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Simple Valentine's Day Decor

With Valentine's Day
right around the corner
I thought I would share with you some simple 
Valentine decor I love to do
as a simple nod
 to a holiday
dedicated to love.

Nothing says Valentine's Day to me more than
pink flowers
 for me the more the merrier
the happier my heart!

I have recently found new love
for carnations 
especially in shades of pinks!

A quick trip to our local market
not only provides carnations
but the bakery has 
heart cookies! 

One of my favorite Valentine traditions
when friends and family come to visit
is setting up trays of pink treats!

Soap stone bowls give these simple bakery cookies 
some fresh edge
as does  filling shot glasses
full of pink jelly beans.

I pull out  my wooden trays
line them with pink paisley napkins
 fill in with flowers and bottles of  pink lemonade!

Almost instantly
 I have a quick and beautiful 
functioning centerpiece for my visitors!

During the week of Valentine's Day it is the perfect time to 
fill my house with flowers.

I do always remember to buy any roses 
at least 8 days before Valentines
because the prices on roses double or even triple any closer to the day.

Tucking in little heart ornaments and messages into bouquets
is another quick way to celebrate the day!

To me 
Paris says Valentines as well.
So pulling out my wire towers
 adding them in around flower bouquets
makes for lovely little vignettes.

 I keep my heart and Paris ornaments
stored separately
so I can easily pull them out 
 work them into vignettes.

Simply adding a pink paper heart 
to this glittering ornament
takes it right to Valentine' Day !

 Of course my 5' x 5' chalkboard above the fireplace
gets a dose of 
Valentine's Day artwork.

 Tulips have a special Valentine's presence worked in front
of chalkboards.

Although tulips always have a special 
Valentine's Day 
presence wherever they are used!

 This year I made a
 soft sculpture heart
 to celebrate the season.

I made it using a base of copper tubing to define the shape
and then
wrapped the heart silhouette  with over 20 yards of tulle.
I knotted and tied the three different shades of pink as I went.
Finishing off the heart 
with hand stitching in primitive stitches 
along the outer edge.

I originally made the heart for our front yard gate 
and then fell in love with it inside!
It makes amy corner immediately
a Valentine's Celebration!

So from my heart and home
 to yours
I wish you a most loving Valentine's Day!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Where, oh where do you come up with all these wonderful ideas? Do you ever not decorate or change something in your mind's eye? :) In any case, as a paired down traditionalist I will borrow an idea or two. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hello dear Cornelia … making things 'pretty' is what makes my heart … happy … so I am always tinkering around with something! I am flattered for you to borrow an ideas! thank you for kind words!


  2. Of course you love Valentines Day! It is sooooooo Tamera. Beautiful heart and flowers (and aren't they so much prettier when they start to flop a bit?)

    1. I do agree Connie … watching flowers go through their entire changes … even the end … is always a beautiful sight!


  3. So very beautiful and creative darling!! I love pink Carnations. Their clove like smell mixes so nicely with Roses, don't you find? I hope to be a lucky guest at one of your fabulous soiree's very soon. Enjoy your Tuesday. xoxo

    1. Jennifer your flowers are always amazing … I do think now I want to mix carnations with roses! Thank you for the fabulous tip my dear!

      I will be looking forward to a visit from you my friend!


  4. Wonderful photos, Tamera. With your permission, and citing your authorship, I will use in my cards.

    1. Thank you Josep-Maria! I am so happy you liked them!

  5. Beautiful flowers...I am impressed. I have not done any decorating this year for Valentine's ....I think I will go home today and draw hearts on my chalkboard!

    1. Aren't chalk boards just the best … instant art and decor … and no storage afterwards! Happy Valentine's Day Pam!


  6. my friends and I were saying how much we loved your theming!! and your turbans and attitude xxx

    1. Oh dear Faux Fuchsia … I am so honored to be a topic of conversation among you and your friends! Thank you for sharing such kind and generous sentiments! You made my day!


  7. Loving the pink!
    Absolutely Gorgeous photos, Tamera!

  8. Wonderful inspirations for Valentines Day! I love your pink self-made heart.. looks gorgeous, must try to make one :)
    I love this beautiful soft pastell pink more than red which you can see everywhere on Valentines Day.

    supercute pictures :)
    have a wonderful Valentines day dear Tamera

    Dana :)

  9. When I think of "Pretty in Pink" I think of you, surrounded by all this quiet, simple and elegant love for all things pink. You have such a way for making simple things so beautiful.