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Home and Garden Styling

These last few months I have spent a lot of time 
taking back my house and gardens.
I have been getting them both not only in order
by fluffing them and beautifying them as well.

I thought this week would be a lovely time to share
the joy of simple styling  beauties.

This lovely vignette of quartz, stone and ceramic candle holders
continued to evolve all summer
with the addition of a money tree in a handcrafted ceramic.

I kept it fresh weekly by simply changing out the small  vase of flowers.

All of the individual pieces were brought together
with not only one wooden tray
but a second marble and wood tray
for even more visual interest.

A small vase of flowers
changed out weekly
keeps the vignette fresh and interesting.

You can see how it's easy to change the feeling of the vignette
by changing the flower arrangement.
These are Earl Grey roses
I stumbled upon at a Farmer's Market.

It's this candle arrangement I use every morning for my
Coffee, Candles and Gratitude
before sunrise ritual.
It's the perfect way to start my day
with reflection and gratitude.

One of my favorite things about our little house
is the way the morning light pours in from the east
then again from the west in the afternoon sun.

The large arrangement on our large farm style table
was also  an on going vignette
as the summer progressed.
I love when tablescapes take on an evolving life of their own.

I usually build my arrangement here atop 
a large piece of driftwood that is in scale to the large table.
Both the living room table and the dining table
were custom built to the space by my husband over 20 years ago.
They have aged and become even more beautiful over the years.

My favorite new addition to this vignette
is this wooden container 
filled with glass bottles.
It's such an easy way to highlight single stems from the garden.

My mantle was kept simple with a hand woven backdrop
topped by a flat basket.
This time I filled my urns which are a constant in my seasonal styling
simply with 6 of the same plants
that will take me from summer till the end of fall.

Our outside living room got the addition of 
macrame trim on this umbrella also.

In case you missed where I posted about this styling project
I started with a sunbrella umbrella from Costco
added the macrame trim I got from Target's Opal House line.

I sewed the macrame garland on by hand, with string. 
Quite the hand sewing project
but the styling benefits
make it all oh so worth it!

It completely transformed this sitting area!

I freshened all of my succulents in this outdoor room as well.
Succulents are truly hearty
but they do grow out of their spaces after 6 months to a year.

When that happens I simply move them to new spaces that fit their size.
Transplanting succulents is a breeze!
I buy a couple more small ones to fill in.

Another wonderful attribute to succulents
is that they reproduce with little babies that grow next to them
so there can always be a new supply to nurture and transplant!

Jeff and I even got my potting table up and running again!
The best part of is  the running water from the faucet!

I use tiny floral arrangements in the back as well
to freshen the space weekly.
This tiny touches bring me so much joy.

Sometimes it really is the little things in life 
that can bring happiness!

Here is the original umbrella I did.
We also freshened my photo backdrop.
I tied it into my decor
by simply pinning   on a tapestry.
Makes it a lovely photo op for impromptu parties.

I have done special plantings to get the lounger corner
to have a feeling of intimacy.

One of my favorite garden rituals
is to walk each garden  room with my morning coffee.

Our front courtyard has gotten a lot of
Styling Love as well.
Our courtyard is a private, intimate space
that we have created in our front yard
with a low wall and 
'green screens' made from both 
planted plants and potted as well.

This outdoor space functions as a lovely sitting area
with two couches and an ottoman,

This summer I added just a bit of vibrant pinks
to bring the space to life.

By adding color in just a few areas
it makes it a quick turnover
to bring in the next seasonal color.

Our newly fluffed courtyard
was the perfect place to celebrate
our family home turning 24 years old.
It's a wonderful small home
filled to the brim with love and care.

We moved into our house as a new build 24 years ago.
It has been a continual evolution of spaces, rooms, and gardens.
We moved in when Ellis was two,
added to our family here, with two sons.

We have seen them grown and flown from here.

Our small house is now evolving into a 
tranquil,  beautiful space for two
being mindful of spaces for grandchildren visits
that could be joining our family in the future.

It is a house built on love
that continues to expand and contract
always changing 
just like a garden
for the seasons of our lives.

In the courtyard this shelf also carries out my seasonal schemes
and is particularly important
since it is visible both in the courtyard and  from in the living room.

This summer we also have been taking out 
grass in our frontyard
Replacing is with succulents and rock.

Our raised terrace is our go to spot for coffee on the weekends.

Our biggest project this summer
was building this raised planter 
for vegetable gardening.

Here in Southern California
yards are small
so I have always believed in using all of our spaces.

This year I realized I wanted more from what was simply grass here.
My talented husband was able to bring my vision to life!

I filled the planter with fresh  vegetables and herbs
a variety of basil
including micro basil in the back of this image.

Strawberry pots filled to the brim!

Our corn is absolutely thriving
will be a perfect player for fall plantings as well!
I have all kinds of seasonal ideas for this planter!

Stay tuned for our fall garden update!
Where I will share some easy fall styling tips!

For now
Thank you ever so much for stopping by for a  read!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Lovely Tamera! As always! I’m wondering tho do you bring everything in undercover once summer is over, umbrella,pillows, furniture etc for protection or do you enjoy it all year long? Have a wonderful day! K

  2. Thank you for inviting us into your home. Your efforts always result in inviting spaces with a balance of visual interest and coziness. I'm surprised the HOA is allowing vegetable gardens in the front yard now, yet what a great way to enjoy one's yard and an opportunity to be in the community. The textures for fall are simply splendid. I am always appreciative of your ability to layer and layer, and create the allure of being enwrapped vs. perched in one's surroundings. Lovely job, Tamera.

  3. Do you have before and after photos from the new house you bought it how it looks now? I love seeing how people change things over time. I too wondered if you bring things in over the winter? Here in Scotland we don’t leave cushions etc pit even in the summer. Lol

  4. Oh how I miss my southern California days....(when I never brought my garden stuff indoors!) Here in CT we start taking things down sometime between late October & November....before the frost and snow begins. Your garden rooms are so inspiring - that's the theme we've taken with the areas in our yard. They are each 'rooms' that are sort of self-contained. We've been here 10 years now, and I'm amazed at how things have grown & filled in (and in some cases overgrown!). A garden is never really complete, it just keeps changing as we grow! Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  5. I love all the layers and textures in your home and garden. It's so cozy and inviting. Thank you for sharing.

  6. your home and garden are so beautiful - and fits you so perfectly. I hope to build something as amazing one day.