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Packing Tip Favorites ... For New England

I reworked my 
packing strategy
 for my recent trip to
New England
 Great Success!

After feeling disappointed  with my 
packing for Fierce Con HERE
I put in a lot of time and effort 
into figuring out how to do it better
for Me.

I am by no means a light packer
but this time I had a well edited wardrobe
that all coordinated together.
Full of rich textures and warmth.
Pieces that took me from glamorous hotels
to bike riding through fishing villages.

Since the children left years ago
I now have 
2 Guest Rooms/Closets
plus my own room closets
where I keep my clothes by color.

The best thing I have added in is 
rolling rack
which makes it so easy to pull items
work them into finished  outfits.

When I travel 
I prefer to pack around
 one color palette
which ensures more pieces 
will play happily with each other.

For this trip
I picked brown tones and textures
as my
 unifying color.

Having all of my pieces pulled
outfits made
it was easy to
 pull accessories together.

I have collected and designed 
my accessories
in wardrobe of their own.

Which made it easy to pull coordinating pieces 
for my brown outfits.

I always pack my accessories in lingerie roll up bags
put them in my carry on.

My clothes would be hard enough to replace
my accessories are most loved.

For the actual packing
I used the rolling method 
with great success.

My favorite packing tip to share
 the bag I keep always packed.
It's filled with all of my travel essentials
that aren't clothes.

I have refined it's contents over the years.
Having everything but clothes 
already taken care of
means I can put my time into 
creating creative outfits for my travels.

Here's what's inside my bag ...

I never leave home without my
 white noise machine.
Sleeping sometimes evades me
but a noise machine helps drown out unwanted sounds.

My Bose earphones
 are always in my carryon!

I have
a face case
 packed with all of my skin care regime products.

When I return from travels 
I always make sure to refill anything that's getting low
ensuring I am always ready to go!

My other
 personal care products
are kept together in another bag.

It's so easy to pull out both cases
when I get to the hotel.
I always know just where everything is!

I keep another small case
with all of my
 hair styling products and tools.
I sometimes use varying hair extension products
 they all roll up nicely into the case
along with my small travel brush, spray and pins.

Speaking of pins
this box is a traveling gold
for hair styling!

It's made by 
Straight Pin Studio
You can order yours HERE
You will thank me!
It's another piece I never travel without!

I took the time to go and update all of my makeup
filling in the pieces that were on their last legs.

I also decided this time to do
a travel makeup case
that stays packed in my bag.
It might sound extravagant 
but I can't tell you 
how many times I have forgotten 
one item or another.

This way it's already packed and done.

My aim is to make my packing and traveling
as smooth, luxurious and enjoyable
as possible.

Being able to 
is definitely
one of the many gifts
of being this age!

I even edited everything in
 my purse.
Bringing just what I actually needed
no more.

Being a designer
a sketch book and business cards
are a must!

We were up before the sun 
for our flight out of LAX to Boston.

I have
 my travel outfit 
down to what works for me, as well.
I enjoy traveling with
 style and comfort
a bit of comforting Glam.

So I opt for comfy boyfriend jeans
(mine have sequins just for the fun of it).

I do a shoe that slides on and off for comfort. 

My favorite travel accessory for the cold
my vintage mink coat.
It keeps me warm in the cold
acts as a security blanket during flights.

We checked into the lovely United club.
It's spacious and calm
a perfect way to start our trip to New England.

Our seats were my favorite thus far.
Cozy pods
 with plenty of space.

Since it was a pod seat
I felt no guilt in putting my seat all the way back
because the seat moves forward
not into the lap of the person behind you.

We recently try to  fly first class these day
to counter my anxieties.

It takes flying from a painful by the minute experience
to one I actually look forward to doing.
( being able to make this change in traveling is
another gift of this age)
this plane was definitely my favorite thus far.

I finally realized how important it is to check 
on which type of plane your flight will be flying.
We flew back on another airline
 it was completely a different  and exceedingly disappointing experience.

I will going forward
 do more research into the flight plane  itself
as I have been spoiled with this fabulous United pod plane experience.

I am also all open to any flight or airline tips you'd like to share with me in the comments.
I am a traveler who wants to learn all I can!

The beauty of New England takes my breath away!

I was so happy with all that I packed.
For me having outfits
I look forward to wearing
 am comfortable in
adds much to the trip.

 I always also pack
  a work out outfit 
for every trip.
Which meant I had an outfit to ride the streets of charming fishing villages.
Bike riding is one of my favorite ways to really see new locations.
And these days so many hotels have them on property for guest use.

I like to lay out my outfits for the day
along with all of the accessory pieces.

My most recent packing addition is 
luxurious loungewear.

Pieces that act as cozy hugs
in the hotel room
like my cashmere set from Anthropologie
 another traveling favorite
my cashmere wrap from

A great cozy outfit makes taking in spectacular views
all the more of a memory!

Before I pull clothes for a trip
I make a list of all of the events that I know I will be doing
think of how most of my time will be used.

I did this once again this trip
because I packed so many separates
my outfit options were plenty.

And best of all 
they all played perfectly with my favorite vintage coat!

Well there you have it my friends my
Favorite Packing Tips!

From ....
~ making a list of events, even before I pull clothes

~ pulling together outfits on a rolling rack

~ pulling shoes and accessories for each outfit

 ~ always packing luxurious loungewear

~plus beautiful lingerie

~ workout wear for the gym or outdoor adventures

~ pool wear with a wrap and flip flops (just in case)

In my black bag that I always keep packed ...

~ noise machine
~ Bose earphones
~ face care case
~ personal care case
~ hair styling case
~ makeup case

Thanks for stopping by for a girlfriend visit my friends!

I'd love to hear any of your travel or packing tips in the comments!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Looks like a lovely wardrobe! Traveling bi-coastal for a decade every other weekend between NYC, Miami & OC, may I affirm you're on point with many of your strategies. My best tip is to only use carry-ons for 6 reasons: 1.Your luggage with precious investment pieces will never get lost. 2.Connections are unpredictable especially in winter months and running thru an airport to catch a time sensitive flight is do-able only when traveling light - and you'll be sure your bags actually make the flight with you. 3.Carry-on bags keep one focused on the essentials. 4.For those who don't know, particular airports are known for sticky fingers and checked bags end up with missing contents. 5.When arriving, it's so much easier to skip baggage claim, catch any sized taxi or Uber & one is not a target with more bags than can be personally managed when in the city or checking into accommodations. 6.When traveling in Europe especially, #5 is essential. I lived with a set of bags packed and you're spot on by keeping a set of all personal care items in your luggage at all times - If you travel several times per month. Great photos, Tamera!!

  2. Oh I love, love, your tips darling!! Taking only carry on is a goal I aspire to ... for all of your mentioned reasons! This was the first trip I was down to a case and a half, I actually had extra room for the first time ever! And what I did notice most of all ... was how much calmer I felt with lees 'stuff' to keep track of! I am working towards a personal balance of enough creative traveling options ... edited down ... to a bare minimum. I think with each trip I get better.My next trip to Europe ... I will giving it my all to do your #6!!

    Thank you ever so much for rich and seasoned traveling tips my dear! Truly appreciated! You are definitely a traveling pro!! xox

    1. Thank you, Tamera. I'm glad it helps. Comfortable yet hotel lobby worthy loungewear and a cashmere throw are traveling treasures as you've discovered. Let me clarify the Anonymous reply regarding cosmetics is not from me. Those who are accustomed to living camera ready for whatever reason, are wise when prepared. ♡

    2. Yes, your tips are all so appreciated darling! Big hugs to you! It was lovely to see a picture of you and Sienna together at Thanksgiving! Miss you my friend! xoxo

    3. Aww..Thank you. Big hugs to you, and miss you, too! ♡

  3. Woah, so very, very many cosmetic products to carry around. all those tons of hairpins, so many clothes and all that jewelry-you're really high maintenance! Ha!

    1. Oh I most definitely am darling! For me dressing is my creative art form ... and it definitely takes a lot of tools! Thanks for reading dear!

  4. Oh my word, your blog is always such a treasure trove! Thank you for such a lovely post! Your tips are fantastic (I've never heard of a pod plane! Sounds wonderful!) And your clothing is absolutely breathtaking! I had the privilege of meeting you at FierceCon, and I was dazzled by your beautiful attire then as well! I love your boyfriend jeans with the sequins and your jewelry and oh my word that coat! And your hat! You look smashing every single time!

    1. Awww thank you ever so much dearest Amy! It was ever so lovely meeting you at Fierce Con my dear! You are such a delight! Thank you for stopping by for a visit here on the blog. So appreciate your visit and taking the time to comment!! xox

  5. Your packaging strategies are perfection. Planning, planning and more planning seems to be the trick for organized travel and I think that’s what I struggle with more than anything. I know people rave about the rolling method, but I’ve had most success with packing cubes - they’ve been a game changer. I see a comment above about carry-on and it certainly is the best method, BUT how to get shoes, cosmetics and more than a weekend’s worth of clothes into a carry on bag?! Recently some airlines reduced the size of a acceptable carry ons making it even more frightful. My husband, a professional traveler, refuses to check luggage. He once packed for 10 days and 3 continents in a carry-on. I bow down, but it will never happen for me and he must make checked bagged exceptions when I’m tagging along. I’m also a fan of the pod but have only experienced the wonders of it on international travel. You’re absolutely right that determining plane type before booking is the smart move. I’m going to get more organized by having a travel cosmetic bag ready to go - so sensible and cost effective in the long run. Thanks, girlfriend! xo

    1. I have found planning and getting a system to be very helpful, but once it's in place it gets easier every time!

      I have just been hearing about the cubes ... I have never tried them, but I am quite intrigued! I am open to all new ideas!

      Your husband definitely sounds like a professional traveler ... almost a magician! I hope at least once to be able to pare down that well and still travel happily!

      Thank you ever so much Juliet for stopping by darling! Your visits here are always such a pleasure to me! xoxo

  6. I'm smiling at this article because you SO do not look 'East coast' - I mean that as a compliment. I lived on the East coast for 13 years and while I'm happy for my experience I never quite fit in. I was always kind of seen as 'too much.' I'm sure you caused quite a stir. I am still very proudly considered to be 'too much' by some. I'll take it. It makes life much more interesting.

    1. Oh I hear you Kathie! and I take no offense ever, at being thought of as 'Too Much". My dressing makes my heart happy ... and thus I am able to give out more love and joy to others. for me my dressing is a creative outlet ... which in the end has a ripple effect of happiness! Here's to being "too much' ... with a happy heart! XOX