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Austin - Family Vacation

Now that things are slowing down here at my house
(fingers crossed)
I'm sharing our family trip to Austin
for our niece's wedding.

For Christmas presents this year
we gave all of our kids and  their significant others
plane tickets and hotel stays
so our entire family could attend the wedding!

We were gone for five days
with so many different events 
I put particular care into packing my wardrobe.

I always lay out my travel wardrobe the day before
to make sure I have everything I need for a travel day.

When I travel with various events to attend
I always write out each event on a note card
then list each piece I need for a complete look.
When I travel I am definitely not the light packer
because to me 
dressing creatively is one of my art forms.
This trip was a 3 large suitcases trip.

To present the Christmas gifts to the kids
Jeff typed up a few pages describing the hotel and wedding venue.
I found these leather portfolio's at Anthropologie
added the Cocktail Kits, a patch and charm also from Anthropologie 
added some greenery and tied them with festive twine!
I was so happy how they turned out!

Oh course I got kits for Jeff and I as well!

How cute are these kits!
Complete with everything you see here.
We just had to order the alcohol!

We all stayed at Lone Star court
located in Austin's trendy Domaine.

Jeff and I had a  spacious 2 room suite.

When Ellis and I were researching Austin hotels
it was these SMEG refrigerators in every room
that really helped sell the property to us!

Sweet dining table.

Really love the sliding barn door into the bathroom.

This was our first time doing a vacation with all of our kids and their significant others.
We got rooms for each of our kids and one for us.
I have to say 
it worked out lovely!

We could get together easily on the property when we wanted
everyone was free to go do what ever they wanted!

It was the best of both worlds!

Jeff and I even sat outside in our rooms rockers.

 Since the wedding was over an hour out of Austin
Jeff rented a limo
so we could all enjoy the wedding.

As a Momma to these kids
having them all together for the ride out and back
was one of my favorite parts.
Reminded me of all the road trips we took while they were growing up
that cozy, cozy feeling of having everyone together!

It was such a beautiful wedding
I only remembered to take a couple of pictures!
Love this one of these four!
But I didn't  even get one of Slater and his girlfriend
or even Jeff and I.

Our niece was the gorgeous bride!

How adorable are Sarah's place markers!
 those succulent cupcakes!! 

After the wedding festivities
Jeff and I hit the road to go explore 
some  of rural Texas!

Jeff and I are big fans of road trips and 
finding all the charm along the way!

We made our way to Waco to visit 
Magnolia Farms.

I was expecting a sweet little space
was shocked by the number of people in line to just get into the store.
The wait was close to an hour ... just to get in!

If you ever plan to visit I would get there at opening
not on the weekend!

How beautiful are the flowers in the entry.

The gardens are are inspirational with a sweet little gift store.

Honestly the property is beautiful
but I personally highly prefer the Magnolia  Home at Target
their Hearth and Home line.
The designs are much fresher and better quality.

Back in Austin Hunter and Megan went kayaking.
Next time I'm in Austin
I'm definitely putting that on my to do list.
What a wonderful way to get a feel for the beautiful skyline!

My favorite part of Austin was definitely South Congress
for some shopping.

The houses in the area are so charming.
I have big love for smaller homes and there were so many lovely ones!
This one helped inspire us to redo part of our front yard.

One of my Austin trip highlights was visiting my dear friend
Jen Rose Smith (on the right)
who is the Art Director for the 
Camille Style blog (Camille is on the left).

I had the pleasure of seeing their new office space
which was so remarkable.

Camille converted a small home into
a lifestyle blogging dream work studio!

Rooms were reconfigured and everything painted white.

Torches for the best tacos anywhere!

All kinds of great little shops!

Fun night life!

Great eating!!

Boy finishing this post has me missing the fabulous city of Austin!!
Have you been?

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. So Austin!!! What a great gesture from you and Jeff, tickets and reservations for everyone! I know that must have been special to have everyone together. I'm CRAZY about the Anthropologie folders you put together. You're beyond creative and stylish! Kayaking in Austin... Would you really do that? What would you wear? LOL! I'm an hour away. Let me know the next time you're there, and I'll run up and meet you! xoxo, Brenda

  2. What a great time that must have been! I adore that gingham outfit! Perfect!

  3. Tamera - You amaze me! Who would have ever thought to put together that travel folder for the kids? Although I travel light, your suggestion of writing down everything on cards that you'll be wearing on a multi-event trip is a good one. Your photos are interesting to look at and very well down; my husband is the photographer in the family and unfortunately we have very few of him. I've got to change that!

    We've never been to Austin but have heard so much about it; thank you for the tips. I always look forward reading your blog because you have so many creative ideas that I want to try. I was tickled that we share the same love of "small houses"!

  4. What a terrific post, Tamera. The wedding sounds lovely and what a nice way for you all to have family time together. I love your black gingham shirt, just stunning. Also very happy to know you take three pieces of luggage - I usually do that as well, and am always being lectured by friends to travel with one small cabin bag :) It will never