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Mother Of The Groom Dress ... What I Wore

With my youngest son's wedding weekend behind us
I thought I would begin my sharing about the absolutely

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

What I Wore

as I  wait for the real wedding photos to be finished.

I looked for months for the perfect

Mother of the Groom Dress

 I was so happy how it all came together!
I wanted a dress that first of all

~ Felt like me.

~ Spoke to the event

~ Spoke to venue
(which was a gorgeous historic ranch in Carlsbad
here in Southern California)

~ Was Weather appropriate
( which was SoCal summer)

~ and of course most importantly 
made me feel confident and happy to wear!

My wonderful dress is from Beholden HERE

Besides finding the perfect outfit
I had my fillers done 
by the marvelous
 Marichelle at My Skin Services HERE
She is a true artist!
I have them done every 6 months.

I am sharing this
because I think it is important to be transparent.
I am not saying having processes done is right for everyone
but for me
I am all in for things that make aging better.
I know I have more to give others
When I feel good about me.

My ostrich feather shrug
was the perfect piece
to add in some glam and whimsy!
I ordered it from Beholden HERE
I adored wearing it!

My shoes were a jute platform.
Not as dressy as I would usually do for a wedding
but they were perfect for the venue walking surface.

I ordered them from Zara HERE

My bracelets are from my shop HERE
I will be adding them into my shop next week.

My necklace is one of my favorite shops in San Diego
Chateau Belage HERE

My sunglasses are from Free People HERE

I chose my shell bag for the evening
to continue the coastal, bohemian theme I was going for.
I don't have a source for this pieces
as I have had this beauty for ages.

I chose to wear my hair down,
which is very unusual for me for an event.

But I wanted to have a bit of SoCal easy vibe to my ensemble.
And I am very happy with the juxtaposition.

I had both my hair an makeup done for the event.

Here is a  picture of our family at the wedding.
It was a bit bittersweet without my mother
who died last month.
But I made quite a great intent to focus on all of the love of that day.
I'm sure she was watching from above.
I was ever so grateful that my dad did make the wedding
as he was in dire health himself 
just three weeks ago in ICU.

My absolute favorite part of the wedding
(besides seeing Hunter tear up as he saw Megan come down the aisle)
was the Mother Of The Groom Dance.
He chose the song 

I am so absolutely proud of my son
ever so grateful and blessed
to have Megan join our family!!
And I adore her family as well!

Thank you my friends 
for visiting here.
I will continue to share more about this
gorgeous wedding as pictures come in.

My next post about the wedding will be about the 

The Rehearsal Dinner
 we did at the lake.
It was truly another magical night!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You look stunning Tamera, and it looks like it was a beautiful event. Best Wishes to the newlyweds!

    1. Thank you so much Susan! It was an amazing event! xox

  2. You should wear your hair down more often - you look so much younger! Awesome pics (as always) and so glad you thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

    1. Why thank you so much for reading and taking the time to leave such sweet words darling!! xo

    Love everything you wore..............
    Did you try the dress on or just order?
    I had to laugh as guess where my SON is living now?Same town as your SONS wedding!!!!!!
    I look forward to MORE PHOTOS!

    1. Why thank you Elizabeth darling!! I actually just ordered the dress. I've ordered from Beholden several times, so I was pretty hopeful it would fit. I also ordered it months before, just in case it didn't!

      So your son is living in Carlsbad now! Boy was his wedding magnificent ... and oh my oh my, what a phenomenal venue!! And you my dear looked amazing! I knew you would bring the GLAMOUR! xoxo

  4. What a beautiful dress, in style and colour perfectly set off by the shrug. You look absolutely gorgeous and glamorous dear Tamera.
    Congratulations to the happy couple and the whole family.

    1. Patricia thank you ever so much for reading and comment my dear! Thank you for your sweet, sweet words!! xox

  5. You look just lovely and your dress and ostrich feather shrug was just perfect. Congratulations to the newlyweds .

    1. Why thank you dearest Jill! It's always ever so lovely to have you visit here! xox

  6. one Your dress and open hair look sublime.

  7. so gorgeous - I actually love seeing your hair down and totally agree with the vibe you created. congratulations to your son and his bride

  8. Brings a tear to my eye. Little Hunter <3 Congratulations, and thank you for sharing such a special day. You looked beautiful. Hair length fab.

  9. Mamma you nearly stole the show! All that magnificent youthfulness on their special day - what's not to love. You looked drop dead gorgeous - so unique and as always showcasing your own fabulous flair that we have come to love and admire. The perfect colour on you and oh so perfect for Mother of the Groom. Congratulations and Happy Days to you all xx

  10. Glamorous Gal... Wow! You're stunning, Tamera! I must check out Beholden. Your dress looks like satin, and you look like a goddess or a celebrity. I'm happy your day went well. You needed this. xoxox, Brenda

  11. Tamera,

    Fabulous as always!
    I loved the dress and that ostrich shrug! WOW!
    Yes, I was expecting your hair to be up but it was perfect for the dress!
    I hope the wedding filled your heart with joy.


  12. Absolutely gorgeous - such a beautiful look Tamera