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Summer Camp Of Love ... Rehearsal Dinner

As parents of the Groom
it was our pleasure to do the
Rehearsal Dinner.

My darling daughter Ellis and I knew
we wanted to have a personal theme for 
the bride and groom so we came up with 

Summer Camp of Love
because these two 
love birds
met eight years ago at
Summer Camp
when they were only 14!
They have literally grown up together!

We had such fun pulling in 
Summer Camp Vibes
for the 
Rehearsal Dinner.

Clip Boards for the menu cards
to  even a 
Summer Camp inspired menu
complete with 

Once we found these amazing 
enamel cups
from Target
our ideas started racing!

We found these fun
online and ordered 16
so we would be sure to have enough
for the table for 30.

From there it was
layering and layering.

What really made the table spectacular
being at
 a lake front venue
to really bring in that 
Summer Camp Vibe!

The Lake House Hotel
was the site for the weekend
with the actual amazing wedding
at a venue less than 10 minutes away.

One of the very best parts of 
working on the Rehearsal Dinner
was getting to work on this evening of 
Celebrating Love
with my gorgeous girl Ellis!
We make an amazing team
and as her Momma
I couldn't be prouder of her 
true skills in her chosen career of 
Event Planing!
The amount of time and knowledge behind the scenes
was immense!
But it all came together without a hitch!
Thank you Ellis!

For some more 
Summer Camp Vibe
to make the theme even more personal
we did a 
big bulletin board
full of their favorite pictures 
from their eight years together!

The venue we rented was 
The Boathouse
located on the hotel property.
It came with an inside room
wonderful patio
as well as a lawn
we set up for cocktail hour
with appetizers.

The success of the 
Rehearsal Dinner
was definitely 
a team of three
that evening.

Jeff and I arrived at the venue with a carload of 
carefully packed bins
full of all our styling pieces!

I couldn't have been happier with my 
outfit for the evening!

It was the 
perfect hostess attire
it still spoke to the 
Nautical Summer Camp Vibe
still with a big dose of
Functional Glamour!

At the end of the night 
the navy wrap vest came off
for a more casual
 white on white look
that I wore with flats.

It was a full day of prep
for our evening party.

It started off with a trip to the 
Flower Mart
for some beauties!

I kept with an 
all white and green palette
because I just wanted the flowers 
to be a quiet additon
to the tablescape
which I wanted to be the stars on the table.
The flowers were to be an added
luxurious garnish.

My new 
denim jumpsuit 
from Anthropoligie
was the perfect working outfit.
I know it will be a great piece for 
time in my design studio as well!

I made all of the arrangements
in our hotel room
and brought them down right before dinner.

We also spent the weekend at the 
Lake House Hotel.
We got a suite
which ended up a perfect place to 
host a 
Going Away Brunch
for the couple on Sunday morning after 
the wedding.

I did all of  the 
in a way to have
 a casual, loose feeling
like they were plucked from a field for the evening. 

 the Groom and his Men
we rented a two bedroom cottage that 
slept 6
for the weekend.
(the bride and her people did also).

I give credit for  this wonderful idea 
to the bride's  Momma!
Having a base for the wedding party
made the wedding into a 
three day celebration!
And wait to you see how gorgeous the wedding turned out to be!
I have to say 
we all made a great team
in a marvelous
Wedding Weekend!

Having done our daughter's wedding 
I was very well versed in
what to do to celebrate bridesmaids
but this time around as a 
Mother of the Groom
I wanted to make sure the 
men felt loved and appreciated as well!

So I did
Welcome Buckets
for each of the 
Groomsmen and of course the Groom as well!

I found out ahead of time from Hunter
what everyone liked to drink
shopped accordingly.
We added hotel snacks to each bucket.

The Bride and Groom ordered 
Bolo ties for each of the Groomsmen
to wear for the wedding!

I found these fabulous 
Flight Ready Kits
along with the
 Quote books
at the 
Queen Mary in Long Beach.
They do so many wedding s there
they had a whole shop for Groomsmen!
I know this brand is also available online.

I also added a personal
Thank You Card
to each one.
As the momma of the Groom
I have so much love and gratitude
to each on of the wonderful Groomsmen
for not only being there on
Hunter and Megan's Big Day
but for being great friends for so many years!
They all warm my heart so much!

Made my day!

The living room in the 
Lake House Cottage
with a beautiful view!

Complete with a
just made for celebrating!

Since the 
Rehearsal Dinner
was Lakefront
we arranged for the 
Wedding Party 
to have a cruise.

Cocktail Hour
we had a 
Duffy Boat
for all the  dinner guests 
to have a boat ride as well.
A little sunset cruise
was a perfect addition to the evening!

Jeff and I 
were even able 
to have a cruise
take the time
to be present 
revel in the fact that our very beloved son
was getting married
the next day
to the 
Love of his Life.

I was so happy and excited
for the whole evening of celebrating
such life moments.
Even writing this post
has me wanting to relive
the entire 
weekend of Love!

I was so happy how the 
 came out.

I started the layering with
 textiles from
the Hearth and Home Magnolia line at Target.

Next were paper placemats from the same line.

Next I mixed in
 differing placemats
to the white plates.
I wanted them different
(but all the same size range)
for a summer camp feeling.

The striped bistro napkins were simply tied.

Simple flowers 
in vintage bottles ran down the table
between the 
black lanterns.

The blue enamel cups
were used for water.

Each place setting had
champagne glasses for toasting the couple.

Tying it all together
our small clipboards with 
menu cards
finished with placecards
for each honored guest!

The fabulous couple
who have been honeymooning in Thailand
since the wedding!

Ellis toasting the loving couple!

It was an evening celebrating
 the love we all have for
Hunter and Megan!

I am so proud of my 'boy'.

One of my favorite parts of the evening
there were so many
was getting to spend time
with these wonderful people!

What better way to finish off an evening of 
love and laughter

Wishing these two
a life filled with so much
love and laughter.

It was a
true honor
to host your 
Rehearsal Dinner
witness so much love 
people have for you both.

Hunter and Megan
I love you both so much!
And Megan
a huge welcome to the family darling!
We couldn't be happier 
prouder to have you join us!
We've been waiting years!  

Cheers to the both of you
 to the rest of your life!
And the amazing adventures you will have!

Wishing you all

Love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Okay, I figured it out, Tamera, you're a phenom. I'm living vicariously through your decorating style.....just WOW !

    Thank you for letting us know how you "layered" the table; I need to do that when I'm having our dinner parties. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of storage space since living and taking care of my 97 year mother in her small retirement home. I imagine you must have so many wonderful tools, decorations, place settings, utensils and various accoutrements to work with. Just fabulous, thank you for this post. I'm so happy everything turned out so gorgeous.

  2. What a beautiful occasion, and made extra special by your wonderful design and flair for style. What a joy to see Hunter and Megan so blissful and happy, and you looking absolutely gorgeous and fabulous! xo

  3. Summer Camp is such a fun and wonderful theme to work with and you and Ellis nailed it! What a beautiful night to kick off the wedding weekend of love and celebration! Hope we’ll get a peek at the wedding too! Congratulation! xo

  4. You and Ellis are so creative, and the summer camp theme is so meaningful. Most rehearsal dinners are missing that. The layering is something new for me, so thanks for all the great ideas. xoxox, Brenda

  5. WOW! I'm so impressed as you made this special event a true compliment to your son and daughter'in'law's beginnings as a couple. My congratulations to you and your family, Tamara!

  6. You gave a lot of thoughts(and work too) to the couples rehearsal dinner and I can feel all the love and happiness from you and the people around. What a wonderful human being you are

  7. FABULOUS......EVERY DETAIL!!!!!!!!