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Around Our House and Gardens ... Freshening Spaces

Jeff and I  have been busy with home projects 
the last couple of months 
here at our small home in Southern California!

We redesigned our side front yard into 
an outdoor room with a raised terrace!

Jeff did all off the construction, single handed!
From removal of the grass
regrading the space
an addition of a rock terrace!

I brought in a new furniture set and potted plants for the terrace

a perfect setting for Jeff and I 
to enjoy sunset cocktails!

Here in Southern California
outdoor space is at a premium
so we  are intent in maximizing   all of ours!

Last summer's project was the installation of 
a raised garden bed on the other side of our driveway.
I wanted a spot to grow herbs and cut flowers,

We took out a section of grass 
that we didn't use
replaced it with  a highly effective raised planter.

Jeff did this project on his own as well
all the way from design to execution.

This spring everything is absolutely thriving!

Especially my beloved sweet peas!
I have tried off and on for years
to have a crop so plentiful for interior cut flowers!
I get excited every morning I see the blooms!

We still use the other side of our front yard for weekend
morning coffee
on our other raised terrace
we put in years ago.

We took out the lower surrounding front grass last year as well
 replaced it with succulents and rock
for an updated landscape.

Our coffee terrace is always my favorite spot 
for morning coffee with Jeff!

Inside the gate is our courtyard
that I updated this season
with a new rug and pillows
as well as freshening my potted plantings.

Last summer we did potted privets all along the  exterior courtyard wall
for a green screen for in the courtyard.
I dote on the privets with weekly care
they too are presently thriving!

On a shelf in the corner
I gathered some cacti from
Ellis and Elliot's wedding
three years ago.
I had been growing them in pots in the backyard.
This year I pulled them to a place of visual honor and mixed them in with
other potted succulents.

On the window shelf I pulled together vintage lanterns 
to mix into my plantings.

Inside this spring/summer
I decided to go with an all neutral color palette.
I love how the colors and textures play so wonderfully together
to create a serenely calm space.

I echoed the serenity vibe with a 
calm centerpiece of large pillar candles
in a wooden trough filled with pinto beans.
The macrame runner finishes the look.

Taking out one candle
I replaced it with some of my 
home grown sweet peas!

It's the perfect and easy way
 to change up the centerpiece weekly!

To really help update the dining room 
we changed  out our old chandelier 
for this new one!

Our media room also got some updates to pull it all together!

One of my very favorite inside updates is my hat wall!

I took down all of the pictures that I had up for so many years
replaced them with my collection of straw hats!
I love decorating with personal items that I love!

I edited the shelves under the stairs aggressively
taking away almost half of what was there.
The edit breathed new calm energy into the vignettes.

After I edited the bottom shelf
I added a new lamp for a little bit updating.

Well that includes my little tour around 
our house and garden updates.

Now that the front yard is complete
you can find Jeff and I in the backyard
during the weekends  this summer.
We have a whole list of new updates 
to freshen up our back spaces!

Are you doing any home updating?
If you are
I'd love to hear all about them!

As always my friends 

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Just beautiful! Wish I had your vision. It all looks perfectly serene.

  2. Coming right over! ;)
    I feel homesick for ur house as much as mine!! :D
    Beautiful adjustments. I believe ppl feel refreshed when one's surrounding has been freshened. Lovely job, both of you! ♡

  3. Tamera! What talent you and Jeff have. We, too, have a small Southern California home and I would love to have the vision you two have to transform our yards in Santa Barbara. I love how your gardens look so tropical lush and comfortable; such great use for your space! Storing our hats are a problem for us and your idea of hanging them along the staircase is so cool!

  4. What a beautiful,unique home and garden you have. So much work but the results are so pulled together, warm and inviting. Lovely in every detail.

  5. your garden is so magical like a jungle and the new morning-coffee place is a dream. Be happy to have
    such a good handy man who all can do it by himself so you can save a lot of money for both of you for
    nice weekend trips

  6. Your indoor and outdoor spaces are so warm and inviting . . . utterly charming like you! xo

  7. Thanks Tamera, some fabulous ideas here for a calm and restful space. I'm building a She Shed soon and reclaiming a scruffy area of the garden for sundowners, so thanks for the inspo!
    Hugs, Mary.

  8. Wow! such a beautiful and splendid garden you have.