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Respect Your Story … part 3 of Write The Blog You Want to Read

For me
blogging came at the right time in my life.

When I started I was so heart broken with my daughter's
departure for college
writing and photographing
helped me work out my sadness
and feelings of loss.

By the time I had worked that  all out 
I had realized what I think is the greatest key to 
enjoyable blogging

Respecting YOUR Story.

I don't think I could have blogged enjoyably
when I was younger.

I would have been too concerned
with COMPARING myself to others.
Wondering if what I did was good enough.

I would have missed the true beauty of 
what my blog is to me.

My Story.
Really that's it.

the good
the bad
 the ugly.

all the beauty yet to come.

 I came to blogging
as my nest was emptying
 all of my waking hours had been 
overly invested in parenting my three
 it began to be dawn on me
that I had lost sight of myself.

It was here
that I realized 
was a space
that was absolutely
all my own.
I could fill it with whatever
I wanted.

When I wanted.

How I wanted.

It could just be about me.

Not serving anyone else
or any other purpose.

For a woman who had dedicated herself
to raising a family
had gotten lost along the way
This was
absolutely intoxicating.

 it still is


I respect my Story

if I respect
 my story
my journey

there is no place for comparisons.

Nobody else has 
my story
so comparison is useless.

You see
we all have our own story
 the more we can truly respect
our own story

the more time we have
to celebrate ourselves
support each other.

I am sure most of you 
who are a part of this rich blogging community
'of a certain age'
already know the merits
of the tremendous support to be found here.
I have never seen anything like it
it gives my heart such hope.
that we can can change the landscape for our daughters.

I believe it works the way it does
we all can respect our own stories 
share our journeys.

There can be a tremendous ripple effect
when we celebrates ourselves
support each other
leaving comparison on the wayside.

There is power in self acceptance
not only for ourselves
but for each other.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Such powerful words. Powerful because they resonate so much with me. I am at that point where who I am is a murky image and I'm using my last year and a half of homeschooling to see if I can see something clearly coming around the bend. The kinship here online is a wonderful blessing as it gives me a portal to so many other unique stories like your own.

    1. Thank you Sarah. I agree whole heartedly with the blessing of the online kinships, that often turn into real life friendships as well! I still remember how I found your blog … it was through Kimberly's mention of you, on hers. I was so over joyed to find another artistic soul … homeschooling her own. Sarah you have such artistic creativity in photography, culinary pursuits, story telling and finding beauty and joy in life's moments … I have no doubt that around your bend … when the time is right … you will no doubt find a whole lot of amazing!


  2. Such a beautiful and inspiring post! It's such a gift when bloggers and readers share their true selves, not just what we think is the "best" part of us.

    1. Why thank you so very much my dear! Thanks goes to you … for being a fore runner in this amazing community. If it wasn't for your setting the tone for this community … in it's early days … we might not be the supportive and positive community we are today. I thank you!


  3. You give me goosebumps. Glorious. Thankyou

  4. First of all...your pictures here are them. Before I read your wonderful words, I just enjoyed the pictures for awhile. You are so right about how enriching blogging can be when we are ourselves and include our stories. My blog was birthed out of my experience of reinvention and literally rebirth at 50... cannot believe it was ten years ago. I have met so many amazing women, like yourself, who have learned the vulnerable, real life way of writing is the best. Great advice!

  5. A magnificent personal reflection and an example of personal decision on life. No one is better or worse, we are all different, and we are all needed. The feeling of empty nest also have some men, maybe that's why I'm here.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and putting them in a space where we can learn from it. You have given me much insight into myself.

  7. Your honest approach to writing touches all of us and in turn helps us see the true beauty in just being who we are. My world of blogging came about when I retired from a very stressful administrative position yet still needed structure and mental challenges. Thank you for the beauty you bring to our blogging world.

  8. So true, Tamera, so true. We are experts in our own stories and lives, no one is better at being us than... Us! Comparison just isn't relevant. The blogs I love the most are truthful and insightful reflections of the people who write them.
    As always, your photos are gorgeous. You look almost wistful against those wonderful backdrops. Beautiful. xxx

  9. Very true. Each one of us is unique and has something valuable to add to the whole. Losing sight of that is easy when you compare yourself to anyone else.

    I learn so much from each different blog I read. Everyone has their own perspective. It makes life rich.

    Once again lovely images and words that make me think.


  10. You have such a powerful "voice" and your blog resonates with me long after I have read each post.
    Your healthy radiance set against the patina and age of this backdrop is quite visually stunning...
    hope that you continue to find your true self through blogging as I am so enjoying tagging along for the ride!

  11. You are a beautiful breath of fresh air my friend. Each week your wisdom and words really resonate with me. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  12. ...eek! A post to read and read again. I think you hit a nerve Tamera. Comparison...I do it...a lot! I can feel it in my heart right at this very moment, that gnawing sensation that I am not being 100% authentic to myself on MY own blog. After reading your words, I literally feel a physical tension and I now understand that I need to let that tension go in order to write the blog I want to read. Thank you!

  13. A beautiful post in ever way. The beautifully written words. The photos. You! And the concepts that you embrace. This blogging community has been a lifeline to me, and remains so today.

  14. You've stated a core value I've held since a very young age. There is no need for comparision.
    Comparision was a concept introduced within adulthood. I still try to understand this, which some hold onto with gusto.
    Everyone is amazing to me in their own ways, and celebrating the successes of others makes life enjoyably full!
    We each have our own time!

  15. Words that resonate so well with me, as always so beautifully expressed and accompanied by your wonderful images. We all have our own story, it takes time to embrace our own uniqueness. x

  16. Am loving this series. You look beautiful. Have been practicing my updo!

  17. I'm so enjoying this series as well. Please keep sharing your wisdom; it's seeping in!

  18. Gorgeous rustic setting! I love your jacket too! I love it when people 'find themselves' just such a powerful thing! I see it in young girls at school and then all of a sudden they are trying to change to appeal to others or fit in, and then bang with the right people, support, freedom out they come again!! You were always there inside, you just didn't have time to come out and play!

  19. I loved this post. As a new blogger, I need to remind myself to be true to my own story, and not worry so much about whether or not I'm getting comments or followers. I'm fairly new to your blog. I'm going to go back and read your other two posts on this. Oh, and you look fabulous!

  20. The contrast of beauty, glamour and rustic sensibilities combined with your wisdom and encouragement is profound in this post.
    I am enjoying your series on blogging Tamera. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul in this.
    xx, Heather

  21. looking fabulous and such wise words as always, you are an inspiration in every way

    Enjoy your break x