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2016 ... What I Wore

It's that time of year when I take a look back 
at my favorite outfits of the year!

And boy do I need too!
I have felt a bit stuck in my wardrobe 
this last month when my primary intent
was to make the holiday wonderful for my family.

I always feel confident pulling together outfits
for particular occasions
but this year I want to add more importance
to my regular day to day dressing.

Finding a balance between streamlined utilitarian wear
with daily dressing that can still make my heart happy!

So no better way for the first step in this process
than to take a look back at some of my favorites from last year!

I had completely forgotten this fabulous anorak!
I bought it at the end of last season
where it has lived all year ... forgotten!
Talk about shopping your own closet!

I hope you enjoy my 2016 retrospect 
Maybe it will jump start some wardrobe ideas of your own!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Wow, some fabulous looks! I particularly love the way you work shades of winter white and cream with such wonderful accessories - the sunglasses, hats, beads and nails! A very lux look.


  2. Although it is not my kind of style I really adore it on you Tamera. And how you wear it shows your
    strong confidence and you look always wonderful

  3. Fabulous photos Tamera. You look so great, and it would definitely help having a photographer husband to only take good pics! Your style is fantastic, and you always look so well put together.

  4. What an enjoyable post, seeing again all those wonderful outfits. Best of all I love the way you wear a ball skirt, and every one of them looks fantastic. Happy New Year Tamera. xx

  5. You have a wonderful array of clothes and accessories and always know just how to pull an outfit together perfectly and intuitively in tune with the places you go to, season/weather and I am sure, your mood. Brilliant!

  6. Dear Tamera, you're a style icon, an absolute inspiration and a joy! I love the drama, the beautiful pieces woven together to create your unique style. All that is good within, shines out.
    Wishing you a wonderful year!

  7. Fabulous! Particularly love your big fringed embroidered silk shawls. Are they vintage? I've managed to find three at different times in brocantes in the south of France and am always on the look out for more. They're so beautiful. The most recent buy was a black background with hand embroidered red and yellow roses and long black fringes. Not your colour range I guess and it's kind of a gypsy look - it cost only 30 euros in the Nice Flea Market in the Cours Saleya. I love it - and it works really well with black pants and top. It was the only one the stallholder had and she was sorry to part with it as it really decorated her stall. Best wishes, Pamela