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11 Honore' Photo Shoot ... Behind the Scenes

I recently had an interview and photoshoot at my house for 
11 Honore'

You can read the article HERE.

I don't work with too many brands
because I have chosen not to be  branded
'an Influence'
but rather 
I want to view my self as 
'an encourager'

Life can be hard on us all 
at one time or another
so I think finding all the joy and beauty 
along the way is important.

That being said
every once in a while 
a brand comes along 
that really resonates with me.

11 Honore'
is one of those brands.

11 Honoré is a size-inclusive shopping site that for the first time ever, gives more women the option to experience the best designer clothing and celebrate and honor their bodies, beauty and style.

The shoot was a fun collaborate effort
with a great photographer, assistant 
 hair and makeup!
What a true luxury it was 
to work with such a quality team!

I sure did enjoy the help of  the  team to make me look good!
It was a powerful moment for me 
in this Praba Gurung dress
toasting to 
'This is 60!'

Clothes have always been an important part of my self expression.
They can convey my mood.
Sometimes they can be a positive armor 
of self protection.
Other times simply fun and joyful.

During the shoot it made my heart happy
to truly realize
will continue to be important players
in my life 
no matter my age.

The best outfits will always be ones that add
 energy and confidence to my day!

One of my favorite parts of the interview
was some of the thought provoking questions I was asked.

"What was it about my blog that I found gratifying?

That for me is an easy one.

My favorite part of my personal blog
is definitely the community of so many fabulous woman
all over the world that I have met.
The community that we have all built.

I have witnessed the strength of so many woman
who have navigated life's storms
with grace and dignity through the years.

Which in turn gave me a strength 
to dig deeper
keep my head high
when I have had to navigate my own storms.

When life is hard
it is all too easy to feel alone in the struggles
Sometimes just knowing 
life can be hard on us all at different times
can ease the aloneness.

And seeing others rise above
come back stronger
paves the way for ourselves to do so.

My blog has given me a personal space
to share 
joy, beauty and creativity.

It has given a personal space
to share my voice
good times 
the hard times.

I have chosen to be transparent
here on my blog.
I don't just share the pretty outfits, rooms and travels
parties and celebrations

I have shared the hard times too
in the hopes that mine can be an encouragement to others
as others have been to me.

I started my blog when my daughter left for college
not having the slightest clue
as to what I was going to do in my next phase
after completely devoting myself to raising my three.

I started by simply taking pictures of things I found beautiful.
Putting attention
on what I found beautiful
began to ignite creativity.

It was with tiny steps
plus intention
that I began to find my way back to my own self.

It was my blog that began the catalyst.

In my transparency here on my blog
I have also shared about a family estrangement
a marriage infidelity
my own struggles with mental health.

I have also been fortunate to share the joyous family occasions
like all the excitement of my daughters engagement and wedding
as well 
as my son's wedding last year
now our wonderful new granddaughter!!

I have done a series on
"Write the blog you want to Read"
in an attempt to encourage others
to find all of the wonderful gifts
choosing to blog have given me.

And how remarkable is it
that a simple interview question
can make you stop
 really take the time to realize
not only how gratifying my blog is to me ....

But to also be reignited is my own purpose 
for my blog.

My purpose here
is to encourage.


Encourage to take the time to value
care for yourself.


To encourage that hard times can be gotten through
if your intention is right
you can come out the other side all the better 
stronger for it.


I want to encourage
that getting older
has it's own wonderful gifts.


I want to encourage
that these days can be the best days.


I want to encourage 
to slow down and take the time 
to see everyday beauty
savor and enjoy each and every joy 
that comes along.


In the day of  the influencer
I want to be an encourager.


My own struggles with mental health
have made me realize
we can all use 
love filled encouragement.

So I hope when you visit here
you leave
savor and enjoy your own life.

Realizing there are peaks and valleys 
for us all to travel
but we can still find all 
the beauty there is along the way!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

You can find my
11 Honore' Interview


  1. Oh Tamera! Once again you have invited us to a place of beauty and encouragement has been part of your message even if you didn't spell it out that way, because by the mere fact that I am invited there to such lovely things, and that I am welcome makes me feel so special! These clothes are absolutely stunning! You look like a queen! A very stylish queen! Thank you for your authenticity, for always creating such lovely environments, and for your beautiful heart!

    1. Awww sweet, sweet Amy! Thank you ever so much for your kind and encouraging gift of words! Sending you big, big hugs darling!! xox

  2. To be present within the vision, the creating, the transformation, the end result. That is the gift. Thank you for your transparency throughout many years, long before blog was a word. ♡

    1. Denise your words are so beautiful, wise and insightful ... poetry for the soul. I so appreciate them ... and you. Your friendship through the years has made my life better. Sending you big loving hugs my friend! xox

  3. Tamera the photos are lovely but it is your insightful words that make the article so very special. In my opinion any one is in the right situation they can be an influencer but not many have the depth to be an encourager.I will always remember your kindness many years ago when I first started my humble blog. Wishing you all the best. xxx

    1. Jill I always your visits here, all the way from Tazmania! Thank you darling for your sweet and meaningful words! I thank you for all of the support and encouragement you have offered me over the years! Sending you grateful hugs of appreciation! xox

  4. Tamera - You always encourage me . . . with your beautiful photos and heartfelt insights into both the highs and lows of your life. I’m headed over to read your interview, then back here to re-read your post ‘write the blog you want to read.’ xo

    1. Thank you Juliet, for your continued encouragement! I always so appreciate and enjoy your visits and comments here darling!! xox

  5. Dearest Tamera..... you are an amazing woman. Your intelligence and grace has inspired me to continue "smell the roses" along the peaks and caverns of this life. I too have struggled with mental health issues as well as supporting my daughter through her struggles. Please know that YOUR spirit is self-evident and continues to glow through your writings.

  6. Tamera - I absolutely love your outfit! Especially your top and earrings . . . wonderful colors on you! I agree, it's all about the view and what a stunning backdrop for your gorgeous outfit and Sunday date night! xo

    p.s. I’ve run into a strange road block when it comes to commenting on blogs powered by Google. With my new laptop & updated iPhone, I cannot comment (the sign in feature is missing & it won’t allow my comment to be anonymous). As I’m still transitioning from my old laptop I can log onto your site from there and comment. Once I’ve finished that process I’m afraid I won’t be able to do so anymore. This is only the case with Blogger/Google blogs. I’ve Googled the problem and it seems its something to do with the way the blog itself is set up for comments (and perhaps the newer technologies are incompatible). Anyhoo ... not sure if anyone else has mentioned this or if I’m still missing a link somehow. xoxo