I always travel with my sharper noise machine
and if I'm flying
my Bose headphones.

My blogging tools are safely cased
 I have another small bag
to keep the cords and chargers together
so when I work in the hotel
I know just where to find these important accessories.

My camera and lenses are also packed 
safely in their own bag.

I keep my hand crafted business cards
in my Paloma Picasso clutch
which is always in my purse
because you never know when 
the perfect time to offer one can arise!

Now tomorrow
it's all about the clothes for the trip!

Until then ….

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera, Wow you've got some fab things there! Can't wait to see what you pack clothes wise!! I'm feeling I need to add some Chanel to my makeup bag!! Super excited to see you! xx Kim

  2. You look lovely and I think your skin is quite radiant Erno Lazlo must love your post!
    I must say that your organizational skills are amazing. I just throw everything in a hanging cosmetic bag and hope for the best!
    Looking forward to the clothes next.

  3. I'm always amazed at how much stuff is required to leave the house!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip. :)

  4. What unique and beautiful business cards!

  5. Your packing organization is perfection! I LOVE all of these ideas. Knowing you have each item you need, and where it is located, must be so satisfying. Your business cards are wonderful.

  6. Please educate yourself on the hazardous and expensive chemicals and petroleum you are slathering on your face and body. You can achieve better results using all natural and organic food oils, botanical extracts, essential oils, clays, etc. which only enhance your body, mind and spirit without the poison. If you can't pronounce it (in most cases except for latin botanical names) or eat it, don't put it on your skin. Your body is a temple and you appear to care what you are doing to it so just imagine taking it to the next level of inner and outer radiance and vitality. Thanks for sharing your awesome style.

  7. First off...I love your business cards! I will be so excited to hear about this trip...excited and YES, jealous! Some of my favorite bloggers enjoying life together...I will be with you in spirit! Have a great time!

  8. You even make packing look glamorous!
    I have not packed a single thing...just dragged my suitcase out of the garage last night.
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow morning! EEK! Can't believe it's here so fast.

  9. Are YOU ready??
    Things I must ADD to our list!Tapestry behind your bed?Chanel Red lipstick which number do YOU use?I use only browns on the eyelids as you seem too.The Erno products my MOTHER used long ago and the CANON camera is another item we both share.Although, I do think mine is an older version of yours!Sounds like your ready for take off!SAFE FLIGHT see you tomorrow!

  10. Fabulous organization!! I love your business cards too!! I just finished unpacking so I better start getting organized for Napa. Can't wait to see you. xoxo

  11. You are beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful time! xxo

  12. Your skin just glows! I am envious of your blogger get together in Napa. Tell all the gals hi for me! Susan from

  13. Very organised and your business cards are super cute!

  14. Love your packing tips Tamera. I am the worst packer and always struggle to pull it all together before a trip. This is very helpful and I love the repurposing of your Chanel cases- brilliant! Also, love your homemade business cards.
    Seeing you do the high ponytail with hair extensions makes me miss my long hair. Yours looks beautiful.


  15. Genius! Love it and I'm going to try and copy you!