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Another Magical Instagram Meet Up … Sonoma Style …and What I Wore

I realize only too well
that social media sometimes can be hard on all of us that participate
at one time or another
what keeps me still joining in
are the magical moments, meet ups 
that can come from putting ourselves out here
with honest intent.

I met Abi of @ABISFARMHOUSEKITCHEN on instagram.

Abigail or Abi as she is known by friends
is a true artist
self taught Cook
living in an 1886 farmhouse and winery
while also growing some spectacular  old fashioned roses for 
the event markets in the San Francisco areas.

She quitNASA to make wine, eat and paint in Sonoma.
She defines herself
Part time winemaker
Full time Mamma.
She also shares  family recipes and stories on her blog

I have come to adore Abi for her beautiful lifestyle
balancing an artistic career with the obligations of raising 
two adorable littles.

It is her passion for life
as well as her heart
that have me joyfully following along her Instagram feed.

When my wonderful friend Adrienne of 
who I met years ago through blogging
asked me if I would be interested in visiting Abi at her home
(Adrienne and Abi also met on Instagram
 were happily surprised when they realized they lived 
only three miles from one another!)
I couldn't say yes fast enough!

When Jeff and I had decided to make going to the
a trip to Sonoma as well
it had been a secret hope of mine 
to get to see Abi's fabulous property.

So being at her home seemed rather surreal
like stepping onto a movie set you have watched so many times!

I was amazed with Abi's warmth and welcoming manner.

There were moments
that felt as if we had all 
known each other for so long!

Abi's home seems like living a dream.

She generously explained the history of the property
the love story of not only how she met her husband
but her romance with the historic home as well.

A property that can also be rented for events
has such beauty around every corner
including this barn
where they host many events.

I must admit I have had dreams of wearing my Anthropologie ball skirt 
to  a winery event for quite some time!
So this cool day and spectacular property
provide the perfect opportunity!

I paired the skirt with a grey J Crew scoop neck T
my cream leather jacket
a fur vest from Zara
finished off the ensemble 
with my newest hat from 
Lack of Color in Australia.

Adrienne and I are lucky enough to have loving and supportive husbands
who  have become quite adept at photography!
My gorgeous husband is on the left
Adrienne's gorgeous husband is on the right.
A big thank you to them both 
for their expertise in capturing the magic of the afternoon!

Abi thank you ever so much for opening up your home to us 
that perfect Sunday afternoon!
It will always be a magical meeting to me …
and a reminder  when social media is used with honest intent
beautiful new relationships can be forged.

As always my friend

I wish you love and joy 
as your style your life


  1. Wonderful pictures, in a beautiful place with lovely people.

  2. These photos of the three of YOU are FANTASTIC!I too met HER and visited with her at her home because of YOU I think!The property is pretty special thats for certain!The wine was pretty wonderful too as I recall!!!!!!!!I have a book of hers that I must return..............
    Looks like you had a magical time up NORTH just wish YOU could have squeezed me in!!!

  3. Your trip sounds wonderful, Tamera...what a joy to have forged such warm relationships through the internet world. I like what you say about the magical moments that come from our honest intent; beautifully written...I know, that I am so pleased to have met you :)
    Your friend's house looks truly magical and I love that your husband and Adrienne's husband were the official photographers on the trip! I've just left you a message on your fb page...thank you, thank you for my peace necklace, I adore it and for your kind are such a lovely lady, Tamera xx

  4. I loved this post so much, Tamera....from the wonderful home and property to the stylish three! I pinned like crazy your awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing each moment with these amazing women with us!

  5. what a beautiful post, tamera. breathtaking photography of the property, and a magical friendship. social media can indeed bring wonderful people into your life.
    xxoo beth

  6. What a magical day we had! So sweet of Abi to have us over to her gorgeous property.
    I would love to do it all over again...Miss you! xoxox