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January decor

I have been doing some lovely 
January organizing and fluffing
in our little house here in SoCal
 boy does it feel great to have things in their place and pretty!!

My paper whites are still going strong outside in the gardens!
Planting bulbs after Thanksgiving
is something I will definitely be doing again next year!

I have had such a huge bloom this year 
I have had plenty to use as cut flowers inside!
I have enjoyed the 100 bulbs I planted in weekly groups
for almost 8 weeks now!
Which means they were such an incredible flower value for the money!

Over the last few years I have collected
some sequin and beaded pillows for the New Year
so that  pulling all the Christmas from the house
doesn't feel so empty.
I am always excited at the prospect of a fresh new beginnings
freshening my decor is such a visual representation of the new opportunities!

My air plants from  my daughter's  wedding  last May
are still thriving
especially since I have begun misting them with distilled water each week!

We are having quite the rainy season here in Southern California
which is fabulous 
since we have been in a historic drought.
The rainy weather sure has me ever so grateful
for sun shiny mornings!

In our small home
I have learned to take advantage literally of every square inch.
We turned the stair landing into a library feature
when I was home schooling our kids.
Now it houses my books and clipboards for inspirational visuals.

For the New Year I have given each clipboard blank white paper
will be putting up my goals for each month.
As a visual person
having my goals in front of me is always a  helpful reminder!
As well as being gratifying to check off accomplishments!

In another hall downstairs by the kitchen
we have maximized storage with a baker's rack full of
some of my white dish collection
that we use every day.

I really enjoy seeing functional pieces displayed beautifully
the added function  and ease of use
just makes the whole thing more beautiful!

My biggest project last week
was bringing my room and closets back to organized calm.

I was shocked when I realized just how long
I had lived with chaos in my private areas.

It speaks volumes in self care
to respect oneself enough
to live daily in order.

I am usually pretty good with organized calm
but with the holidays
I tried to fit in too many activities
disorder privately prevailed.

Now with everything back in place, edited and organized
I am reminded just how luxurious order and calm feel.
I am really working on finding a calm balance of
accomplishment and and a life well lived.

Wishing all of you much calm and abundance in the coming year!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Looks like you know how to welcome a new year and the month of January. I enjoyed your post. I, personally, love January. In fact that is the topic of my post this week. '-)
    Glad you are getting the much needed rain. I'm in central TX and it has been raining for the past five days. We, too, can use the rain.
    Happy January!

  2. Loving this post! My paperwhites did really well this year. (and I only had a dozen of them!). They've finally faded, and I just pulled them out of their 'fishbowl sized glass vase' yesterday. I pressed some of the blossoms in a flower press, they'll make a nice addition to a few letters I'm sending out soon! I have really enjoyed the inspirations from your blog! (which I really needed btw!- I had gotten stuck in a rut & had not made a change in years! how sad is that?!) Cheers to you Tamera!

  3. I just love your little SoCal house and gardens Tamera; you do such a beautiful job with styling everything and maximizing your space both indoors and outdoors in creative ways. I hereby dub your decor style "DIY Anthropologie-ish." :) Your family is blessed to have your creative heartfelt flair at home!

  4. I always love your style, your clothes, your home, and the grateful way in which you 'walk through the world'. I didn't know you home schooled your children, WOW! Thank you for these refreshing words for the new year. xx