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Eye Brow Micro Blading

I finally got my eyebrows
Micro Bladed
I couldn't be happier with the results!

I had them done at my 
favorite trusted spot

I thought I would do another 
Good Girlfriend Share
show you not only a before and after
but the steps involved as well.

And being that it is a real share
none of these photos have been edited
definitely the following pictures are truly
bare faced.

Here is the no makeup before.
You can see how the ends of my eyebrows 
were barely visible
looked sparse because of many of the brow hairs
that have turned grey.

I tried every eyebrow product out there
to try to get my brows  to where I liked them
because I am well aware of the 
impact of eyebrows!

Trying to get my eyebrows to where I was happy with them
made doing my makeup ever so aggravating!

So I decided to bite the bullet 
take a chance on micro blading.

It's a lengthy process taking about three hours plus for the first visit.

A good part of that time
is meticulous measuring to ensure a balanced end result.
Dennis at My Skin
 is definitely a perfectionist!

The color here was put in after the measuring
to get a feeling of the size and shape of the brow
had nothing to do with the color.

I wanted to simply get back to my natural brow shape.

I also got to choose what color of brow dye I wanted,
Dennis applied three different colors to my forhead
so I could choose the color I was looking for.
It was a genius idea
because you can see the color on your actual skin
and next to your hair.

After all the measurements are done
the color chosen
the numbing cream  applied
and allowed to set up for about 20-30 minutes.

Next the actual blading takes place.
 This consists of basically small cuts into the skin
within the brow lines.
There are three passes on each brow.

I wouldn't say it hurts too bad
but the sound of the skin being cut was a little uncomfortable to hear.
I definitely was intentional about 
putting my mind somewhere else,

When the blading is complete
the dye is applied.

Then they are cleaned up
New Brows!

In four to six weeks there is a return visit 
to perfect any areas that might not have taken perfectly
in the process.

I am ever so happy with the results.

The healing process was a breeze.
I just had to apply grape seed oil
morning and night for a week 
 keep my brows dry while they healed.

I am so happy with the results!
It was definitely worth the $500 and time!

For the first time ever 
I actually am enjoying 
putting on my makeup in my new makeup station!

With my brows already done it's such a more
enjoyable process!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. thank You Tamera I am considering it myself so it is great to have your opinion and photos too they look great and so do you. Marie (from Dublin Ireland.

    1. You are so welcome darling! Thank you so much for visiting all the way from Dublin! xo

  2. Really appreciate your before and after pics. It's a great result!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Gail! Truly appreciated! xo

  3. Thanks so much for this informative post and sharing who did it. This is something I've been considering. Your brows look great!

    1. Marla you are so welcome darling!! Thank you for visiting here my dear! xo

  4. They look great. Love the girls at My Skin!

  5. Wow . . . it really does make such a difference defining your already beautiful face. I’m definitely going to have this done in the next year . . . when I have time during one of my California trips. Thanks for sharing! xo

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. I also have thinning eyebrows and have considered this option. I think I will give it a try!

  7. In my younger age thin eye brows were in fashion and foolish enough, I plucked and plucked and plucked.
    They never came back. I used Anastasia gel and many other unrewarding products by now.
    Quite brave to share the procedure but you encouraged me to do it a.s.a.p. I always placed it on hold because I was not sure how it will look and was therefor very pusillanimous. You know that the
    color will fade a bit with time and then you will see the perfect result?

  8. OK, I don't have the guts to do it. But you look fabulous. I do need it. Would you please do a post on your makeup. I loved that photo and would love to read about how you do it and with what products.

  9. Such a great story. Thanks for sharing your beauty secrets with us!

  10. Thank you sweet friend for sharing the details of microblading!
    I have heard of it but I haven't tried it yet.
    Now I will have to think about it!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Thank you for sharing the procedure. I had no idea... Cutting into the skin? Yikes! You've got guts on this one, girl. Not sure I could do that although I, too, have trouble with my brows. They're the weak link in my makeup... that and almost 60 years of no Botox or surgery. Yep... I'm chicken! xoxo, Brenda

  12. You look gorgeous - I love these kinds of girllfriend sharing posts - I am looking in to getting microbladed myself xxx

  13. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  14. Thank you for sharing! I've been thinking about doing this too!