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San Diego Birthday Celebrations

Last week I got to travel down to San Diego
to celebrate my gorgeous girl turning 25!

I was up before the sun to get to the train station!
It's always my favorite way to travel when by myself.
In under two hours travel
the journey is a beauty!

And timing travel for the sunrise 
is always spectacular!
This  coastal train trip
is still one of my favorite Southern California travel tips!

On my walk from the train station
to Ellis's apartment
I found some early arriving peonies!
The perfect accompaniment  to mimosas and birthday presents!

My daughter's birthday is always one of my favorites to celebrate.
Although she is definitely a full fledged successful adult now
she still possesses the sheer joyful excitement
for her birthday
that she had  since she was a little girl.

It does this momma's heart good to know
that she and I will always have the deep bond and memories
of sharing her birthday together!
Each one full of joy and gratitude!

Our San Diego travel destination for the day was
North Park.
San Diego has so many different neighborhoods
each with their own personality!

If you'd like to see more San Diego lifestyle
Ellis has her own beautiful blog
The Ell Blog!

We lunched at the quaint Urban Solace Restaurant.
Known for it's bluegrass Sunday brunch
it was a perfect birthday lunch stop!

Afterwards it was shopping!
Ellis brought me to 
And what a lovely new find it was!

A gift store specializing in treasures from Mexico
I found some terrific and stylish 
hand made chargers!

Of course we had to do pictures
outside of the fabulous Pigment store!
The pink wall was perfect for my Le  Bel Age kimono!

My beautiful girl!

Coffee and talking ensued.

Then it was back downtown by a quick Uber
where there is always something new to discover ...

Like the rooftop bar at the newest Courtyard Marriott!
I had no idea that this brand could be so upscale
offer such incredible views of 
San Diego's skyline!

My husband drove down and met us for a cocktail
Then we all met back up at 
Ellis and Elliot's chic city apartment.

It was then back to North Park
to try out another of the many great restaurants.
Our choice for the birthday dinner celebration was
The Smoking Goat!
A  'classic to modern French bistro'.

All in all
it was such a wonderful day!

A reflective train ride down.
Time alone with my daughter
celebrating her 25 years!
Then dinner as a foursome.

I am finding more and more
how much there is to love about being a parent 
of adult children.

I will be the first to admit
the transition from 
full time mother
to a true empty nester
was a challenging process for me
that took years
as each of my children left home.

But I am here today
to offer any of you
that find yourself 
in the same transition
that eventually
the view does get ever so much better!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Thank you for this uplifting and warming post, Tamera! Your daughter is indeed a beauty, like her mom. xox


    1. Patti thank you so much darling! I truly appreciate your visit and you kind words my dear!


  2. I love the photo of you and Ellis together, such warmth and beauty. I'm nowhere being an empty nester since I had my son so late in life, but you do give hope of enjoying the post-nest phase. It sounds like you had an amazing time in San Diego; that will be another memory you'll treasure forever. Love to you xx

  3. I am 62 and my mother is 82 and I still love spending time with her, especially if we get to do special lunches or dinners together. Every day is a gift with her.

  4. How very right you are Tamera - the joys of adult children are many. My son is 25, my daughter 28 and they both are like glorious flowers just starting to bloom. It's an honour and a previlage to be part of this wonderful reveal. You and your daughter are so alike, so flamboyant and individual in your style.
    Empty nest is a real thing, but as human beings we are lucky to be very adaptable, and so we do; we adapt and grow into the next phase of our own lives.

    Thank you for your insight into life. It's always a balm to the soul.

    Anna x