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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

I woke up this morning with a happy heart
excited to write my favorite kinds of post

Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

They are simple posts
just taking the time to focus 
on all of the good in my life.

If you have been following my blog 
during this last year 
you know it's been a tough one for me.

But I finally feel like I'm turning a corner.

That I am coming back into myself.

That I can once again feel joy
excitement for my future.

I am realizing 
that often when times are tough
it is too easy
to self identify with the pain.

It feels as though it moves in to your soul
to take up residence
blocking out so much of the light and good.
In a way
that changes your personal lens
as to how you see life.

I want to break out of that mindset
to get back
 into the one that I know to be true.

One of 
Gratitude and Joy.

Life is Always 
Peaks and Valleys

 we can choose 
daily Joy.

I am choosing today
to lay my wounds down.

for what I have learned from them.
Taking all the gifts they gave me in 
growing my soul.

All the while knowing
I do not have to 
self identify with my wounds.

I am not my wounds.
I do not have to continue 
to do life 
as a wounded soul.

I can choose to see myself differently.

To recognize the
I gained
from my wounds.

To lift my head and my heart
with self respect.

To recognize how much my heart has once again grown
through the pain.

A heart that is now so much softer to 
the pain of others.

Life is hard on us all 
at one time or another
that's why community matters ever so much.

 I am ever so 
to all of you here.
Your comments and support
have meant the world to me.

Sending out much love
this Monday!!


As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Oh what a lovely post! Thank you for sharing and the encouragement to all of us to embrace life and living with a heart of gratitude. You look positively beautiful!

    1. Amy thank you so much for visiting ... and leaving such an encouraging comment my dear!! xox

  2. By sharing your pain and now your wisdom and gratitude I have no doubt that you have helped many souls who may be suffering and you’ve given them hope. Thank you for being so candid. xx

    1. Thank you Vicki for reading and leaving such a loving comment. So appreciated my dear! xox

  3. Oh, Tamera, what a delightful post! And, what a year it’s been! I admire your determination to learn and grow through difficult times, to be honest about the highs and the lows, and to keep looking ahead. Well done, dear! xo

    1. Juliet thank you ever so much for your continued support and encouragement! It has meant so much to me this last year!!

      Your comment on my FierceCon post, had me so surprised. I would have never ever guessed you would have had trepidations about attending. I think I would have been intimidated to meet you darling! Your life and house and pictures always look so perfectly put together. I do so hope you come next year, it really is as wonderful a group as has been said. And I will be there with open arms my dear, ready to give you a real life hug!

      Thank you again for all your loving comments this year! xox

  4. OMG Tamera!!! So beautifully written and such a fabulous lesson for us all in one way or another. So pleased you have found your joy again. That smile is just too gorgeous to be hidden xx

    1. Vanessa thank you for your continued support and encouragement this year. It has been a true help and so much appreciated my dear! xox

  5. Love you and your writing.
    Rebecca Phillips

    1. Thank you Rebecca for reading and commenting my dear! xox

  6. this was so delightful. i recently (very recently) found myself in a similar family situation to what you went through. i am devastated and haven't quite decide how i feel, and i actually came here to read your previous posts when you discussed finding out about the betrayal. To see this post instead has given me hope. I do not need to dig through misery to find my way forward. This post have touched me more than you can imagine. thank you.

    1. Oh I am so glad you found it helpful darling! That is exactly why I write about it and share. When I first found out ... I was so devastated ... and felt so alone. Then so many of my friends shared with me their own stories ... and it helped my heart. When I began to realize some of the women I admired most ... had walked through the ugly, ugly journey ... and came out even more beautiful ... I realized their was power for us all to share.

      Sending you much love and light darling ... I can recognize your pain. But even by your writing here ... I know you can come out the other side ... better than before. Give yourself time, love and grace! xoxo

  7. “I am choosing today to lay my wounds down.”


    kind regards - Chris from Indy

    1. Thank you much Christine!! It really is a life changing realization! xox

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you for sharing dear! such a beautiful verse!! xox

  9. Happy you found back to your confidence and enjoy the new part of your life. Peak and Valley will come
    again ...that's life. But now you are strong enough to climb the highest mountain. lol

    1. Thank you Mumbai, for your continued support and encouragement my dear! So very appreciated!! xox