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Hello Gratitude - Hello Tuesday

Things feel like they are calming down here of late.
And I have been through enough lately 
to realize the importance of 


And the need to put focus on the good.

So today's post is a simple one 
of simply focusing on the good in my past week.

Jeff and I had a lovely

Sunset Wine Tasting Cruise 
last Friday
in Dana Point Harbor.

If you find yourself in the area
the cruise is a lovely way to spend
an hour an a half
even when it's marine layer cover.
Seeing all the boats
and waving to the friendly boat owners
makes for a lovely start to the weekend!

Waterman's in Dana Point Harbor
is a great vantage to take in the 
magnificent harbor view.

I had my eyebrows 
micro bladed
two weeks ago 
(I will share more about the procedure tomorrow)
I am so happy with the results
that I am finally
interested in doing my makeup well.

So I set up a fabulous makeup station
in one of our extra rooms I use for a 
closet / guest room.

The best part is the natural indirect light that streams from the window
repurposing a slide out shelf that years ago 
held my son's keyboard.
I had kept it
just incase I ever found a perfect new use.
And I finally have.

I have also been organizing my
'Accessory Wardrobes'
I like to keep them together by color for easy
outfit styling.

Since we have had a truly empty nest for over two years
I have turned two of the extra rooms into
closets / guestrooms
so I now have the luxury of  having 
my clothes in organized concepts.

These are from my colored brights room.
When I am in need of some cheery happy colors
ths is the closet  room I pick from.

I was very grateful last week 
that Jeff and I got to have dinner with
the newlyweds
who have recently moved to San Diego!

Family time is always a highlight for me!

And speaking of family
Jeff and I took my Dad and brother 
to the iconic
Oaks Steakhouse
that still has the tradition of cutting off ties 
if you wear one in.
The whole dining area is encrusted with 
ties wide and narrow from the past 40 years!

How sweet is this little macrame planter 
with an air plant
that I found for my darling daughter
who is coming up on the the train Thursday!

I am ever so grateful that the 
Holy Fire
that we could see
way to closely is now almost out.

Even though the fire was burning away from us
there were a few very uneasy days to witness.

This was the view from our bedroom window for
several nights.

Huge gratitude to all of 
the fire professionals
that handled what turned into a fire over 25,000 acres.

In my routine for
Self Care 
I have been making sure I have daily workouts
five days a week.

I do pilates at a studio
add in 
nature hikes, kayaking and mountain biking.
Yesterday I rode with a dear friend
who had discovered a new to us 
trail to the beach!
Monday morning made!!
Nothing like working out in nature
to sooth the body and soul!

Jeff and I have been spending the last month's weekends
working on our gardens.
With a major new project
along with taking back some areas.

We added a new dwarf olive to our courtyard
which makes me happy to see while I have my morning coffee!

Our major project has been
taking out our front yard grass
using the area more efficiently.

Jeff constructed a huge raised planter
for an organic vegetable and herb garden!

Our hot up coming SoCal months
with have my collection of basils thriving!

I added in some pops of pink color to the courtyard
that makes my heart happy to see!

I just love doing my 
Gratitude Posts

They are such a lovely reminder
to really take in all of the simple parts
of a day.

Because sometimes it's taking  the time
for the little things
and moments
that truly make life meaningful.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life


  1. You have got some beautiful accessores! Lovely post!

    1. Thank you ever so much for reading and commenting Nancy! xo

  2. What an enjoyable post Tamera. Even the scary fire is beautiful! But how frightening it must have been having that in your area. I find that when all is well here, we garden - I hope it is the same for you. The herbs and pink blooms look so fresh and pretty, and speak of new beginnings and Summer fun. xox

    1. Dearest Patricia thank you for your loyal visits and comments! I so appreciate them both darling! And yes, things are going much better here! xox

  3. What a beautiful post-it made me calmer and happier as I kept reading. So enjoy your blog-the beauty and honesty of it make it a true joy to read. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you Charlotte for you lovely gift of words darling! So very appreciated! xo

  4. while I'm an organized person in many ways I never could do it with my wardrobe. I will try to model you. I'm also happy to see you in a better situation now and your weekly events together with your husband is really exemplary.

    1. Mumbai thank you very much for reading and taking the time to comment! I really appreciate your support! xo

  5. Your posts are so inspiring, Tamera! Your perspective + photography = happiness!

    1. Aww thank you ever so much Juliet!! Did I see correctly in Instagram .... that you have listed your amazing home? xox

  6. Always enjoy your posts. You give me inspiration!