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Vintage Travel Party Decor

We traveled up to Pismo Beach this weekend
for my daughter's auction at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
It was  their yearly fundraiser
 Ellis was the co chair for the event
in her Event Planning major.

The chosen theme
Vintage Travel

I was absolutely amazed
  how they executed
 the theme and decor
on almost no budget .

Just a lot of borrowing, donations
a whole lot of creativity and work
in pulling it all together
with weeks of flea market collecting thrown in for good measure!

Jeff and I were able to help 
make succulent arrangements with donated plants.

Repeating plant usage
or flowers
in various sizes and containers
adds unity to any party decor.

Adding tiny pebbles to each succulent arrangement
gave them the perfect finishing touch!

Arrangements were made in
 wooden boxes
as well as
 silver pieces and crystal bowls.
I can't wait to hit the antique market this weekend
for some vintage silver pieces.
Adding in succulents 
is an almost instant style maker
when they are finished off with tiny stones!

Another item I am  definitely going to add to my styling inventory is
a collection of tree branch rounds.
The auction committee was able to borrow
for free
many of their party props from
Zest It Up
an event company located in San Luis Obispo.
Zest It Up had  so many inventive party decor ideas
like using tree branch rounds.

Cut thin they are the perfect grounding layer
for anything.
Cut thick they make for perfect lifts and levels when setting up vignettes.
I see can styling with  these pieces again and again.
Jeff has already agreed to cut a collection for me!

One of my very favorite elements of their decor

penant bunting
made from grocery bags and twine!

This was pure genius party decor!
Recycling grocery bags and some time
made for huge party impact!

Used throughout the space
instant party cohesiveness was accomplished
at No Cost
aside from some twine!

Another absolutely sweet bunting was made from
 cutting hearts from maps!
The maps were from AAA
 for any member…
they are free!

Since most all maps are printed on both sides
they are perfect for heart bunting
as both sides can show fabulously!

Another inspired decor was 

made from book pages
 craft paper!

Again almost no cost
made for wonderfully inspired decor!

Using the pinwheel in each succulent arrangement 
as well as 
the focal tables
made sure the inspired designs
were sprinkled throughout the party.
Just one more way to unify the decor.

Tables were set just as creatively as the rest of the decor!

Centerpiece arrangements were made more impactful with
maps laid down  in the center.
Collected vintage books
some which were wrapped in music paper and twine
 were added next.
Next came the  succulent arrangements

Layering in elelments 
is a cost effective way to add 
impact to your centerpieces.

To add even more 
cost effective impact to the table

placemats were cut out of craft paper
bambo plates were used with borrowed vintage silverware.

Finished of perfectly with
hand torn napkins
made from sheets form the thrift store.

Having almost no budget
never slowed down the party style for the
Cal Poly Auction!

So the next time you're planning your own party

Creativity and labor
can always take party style
the furthest!

Congratulations to
Ellis and all the committee members!
You all showed just how far you can go with 
party style
on a budget!
Congratulations for your record breaking fundraising of
30,000$ !!!
A 50 percent increase from last year!
Styling really can make an impact!!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Well, it's obvious that Ellis is your daughter! This is a brilliant display of creativity and I congratulate Ellis and the committee members on putting together such a beautifully themed auction. The pinwheels really take me back. Of course, I'm paying extra special attention to your photography and collages Tamera. Beautiful!!

  2. Fun theme...gorgeous plants...and I would love to find an old typewriter like this one! Glad she had you guys to help out!

  3. Congratulations on splendid decorations. There is true artistry at work here.

  4. You are magnificent - amazing and always inspiring. Love it …… :) x

  5. The decorations are all so creative and effective, great ideas. You must be so proud of Ellis and the rest of the team, they did a fabulous job. Xxx

  6. Love it, love it, love it! I especially enjoyed seeing all their creative outlook on decorating on a college budget. Ellis should be very proud of herself, she did one fantastic job. I kind of get the feeling she learned from the best of them (dear mother). So glad you shared this with us.

  7. Wow, what a stunning project! They did an amazing job at putting all of this together on a budget. Ellis and her team are on their way to a bright future ahead!

    She is most definitely your girl! She shines like her Mama! Way to should be so proud!

  8. That looks like a great event! Fun and whimsy, very creative and thrifty....think she must have inherited your artistic eye Tamera.
    Congratulations on the profits too!
    Now I need to find some succulents and silver....

  9. You should be so proud of Ellis! Just terrific. I'm nuts about that vintage typewriter.

  10. Lovely! What a special event and what a special attention to detail. I think the apple did not fall far from the tree!