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Crown Yourself

It literally has been ages since I have written about 
Crowning Yourself
or designing

But I am back today
doing both.

I think sometimes in life
it's easy to fall off the path
of things you know to be true
have to learn them all over again
at a deeper level.

If you have been reading my blog for the past 9 months
you are aware that I have been going through a 
'rough patch' 
to say the least.
You can read more about it HERE

And I can say for a fact
what I have learned for sure
beyond a shadow of a doubt
it is my job to

Crown Myself

It is my job to get up every morning
look for the good and beautiful
in my Life.

It is my job to
 invest in my own well being
so that I can better
Love Myself.

It is my job
to focus on my own gifts and talents
celebrate and embrace them daily wholeheartedly.

Never comparing my life to others
that we all have our own gifts.

And by celebrating my own
 uniqueness and gifts

I can become a mirror
in which others 
can celebrate their very own 
gifts and talents.

 for me
are a visual representation of
celebrating my own uniqueness.

Crowns for others
is a way  I can offer my particular gifts
so that others 
celebrate their own uniqueness.

It is my job
to learn form the hard times
to further refine my soul
learn how to love at a deeper level.

Because I truly believe
we are  all doing the best we can
with what we have at the time.

When we know better
we do better.

It is my job to
 become the best version of myself
so that I can add more
light and love into the world.

Jeff and I were at a simple breakfast Sunday
when in walks a women who must have been well into her 80's.
The staff was excited for her arrival as they saw her from the outside.

When she came in she embraced each person with such
love, admiration, respect and joy
I wanted to be in her light.

Then she came over to say hi to us
embraced us like old friends
saying she was so glad we were here today.

I could literally feel her love and light
as a warmth in my heart.

I was reminded
that is who 
I want to be
'When I grow up'.

I believe
I am on my way.


As always my friends

I wish you  much love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Your photography always sets my heart a-fluttering, Tamera. And I could visualise that magic the lady brought to the room. Thanks for your words and inspiration, hugs x

    1. Thank you so much for reading and you sweet words darling!! xox

  2. I love your creativity and always look forward to your blogs! Thanks for sharing the woman in the restaurant. If only we all had the ability and the courage... it's really courage and getting outside ourselves, don't you think... to embrace even strangers. xoxo, Brenda

  3. Beautiful post - as always! Had to laugh (as I often feel the same - even at 55!) - "when I grow up". We need examples of people like this for absolute inspiration.

  4. You always inspire me Tamera! We sometimes have to relearn lessons or re-remember what we already know! The storms make us appreciate the sunshine! Your crowns are beautiful and you are beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!