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Llama Llama New Mamma Baby Shower

What better way to celebrate 
Mother's Day 
this week
than sharing a sweet
New Mamma Baby Shower.

A couple of months back
Megan's own Mamma
threw her a Baby Shower!

I volunteered to do the styling.

And these adorable Llama invites
that Christa ordered
were the perfect jumping off point!

When I style a party
I like to pick just a couple of  major focal points
really go in deep with layers.

For the main table here
I started with a folding screen 
to frame the visual space.

Next I added textiles to the table.
I built up the sides with baskets
that captured the  relaxed, festive 
feeling I was going for.

How fun are the garlands I added to help
bring home the Llama theme!

A new bamboo tray worked 
effectively to  contain and present the glasses.

I found these felt flowers at Target
They were such a quick and easy way to add in some more 
fun color.

This woven llama basket from Target
was a must have!

Instead of using cut flower arrangements 
I chose to use potted flowers.
I opted to use a pale pink Kalanchoe throughout
I stuffed the llama full of potted flowers!

I even found themed wrapping paper
and used more of the felt flowers
to finish off the present!

How adorable are these sweet deserts
done by one of Christa's friends!

Christa, (Megan's mom)
did little Kalanchoe pots
for party favors

They were a perfect touch
also added to the shower decor!

The second main focal point I styled
was a special chair and photo backdrop
for Megan to open presents.

Since the party was not at my house
I used a folding screen as a backdrop.

I draped the screen with a faux fur throw
added in a bamboo share with a tasseled pillow
finished off the vignette with a luxurious tassel garland 
from Crate and Barrel kids.

Here is a happy and beaming Megan  with her Momma!

It was such a lovely event 
celebrating the new Momma to be!

I am a big believer in
Celebrating Life Moments!

Talk about celebrating
Life Moments
Hunter and Megan 
had a fabulous maternity shoot!
I thought I'd share a few of their pictures!

And welcome sweet, sweet
 Lennon Rae Beardsley
who arrived March 29th!

Wishing new Momma Megan
a lifetime of  heartwarming
Mother's Days!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

You can see
Hunter and Megan's

Beachside Proposal

Engagement Party

Rehearsal Dinner



  1. Congratulations! What a sweet baby. You throw the BEST parties. My oldest just got engaged so I love all the links to past posts for inspiration.

  2. Welcome to Lennon Rae - she looks like you Tamera! What a gorgeous babe, and lovely welcome party. Those felt flowers are so pretty, and the llama theme the cutest thing. Love the way you layer your party themes. xxx

  3. Oh, Tamera ... such beautiful styling (as always!) and fun llama theme! It’s been such a delight following Megan and Hunters engagement-to-baby journey. Congratulations on the arrival of your first grandchild, Lennon Rae! xo

  4. This was so beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes! You are so talented at decor, but even more with your writing! Thank you for that beautiful post!

  5. Such a lovely post, Tamera. Lucky DIL to have a MIL with such amazing decorating flair. Love the pregnancy shots and love that little baby, congratulations to ALL!
    Hugs, Mary.

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