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DIY Charm Necklace

I am back today with a 
DIY Charm Necklace 
post as I promised HERE in this week's  Wear Post.
If you're having inclement weather
like we are here in Southern California
this can be a fun weekend project!

This necklace might look involved 
but once you have the items on hand
the assembly couldn't be easier!

You can also add as many or as few charms as your heart desires!

What you will need besides a collection of charms
is a medium to wide link chain 
or even a pre made necklace.
The chain links just have to be wide enough
to get the jump rings through.

You will also need two needle nosed pliers.

If some of your charms don't have a loop for the jump rings
I often just use wire to wrap around the charm to make a loop.

This is really how easy the necklace assembly actually.

Simply open up the jump rings 
slide on the charm
then  slide both onto the chain link
then simply close the jump ring with both pliers.

If you are using a plain chain
the same technique works for adding a lobster claw and ring 
to finish off and close your necklace.

If you want to make a necklace with only one charm
I always like to add in a couple of jump rings for better charm movement
on the necklace chain.

Once you have your charms
all of your needed supplies can be easily found 
at most any craft store.
Many stores also are selling individual charms as well
if you need to finish up your collected pieces.

I also love to add in lobster claws on the larger 'charms'
so they can be easily removed 
or  placed differently on my necklaces.

There you have it my friends!
Happy Charm Necklace Making!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Pretty, pretty! And, I love your idea about putting some of the charms on lobster claw clasps so they can be moved. . .very cool. Thank you for the instructions.

    1. Cynthia you are most welcome! And thank you for your visit and kind words!

  2. :-) This looks like tons of fun!
    And I agree with Cynthia - the idea of adding lobster clasps to some charms, in order to be able to move them around is excellent!
    A very HAPPY weekend to you :-)

  3. Tamera! This is so beautiful. I keep looking at the photos over and over again because every time see something new. What a wonderful collection of charms. Please model this for us.

  4. Thank you for the instructions. I love the ways you crown yourself!🥰💘