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We have another family wedding coming up in the next couple of months.
Our youngest son is getting married
to his gorgeous fiancee in July! 
So it is beginning to be full steam wedding mode at our home these days!

This has made me realize
I haven't even shared the wonderful
Engagement Party
we threw for 
Hunter and Megan a few months back!

I believe a great start to a party is a 
fabulous invite!
It's an easy way to set a style and tone for the event!

The party was an evening event in the backyard.

I set up a lovely cake table inside
to greet our guests.

These  love spoons are a perfect cake topper
for an engagement cake 
They were an engagement present for the couple
from a dear friend!
I was so happy she gave them to me early!

I dressed up 
a simple cake with natural elements.

Ellis and I handmade
Hunter and Megan's
initials out of tubing and cotton strips 
to personalize the tablescape.

I used plenty of
 battery pack tiny lights
both inside an out that evening.
They are such a quick and inexpensive way to add
some fun drama and ambient lighting.

For party giveaways
we had white candles
that we simply finished off with 
twine and an eucalyptus leaf.

I loved the white, which says bridal
there was eucalyptus used throughout
both inside and out.

We got these beauties at the dollar store.
Used in mass
finished off
they far exceeded their price!

I found some great
 cotton napkins online
 for just about $1.00 a piece.
And the best part, they were already pressed and folded!!

The benefit of doing an event in your own backyard
is the time frame to set up.
I started rearranging my backyard days before the party.
For more seating I pulled my front courtyard furniture into the backyard.
I didn't even have to rent anything!

Another design element for 
the Engagement Party
were the
Mexican Wedding Banners
I ordered 12 packs
used them throughout the party spaces
to tie all the spaces
inside and out together.

For the menu
we wanted to keep it fun and light
so we did 
tacos and margaritas!

We hired someone to come and make fresh tacos to order.
She brought a huge selection of top ingredients
with several meat or vegetarian choices.
She was set up in our front courtyard
so her setting up, and taking down her cooking station
never interrupted the party flow.

Our gorgeous engaged couple!

In the backyard I set up
a salsa and chip bar
for easy access for everyone.

For the appetizers we ordered
 bamboo plates and forks.

It was an informal party
so I left our tables unset
had votive candles with eucalyptus
for decor.

And how gorgeous are these two!
They have been together seven years already!
They met at summer camp
the year before high school!
I have loved Megan for years
always secretly hoping they would get married,
but never mentioning that fact
as I never wanted to put pressure on either one of them.

So I couldn't be happier that they are getting married
becoming a member of our family!
And I am so happy that our two families will be joining together!
Megan's Mom gave me a card that said she thought
"god had chosen our families to come together"
I couldn't be happier at the joining of
the couple 
our families.

These two might be on the young side
but they are old souls
with maturity beyond their years!
With such an ability 
to see the important parts in life already!

This Momma's heart is  pretty darn proud 
at the most wonderful 2 spouses
my son and daughter have found!
It's a truly joyful time
to see your family grow
with such love!

One of my favorite things to add to a party these days is 
a photo booth.

Time seems to go by so fast these days
especially at parties.
I really appreciate having loving memories 
of the People
at a party.

I added more of the 
Mexican bridal garland
 to my framed canvas backdrop
Another way to tie the party elements together
create a beautiful backdrop.

We added  a large
 'bouquet' of pampas grass
for some bohemian flair.

For the night's festivities I chose to wear my
vintage 'Hostess Dress'
that I found in Palm Springs.
And it worked like a charm.
The dress spoke to the occasion with it's full embroidery front and back
just as important
moved with such hostessing ease
I think it's a type of dress that need a resurgence!

And of course the occasion called for a Crown!

Here is our gorgeous 
Bride To Be
with her lovely sister and beautiful mother!
Megan's mother has raised two intelligent, strong, gorgeous young women
who also are athletes at the collegiate level!

Aren't Crowns just perfect for a photo booth!

The engaged couple with my parents and brother.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while
can you believe these two will 
be celebrating their two year anniversary next month!
It seems like we were just planning our  darling daughter's wedding to her incredible husband!

Two of my dear friends that not only came to the party
but came early to help me light what felt like a hundred candles!

And they got their men to take this fabulous picture!!
See everyone can use a Crown!!

It ended up to be such 
a magical night all around!
And another chance for both side of family and friends
to come together to celebrate a 
very beloved couple!

And there were 
presents to be opened as well!
How darling was this gift's presentation!
Complete with a chalk board sign to count down the days until
these two say I do!

Wishing Hunter and Megan
a lifetime of love and happiness!

I am so excited for their wedding!!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

You can read about Hunter's 
romantic beachside proposal HERE

If you're looking for more engagement inspiration
you can find 
Ellis's Engagement Party HERE


  1. Oh my! A party put together with your indefatigable panache and elan, dear Tamara. Congratulations to this MFEO couple. Hugs, x.

  2. So much joy and fun! What a wonderful set of photos

    1. Sarah thank you so much for visiting and your sweet words darling!! xox

  3. What a beautiful, fun engagement party! Love everything including the Mexican fiesta theme, the cake and photo backdrop. I’m planning a baby shower for my niece and this gave me ideas for a photo backdrop. Because I live in another state, I’m hosting the shower on a restaurant patio, making the planning slightly more challenging - so thanks for the inspiration! I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years since Ellis got married. Feels like yesterday. I say that all the time though, in relation to all our kids. Cannot wait to see the photos of your youngest sons wedding - and love he’s marrying his childhood sweetheart!

    1. Julie thank you so much for your loyal visits darling, I sure appreciate them! Planning a baby shower sounds so fun! I can relate to the planning for an off site event. We are in the process of planning the rehearsal dinner ... but nothing could be as hard as Ellis's wedding set up and tear down! Can't wait to s
      hear more about the baby shower! I am so enjoying the amazing pictures of your dreamy home! xox

  4. oh what fun!!!! I love these ideas!!! Especially the crowns, the twinkle lights, the photo booth, the Mexican 'flag' banner ideas, gosh - everything! Thanks for the fun inspiration - as we have a wedding in our family coming up this October! I'm thrilled - and so grateful for you sharing your beautiful ideas!! Cheers & blessings Tamera!! Love, Roxanne

    1. Thank you ever so much Roxanne, for your visit and sweet words darling!! How exciting that you have a family wedding in October!! Who is getting married? Will the wedding be in New England? Can't wait to hear more about it all darling!! xox

  5. What a joyful and fun post, Tamera. Your style and elegance shines through, and you look wonderful in your vintage dress. The Mexican wedding banners are fantastic, drawing it all together in your own stylish way. Love the touches of orange, especially your mother's jacket. She looks amazing! Best wishes to Hunter and Megan for their special wedding day, and congratulations to you for organizing this beautiful party. xx

    1. Patricia thank you for your loyal visits from Brisbane ... and your sweet words darling! I always appreciate them so!! xox

  6. So sweet, so wonderful, so gorgeous, so creative! Bravo GIRLS !!!! XO

    1. Why thank you ever so much darling!! And thank you so much for visiting!! xox

  7. What a fabulous way to celebrate. Only you make it to this level of stylish, from scratch. So happy for you ☀️

  8. Every detail so thought out and special. You are incredibly talented and your family truly benefits!! So excited for Hunter & Megan. Such happy times for your family xo

  9. It was so much fun to see the photographs of your son and his future bride's engagement party. Our daughter Averell is getting married this summer. She is marrying a young Englishman, who she met while studying at St. Andrews University in Scotland....where Kate and William also met. I'm so looking forward to the festivities. I should purchase one of your crowns asap. Thanks for sharing