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Resilience and Liking What I Wear

If you have been following my blog these last eight months
you know I have been dealing with a lot of things of late.
It's definitely been a challenging season of life to say the least.

And recently the word that sticks with me is 

And the importance in life
to become resilient.

What I have learned from not only surviving a marriage betrayal
but  coming out the other side
with a much more loving marriage
is that I am stronger than I thought.

My mother's death three weeks ago
has definitely been a challenge.
As well as witnessing the pain left behind in those I love.

But  I am more committed than ever before
to grow stronger
become resilient.

At my age
I have a limited time left on the planet
I want to make each day count.
I want to focus on the good and beauty in life.

I want to be able to weather life storms
with strength, grace and courage.

I am more committed than ever to not only
Self Care
Mental Health
 as well.

I am proud to say I have 
regularly see a therapist.

Life is hard.

And I want to do everything in my power
to do life as well as I possibly can.

I know for me not only is a therapist helpful
but so is working out regularly
eating healthy.

I need to start my days 
every day
with quiet reflection
Intentional Gratitude.

I choose to put my focus on all of the good in my life.

And on the days that grief comes rushing in so hard
I am taken down
I will give myself grace.
I will not be afraid to feel the hurt and loss.
I will stop and accept it as part of life.
but in that same moment
I will remind myself
I won't always feel the pain.

I will remind myself ...

I am resilient.
I am loving.
I want to live my life well.
Find beauty.
Help where I can.
Learn to be light and love.

And do you know what helps me everyday
with all of this ...

Liking what I wear.

I know everyone might not be able to relate
but being able to choose what I want to wear
is like a soothing layer of protection 
from some of the hard parts of life.

Some days
like my mother's funeral
it feels like a protective armor 
when I need it most.
So that I can stand up with a loving tribute
to the women who taught me the importance of 
Self Care.

Some days
getting dressed
is simply 
a reminder that there is beauty in life.

Other days 
it's a simple diversion.
Choosing what I wear is something
 I can actually control and impact.

On the good days
it is truly a creative outlet for me.
I can dress to express
who I am that day.

But the point is
for me

liking what I wear

is not just 

Self Care

but part of my 
Mental Heath Investment.

Life can be hard.

I want to be resilient.

And on a lighter note
speaking of the importance of

Liking what I Wear ....

How fabulous is this summer dress from
You can find it HERE

It's made of linen 
with silk gussets.
The halter top is tied with a silk scarf at the neck.
It's perfect for a summer stroll or date night.

I styled it with a full slip underneath.
I like the feeling of a swish of fullness at the bottom.
The bone bracelets are my designs 
that are in stock in my shop.

My basket is imported from Africa.
My hat is one of my favorite Frank Olive designs.
The shawl is a favorite vintage find.

So for me 
I can truly say 
a creative wardrobe

Liking what I Wear

is both 
Self Care 

an investment in my own
Mental Health.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I would love out if you could join our The Good Buy/Good-Bye Book series. The theme for July is summer hats!

  2. I know it'a an old saying but if it doesn't ever ring true; 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger'. I've been through tough-times in life, and I think rising above is what we have to do, although some struggle to pull themselves up. I've always wanted to be a strong woman. Perhaps growing up with brother's drove me, I'm not sure, I bet Ellis knows!!

    I'm always in awe of you. It's hard work to always look and live so gorgeously. You do it so impressively Tamera! We must make a happy life for ourselves. I read once when I was divorced, a man won't love a unhappy/self-depricating woman. I dare to think either will the world! It would be nice to think our mother's are proud of us as they keep an eye on us from the heavens. Keep doing what you do best my friend and happy 4th tomorrow!! xo

    1. I can only imagine how proud your mother must be of you, my friend! From rising above hardships in life, to your amazing
      creative talent and work ethic, your wonderful marriage and especially the legacy of love you have instilled into your grown children ... and now your grandchildren. I'm sure she's pretty darn proud darling!! xoxo

  3. Beautiful and strong post ~ your honesty and vulnerability are so refreshing in these days of "perfect lives" on social media. Thank you.

    1. Kathy thank you ever so much for reading ... and especially your encouraging words my dear! xox

  4. God bless you Tamera. You have been going through a lot. Keep strong! Carla

  5. Tamara, I so get what you are saying today when it comes to what we wear and how it transforms us. The photos where you are wearing that beautiful hat and the sunshine is warm on your face reminded me of a saying you may know but that I wanted to share with you. "Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you" - Walt Whitman. Wishing you a fabulous week - keep heading towards the sunshine.........B:) xx

    1. Brenda thank you ever so much for visiting here ... and for sharing this wonderful Walt Whitman quote. I have never heard it before ... but absolutely love it! I so appreciate your gift of words! xo

  6. How beautiful you look in white, Tamera. Resilience is so important, as we weather the storms of life. Sometimes it seems there are more storms as we grow older! Liking what you wear is important, look good and feel good. Love your style and strength xxx

    1. Aww thank you so very much Patricia! I always so appreciate your visits here and your encouraging words darling! xox

  7. Mental health investment - exactly. You have put it well, Tamera. Clothing can have a huge impact on how I feel and move in the world too. My reliance on it for resilience goes up and down through the years but the stronger I get, the more options I have, definitely. Thanks for your uplifting words. You look gracefully resilient. My belated condolences as well on your mother's passing.

  8. All so well said Tamera. I know all to well how it feels to lose a parent; it's just sinking for me as it has only been a week since my Dad's funeral. I'm just now starting to process it all. I'm so happy to know that your doing well even though some days are hard...I think it will always be that was. You are so right about having a therapist because we can't do it all alone. As always, you look beautiful and you inspire me to live my best life. Thank you!

  9. Beautifully expressed as always, dear Tamera. I’m so sorry for what you and your family have been through with the loss of your beloved mother. It’s been nearly 20 years since my mother passed away and I miss her more with each year. I fear my father is declining in health and it seems strange to be at the point in life when I will be the elder generation. Someone wise once said that change is the only thing we can count on in life. So true, but not easy. Love and hugs.

  10. you look so gorgeous and to dress how you feel with your inner mood is absolutely the right way to
    start every day no matter how it will be. Good luck for everything.

  11. TAMERA what a storie waooo may Lord bless you. Am may be young but am still learning about life and reading you I can feel your just made me strong here too..Am so proud of your strength am sure your mom must be proud of you.Good luck you are my inspiration now waooo bravo.D

  12. I am so sorry you have been going through so many difficulties, Tamera. You still look amazing and I know that by sharing your path you are inspiring others to be resilient as well. Hope things improve very soon.

  13. I was reading your post with great interest as you mentioned so many valuable points. Sadly, mental health is such a vulnerable subject that people like to avoid by you came right to the point. I love how you express your feelings through the clothes. This dress is simply gorgeous

  14. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. I agree whole heartedly with your outlook on life - life can be so tough, it's up to us to find our joy. You look stunning too - and that dress is heavenly! xx Maria