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Airstream Glamping at Pismo Beach

Hello my friends!
I'm back from a marvelous trip up north to
 Pismo Beach
for some
It was one of those magical weekends
that makes transitioning back 
to the work week a bit of a challenge.

The weekend was all I was hoping for and more!

I started the trip with a well edited wardrobe.
When I travel
I like to pull just one color palette
so all the pieces can be interchanged
as I never know exactly
what I will feel like wearing and want options.

Traveling in our Airstream
makes it possible to bring a few extras
but I really am enjoying the possibilities
of bringing the fewest pieces.
SomedayI would love to be one of those travelers
that can be stylish and chic with just one carry on!

I narrowed my shoe choices to three
and actually only ended up using my Birks and Coach kitten heels.

I brought my cream turban and my angora beret from Paris.
Running out the door in the early morning
I also grabbed my floral headband
and I was so glad I did!

I chose these headwear pieces because
I wanted a finished look
without spending time on my hair.

The beret always works perfectly
for boat rides
because you can tuck your hair up inside
without it blowing off.

I pulled a few of my favorite accessories
that played perfectly
with my textured neutrals.

I ended up perfectly happy with my wardrobe choices.
They were all easy and functional
with enough polish that 
I never felt I was sacrificing style for function.

The scenery at our campsite is always breathtaking.

My verdict about my Birkenstocks …
I am all in!
I quickly got over any reservations I might have had 
about these shoes.
These Birks have all the ease of a flip flop
but a much more steady sole.
They went perfectly from beach walks to boat rides
 casual beach lunches
without missing a beat.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I'm so happy you had a wonderful trip to see your girl!! Your wardrobe was creatively stunning, as always. Only you, could make Birkenstocks look glamorous, my friend. Love all the textures and soft colors you chose. Your photos are stunning. Enjoy your week darling! xoJennifer

  2. Thanks for visiting my dear Jennifer! I did enjoy my well edited wardrobe so much … it makes me want to edit my whole closet! It is so much easier and ever so much more fun to get dressed … with getting to choose from just pieces you love!


    PS I know I still need to answer your email my friend!!

  3. What a beautiful colour palette, I love all of these shades, pin them all the time, yet my wardrobe barely has anyone of them - must try harder.
    The airstream, the scenery, your glamour - all amazing.

  4. Love all of the white...and the necklaces look stunning...not to mention the sunset!!

  5. Your choices are elegant, but also appropriate for the area. Isn't that a stunning part of the world?

  6. Bill and I took our RV out to the coast this weekend, too! I was inspired by your Instagram photo to convince Bill to dust the old thing off.
    One of these days we must rendezvous and glamp together!
    Love your creamy neutral traveling wardrobe. So appropriate for the beach!

  7. Lovely, she said, after recovering from a bit of scenic envy. :))

  8. Wow! what great pics! I'd never be able to do an all neutral wardrobe like you.


  9. So glad everything was as you hoped. Your images as wonderful as ever, your wardrobe choices perfect for the setting.

  10. It looks like a idyllic trip. Gorgeous wardrobe choices, beautiful setting, and as always, delightful photos. xxx

  11. Love your choices of headwear and the idea of designating one color palette is brilliant. The artist that you are! The photos depict a weekend that was perfection for you; thanks for passing it forward to us.

  12. It's all breathtaking, the scenery, the wardrobe, your two gorgeous men, and your incredible smile. I would never thought to choose cream (or off white) as a glampling choice, but here you go again and make it all so perfect. And, it really was, it was just so perfectly you and beautiful and so well thought out. I've got the one-color palette thing pretty much down when I travel but it doesn't come close to looking anything like you pull off. If we ever travel together I will need you to go through my closets and pack for me.

  13. You have such a beautiful family. If anyone could make Birks glam it is certainly you, my goodness but you look wonderful!
    I was wondering if at some point you could show how you do your hair when you are wearing wide headbands or turbans? Yesterday I was inspired to use a scarf as a headband (inspired by you), but it was an epic fail. Scarf sliding around, hair in disarray, a big mess. Tips would be welcome!

  14. Beautiful, Tamera! Nicely done!

  15. Sacrificing style for function? Not you. Perfectly delightful!

  16. oh so lovely a glamping we will go!