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Challenging Myself To Get Dressed …

I realized recently …
Every since I decided to really focus on 
getting back to work …

I have more and more …
stopped  getting dressed
in an attempt to get more done during the day.
It wasn't a conscious decision
I just slipped into day by day.

I have become a women
who spends most of her day in work out wear
never really taking the time to change after the workout.

Not really the designer 
or woman 
I want to be!

So I have decided to give myself the creative challenge of

Getting Dressed everyday

I'm already on day 2!
Day 1 was yesterday's yellow post.

I am scheduling in ample time each day
to play in my closets
with creativity as a goal!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy as you
style your life

You can find my latest installment in my series

Write the Blog You Want to Read
it can help you find the life you want to live.

part 3
  Respecting Your Story


  1. Fun and fabulous, dear Tamera.

  2. I LOVE that you are wearing a tulle skirt! I am also a fan of that blouse and it's beautiful sleeve detail. I look forward to seeing your outfits for the next 30 days.

  3. Beautiful - that's how to make monochrome fabulous! The sleeves on your blouse are gorgeous, and I adore the tulle skirt. xxxx

  4. Wow you really have amped up from work out wear!
    My house uniform tends to be a bit bland ...skinny jeans, a tank and a cashmere sweater with a scarf or pearls.
    I'd love to know where you shop Tamera, perhaps you might take us on one of your shopping trips.

  5. You are so cute! I have done this and I know you can really brightens my spirit to dress up every day...and feel great even if I only go to the grocery or dry cleaners! You look like a creative jewelry designer today!

  6. Cardinal rules of workout wear: 1) not to be worn after actually working out. 2) make sure to wear jeans every 3rd day or that elastic waistband may become mandatory. :/
    Otherwise, as the previous partner of a pro-coach, workout wear can be quite chic.
    Yet you look fabulous in tulle, and there's a time and place for every ensemble.
    Whatever adds zest to life, is in my view, the way to go. Especially sweet when the only one making the rules .. is oneself!
    I always enjoy your style!

  7. You look great - I LOVE this outfit! Very creative and chic!


  8. You look like a grocery cart fairy! LOL

    Seriously that tulle skirt is gorgeous. You must feel fabulous wearing it out and about.


  9. Great is so easy when busy to slip into easy. Every inch the creative designer in this lovely outfit, the tulle skirt is wonderful on you.. and that hat , love it. XXXX

  10. Good 4 YOU!
    As I said, before I'm certain you will get many compliments from others if you show up at the grocery store dressed as you do!

  11. I think you're on a roll!! Love the challenge, envy the time to record it, and definitely will enjoy seeing what you create. Even more, I'll be interested to know how you feel. :-)

    Love you, dear creative one!!

  12. So inspirational - you are my style guru!

  13. That is such a fun outfit - without the hat and tuille it would be a very chic monochromatic look, but their addition makes it playful and cool. I think spending time creating fun outfits is time well spent.

  14. oh, this one is so fun and suits you perfectly! it's the type of look that adds a little mystery and magic to the day, especially anyone you run into or who sees you on the street - "Honey, you won't believe it but i think Alice grew up and married the White Rabbit! No, seriously, i saw her today at Whole Foods!" "In the produce aisle, natch."

    also, i want to come to your house and play dress up ;)

    Have a wonderful day and i can't wait to see what else you come up with!!! steph

  15. I agree with Jean - you are on a beautiful roll, Tamera! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  16. wow.... Love moda +40...

  17. How fabulous!! Just the fun of it. I love tulle skirts!

  18. You just rock everything you wear! How grand you are ... your stature says so much, no matter your height. Lovely creature!
    You are a better woman than I am ( yikes, in so many ways!) and I admire your fortitude and inspired focus. I'm still in jammies ... leggings and big, off the shoulder tee ... no hair or face, just me and the dogs and cats. I wish this bothered me more, but I do dress up and get out 4 out of 7 days for almost the whole day ... 3 lazy days may not be so bad, after all. But I still want to be you when I grow up.

  19. This is such an amazing outfit and blog, I just stumbled upon it and am so happy. Love your skirt, love your hat and love your confidence :D :D x

  20. Yeah, baby. Let's see you do some more moves in that incredible tulle madness! I like your challenge. I'm cheering you on. What a brilliant introduction, day 2. There's a sense of chic mad hatter as well. Everything visually exciting.

  21. Fantastic !!. Well done. Love this look. Love the hat. Everything.

  22. When you decide to dress up, your creativity is thrilling! I love your goal and the outcome! You are stunning in tulle and the hat is a star on Hat Attack. Thank you for sharing!