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The Beverly Hills Hotel

I have seeing more of Los Angeles on my agenda this year.
We live about an hour south and I have realized I am more familiar 
with cities in Europe than I am about my own backyard.
I can tell you all of the best places to go 
in South Orange County
all the big ones … and all of the great little finds.
So now I am on the hunt  this year for some great LA finds
So if you visit 
 asked what's  great to see in LA
I'll have some LA answers too! 

We have been having postcard Southern California weather this season
So on a picture perfect day
Jeff, Ellis and I headed up to the iconic Beverly Hills 
to have Sunday brunch at the 
Polo lounge.
Jeff and I have had this on our must see and do list for ages.

First we had to find out exactly where this famous 
Polo Lounge was located …

We did.
It's located inside the marvelous 

The Beverly Hills Hotel
knows how to have a fun entrance to be sure!

We had a most marvelous brunch in the
 very iconic Polo Lounge.
Sadly, the lighting didn't make for good photos
which was probably for the best 
as I was with 2 of my favorite people
and truly wanted to experience 
the Polo Lounge with them. 

I had no idea the Beverly Hills Hotel 
was known as the pink hotel
when I chose my fuchsia sequins as the accent color for my white suit.
I know you'd  'luff ' it here
and not only for their accent colors
but because the hotel is a little oasis unto it's own.
The pool is lined with cabanas
the property is enclosed with living walls of green
so you feel you are on your own estate
 mostly because 
The Beverly Hills  Hotel
still has the Hollywood glamour it was built with
so many years ago.

Blazer-Tory Burch, white jeans-BadleyMischka, white shirt-Adrienne Vitadinni, sequin shell-Donna Karan, bag-Juicy, pearl cuff-Tamera Beardsley Design (soon to be released).

Since we were already in Beverly Hills
how could we not take a quick spin down 
Rodeo Drive.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life. 


  1. Oh wow. I've lived here for over 20 years and have never visited the BH Hotel. I'm making a point to do so soon!

    1. une femme - I know, I have been next to nowhere in Scotland as I've been going to LA for 45 years!

    2. Une Femme, I have been here my whole life … and have barely seen much of LA. I was scared off 20 years ago going for supplies in downtown … But now it has been redeveloped and has a brand new energy to it! I'm going to have to ask Suzanne for ideas of what to see … in her comment she tells of what sounds like a dream LA stay!

  2. Tamera, you look so glamorous and absolutely appropriately attired for brunch at The Polo Lounge. I can imagine guests whispering how that remember you from a favourite film, but can't quite put a name to the face! I believe the lighting is intentionally low level to provide privacy for the famous guests?

    1. Thank you my dear … yes the lighting ddi make for a more intimate meal :))

  3. You look so at home on the red carpet, Tamera! This setting suits you and all of your fabulous style. Thanks for the has been many many years since I was there! You look awesome!

  4. Oh I've heard so much about this hotel that we must make a pilgrimage on our next trip to California.
    You look like Hollywood royalty in your fur and sunnies!
    Will you announce when the pearl bracelet is online for sale?

    1. Thank you my dear for your kind words! I will definitely announce when my encrusted pearl bracelet is on sale … we are hoping to release them in a couple of months. Thanks you for your interest!

  5. T, the funny thing is that I have been going here since I was 12 and know it better than Scotland!
    Am green with envy.

    1. Tabitha … life's irony … I'm going back to work … so I can afford to return to Scotland!

  6. When my husband surprised me last year with a trip to LA and a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel it was the second time I'd stayed there. We stayed in one of the iconic bungalows before. This hotel has the best service I've ever received in a hotel and I adore it. Old fashioned elegance.

    You look like you were meant to be there. Hobnobbing amongst the celebrities.


    1. Wow Suzanne! What a wonderful surprise … and in the iconic bungalows no less! You must know my background better than I do! What are your other favorite LA haunts?

  7. Gorgeous - you in pink sequins, and this fabulous landmark! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    1. Thank You Patti! I am so very intrigued with the art project you shared!

  8. You've just made me pine all the more for sunny CA! Cant wait to move there--soon...soon. Thanks for sharing xoxo
    You look absolutely stunning in white!

  9. Tamera! You look absolutely gorgeous :) have a lovely week . Kisses Beata

  10. My friend, You are picture perfect! Now I know where we will have to visit next time I'm in town. I'll remember to pack my pink as well.

  11. How fun and glamorous! You must've felt like such the celebrity that you are.
    I need to come back down to So Cal again this year - so much left to see and do!
    xo, A

  12. What a glorious looking day! I love taking day trips to explore. Love that pink top :)

  13. You look wonderful, Hollywood glamour itself. ... A stay at the hotel is now on my bucket list, thanks to your great photos. Thankyou for sharing your day. XX

  14. D travelled extensively, i wonder if he went to the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA
    Looking like a star in your white suit and pink sequin top!


  15. You are fabulous!
    And yes, it's true...we often miss out on all of the fabulousness in our own backyard don't we? I definitely know South Florida better than many areas in my own city! Crazy.

  16. Very fun Tamara! Yes sometimes our own back yards are full of history, style and inspiration. I love southern California. I have traveled there more than any other place ever. Being in Utah it is a short drive (8 hours) and an even shorter plane ride away. We have done both. I love the drive. We stay overnight in St. George or Mesquite and skip Vegas all together. We have relatives and friends all over; San Clemente, Bellflower, Cypress and places in Ventura county. I loved your photos and the gorgeous white ensemble = perfection.

  17. My niece had her Bat Mitzvah party in the grand ballroom and we had a small (11 people) for lunch in the Polo Lounge to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday. Both parties were wonderful.

  18. Oh what fun in Beverly Hills! I swooned just driving through on our way to Santa Monica recently. By the way-that new bracelet you have designed-tres chic!!
    xx, Heather

  19. You look ilk a movie star!! And Tamara Beardsley designed cuff… ooh la la! Can't wait to see your line, which I know will be super chic.
    xo~ kim

  20. Good for you! There's so much to experience!

  21. Awwwh. I'm feeling all nostalgic, but I have to note that the BHH never looked more glam than in photos with you in them! Such history, such old school elegance and all that goes with it. Thanks for the mini-tour of the lovely buildings, Lovely Lady!

  22. you look lovely, really lovely and thank you for thinking of me!!! I hope to visit there one day x

  23. Thanks so much for joining my link-up. This certainly added the "Glamour" I was hoping for (come on, Harry Winston, tell me all about it!).