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FierceCon 2018

I didn't really want to go to 
 this year.

FierceCon is a conference
for the members of the
Forever Fierce Revolution HERE
It is  a group of women committed to
redefining what it means to be middle age.
To Rewire and Inspire

I was hesitant to go
 because I didn't think it would be great
I have been in a personal slump recently.
Truth be told
it's been more like grappling with trying to keep depression at bay 
on the daily.

Going to a conference seemed way too much for me.
I decided not to go several times
but a little voice in me kept saying
Just Go.

I did go
as soon as I realized
it wasn't even depression 
keeping me from going
it was really only

I spent the  entire day before 
putting outfits together.
I usually style outfits
two weeks out when I'm on my A game.
This time I was trying really hard to 
get to maybe a C+ game.

I had put all of my time the month before
into a 
Reveal Party 
for our son and his beautiful wife
who is expecting.
You can read about the party HERE

My personal style
was feeling a bit off for my liking.
I definitely prefer
going to conferences 
feeling my best about myself
so I have more to give to others.

This time I was definitely going to the conferecnce
not to inspire

I decided Jeff and I could 
most likely make a lovely weekend out of our 
travel to beautiful
Redondo Beach
I knew I could find some 
inspiration at
Rewire and Inspire!
I just had to me brave enough
to show up!

This was our second time staying in 
Redondo Beach.
We were here last year for 
the original conference.

It's a lovely place for a weekend getaway
with marinas, piers
beautiful beaches.

The first event of the weekend
was an evening party.

I was amazed at the amount of work
that was put into the decorations
for the event!
Catherine and her people did an amazing job.

Catherine is the spearhead and creator  behind
not only
but the
Forever Fierce Revolution
as well!

You can find her fabulous blog HERE

Besides my search for inspiration
I came to 
with wanting to give one dear friend a real hug.
I was able to do that.

So for me the evening was a success.
I still felt so much more awkward
than I usually do at events.
But I kept pushing through.

I think pretty much the whole weekend
I battled with 
just wanting to go home.
I felt so overwhelmed.

I told myself
just look to one event at a time.

So Jeff and I had a lovely morning on the beach.

After our morning walk
we enjoyed a beautiful brunch.
Then it was time to get back to the hotel
to change.

This picture pretty much sums up
how frazzled I felt  at this conference.
I usually can not wait to wear outfits
I've styled for occasions.
This time things just felt off!

I had styled outfits that were too specific
not even realizing the temperature that weeked
would be pushing the high 80's.

I reworked some outfits 
off I went to the event 
I was really looking forward to!

It was a panel discussion with some of my favorite bloggers!

My friends
if you get a chance to go next year
I absolutely recommend
for this alone!

Of course there are so many other reasons to go
to hear all of these women's stories
as to how they started blogging
was just incredible.

I was so glad I was sitting in the back
I was so touched by each story
I think I was crying the whole time!

It really is so remarkable
how we all have our own stories 
by this age.

And I have never been so proud
to be a part
of such an inspiring group of women.

I wasn't inspired by just the women 
highly successful blogs
social media numbers.

I was just as inspired 
by women
who ventured out on their own
to attend 

Because I know first hand
how hard that can be to put yourself out there!

We all have a story by this age.

We all have a choice to make this time 
in our life
the best time.

There is so much to be said for getting up each morning
looking for the very best in life.

To claim our age.

To claim our ability to be 

To inspire where we can.

And to be open and vulnerable
in our need  
Be Inspired.

I have never been 
a 'joiner'
in my life.

But I am realizing
maybe it's time I was.

Because we are all so much 
better together!

So I will definitely be back at 
next year.

And I have a few notes 
to myself to make it easier on myself next year!
Because this year was 
a hard one attending.
But I am so proud of myself for
showing up
even though!

Next year I will  ....

~ Remember not to compare.
There are so many women doing so many great things
it was too easy to think 
oh I want to do that too!

So I have to remind myself
there is only so much time in a day.

If I want something else big
I need to let go of something 
I already love in my life.

~ I will put more time in before the conference
connecting with people going.
I neglected to do that this year
so I too often  felt I was walking into a new classroom.

You know the feeling
where it feels like everyone else is already 
best friends
you're outside the circle.

I know for a fact that's not how it really was
but I also know how easy it is for 
old memories
to flood in 
you're feeling nervous and overwhelmed.

~ I will do a better job packing.
Which means I need to have an organized wardrobe
to start with!

Packing this time made me realize
I need to edit so much out of my closets.
Since I have been back from the conference
I have been culling all of my closets
making a list of what I need to add.

Going to conferences
even just traveling
is hard enough
there shouldn't  be  melt downs 
in just the packing stage.

I am determined to make it a smoother 
calmer process.

when I do 
you know I am 
A Good Girlfriend
 will share.

I leave for 
Boston in two weeks
so I am already
in packing prep mode!
I'm definitely refining my packing process!

If you are interested in attending
next year
I highly recommend it!
you can find out all about it

If you do come 
 are feeling nervous
come find me!

I will be more than happy to help 
introduce you to some
 absolutely amazing women.

And just know
You are there
You are Amazing Too!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I'm so glad you came too, Tamera!! Although I feel like being part of the planning committee makes it hard to spend time with's like being at a wedding and not being able to connect with everyone.
    You're openness is incredible, and it is SO hard to talk to women you've never met. That's why we had a hugging committee and next year may try an ambassador program for those who've never been before.
    As for the inspiration....wasn't it fabulous?? I'm not good with words like you are. But it touched me like no other. And your photos are just perfect....
    As for the packing situation....trying to get it right is overrated.....because really, it's not about the clothes. It's the fact you showed up!!

    1. Jodie thank you for all the tremendous work behind the scenes, that you put into making FierceCon so memorable! Can't wait for next year darling! xo

  2. You are Amazing Tamera๐Ÿ˜˜

  3. Brave of you! I'm waiting till you all come to the Netherlands!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Oh Tamera, I am so glad you went and that I had the chance to meet you! I was one of the smallest fishes in the sea of bloggers, fashion models and women who are really making a name for themselves. I was also so nervous to go. Hiking mountains with and sprained ankle was easier then walking into that first night. You were one of the women I immediately noticed but was too nervous to approach. By the time brunch was held on the last day and I actually had a chance to talk with you, you could not have been kinder or more supportive. I would never in a million years have thought it was hard for you. Thank you for such a heartfelt post. I can't wait to see you next time, only this time I will be greeting you with a hug and a big smile!

    1. For some reason my name isn't appearing, it's Patricia Rubel, aka, @patrishpages

  5. Isn't it amazing that what we think is going on with people is all wrong and we really don't have a clue? I so wish I had been less intimidated by your stylish and elegant "pulled-together" look and had struck up a conversation. Next year, my friend, I will seek you out! Have fun in Boston!

  6. My dear friend, once again, I’m absolutely blown away by you, your courage and your raw vulnerability. Much like Linda’s post about the universal “I Am Not,” your post should be required reading for women of all ages. I’ve been exactly where you are more times than you know. One time, I actually missed a flight because the feeling of dread was so strong. I understand fear. I understand depression. I understand all of it including the packing. It can be so overwhelming and we have had many women open and share similar experiences. We will be taking that into consideration next year as Jodie said to have women connect beforehand and guide others through the process. I’m grateful to you. I look forward to time with just us. Thank you for being such a light and if you only knew how many women were utterly intimidated by your beautiful presence. Love you my friend. Catherine

  7. Oh Tamera I am so glad you came! I got to meet you! I've been such a huge fan of yours for so long, and you were so kind to me when I came up and introduced myself! I thought you looked stunning every time I saw you! But the best of all was how kind you were and welcoming. I was a bit nervous myself and you really put me at ease! I need to work on my packing for sure! Looking forward to next year! Love, Amy

  8. Tamera - I can relate to absolutely everything in you’ve written. I wanted to attend FierceCon but came up with all kinds of reasons why it wouldn’t work and talked myself out of it. Of course, the real reason is the fear and dread of ‘walking into a new classroom.’ And, the feeling of being inadequate in the presence of so many fabulous women. I don’t have a blog (although it’s set up and ready to go, I continually pull back) or a large Instagram following and so I justified my decision by determining myself unqualified and unworthy. Had I been brave enough to register, I would have panicked at the packing stage and possibly never gotten up off my closet floor and onto the plane. Had I managed to throw some things in a suit case I would have arrived feeling everything I brought was all wrong. When you do figure out a smoother, calmer process for packing I’ll be all ears. In the meantime, I think I’ll work on editing my closet a bit more. Someone (who? . . . probably a French woman) said, 'American women have too many clothes to be well dressed’ and I’m guilty as charged. I often wonder how I can have so many clothes yet nothing to wear. Wishing you a smooth and calm process as you pack for Boston. xo