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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ... Gender Reveal

Big news here at the
Beardsley Home

Jeff and I will be expecting our very first 

People have been asking me for years
if I was anxious for Grandkids
now that my three are grown and flown
two of them married.

I always replied
I wasn't excited.

I was still getting used to our empty nest
this life transition.

But a couple of months ago
that feeling
mysteriously began to change..

Maybe it was a softening of my heart.

Maybe it was following along with my dear friend
(you can find her beautiful blog HERE)
as she embraced and celebrated
her own gorgeous Grandchildren
love of family!

But for the first time ever
I was at Roger's Garden
in their new children's boutique
it came over me like a mist
I would like to have Grand babies in the family.

It actually sounded good to me for the first time ever.

I moved from not really wanting any 
Grandbabies anytime soon
I hope I have some 
before I am too old to interact with them.

Noticed I said Grandbabies
not that I wanted to be 
a Grandmother.
It's quite funny how some words are trigger words.
I could definitely embrace for the first time
But that second noun
would definitely need some work.

Two weeks after this 
I can remember it so vividly
I was walking through 
a hall in our home
it came over me that there was 

A New Soul
on it's way .

I was for the first time in a long time
overcome with a sense of purpose.

I had no idea at the time
which of my three
would be on their way to becoming parents
even how soon.

Just that there was someone on their way 
to our family.

Guess who it was?

These two newlyweds 
Hunter and Megan!

After dealing with so much this last year
It was ever so lovely
to have
family news!

their big news 
a couple of weeks ago on Instagram
with this adorable image!

So with this big news
I knew 

A Gender Reveal Party
would be a fun way to celebrate
Witness a Life Moment.

Megan and Hunter
wanted to learn the gender of their baby
their family and dear friends!

To me
that was a wonderful, generous gift to us all!

In the beginning of the party ideation
I was thinking 
simply cake and champagne in the backyard
to celebrate a moment.

But as so happens when my daughter Ellis
 and I do a party
it grew into 
a full on concept party
complete with adorable invites!

was our theme for the evening.

These sweet invites are from
We have used this company for most all of our invites of late.

I highly recommend them!
They are easy to work with
always deliver quality invites
in a timely manner.

I love a lined envelope always
and they have a multitude of choices always!

Another huge party perk
you can order the envelopes 
already addressed!

And how sweet are the addition of twinkle stars 
that came on the front!

I just adore adding in all the little details.
An invite always sets a tone for an event!
And snail mail does it best!

I like to think of an invitiation
as a little gift in the mail!

Since I have big clothes and accessory love
I wanted two gender outfits
in complementary  form
with of course
complementary head wear.

How absolutely adorable is this infant trucker cap for him
a felt succulent crown for her!

I built the whole tablescape around these for my  centerpiece.

I hung them on . a vintage screen
started building the tablescape from there.

I knew I wanted to do off hues of the typical blue and pink.
I wanted to have the party leaning to the side of elegant.
I used a minimal of blue and pink
adding in woods, golds and lots of twinkle lights and candles
since it was an evening party.

 I ordered the blocks from Anthropologie
I was so happy to find their nursery items!

As well as these sweet lights with moons and stars.

I had champagne glasses with star charms
to further carry out our twinkle theme.

The cake was store bought, without detail
so I could finish if off with a bouquet of gold glitter stars
babies breath.

We brought the party theme all the way home
with a gold glitter 
Twinkle banner.

The table cloth was my usual drop cloth
finished with macrame garland all around.

You can see how each added element
finishes off the tablescape.

My darling daughter Ellis
really finished things off with 
lovely signage.
Not only explaining each station
but adding words that once again tied in the party theme.

To keep the party interactive
we added in a game.

Everyone was invited to put there name in a jar
depending if they thought the gender was going to be
a boy or a girl.

Once it was revealed
we drew a name from the winning jar.
The winner received a gorgeous gold Voluspa candle!

How fun is this 
Sparkle Station!
Another chance for party interaction!

Our photo backdrop was dressed as well in gold stars.
This deck and backdrop
made for the perfect 'stage'
for the reveal!

And speaking of adorable
how cute is our little Momma to be!

With so many different ways 
to actually do the 'Reveal'
we chose the dramatic balloon pop!

It ended up to be a wonderful choice
but I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about it popping before hand!

We ordered this one from Anthropologie as well.
I knew I was more than happy to pay a little more
for a quality I could trust.

At the party none of us new the gender before hand at all.

Jeff printed off the information
without reading it
placed it in an envelope
that was given to the manager at our local party store.
The balloon was then filled with the corresponding gender color.

When the balloon was popped 
the color would 
Reveal the Gender.

They had no idea the gender here.
At the party there was an overwhelming leaning it would be a boy!

Hunter needle in hand 
ready for the awaited

It's a Girl!!!

It's one lucky child
to have these two wonderful souls as parents!!

Cheers to New Beginnings
welcoming this new soul into the world!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Congratulations, such thrilling news for you all. What a lovely excuse for a party!!

  2. Congratulations Tamera and Jeff ! You two really know how to party and decorate; I salivate each time you show pictures of your beautiful home and all it's accoutrements. I cannot believe how you can think of all the minor details. How long does it take you to prepare for a party? BTW, what a lucky grandchild to have you as "Le Grand......"

  3. Love this Tamera ~ I am thrilled for all of you ~ greets from Florida ~

  4. I was holding my breath as you presented each moment of the actual reveal. Congratulations to you all!

  5. I'm so HAPPY for you and your family! This precious grandchild is blessed to have someone as precious as you in her life. Cheers from the Central Coast!

  6. Oh Tamera, such exciting news! And, what a gorgeous reveal party! Little girls are the very very best! xo

  7. Dear Tamera, you must be thrilled with this wonderful news, and what fun you had making the party. I have not heard of a gender reveal, but must say it is a lovely thing to do. Best wishes to the young couple, and to you all.

  8. Congratulations - the joy is beyond anything you can imagine right now, although I can see you're taking to it already. I'm so very happy and thrilled for you. xo

  9. That is so absolutely exciting. And you have such a creative eye for such a gorgeous party!! I need you to come decorate for me!!

  10. Congratulations to the entire family.

  11. What happy news! It's a great time for a celebration and you've marked the occasion so very well. Congratulations to all.

  12. How special that you had your private moment of knowing ahead of time!

    1. Actually we found out with everyone else, that was the dramatic finish of the party! We took the info to the balloon place, and they filled it with the correct confetti! We did check the paperwork after though ... just to make sure they got it right!

  13. Congratulations to you all!! There is no more magical feeling in the world than having a grandchild!

  14. Oh my stars! What a lovely and fun post! Congratulations to all! That was a lovely party you threw for them!

  15. What wonderful news! Congratulations to you and your family. I love the twinkle theme.