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Write The Blog You Want To Read … part two

This is the second installment in my series

Write the Blog You Want To Read
it can help you find the life you want to live.

You can find the introduction to the series HERE
Part One can be found  HERE

Part Two - Photos

How Taking Daily Photos
Can Help You Find 
the Beauty
in Your Everyday Life

As I mentioned in my introduction to this series
I came to blogging at a transitional point in my life.

I had just left my daughter at college
and realized
I had all but lost myself in the
raising of my children.

I told you about how  it wasn't until my
Creative Getaway
I took by myself
that I realized
for as long as I had been a parent …

I had no pictures of just me.
In every picture of me
it was always in the context of
wife or mother.

It was taking these photos of myself
by myself
 that began the catalyst 
for once again
finding me
 what would eventually become my new life direction.

There is something quite powerful
about taking your own picture
A true 
looking yourself in the mirror.

For me it was a wake up call
 a realization
that I needed to still have a reflection when I looked in the mirror
I had begun to feel invisible
unless I was a part of a mothering context.

Once I made this realization
I soon realized
 there  were very few family pictures with me.

I had kept beautiful family scrapbooks since the  first birth of my daughter.
But unless you knew better …
you would think my poor kids had no mother
as I always remained on the other side of the camera
It just seemed easier at the time.

That is until my wake up call.

I realized I wanted to be a better role model
than  a woman who only found
self worth through 
her family.

So I realized an easy way to start
rediscovering my own interests

was to simply

start taking a photo a day
of something I found beautiful.

a moment I want ed to save
commit to memory.

I gave myself
the daily task
 of finding 
one thing
that I found beautiful
 to me 
the simpler
the better.

I wanted to teach my heart and soul
to consciously
seek beauty.

Because I knew when I did
I would have less time 
to get pulled 
down the rabbit hole
on heart snags 
of the feeling of loss
as my children
moved on with their lives.

Because as they moved on with there lives
I began to feel like everyone in my family had a good life
because of what I had poured in.

I just had forgotten that I mattered too.

I had forgotten
to truly give to others
we need to do it from overflow
not from personal denial.

I realized I too
wanted a good life
gave myself the daily exercise
to photograph
 the good in my life…

 when I did
 I began to see beauty in my life
quietly everywhere.

My outlook changed 
from someone who had felt cheated by life

to someone who  realized 
just how wonderfully blessed I was 
in my life.

And my friends

this monumental shift in my life view
all started
by retraining
my heart and soul
to see the beauty
in my life
one simple picture a day.

I have found that the more time I spend seeking life's beauty
and growing a grateful heart
not only am I so much more conscious of the good

there in reality
is just less time to feel bad.

There is a saying

"We become what we think of most"

I have found it to be true.
The more time I think of the good 
the better my life is.

For me this is a radical shift in life outlook.
I used to be the one they ridiculed
the likes of Pollyanna.

Now I can see
her outlook of always finding the good in life
was right after all.

Take it from me.

I have been both.

and I know now
to the bottom of my soul

that seeking beauty and joyful moments
and growing a grateful heart
truly change your heart 
your perception of your life.

When I first began my blogging journey
I found a great way to share my weeks photos
of beauty was on my blog.

For quite some time
I did a weekly recap of instagram photos
 linked them with the wonderful Jeanette's blog
Life Rearranged
Hers is a beautiful blog where she shares her life journey
whose tag line is
Life Doesn't Always Go As Planned
Help Other's Anyway.
How great is that!!

Not only is doing a simple weekly recap of photos
a great way to focus on a weeks worth of beauty

It can become a treasured scrapbook of your life's treasured moments.
Linking to sights such as 
is a perfect way to build your 
blogging community even stronger.

Speaking of IntaFriday

I couldn't end part two
that is all about taking pictures …

without mentioning my big love for


If i had to pick only one social media to use it would definitely be


It is absolutely a wonderful
way to share your photos of
beautiful moments!

Using Instagram can really be as fun as a blog
with a much smaller time commitment!

Instagram is also a great way to build community!

You can check out my insatgram feed
and follow along.
I am TAMERABEARDSLEY on Instagram.

So my friends
even if you have no desire to actually blog

I highly recommend

taking one picture a day
of something you find beautiful in your life.

It is a sure fire way
to begin to see all the beauty
that exists in your every day.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Next weeks installment

Respecting YOUR Story

PS If you haven't entered my giveaway this week
you can do so HERE
at the end of the post.


  1. Hello, dear Tamera ! Your photos are so beautiful and you could be talking about me there, when you evoke losing yourself while literally serving others ...I hope I can walk to the other side too and start thinking about me but it is a difficult journey and the longer you leave it, the more difficult it is .Please continue to inspire us ! xo

    1. Dear Silver Bunny, thank you for you kind words … all the way from France. I hope you are soon able to make even small steps … to the other side. Yes, the journey can be difficult … but so very worth it! Thank you my dear, for following along with this series.


  2. I do believe this is what got me blogging in the first place. I was so taken by how "pictures" alone spoke volumes to my soul and heart. I still remember the first time I came across your blog and was instantly drawn in just by your photo's. It truly does help to focus on the beauty that is all around us. Thank you again, my friend, for touching my heart.

    1. Trina, my friend … thank you for your sweet and loving words! You are always an inspiration in the way you give to others and celebrate the everyday joys! so glad we found each other!


  3. Like you my years mothering were the best part of my life, hands down, and it has been a bit rocky at times after the last one left. And it bears remembering that it means a job well done, when they can (or at least think they can) move on and be on their own. You are very creative and have found a beautiful outlet for that in your blog. By nature, I am much more comfortable being in the background and therefore writing a blog and putting myself 'out there' would be a stressful thought to say the least. But I do so enjoy reading about women like you. Your photos are beautiful and always will put a smile on my face.

    1. Cornelia thank you for your thoughtful and generous comments … I always enjoy your visits! Yes, I can understand not wanting to have a blog … but think of it as more of a euphemism for finding something that brings you joy and passion. Reinvesting in myself and finding new joys in life … is what is getting me through some hard times.

      As always my dear … thank you for stopping by!


  4. The best decision I ever made the first year of blogging was to invest in a simple, yet good turned my blog around! Very good advice here, Tamera.

    1. Thank you Pam for your kind comment! I know you inspire many with your blog!


  5. Tamera, how true, as women we give so much of ourselves to others it is so easy to loose your sense of self, so glad you are finding you. Your photos are always so beautifully presented, as one just returning to photography , just so inspiring. Looking through a camera lens does make you appreciate what makes your heart sing. Thankyou for your series.

    1. Jill thank you for your lovely comment and kind words! I just visited your blog … and I must say … it is looking beautiful! I so enjoyed your garden!

  6. Just wonderful!! I couldn't agree with you more. The beauty we see, capture, appreciate and share is a perfect pipeline to our own truth. Honestly, I'm enjoying Instagram very, very much. The gratification is almost instant and the community is wonderful. Enjoy your evening beautiful lady!! xoxo

    1. Thank you Jennifer for your thoughtful words! I am very much enjoying you on IG … especially your recent Vancouver visit!
      I completely agree with you on the instant gratification with IG … and the loving community!

  7. As an aside, what I share on IG is my day to day life...real time. xo

  8. Gak! It looks like my comment went to the abyss. Okay, I'll try again. This post is serendipity. After answering my ten questions last week, it was revealed that photography is a common thread of my three favourite blogs. To paraphrase question #9 { I was quite wordy, LOL}...overwhelming beauty through photos and words...

    I took my camera with me while out today, but didn't take a single photograph. I did take a few when I got home, but the light was low, and the photos didn't turn out well. I have a hand-me-down camera from my husband and I just don't know how to use it in manual mode. Instead of grumbling, I choose to see this as an opportunity to learn a new creative pursuit.

    Tamera, do you have a photography background? Your photos are so beautiful. Do you have a fancy camera? Do you suggest I pull out my trusty point and shoot to take photos with so I can begin to experience what you speak of today?

    Thanks again for this series. xo Sue

    1. Sue I have always had a passion for photography since high school … and have a great collection of film cameras … not that they are ever used anymore … haha. When I first started blogging … much of the photos were done with my iPhone. I have since upgraded to a CanonT2i. But because of the ease … so many of my pictures are done with just my phone … and edited with pic monkey as well.

      I chose to see not having the best equipment … as a challenge to really work with what I had … and still get great results with basic equipment … especially with all of the editing options out today!

      For me … shooting very often …. and a lot of angles of the same subject … helped me develop my eye … and again … editing after the fact.

      I hope this helped answer your questions! Thank you so much for participating in this series my dear!


    2. Thank you Tamera! After posting my comment, I popped over to Instagram for a look. Don't laugh, but I don't own a cell phone. I do have an IPod, and can take photos with it, so I might just use that to start. Your best tip...shooting often, and different angles of the same subject. Okay, wish me luck!

    3. Sue i am so impressed with your ambition and drive to capture beauty! I was just thinking … I still shoot each shot so many times … until I get something I like. Thank goodness that deleting excessive shots is so easy!

      Wishing you the best of luck … but I know with your creativity… passion for beauty and sheer ambition … you won't need much luck!


  9. How profound. We become what we think of most. Just like you, there are years and years of family photos and not one of me! I used to joke that if I died they'd have to use my kindergarten picture in the obituary! I am loving that you're doing this for us. Thank you, Tamera.

    1. Connie I hear you about the photos! Now, with your blog … I know you have remedied the situation … as have I :))

      Thank you so much for following along with this series my dear!


  10. Tamera,
    Once again you hit the proverbial nail on the head! I never took photos because my husband is the "photographer" in our family, therefore I had no reason to do so. It was not until my daughter introduced me to IG at Christmas time that I immediately knew it was time to start using my notebook to share the beauty I see in life. In a few short weeks I have grown to appreciate how the IG community not only shares photos but inspirational thoughts which have had an immediate affect on my life. Your blog has also shown me how important it is to share our fears as well as our strenghts. It is what connects all of us to a common ground and through this we travel roads together. I am truly blessed to see the beauty from all parts of the world and relish the thought that possibly I have touched someone else.
    Thank you for opening up your daily life to us all
    XoXo, Joanne

    1. Joanne … isn't there such beauty and magic on Instagram! For all the negative touting of so much of social media … i was astounded by the beautiful community of like minded souls … like your self … that I have found … and you are right … beauty from all around the world! Sometimes IG feels like a little magic portal … where you put love out there … and it comes back even more profound!

      Finding you my dear … has been one of the magical gifts of Instagram!


  11. "... pulled down the rabbit hole on heart snags of the feeling of loss as my children moved on with their lives." Have you been in my brain the last several days? Thank you for another fantastic installment. I started a similar practice January 1. I take 1-3 photos a day of moments I am grateful for or that I think are beautiful. It has really helped me to stop and be present in my day rather than trying to always climb out of that rabbit hole.

    1. kch thank you for your heartfelt comment my dear! Moving on and transitioning to life's new paths … definitely comes with it's challenges. I am so happy that you too … know the gift of capturing beautiful moments of gratitude … instead of the perpetual rabbit hole climb :)) Thank you so much for your visit … and your meaningful words!


  12. I agree, taking photos of everyday life really helps you to notice and appreciate details and small things you might otherwise overlook. Your photos are always beautiful, Tamera. xxx

  13. It is so impressive how you've been able to so conscientiously carve out a new chapter in your life; thank you for sharing with us. It really is very inspirational and I've only recently just started carrying my camera around with me again. With my children out on their own I realised I've stopped taking photos so it's time I've made an effort again.