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My Packing System … Part 2 ... The Clothes … the Clothes

In yesterday's post about getting ready for my trip 
for Bloggers in Napa Valley

I covered my packing system
for everything … except 
the clothes.

So now to the more dramatic part of my packing.

The Clothes.

Whenever I have a trip
I try to find out as much information as I can
about the itinerary and specifics of the trip.
For me that's when the creative fun begins
as far as styling outfits 
perfect for each occasion.

For drinks and dinner the first night
at the Andaz  Hotel
I styled an outfit perfect for the evening
with my denim tunic 
with my sequin pants and a denim trench.

The lines of the outfit are quite simple 
making them the perfect backdrop for …

Lots of Bling!

I collect accessories in wardrobes.
For this fabulous ensemble I am bringing
Antique Oppulence Collection
made up of pearls and crystals
all with settings with an antique brass finish.

Wednesday we will have the fabulous opportunity 
to spend the day touring in a limo
via Napa Valley Wine Tours
visiting some of Napa's best wineries .

For a day of wine tasting 
I am taking Adrienne's advice
dressing casually
with a nod to being functional as well.

I will be finishing off my outfit
with some well chosen accessories.
Although I was so excited about my fabulous suede clogs
practicality won out …
they just didn't make the cut 
when it came to packing space issues.

Speaking of not making the cut …
neither did this wonderful
maybe wear to dinner the second night …
it was just to much of a maybe …
that took up a lot of room.
Sadly it was left behind …
although I do have mad plans for the skirt
pairing it with a white blazer for another upcoming occasion.

Taking it's place for Wednesday night dinner out
is my sure bet instead …
my leather jacket
lace top
sequin skirt
paired with my favorite brooch necklace

of course 
some more  well chosen accessories.
A vintage bag
patent pumps
 mixing in some turquoise 
with the crystal statement necklace
to really round out the look.

After I figure out the itinerary when I pack
I then do an overall view for the trip
 decide what else I need to fill in with.

I always want to bring gym clothes
that can either 
make it to the gym
r in spectacular areas like Napa
work just as well for outside walks.

One always personal need 
I have found to be most necessary when I travel
Lounging clothes.

I feel so much of traveling 
taking in new sights and experiences
 many times requires clothes when I am "on"
I personally 
 really also need some down time when I travel
for some alone time
just to cozy in some loungewear.
Even if it's just for an hour
that time to feel rejuvenated
makes me so better equipped
to really savor and enjoy
the essence of the locale.

Which brings me to 
my travel outfit.

When traveling to a destination
home again
I always will prefer a jacket of some sort.
Maybe it's because I am a woman 
who came into her adult life in the eighties
but I always feel more  confident in any situations
in a jacket…
to me a jacket is a bit like a form of armor.

A jacket makes me feel  more empowered 
for what ever the situation may bring.

And of course 
more empowered 
with the addition of some great 

On that note
my packing is finished.

It is with a very excited heart
a little bit of nerves
that I will be on my way 
to meet up with some
absolutely splendid women
for our 
Bloggers in Napa Valley trip ….

A trip 
which is in it's self 
a testement
to the fabulous 
connections that can be made through blogging.

I will be back here on Friday.
Until then
you can follow our trip on instagram
by following me
the link is on my side bar
 you can also then follow all of us
with this  #bloggersinnapavalley

As always My Friends

I wish you love and joy
as you stele your life


  1. all looks divine, wish I was coming too!!!! xxx

  2. My goodness your bag must be heavy with all those wonderful pieces of jewelry!

    Have a great trip!


  3. I'm certain you'll have a fabulous time! I'm looking forward to reading your account of the trip.

  4. I adore everything YOU packed.Especially the JEWELS!I note your COW TAG……..195.I found two COW TAGS on my last trip to ORANGE with their chains!!!I would adorn myself in those if I did not think the rust would remain on my satin top!I do believe I will be in CREAM SATIN……….FLOWING……………unless I change my mind once I dress for the EVE in the middle of the day!!!!!

  5. Wow, super glam! Hope you all have a wonderful time, can't wait to see the photos. :)

  6. Great looks! Love the turquoise especially! Looking forward to following along on your trip via blog, IG, and FB!
    Dawn Lucy

  7. I saw a couple of FB posts before I stopped in here.
    Planning your outfits ahead sounds like a good idea even down to accessories. I usually just pop in a few things in the same color family and hope they work. I can see now I have been missing out.
    Bon voyage!
    You are going to have so much fun!!!

  8. I am always in awe of your jewelry and your style. Great packing tips and have a fabulous time with sister bloggers. What could be more fun?

  9. Where did you get the canvas and denim bag?

    1. Cathy I got it at Juxtaposition in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach. It is part of the Levi's - Made and Crafted - line … the best part of the bag … it is a bag with backpack straps in the back! Making it just perfect for sightseeing when traveling!