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Introduction to ... Write the Blog You Want to Read ...

 Before I begin my series 

Write the Blog You Want To Read
It Will Help You Find The Life You Want To Live

I wanted to give you some back story of why
I know this to be true.

I began this blog over 2 1/2 years ago 
after contemplating the idea for at least a year.
My daughter had left for college
my 2 boys were in high school
on paths of their own.

A truly empty nest was on the horizon
 after being a full time mother
for over 19 years
even home schooling for a decade,
the free time I had yearned for 
was beginning to look frightening in it's emptiness
as I had no real idea
what I was going to do next.

I had been so invested in the lives of my children
I had absolutely lost myself
 never even saw it happening.

It wasn't until my daughter left for college
that I realized I had spent literally
all of my time and thought 
on what my children needed.
And believe me,
in hindsight this was not a good situation
but that's a story for a different day.

 So after a year of not really getting any further
with 'finding me'
or coming any clearer to my what's next
with the help of a dear friend
(thank you Jana)
I decided to do a blog.
Being a designer
I thought of all the great ideas I could share
and it seemed like a perfect endeavor.

 it did end up to be

but not in the way I had imagined.

My blog ended up to be 
until recently
a form of an online journal
where I have worked out
things like

 life transitioning issues

worked on learning to let go and hold on

uncovered interests that had gone dormant

I have once again found renewed passion
for my designing career

to name just a few of the gifts from blogging.
That doesn't even include one of the very best gifts of blogging
the connecting with so many 
amazing women.

blogging has changed my life
 been a path back
to my authentic self.

This is why I am so passionate to share
what can be gained from blogging
Because we all have a story
 we can all gain so  much
from connecting and sharing.

At the beginning of my blogging journey
I had decided to travel by myself
to Central California for the Remnants of the Past Antique show
on what I termed
 a creative getaway.
It was the very first time I had traveled alone since being married.

I had an iPhone for the first time
decided to take a picture of myself
when I did
I realized it was the first picture I had of myself
just myself
not as someone's wife or mother
in over 20 years.

This hit me so hard.
How could I have ever lost myself this much
in my attempt to be a perfect parent.

I had become everything I feared
someone who existed only in relationship to others.

This is a moment of recognition that I will never
ever forget.
By losing myself
(I didn't even realize until years later)
I was demanding my family to make me whole.

It was then and there
I decided it was time to 

invest in myself.
The road back to me had begun.

 I have this blog to thank.

 My blog started out slow
and quiet
 that was just the way I wanted it.

It takes some time
to find ones voice again.
I allowed myself to move forward
with no agenda
other than 'posting' twice a week.

And by posting
I mean
making an entry.
My posts were just photos
of things I found beautiful.
Learning to look for the sheer purpose of 
finding beauty
was a skill I had to reacquaint myself with

 I did

little by little.

I didn't even make my 'blog' public for months
even then
there were no words.

 My aim for my blog
was to find a way back to me.
To find my authentic self
my passions
my voice in the world.

The purpose for my blog 
was to be a conduit in restoring my creativity.

It has.

I can now see clearly
what I want my next to be…

I want to live a beautiful life.
I want to make great art.
I want to inspire others.

So please join me for my series


I know it works.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. This is so wise and so true! I get such a sense of stopping, slowing down, appreciating the beauty in every day life when I read your blog. It's like a little oasis! When I started my blog that "write the blog you want to read" was a very conscious intent, as I couldn't find any style blogs addressing women 50+. (Now there seem to be hundreds..hooray!!) And yes, the connections we make are the very best part of this whole enterprise, that and learning about ourselves. Bravo to you, Tamera!!

    1. Thank you my dear for your sweet words … they are truly a gift to my soul!

      Thank goodness for you … and braving a trail for the rest of us! If you didn't start … just think how many fewer of us there would be now … to reap the personal benefits of blogging! I truly tip my hat to you in much gratitude! It is posts like yours today … that can have all of us reconsidering our talk on aging … you are always an inspiration! I am grateful for our connection!


  2. Wow - that is very powerful and actually brings tears as I realize that I have a long way to go to find my voice. I use to have it but it went somewhere along the way..... Thank you

    1. My dear … voice recovery is a process … but with intent and self love … it can be done with … I know. It took me quite some time and searching to rediscover mine. Thank you so for your heartfelt comment. i wish you all the very best.


  3. I completely understand, Tamera. I lost myself in family and had a AHA moment when I turned 50. That has lead to a makeover, a blog, and now my I MATTER series. I have always loved coming to your blog for your creativity and to connect with women much like me. I so look forward to what you have ahead for us and to see your creations. I applaud your strength and wisdom!!

  4. Thank you so very much for your kind words!

    I just checked out your "I Matter" series … I absolutely love it! I can see you and I are both on a mission to inspire others with the lessons and gifts we have found through blogging! What powerful words you have chosen for your series … I Matter … these two words are life changing! Kudos my dear! Huge supportive hugs to you!


  5. I love this post. You seem so happy. Wonderful! x

  6. Your blog is such a reflection of you - it is a feast for the eyes, and the heart, because of your design and writing skills. I try to write the blog I want to read, and in the process, have learned more about who I am and what I want out of life. The connections I've made with women all over the globe is one of the best things that has come out of my almost 5 years of blogging.

    Here's hoping that you continue to find blogging to be a worthwhile and creative part of your life, and I wish you well on the ongoing journey of discovering your own identity.

    1. Thank you so much for the gift of your beautiful words and sentiment!

      Your blog is wonderful, I was moved to tears with your most recent Art exhibit share … thank you my dear!

  7. You put your heart online and it shows. You have a way with photos and words that is very calming and reflective.

    As I mentioned before my goal when blogging was simply to make a blog I would want to visit. It has turned into a diary of sorts depending on what is going on in my life. With this year being so terrible for health in my family I ended up sharing stories I never thought I would have, and hope I never have again.

    I'm interested to see what your next posts will be in this series.


    1. Thank you Suzanne for your kind and thoughtful words!

      I have appreciated your shadings on your blog this last year … I too hope you never have to share such chilling stories … like the terrifying hospital stay! My heart still goes out to your for enduring such a nightmare. On a lighter note … you were absolutely stunning for New Year's Eve! Here's to all the vey best this coming Year!


  8. With this piece, it's as if you met me for coffee, looked at my life and said "Hey, I've been there and it's going to be okay." This week, our second week of being empty nesters, I was organizing all the things in my house that had been neglected by years of being too busy with the kids and being ill for a number of those years. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the emptiness of the house, my cupboards and my life. I can easily refill my cupboards but the other things, are not so easy. I started crying and shaking and then, there you were. You have made such a difference today, I can't even put it into words. I am moving forward with joy and not fear, thanks to you.

    Many heartfelt hugs,


    1. Barbara, thank you so very much for your heartfelt comment … it is truly a gift to my soul … and exactly why I feel so passionately about this series. Ii have been right there … and know how agonizing it can be. But I also know, now … how there can be so much wonderful to come. Your words are an inspiration … "moving forward with joy and not fear" … thank you my dear!

      I send you hugs of comfort.


  9. AHHH! Thank you! Blogging has been a wonderful part of my life as well!!!! And, finding other bloggers has been a very special part of that wonderfulness.
    Although I don't comment often....I do follow along and I truly adore your blog (which in turn means that I adore you!). You always give me something to ponder, something of beauty and a good dose of inspiration. I too have an itty bitty blog that I have been doing for 7's nothing much but it has kept me on my specific journey. And, it has brought me places that I would have never traveled if not for the fact that I was writing this blog about nothing and everything. Your blog is truly a work of art!

    1. Thank you Judi for your sweet and touching words!

      I am so happy to hear you already know the joys and benefits of blogging … and for 7 years no less!! You Go Girl … that is impressive! You are a true trail blazer!


  10. this is beautiful and inspiring! so good you did it and shared the story with us! this is going to make me start working on my blog sooner. thank you!

    1. Thank you Lali!! I can't wait to see your blog! As you know I have been following your breathtaking photos on IG … you have such beautiful vision and the soul of an artist … I can't wait to see your blog … I know it will be inspiring!

  11. Well said. I am looking forward to reading so much more as your wonderful future life unfolds. As Depok Chopra says, "the field of unlimited potential" lies ahead.


    1. Thank you Judy! And thank you for sharing one of Depok Chopra's very inspiring quotes!

  12. {hugs} So glad you decided to share yourself with others. You do it well my friend!

    1. Thank you Jana … and thanks again, for having the patience to help launch this journey!


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Cornelia, thank you for your poignant comment. I have found as I have gotten older … where I thought there were such differences amongst women, we are all the same in our passionate love for our children. Your lovely comment truly touched my heart.

      I send you big healing hugs.


  14. Tamera, I needed to read this, at this moment exactly. I want to blog again, but it needs to be different this time. You are beautiful and inspiring. miss you and love you. xoxoxox

  15. You are such a positive presence with your blog, thank you for sharing your thoughts and sentiments. I recently just "launched' my children and have been a bit adrift and find myself dipping my toes into the blogging world. It's very inspiration to read how much blogging has helped you to find your true self again. I hope I can be so lucky!

  16. Thank you for your blog. I can relate to you in so many ways. As a mother of 5 children and now a grandmother of 12 I have been busy but with other people's lives. Even my art became about how to create to be profitable to provide for others. I've remarried and moved from all my friends and have found reading blogs of women that are experiencing similar paths very meaningful. Yours is special and I can wait to read more